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April 16, 2018

April Showers Bring Bonus Money When You Play At Caesars Online Casino

April 16, 2018
caesars casino online nj promo

If you’re a registered Caesars online casino player, it’s not too late to start racking up entries into this month’s Bonus Giveaway!

Many of you may already be taking advantage of this promotion since Caesars first started offering it in January and has been repeating it monthly. However, if this is the first time you are hearing about this Caesars online casino bonus opportunity or if you have forgotten that it’s still being offered, this article will tell you everything you need to know to participate.

How to earn entries into the Caesars Bonus Giveaway

Every month (until further notice) CaesarsCasino.com is giving away $2,500 in bonus money prizes, and every month players have a new chance to be one of 250 lucky winners.

For your chance to win, here is what you need to do :

  • Log into your Caesars online casino account every day, or at least as many days as possible, all month long. (Don’t forget to use our exclusive link to get $25 free bonus cash.)
  • Go to “My Account” and then to “My Bonuses” to find the $2,500 Caesars Online Casino Bonus Giveaway promotion for that day.
  • Then click on “Claim.” You will instantly receive a free entry into a random drawing at the end of the month, where 250 prize winners will be chosen.

Entering is completely free

What’s great about this promotion is not that the prizes are huge (far from it), but that entering is completely free. You can get your daily entry simply by logging in and claiming it. Then, whether or not you wish to make a deposit and/or play is entirely up to you. No deposit or play is required.

Whether you make a small deposit, big deposit, or no deposit and likewise whether you wager a little or a lot, or not at all between now and the drawing will have no bearing on your likelihood of being chosen for a prize. However, what will affect your chances in a big way is how often you log in to collect an entry. The more free entries you accumulate, the better your chances. Players are limited to one entry per day, but every day of the month, a new entry is yours for the asking.

Therefore, the maximum number of entries possible for April is 30. If you start today, obviously, you won’t have that many, but you still have plenty of time to rack up a sizable number.

Then next month, you can start all over again on day one and rack up 31 entries.

What you can win during the monthly giveaway

At the end of the month, the casino will hold a random drawing to decide the 250 prize winners. All prizes will be in the form of bonus money added to the player’s account.

But keep in mind that $2,500 is the total prize pool, and that amount of bonus money is being divvied up equally among 250 players. In other words, if you do the math, you will see that the amount is a mere $10 bonus per player.

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Wagering requirements for the bonus

If you are one of the 250 monthly winners, your $10 bonus will be credited to your account on or before the seventh day of the following month. You will then have seven days to claim your bonus.

However, before you will be permitted to withdraw either the bonus itself or any winnings therefrom, the bonus is subject to the following wagering requirements. These vary, depending on the game selected::

  • Slots: 5x bonus
  • Video poker: 10x bonus
  • All other games: 25x bonus

Since the bonus in all cases is $10, this translates into a wagering requirement of $50, $100, or $250 for each game category, respectively.

Players have seven days to complete the wagering. Any attempted premature withdrawal of unavailable funds while the bonus playthrough is still in progress or failure to complete the wagering within the specified one week time frame will result in forfeiture of both the bonus and any resulting winnings.

Is this Caesars online casino Bonus Giveaway worth your time?

Caesars online casino in NJ is continually offering special promotions, including some that are among the very best that NJ gambling websites have to offer. However, this NJ online casino bonus is not one of them. It is still worth your time, but in some respects, far short of Caesars’ usual standards.

Features that could be better

For starters, the size of the bonus is so tiny, the likelihood of turning it into a significant win is negligible, especially since you also have to factor in the wagering requirements. Satisfying those requirements will most likely entail depositing some money of your own in order to not run out of funds.

Another feature that could be better is that you have to wait a whole month just to find out whether or not you win this minuscule bonus. If this were a mystery bonus, with a possibility of a huge prize and not just a tiny one, the long wait would be less objectionable. But to force players to wait an entire month to find out if they win $10 or nothing is excessive.

Great features

On the other hand, anytime a casino is willing to offer you anything for free, you should grab it. This is a promotion that even the smallest players can take advantage of since entering the drawing is completely free. Absolutely no advance deposit or play is required at all. That fact alone makes participating in this promotion worth your time.

Could AC Follow Vegas And Get Its Own Pro Sports Teams If PASPA Falls?

April 16, 2018

It looks like sports betting will soon be coming to New Jersey casinos and racetracks.

