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February 8, 2017

New Bill Would Pipe ‘Online Slots’ Into New Jersey Racetracks

February 8, 2017

Online slot machines might be coming to a New Jersey racetrack near you.

New Jersey state Sen. Jennifer Beck proposed a bill, S 2946, that would allow racetrack casinos to offer what amounts to slot machines via the state’s internet gambling law. How will that happen? Racetracks will, according to the bill, form partnerships with Atlantic City casinos or their online gambling providers.

Industry experts see this as a way to introduce gambling to other parts of the state. It would mean not going through the turmoil of another referendum vote. New Jersey voters shot down an effort to expand casinos to North Jersey by a 3-to-1 margin.

What the bill calls for: Gambling at racetracks outside of A.C.

The text of the bill is pretty straightforward. Racetracks outside Atlantic City could host online gambling — via existing NJ gambling websites — under the legislation. The bills reads:

“A running or harness horse racetrack in this State may enter into an agreement with a casino located in Atlantic City, or such a casino’s Internet gaming affiliate, that allows the racetrack’s premises to be available as a venue at which the holder of an Internet gaming account may place wagers at casinos using the Internet.”

All agreements must be submitted to and approved by the NJ Division of Gaming Enforcement. That body will have oversight over all gambling matters in lieu of the New Jersey Racing Commission.

As some have pointed out, the language of this bill is an exact copy of A 4255, which was introduced in the House in December.

How the bill would work: Internet cafe-style gambling

Were this bill to pass, racinos would open up internet gambling rooms very similar to internet cafes. Patrons would sit down at computers connected to an Atlantic City casino or licensed operator’s internet gambling server. Wagers could be placed just like they would be in a casino.

The idea of gambling cafes is nothing new. Whereas existing gambling cafes are usually illegal, the facilities that would pop up through this bill would be legal. Both the casino operator and the racetrack are already licensed, paving the way (in theory) for a painless transition from gambling desert to gambling mecca.

What the bill actually says: The referendum results won’t stop us

State residents have never warmed to the idea of allowing slots or table games outside of Atlantic City in NJ gambling history. While the latest referendum is the most recent proof of the state’s gambling regionalism, there have been other ballot measures dating back to the 1970s that have also failed.

The introduction of Beck’s bill is an indication that lawmakers have had enough of the push for referendums and are looking for more creative ways to bring gambling revenue to other parts of the state.

Are the state’s politicians ready for this sort of maneuvering? Apparently not. A December article from Politico indicates lawmakers had a hard time reading between the lines.

“(The) intent is not what we thought when we came here,” said Assemblyman Vince Mazzeo in reference to the bill’s committee hearing. “And now that you read into the bill and heard the testimony, there’s something up here. Something doesn’t smell right.”

Image credit: Photo by Bob Jagendorf used under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

What Are The Typical Benefits Of Becoming A VIP At A New Jersey Online Casino?

February 8, 2017
NJ online casino VIP program benefits

All New Jersey online gambling sites offer loyalty programs for their valued customers, but what happens when you take it to the next level?

What can you expect if you climb the ladder and earn a top VIP status at a New Jersey online casino?

The rewards vary from casino to casino, but regardless of where you earn VIP status, the casino management is going to bend over backward to make you happy.

What are the VIP rewards at Tropicana NJ online casino?

TropicanaCasino.com boasts one of the best online VIP programs in the state. In addition to a dedicated VIP team that will assist you with any questions or concerns, it offers a myriad of other perks including:

  • Regular VIP bonuses based on your play
  • Special birthday bonuses
  • Personalized luxury loyalty gifts and birthday presents
  • VIP-exclusive promotions
  • Personalized game reviews and gameplay advice tailored just for you

TropicanaCasino.com will also give VIPs surprise luxury gifts and experiences based on qualifying play.

Some of these gifts may include:

  • Weekend getaways at Tropicana Casino and Resort in Atlantic City, including a hotel stay, dinner, and tickets to a show
  • Premium tickets to the hottest shows and sporting events in town
  • Luxury dining experiences
  • Personalized special treats created just for you by VIP account managers

As you can see, getting on TropicanaCasino.com’s VIP list comes with many great benefits, but keep in mind the amount of play required to achieve VIP status is most likely unachievable by most casual players.

In fact, the specific play requirements to reach VIP status are not even listed on TropicanaCasino.com.

What about at Betfair in New Jersey?

BetfairCasino.com is a little more transparent with its VIP program and has it directly interwoven with its standard loyalty program. On BetfairCasino.com, there are five different levels of VIP status, each coming with its own added benefits.

As soon as you start gambling on BetfairCasino.com, you will generate tier points in its Loyalty Club.

Every time you play a casino game, excluding craps and poker, the site will automatically credit you Tier Points. For example, for every $1 you wager on BetfairCasino.com’s slot machines, you will receive five Tier Points.

To achieve Platinum VIP status and receive the corresponding benefits, you have to acquire 2,500,000 Tier Points. This will give you access to more bonuses, higher stake table limits, lower wagering, ad-hoc gifts, and invitations to prestigious events.

BetfairCasino.com doesn’t list requirements for its Diamond Level VIP status, but we have to assume it is considerably more than the 2.5 million Tier Points required for Platinum status.

Once you achieve Diamond VIP status, you will be assigned your own personal account manager who makes sure you get first-class service 24 hours a day. You will receive custom items, lower bonus wagering, more comp points, milestone bonuses, and invitations to Diamond-exclusive events.

What else is there to know about NJ online casino VIP offers?

The general rule of thumb in regards to New Jersey online gambling site VIP programs is that regardless of what casino’s VIP program you qualify for, the casino is going to do everything in its power to ensure you continue playing on its site.

Want a free hotel room for a week? You’ve got it.

Want a limousine to pick you up at the airport? Sure thing. Want backstage passes to exclusive shows in Atlantic City? If account managers can make it happen, they will.

Although the specifics of these VIP statuses are not listed on many online casinos’ sites, you can rest assured you will be well taken care of if you give the casinos a VIP-worthy amount of play.

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