Everyone’s A Winner In The $100K Golden Nugget March Race

Updated on March 9, 2020
golden nugget race

Every year, Golden Nugget Online Casino players get new chances to go for the gold by competing against one another in weekly, monthly, and yearlong races.

Players who have been competing since the beginning of the year with their eyes on the prizes have already tackled the first two legs of the race with flying colors and are now on leg 3. But what makes the Golden Nugget races unique is that you can enter at any time.

Obviously, players who have been active since day 1 have a distinct advantage in the yearlong race. But every week and every month, the casino awards the top players with more prizes. So even if up until now, you have been watching from the sidelines, don’t discount your chances. There’s a ton of bonus money still waiting to be won and it’s not too late to go after a share of it.

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How to compete for prizes in the March race and other Golden Nugget races

Each weekly and monthly segment and, of course, the yearlong race, has its own leaderboard. The leaderboards are updated daily listing the top players and where they stand in the race so far. Leaderboard standings are based on one criterion only–the number of Golden Points a player has earned from the start of the applicable earning period to the present.

In the March race, as in all of the Golden Nugget races, all of your play counts towards earning leaderboard points but with different game contributions. As you would expect, slots count more than table games, which is great news for those of you taking part in the ongoing $250,000 giveaway being sponsored by NetEnt. Golden Nugget is one of the eight participating NJ gambling websites.

Also, keep in mind that sports bets count towards earning leaderboard points along with casino games. So if you expect to be heavily involved in March Madness betting, the timing for the current monthly race couldn’t be better. You can also earn points with your deposits.

The following chart will tell you how many leaderboard points you will receive for different types and amounts of player activity. However, deposits only count towards monthly and yearlong leaderboard points, not for the Weekly Mission leaderboard points.

The Golden Nugget March race is its biggest race of 2020 so far

The biggest race by far this year is the presidential race though, for many NJ players, nothing will capture their attention more this month than the race for the college basketball championship.

However, Golden Nugget Online Casino continually offers other races that rank up there in importance with the year’s biggest. And why not?

Golden Nugget has preset most of the monthly prize pools this year, including those for both January and February, at $60,000. (Last year, the minimum monthly prize pool was $50K, but now it’s $60K.)

However, during a few select mystery months (Golden Nugget won’t tell you which months ahead of time), the prize pool is bigger. March is one of those months.

For the first time this year, instead of playing for a share of $60,000 in bonus money, you get to:
Play for a share of at least $100,000 in bonus money!

No special physical or mental prowess or other noteworthy talent or claim to fame is needed to qualify for a prize. All that’s required is the bankroll and determination to keep earning as many Golden Points as possible while playing your favorite online casino games. If you can do that, keep checking the weekly and monthly leaderboards. Your name could be on one or more, and you could be one of the next big prize winners.

But wait. During certain select months–and March 2020 is one of them–you don’t even have to rank on the leaderboard to win a prize. That’s because everybody who participates is a winner!

If that isn’t March Madness, I don’t know what is!

How to participate in the Golden Nugget $100K+ March Race

Even if you’re reluctant to get involved in the monthly races otherwise because you don’t consider yourself a big enough player to rank on the leaderboard, March is the time to rethink your chances and get in the game. Ordinarily, in the uncertain world of online gambling, there’s no such thing as a sure thing and if something sounds too good to be true, you can bet that it is. But in this month’s race at Golden Nugget, two things are guaranteed.

  1. The casino will give away a minimum of $100,000 in prizes.
  2. Everyone who opts-in with at least a $20 deposit and earns at least 50 leaderboard points will win a piece of the prize pool!

Leg 3 of the race is open to all registered Golden Nugget Online Casino players. Participation in the previous legs is not required. However, for those players who have earned Golden Points in January and/or February, the additional Golden Points you earn in March will be added to your earlier total in counting towards your grand total for the year. Here are the steps you need to follow to be eligible for a prize in March.

  • Log into your GoldenNuggetCasino.com account as soon as possible.
  • Go to Available Bonuses and opt into the Everyone’s A Winner promotion.
  • Make a single deposit of $20 or more.
  • Start playing!

How Golden Nugget will determine the size of the prize pool

At the start of the month, Golden Nugget set this month’s prize pool at $85,000 but with a provision to keep adding more each day in March thereafter. By the end of the month, Golden Nugget guarantees a minimum prize pool of $100,000. But it could climb to as much as $116,000

Each day when at least one player wins $15,000 or more, Golden Nugget will add $200 to the pot. However, on any day that no player wins $15,000 or more, Golden Nugget will add $1,000 to the pot.

