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April 6, 2017

Do Not Pass Go: Two More Sentenced To Jail For 2014 Caesars AC Heist

April 6, 2017
Caesars AC robbery jail

It’s been nearly three years Caesars Atlantic City was robbed. But people are still being sent to jail for the infamous heist.

Eight men were charged in the 2014 robbery — one of them a former casino security guard. Last week, two of them were sentenced for their crimes: Aaron Evans, 26, of Atlantic City, and Nathaniel Greenlee, 23, of Bear, Del., received eight- and seven-year sentences, respectively.

Both men pleaded guilty to a second-degree theft charge, the New Jersey Attorney General’s office said in a press release.

The two men are the third and fourth this year to be sentenced for the robbery. Former Caesars security guard Izyiah Plummer, 22, of Atlantic City, received an 11-year prison sentence in January. Donavon Jackson, 23, of Wilmington, Del., received a seven-year prison sentence in March.

“We’re putting all of the men involved in this casino robbery behind bars for substantial prison terms,” said Attorney General Christopher Porrino. “By participating in this brazen armed robbery, they put lives at risk inside the casino and demonstrated that they are a menace to the community.”

Nearly $200K stolen in heist

Colonel Rick Fuentes, superintendent of the New Jersey State Police, said the crime was a “bold risk.”

According to the AG’s press release, Greenlee drove himself and three others to the casino.

Evans and Plummer “entered the casino wearing masks and gloves,” while Greenlee and Jackson waited in the car. Plummer pulled out a gun and pointed it at a security guard and casino employee who were loading full cash boxes from a redemption terminal onto a trolley.

Evans, the release said, took three cash boxes, and the pair went back to the car. They dropped one cash box during their escape.

Sloppy job leads to arrest

Detectives were able to nail the crooks pretty quickly. Subsequent search warrants allowed them to search two of the alleged thieves’ homes.

In Plummer’s residence, they found more than $43,000, a handgun, bullets and a black ski mask.

Their search of Evans’ home revealed $4,300 in cash and “a handle from one of the cash boxes” in front of his residence.

Trooper shot during search

The state troopers who went to the home of Greenlee’s father were met with violence. The suspected robber’s dad shot one of the troopers when they entered the home.

The law enforcement officer was wearing a bulletproof vest, protecting him from serious injury or death. The trooper was admitted to and released from an area hospital the same day.

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