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October 18, 2018

Jackpot Warning! Two Slots Are About To Explode At Virgin Online Casino

October 18, 2018

Each week we try to bring you the best NJ online casino bonuses New Jersey has to offer. Whether it’s a free bet, some gratis spins, or a chance to win a luxury prize, the offers we pick always give you a nice little bankroll boost.

This week, we’ve taken a slightly different track. Now, bear with us because we think it’s a track you’ll like.

Unlike our usual mix of promos, we’re shining a spotlight on two exclusive slots over at Virgin Casino. OK, so we know that slots aren’t a guaranteed way to get money. However, the progressive jackpots are such a prize we can’t ignore them.

A deal you can’t refuse: Deal Or No Deal slot

Starting with Deal or No Deal at Virgin online casino, this game currently has a progressive payout worth more than $169,000. Clearly, that’s a lot more than any casino bonus we’ve ever covered. If that’s not enough, Wonderland has a prize that’s about to surpass the $300,000-mark. Put simply, there’s a ton of money up for grabs right now and we feel it’s our duty to tell you about it.

OK, at this point, we’re pretty confident we’ve got you over the disappointment of not reviewing a bonus. With that being said, we could end this article here and let you go off and spin for prizes worth $469,000+. However, before you rush, let’s take a look at what makes these slots great other than their jackpots.

Firstly, Deal or No Deal is a five-line, 20-payline slot from Endemol. Before the game starts, you’ll have to choose whether you want to stake five cents or 20 cents per line. If you choose the former, you’ll be shooting for a progressive jackpot that’s around 33 percent of the main jackpot. If you choose the latter, you’ll be playing for the big one.

Listen to the banker and you’ll win the big bucks

Once the reels are in motion, the 95.06 percent RTP is on hand to help you pick up incremental wins worth between 2X and 10,000X your line bet.

As with all online slots at New Jersey casinos, the route to victory is paved with matching symbols. However, where Deal or No Deal differs from its counterparts is the number of matches you have to make. Under normal circumstances, you’ll need to line up three or more identical symbols.

When you play at Virgin Casino, you’ll only have to match two. Whether it’s the lemons, cherries or bars, you’ll pick up wins with just two matches.

Beyond that, three bonus symbols will take you to a mystery round where briefcases equal cash. At the start of the mini-game, you’ll have 15 sealed briefcases and 11 cash prizes. You get to open cases one-by-one until you draw a blank. At that point, anything you’ve won will be added to our account. Just to make the deal even better, the “win all” option instantly unlocks all 11 cash prizes.

On top of this, the infamous banker will pop up at random times and offer you a deal on the outcome of your next spin.

Finally, just to make Deal or No Deal slots even more impressive, there’s a progressive jackpot. As we’ve said, this spinner is currently worth more than $169,000. Now, in our opinion, if that’s not enough reasons to play, slots probably aren’t for you.

Win a life-changing jackpot in Wonderland

But wait, there’s more. As we’ve said, Wonderland also has a burgeoning jackpot at this point. Designed by West Pier Studio for GameSys, this five-reel slot is based on Lewis Carroll’s 1865 classic “Alice in Wonderland.”

Like Deal or No Deal, you’ll be asked to choose a jackpot before you start.

Once you’ve made your pick, the cartoon symbols twinkle into life and you’ll be able to wager between one cent and 20 cents per win line. With 100 paylines in place, that means whatever coin size you choose will be multiplied by 100.

Eventually, as you spin, fixed wins worth between 10X and 1,000X your line bet will be unlocked when you match three or more symbols.

A bonus parade in Wonderland

Beyond the standard features, you’ll have access to four bonus games that include: The Croquet Bonus, Mad Tea Party, Painting the Roses Bonus and The Queen’s Court. Without going into too much detail, these bonuses allow you to pick up instant wins, free spins, and multipliers.

On top of these features, wilds (cupcake symbols) in the main game can help you turn non-winning combos into winners.

Then, just to make this tea party extra special, there are two progressive jackpots.

Join Virgin Casino and get in a spin today

Yes, in reality, the $300,000 payout is the main reason to take a spin on Wonderland. However, beyond that, this game is mega fun. So, even if you don’t bank a fortune, you’ll be entertained. And when do NJ gambling websites ever not entertain?

Naturally, you have to be in it to win it and that means you’ve got to log in. If you’re not already a member, use our Virgin Casino sign-up link and you’ll not only get the chance to play for $469,000+ but receive a free welcome bonus of $25. Just use the Virgin online casino bonus code 25BUCKS.

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