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April 15, 2014

New Jersey Gamblers Scoring Big Online Jackpots

April 15, 2014

No major jackpots over $75,000 occurred online in 2013 according to New Jersey Division of Gaming Jackpot Reports, but so far 2014 is showing an increase in online gaming slot Jackpots. As online gaming develops so do the amount of slot progressives as more and more people play online.  Many online gaming operators have reported winners hitting 5 figure jackpots since players have to fill out the appropriate paperwork for tax purposes with withdrawals over $10,000.

Borgatacasino.com is the Jackpot home

As the number of online accounts in New Jersey is approaching 250,000 the frequency of slot play on these sites is starting to produce some major payouts. The random number generators that decide the outcome of slot plays aren’t governed by time but they do produce more variables as play increases. According to the 2014 DGE reports 2014 DGE jackpot reports, three jackpots of over $75,000 have hit so far and all were at Borgatacasino.com, the leader in the online gaming market in New Jersey.

The Borgata online casino has secured 42% of the online market share to date so they are more likely to hit the bigger Jackpots and progressives. They also have IGT games in their online library that procured two of the three major jackpots so far. On March 2nd a Monopoly Level Up Plus $10.00 game hit for $84,300.Then on March 17th a player hit $80000 on a IGT Game King Double Double Bonus Poker $.01 game.


The Big One

The biggest jackpot so far happened back on January 23rd for $153,638.75 to a 29 year old from Monmouth County NJ while he was visiting his parent’s house and all for $1.50. The jackpot was on BWIN themed slot called “going Nuts” and still holds the record.  “I was in utter shock!” The winner, who wishes to remain anonymous said. ”I could not believe what had just happened…I was just staring at the screen in awe.”  This is pretty much every parent’s dream that has grown kids that are just visiting.

Expect some big Jackpots in 2014

As online gaming continues to mature we are bound to see more significant jackpots. More slot games will be added to existing libraries. Slot progressives will mature and be ripe for a hit while someone is playing in their bedroom. The industry is being more accepted by the day and as the legitimacy is more accepted more play will continue to develop. More major slot jackpots will emerge soon and from more sites.

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