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March 31, 2017

After Raiders Move, NJ Congressman Wants NFL’s Help On Sports Betting

March 31, 2017
NJ NFL sports betting

New Jersey Congressman Frank Pallone Jr. has made it his mission to help his home state get legal sports betting.

Latching onto the NFL’s move of the Oakland Raiders franchise to Las Vegas is the latest tool he is using to accomplish that.

Pallone wants NJ sports betting

Pallone has been a central figure in New Jersey’s quest to legalize sports betting within its borders.

The law passed by NJ — and currently tied up in the federal court system — has been a state-level effort.

But Pallone has tried to advance federal legislation and do some PR to help his state out on the sports betting front.

The NFL and the other US pro sports leagues have challenged that law via a federal law — PASPA. So far, New Jersey has lost its case at every turn.

What Pallone said about/to the NFL

The latest example of Pallone’s PR efforts came on the heels of the NFL stating its intention to head to Vegas.

Nevada, of course, is the only state where anyone can bet legally on single games — including the NFL. Here is the statement that Pallone released this week:

“Today, the NFL owners almost unanimously voted to approve the Raiders organization move to Las Vegas.  This move is a clear sign that the league owners’ attitudes toward sports betting has changed.  I hope that following today’s vote, I can count on the support of the NFL and the NFL team owners for my efforts to legalize and regulate sports betting.”

The NFL probably isn’t quite there on sports betting

Despite Pallone’s wishes, the NFL probably is going to be joining the fight for legal sports betting.

As Pallone points out, having a pro sports franchise of any type in Las Vegas would have been a pipe dream in the recent past. The Raiders move at least offers a softening of the NFL’s stance against sports betting.

But the NFL has been opposed to sports betting vehemently in the past. And from Goodell’s comments this week, that hasn’t really changed, at least publicly.

The Raiders move is a good development for New Jersey sports betting. But don’t expect the NFL to be on the front lines fighting for its legalization.

Image credit: dean bertoncelj / Shutterstock.com

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