Nevada has pretty much enjoyed a monopoly on the activity since well before 1992 when the federal government passed the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA). PASPA is the federal law that makes sports betting illegal everywhere except Nevada. Although, it also allows for parlay bets in Delaware and game square wagering in Montana.

New Jersey has been trying to skirt around PASPA since 2011 to make sports betting legal at casinos and racetracks in the state. Back then, lawmakers passed a bill seeking to legalize the activity, but professional and amateur sports leagues protested. They took New Jersey to court and were successful in having the new law struck down before anyone ever placed a bet.

Second effort for NJ sports betting

The state tried again in 2014. Lawmakers passed a second bill aimed at legalizing sports betting and the leagues filed suit again.

The courts struck down the NJ sports betting law for the second time, and after a series of failed appeals, the state asked the Supreme Court of the United States to hear its case against PASPA. In the summer of 2017, it agreed to.

In December of last year, the state presented oral arguments against PASPA. These framed the federal ban on sports betting in the US as unconstitutional. And apparently, they did a very good job of it. Because most pundits believe that when the Supreme Court releases its decision sometime this spring or summer, it will land on New Jersey’s side.

Legal and regulated sports betting will be headed to the Garden State soon after. Casinos and racetracks will likely be ready to go within weeks. It will all happen very fast.

In the meantime, things are changing very rapidly over in America’s original sports betting capital as well.

Las Vegas growth and pro sports teams

Las Vegas has been labeled the country’s fastest-growing city more than once. However, a major professional sports betting franchise had always been missing. The leagues avoided gambling like the plague and showed zero interest in a city built on the casino industry’s back. Until recently.

The National Hockey League approved a Las Vegas expansion bid in June 2016. The Vegas Golden Knights began playing in the NHL this season, giving the city its first major sports franchise. But another even bigger one is coming.

National Football League owners approved the Oakland Raiders relocation to the US gambling mecca last year.

The Las Vegas Raiders will most likely start calling Las Vegas home in 2020 after the construction of a new $750 million stadium just west of the Las Vegas Strip is completed.

Once the move is complete, the city of sin will have gone from no sports franchises to two in the span of four years.

Atlantic City has casinos, but it’s hardly Las Vegas. Four years ago, both cities shared the distinction of not having any major sports franchises to call it home.

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What’s next for Atlantic City?

Will things change for Atlantic City with a new and legal NJ sports betting market? Will it suddenly garner the same kind of interest from the professional sports leagues and their new relationship with the casino and gambling industry?

Probably not.

Unlike Nevada, New Jersey has a number of professional sports franchises operating inside its borders already. They’re just not in Atlantic City.

The NHL’s New Jersey Devils are based in Newark and play at that city’s Prudential Center. Although it remains the only major league franchise to use the state’s name, there are certainly others operating there.

Both of New York’s NFL teams, the New York Giants and the New York Jets, play at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford’s Meadowlands Sports Complex.

Plus, New York’s Major League Soccer, the New York Red Bulls, play in Red Bull Arena in Harrison.

The state even had its own National Basketball Association team for 35 years. However, the New Jersey Nets moved to Brooklyn in 2012.

None of the teams operating inside New Jersey have any need to move. Plus, Atlantic City has never shown any signs it can support a major sports franchise.

Sports betting on the Jersey Shore

Sports betting at the casinos might suddenly make Atlantic City a more attractive destination for a franchise. However, it’s important to remember that sports betting in New Jersey is likely to be found at racetracks as well.

Which means the state’s top sports franchises are already in close proximity to a place where legal sports betting is sure to come: The Meadowlands Racetrack inside the Meadowlands Sports Complex. The NFL’s New York Giants and New York Jets both play at MetLife Stadium inside the complex.

It’s also important to remember that the legalization of sports betting in New Jersey won’t suddenly change any professional sports league’s relationship with the casino and gaming industry.

The Raiders and the Golden Nights may be in the process of doing that. However, the relationship between the two industries isn’t much of one at this time. In fact, most pro sports leagues have clearly defined rules preventing casinos from owning franchises. Plus, players are prevented from signing endorsement deals with casinos and often prevented from attending any type of events there.

The more things change

These kinds of things would have to change drastically before Atlantic City would become an attractive destination for any sports league.

Of course, Atlantic City could certainly grow into a city that would be more attractive to a sports franchise from outside the state using the economic benefits and tax revenues legal sports betting is sure to bring.

But that’s likely to take a number of years. As a result, it’s not very likely that Atlantic City will follow in Las Vegas’ footsteps and start getting pro sports teams anytime soon, even if PASPA does fall this year.

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