How will the prizes in the $100K+ March race be distributed? 

Since this is an Everyone’s a Winner promotion, all players who opt-in to the offer, make the required deposit of at least $20, and earn 50 or more Golden Points over the course of the month will receive a prize. However, the biggest prizes will go to the top 15 players on the leaderboard. Each of these players is guaranteed to receive a free play bonus of at least the following:

Rank              Prize

1                      $15,000

2                      $ 10,000

3                      $  8,000

4                      $  7,000

5                      $  6,000

6                      $  5,000

7                      $  4,000

8                      $  3,000

9                      $  2,000

10                    $  1,500

11-15               $  1,000

After awarding all of these guaranteed prize amounts, Golden Nugget will divvy up the remainder of the prize pool equally among the same 15 players and all other eligible participating players.

All prizes will be in the form of bonus money credited to the player’s account. See the section on Additional wagering requirements for winners of bonus money prizes later in this article for a description of the applicable wagering requirements and other terms and conditions.

License to Win Weekly Missions starting at $3,000

As if a monthlong race where everyone’s a winner isn’t enough incentive to make Golden Nugget your March NJ gambling website of choice, Golden Nugget offers even more opportunities to boost your playing bankroll with Weekly Missions.

How the Weekly Missions work

Weekly Missions, like the name suggests, are special challenges that Golden Nugget Online Casino sets for its players on a weekly basis. Each week the earning period for this promotion starts at 12 a.m. on Monday and ends at 11:59 p.m. the following Sunday.

At the end of the week, as long as the designated Community Points goal has been met, Golden Nugget will hold a random drawing among all eligible participants on Tuesday. 400 lucky players will all win prizes.

Unlike in the monthly race, players who earn the most leaderboard points won’t necessarily win the biggest prizes. However, you do need to earn at least 50 Golden Points over the course of the week to be included in the drawing. For the purposes of this promotion, the maximum number of points that can count for any individual player is 100 daily and 700 weekly.

Meeting the Community Points goal will entail a sustained collective effort on the part of many players. But far from being “Mission Impossible,” once this goal is met, players have two loftier goals to set their sights on with the potential for more big rewards. On top of the bonus money that 400 players will win in the drawing, the same players will also share a total of 10,000 or 20,000 free spins on a designated slot game.

On the other hand, if, by the end of the week the Community Points total is not reached, no drawing will take place and no prizes will be awarded. Instead, that week’s prize pool will be carried over and added to the prize pool for the following week’s drawing.

What you can win in the Weekly Missions

As in the March race and other monthly races, all prizes are in the form of bonus play. Based on a total prize pool of $3,000, this is how the 400 weekly prizes will be distributed.

1st place: $500

2nd place: $200

3rd place: $150

4th place: $100

5th place: $75

6th-10th: $50

11th-30th: $15

31st-65th: $10

66th-200th: $5

201st-400th: $2

Of course, for those weeks when the prize pool is bigger due to a carryover from the previous week, the amounts of the prizes will be greater. But even so, unfortunately, except for the top 10 prizes, the remaining 390 weekly prizes are all very small.

2020 Million Dollar Race

Now that you know all about the March race at Golden Nugget for a share of at least $100,000 and the Weekly Missions giving you additional opportunities to win prizes, I would be remiss not to remind you about the end of the year Grand Finale. That’s what all of your play all year long is leading up to. Payday is still a long way off, but it’s truly worth playing for and waiting for. If you have what it takes to finish in the top 50, you’ll be rewarded with a prize so spectacular you will feel you’re on top of the world.

Like the prizes in the monthly races and those in the Weekly Missions, the year-end prizes from fourth place down through 50th place come in the form of bonus play credited to your account. However, the third, second and first place winners will have a tough decision to make. They can choose either monthly installments of an enormous amount of bonus money or an exclusive once-in-a-lifetime prize valued at thousands of dollars that Golden Nugget is reserving just for them.

End of year prizes for players finishing in 4th to 50th place

Here are the prizes for the players who finish from 4th to 50th place on the Golden Nugget 2020 Million Dollar Race leaderboard.

  • 4thplace:$750 free play bonus monthly in 2021, for a total of $9,000.
  • 5thplace: $500 free play bonus monthly in 2021, for a total of $6,000.
  • 6th – 10thplace:$250 free play bonus monthly in 2021, for a total of $3,000
  • 11th – 20thplace: $150 free play bonus monthly in 2021, for a total of $1,800
  • 21st – 50thplace: $100 free play bonus monthly in 2021, for a total of $1,200

End of year prizes for the top 3 players

3rd place: London vacation

The 3rd place prize in the 2020 Race is a London vacation. It includes round-trip airfare for the winner and one other person, four nights in a 4-star hotel, a fine dining experience, and a special secret agent-style tour. This prize is valued at $12,000.

