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Don’t be scared to play baccarat online in NJ

Baccarat is a hard game to find online. Not many NJ online gambling websites offer it, and it’s not a familiar game to most players. One of the really great things about playing online is that you can demo a game and play for fun to get the hang of it.

Not many people have played baccarat, but you can learn and practice on the demo games offered for free at Tropicana online casino, VirginCasino.comGolden Nugget online, and Caesars NJ online casino.

Baccarat is not as hard to play as you think

In baccarat, you can bet on the player, the banker, or bet on a tie. Sometimes you can bet on a tie and the bank or player.

The winning hand is the hand closest to 9 and the banker and player must hit or stand, depending on house rules and on what is dealt.

How to play baccarat

Baccarat table with chipsIn baccarat, no decisions are made in the play; you simply decide whether to bet on the house, player, or for a tie. You will not have the option to decide on hitting or staying like blackjack.

The object of the game is to have a hand that is closest to a 9. The play is decided by what the totals are for the player and bank acts accordingly; both have different rules to their play.

The face card counts as 0 while an ace counts as 1. Having an 8 or 9 total is considered a “natural” and a good hand.

Having a 0-1-2-3-4-5 card total usually draws a card for the banker, depending on what the player’s hand is. That’s why it’s better to bet on the bank. This banker bet has the advantage because of the options based on what the player’s hand draws.

Basically, it’s like flipping a coin, but more fun.

Play the bank

The probability of the bank winning at baccarat is 45.8 percent on a single deck game compared to 44.6 percent for the player hand. The other .095 percent comes from the probability of a tie, which usually pays 8 to 1, so it’s not in your best interest to play it unless you can track previous hands.

So far I have only seen an 8 to 1 payout for a tie on all the online casino sites in New Jersey, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see a 9 to 1 payout soon for a tie. If that ever happens it’s a better bet, leaving a house edge of 4.9 percent on a six deck shoe.

No commission baccarat exists online in New Jersey?

There are some online casinos that do offer no commission baccarat but there is a catch. The catch is that you only get paid 1 to 2 on a natural 8 hand. So essentially you only win half your bet.

The odds of the banker getting an 8 are a probability of 0.003079 to 0.002062, depending upon the player’s hand – taking that into account it is still a big time player’s advantage.

Better yet, play on sites that have a no commission baccarat game. All sites have a $1 minimum bet, but you can increase that to $500. The Tropicana and Virgin online casinos do have baccarat, but with the 5 percent banker commission when betting on the banker.

Where to find no-commission baccarat

This no commission advantage is available at Golden Nugget and Caesars, and the baccarat game they use is exactly the same which leads me believe they are using the same product provider.

Both sites have a hand tracker to see what the previous 15 winning hands were. This can be helpful, especially when looking to bet on ties.

I called customer service agents at both sites for more information, but it was scattered at best because their customer support team were not familiar with the game.

However, the customer support person at Golden Nugget mentioned it’s a six deck baccarat game, providing a 1.237 house edge on banker bet. I say again, a 1.237 value on the banker bet according to odds projector on That is not taking into account the 1 for 2 payout on a natural 8 which is a house advantage.

It’s hard to believe that there is a no commission baccarat game. This hasn’t been done since 1989 at the Sahara in Vegas, and it was for a very short time because it cost the casino money.

The zero commission game online is an outstanding precedent for the player. If you like baccarat or want to start learning this game, try playing the no commission game at Caesars online or at Golden Nugget, because the odds don’t get any better.