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November 21, 2019

Win Big In The PlaySugarHouse Million Dollar Streak Contest!

November 21, 2019
playsugarhouse million

You would have to fly out to Las Vegas or have a proxy to try your luck in the Westgate NFL Super Contest. But NJ players can enter what could be the next best thing: the PlaySugarHouse Million Dollar Streak!

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Put your NFL handicapping skills to the test every Thursday at PlaySugarHouse

PlaySugarHouse.com isn’t the only NJ gambling website with a weekly NFL contest. But in the other contests, you have to make multiple selections each week, typically the entire Sunday card plus the Monday night game. What’s great about the PlaySugarHouse promotion is that you only have to make one pick per week–on the Thursday night game.

Small bettors welcome

No need to risk a lot of your own money to enter either. So even the smallest bettors can play. On the other hand, some of the Las Vegas contests have huge entry fees. For example, the Westgate NFL SuperContest costs $1,500 to enter and the Westgate NFL SuperContest Gold costs $5,000 to enter. Don’t have that kind of money? No problem. The PlaySugarHouse Million Dollar Streak Contest has no entry fees at all, and you can bet as little as $25 on each weekly selection (The only exception is Thanksgiving Day. Since there are three NFL games that day, if you want to make a selection on all three, you would need to bet a minimum of $75.)

How the PlaySugarHouse Million Dollar Streak Contest works

The object of the Million Dollar Streak Contest is to try to run up a long weekly winning streak. Payouts start with a streak of three wins in a row and increase with each consecutive win thereafter. However, you don’t get paid until the winning streak is over.

The contest started on the first day of the 2019-20 NFL regular season, Thursday, Sept. 5 and runs through Thursday, December 12.  Picks can only be made on the Thursday night games. Each week, pick the team that you think will beat the point spread and make a single qualifying wager of $25 or more.

For example, for the Thurs., Nov. 21 game between the Houston Texans and the Indianapolis Colts, PlaySugarHouse.com shows the Texans are favored by 3 ½ points. If you bet on the Texans, that team would need to win by at least 4 points for you to win your bet. If you bet on the Colts, they don’t necessarily have to win outright to win your bet, as long as they don’t lose the game by more than 3 points.

All qualifying bets must be placed through the Million Dollar Streak Challenge menu for the Thursday NFL game. The line will be posted on the PlaySugarHouse.com website on Tuesday of that week, so you can enter your play starting then until the time when entries close on game day. The website doesn’t specifically say what time entries close, so play it safe and make your qualifying bet at least an hour before the game is scheduled to start. If you make more than one wager on the Thursday NFL game, only your first one counts.

How much can you win?

If you have been making weekly picks in this contest since day 1 and winning every week, congratulations!  You are guaranteed to win at least $5,000 in cash and could win as much as $1 million cash if you can run up your winning streak to 17-0!

But even if you need to start from scratch, either because you broke your winning streak or are entering the contest for the first time, you still have a shot to win big. Although you can’t win the top prize of $1 million, counting the three picks you can make on Thanksgiving Day, if you start today, you can still score six consecutive wins, which pays $150 in bonus money on top of whatever you win from your cash wagers.

Special situations

Games that end in a push

The Nov. 21 game won’t end in a push since the point spread is 3 ½. However, for those games that do, the following rules apply.

  • The Thursday game won’t count, and bettors will be given the opportunity to start or extend their winning streak with the Sunday night NFL game.
  • If the Sunday night game also pushes, bettors will get the same opportunity with the Monday night game.
  • If the Thursday, Sunday, and Monday night game all push, anyone who made a qualifying bet on all three will be credited with a win.

Thanksgiving games

Winning streaks including any or all of the three NFL games played on Thanksgiving will be determined based on the order in which the games take place. If any of these games ends in a push, the Sunday night game becomes the qualifying pick to replace the first push and the Monday night game becomes the qualifying pick for the second push. If all three Thursday NFL games push, the third game won’t count.