Alternatively, in lieu of the trip, the winner can choose a $12,000 free play bonus awarded in monthly installments of $1,000.

2nd place: A pair of Rolex watches

The player who finishes in 2nd place will have no excuse for being late for any future appointments. The prize is a pair of high precision steel and gold Matching Oyster Perpetual Rolex Timepieces valued at approximately $21,750.

Or, if the winner prefers, he or she can forego the watches and opt instead for a free play bonus of $18,000 awarded in monthly installments of $1,500.

1st place: A yearlong lease on a Bentley Continental GT v7 Convertible

If being the envy of all your friends while you get to the live the life of a movie star, driving around town in the car of your dreams doesn’t put you on cloud 9, the top player at Golden Nugget in 2020 has another option. Say yes instead to a $36,000 free play bonus, awarded in monthly installments of $3,000.

Additional wagering requirements for winners of bonus money prizes

Between the monthly races, Weekly Missions, and the 50 fabulous year-end prizes at Golden Nugget, the opportunity to compete against other players for big rewards never lets up. However, in most instances, what Golden Nugget will be handing out to the winners will simply be bonus money. So instead of immediately withdrawable cash that you can take straight to the bank, your reward comes with added wagering requirements. However, the terms and conditions are extremely reasonable. So clearing your bonus, even if it’s a big one, should be a piece of cake.

But first, you have an important decision to make. Do you want to use your free play as a casino bonus or as a sports bonus?

 Golden Nugget casino bonus

If you choose the casino bonus, you have so many options, you will feel like a kid in a candy store. As of this writing, Golden Nugget Online Casino is already home to 689 games, closing in on 700, and every one of them counts towards clearing the Golden Nugget races bonus money prizes. But they don’t all count the same. So take the different wagering requirements listed below into account when deciding how you will clear your bonus.

  • Most slots: 1x bonus
  • Video poker, roulette, blackjack, and other table games: 4x bonus
  • Excluded slots*: 5x bonus

*If you play at this casino frequently, by now you should be well aware of its policy of having your play on 21 designated slot games only count 20 percent instead of the usual 100 percent towards clearing bonuses. That’s why instead of only having to wager the bonus money 1x, the wagering requirement jumps to 5x the bonus.

You’ll find the complete list of excluded slots on the Golden Nugget website. Despite their high RTP, your best bet is to avoid them when you have a bonus to clear. Select another high returning slot instead that counts 100 percent so you only have to wager the bonus 1x. That way, you can clear the bonus with no additional risk to you whatsoever since you’re betting the casino’s money, not your own.

Golden Nugget sports bonus

Alternatively, you might prefer the sports bonus, which is another great option. Again, you only need to bet the bonus money 1x, so win or lose, the bonus is risk-free.

The sports betting option is available for all bonus money prizes won in the Weekly Missions, monthly races, and year-end race but not for prizes won on free spins.

Additional terms and conditions

You have up to seven days from the time you’re awarded bonus play to complete the wagering requirements. In the meantime, both the bonus money itself and any additional winnings therefrom will remain locked into your account and temporarily unavailable for withdrawal. However, you can still withdraw other funds in your cashable wallet not related to the bonus.

Canceling the bonus, attempting to withdraw unavailable bonus related funds prematurely, or failure to complete the required wagering on time will result in forfeiture of the entire bonus as well as any additional associated winnings.

The bottom line

One statement that would probably sum up the mantra of the Golden Nugget NJ gambling website in a nutshell is “the bigger, the better.” It’s true about the incredibly large and diverse collection of games this site offers and equally true with regard to the thrilling ongoing races and other special promotions.

Ordinarily, I would recommend caution to those of you who are not high rollers but still contemplating participating in the Golden Nugget races. As fabulous as some of the prizes are, unless you have the bankroll and desire to bet big money and keep playing big day after day, week after week, and month after month, forget it. Admit that you are out of your league and let the heavy hitters duke it out for the top prizes.

On the other hand, if you think you have what it takes to rank high on the leaderboards, by all means, take a shot. The races are your golden opportunity to set your sights high and win big.

But the March race is different

This month my advice is different. Even if your play is nowhere near the level it would need to be to have a chance to make the leaderboard most months, it would still be worth your while to opt-in to the March race. All you have to do is deposit $20 and earn 50 Golden Points by March 31, and a piece of the $100K+ prize pool is guaranteed!


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