Skipped weeks

If for any reason, you skip a week, any winning streak you have going will pick up wherever you left off. For example, if you won three weeks in a row but don’t play again until two weeks later, your three-game winning streak will still be valid with a chance to improve on it.

The PlaySugarHouse bonus money prizes

Those of you who will be entering the PlaySugarHouse Million Dollar Streak challenge today for the first time can only win bonus money prizes on top of their cash bet wins, The gift cards to VividSeats.com require a winning streak of at least 8, and the cash payouts require a winning streak of 11. However, the bonus money prizes are still worth playing for, and look at it this way. NFL games are often very unpredictable and go right down to the wire in deciding which team covers the point spread. So the chances of racking up eight or more consecutive wins are very remote.

When was the last time, if ever, that you won a parlay including eight teams or more? Have you ever win 17 straight NFL picks? Probably not.

Here are the payouts for the remaining possible winning streaks from 3 through 6:

  • 3 straight wins: $25 bonus money
  • 4 straight wins: $50 bonus money
  • 5 straight wins: $100 bonus money
  • 6 straight wins: $150 bonus money

Wagering requirements

All bonus money prizes will be paid out within 48 hours of the applicable broken winning streak. The prize comes a very nominal 1x bonus wagering requirements. Slots, video poker, table games, or sports bets are all okay.

The website doesn’t state how much time you have to complete the wagering. However, given the nominal amount, plus the fact that you don’t have to risk any of your own money, clearing the bonus the same day should be no problem at all.

The bottom line

The PlaySugarHouse Million Dollar Streak has the potential to make some players a bundle of money. But another great thing about this promotion is that it is not an all or nothing deal like some of the exorbitantly priced Las Vegas handicapping contests. As long as you are willing and able to make weekly bets of $25, you can participate and have a chance to win.

Furthermore, the wagering requirement for the bonus money is just 1x the bonus. So PlaySugarHouse is giving you a free shot with its money, not yours, to bet the bonus and try to win with it. How can you turn down an offer like that?




NBA Betting Can Be Fun And Lucrative With NJ Sportsbook NBA Promos

November 21, 2019
76ers nba sixers

Betting on the NBA can be fun and exciting. But it can also be quite lucrative. Thanks in part to the many NBA promos offered by some of the top NJ sportsbooks.

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Whether you’re betting on the NBA or just a fan of one of the teams that play just outside New Jersey, you’ve no doubt experienced the heartbreak of a fourth-quarter meltdown.

It can be rather frustrating when your side leads big heading into the fourth quarter and just can’t seem to hold on. Thankfully, FanDuel Sportsbook has developed an NBA betting promo that takes a little of the nasty sting away.

NBA 3rd Quarter Insurance

FanDuel calls it NBA 3rd Quarter Insurance. All you have to do is make a pre-game moneyline bet on any NBA game and you’ll be covered.

As long as the team you bet on ends the 3rd quarter with the lead, you’ll get at least a refund of up to $50 in site credit on your bet.

Of course, if your team goes on to win, you’ll get paid off the same as always. It’s just that if they lose that lead in the fourth and go on to drop the game, the NBA 3rd Quarter Insurance kicks in. That means FanDuel will refund your bet of up to $50 in site credit.

Of course, you can use that site credit any way you like. However, make another NBA moneyline bet and FanDuel’s NBA 3rd Quarter Insurance will cover you again.

Make it Rain

Then, there’s the Make it Rain NBA promo on PointsBet Sportsbook.

PointsBet leads the league in great NBA promos and contests and this is a fun one. The site rolled it Make It Rain during the 2019 NCAA Tournament. It has now extended it through the NBA season.

The terms are simple. Just place a $100 spread bet on an NBA game and get $3 for every three-point field goal your side makes throughout the game.

Last year the Houston Rockets broke the single-season record averaging more than 16 threes per game. This means you can almost bank on getting close to half your money back on a $100 spread bet on any Rockets game, thanks to PointsBet Sportsbook’s Make it Rain promo.

Of course, the promo is only available for select games. So, pay attention to when the Rockets or some of the other teams in the league known for shooting from deep are on the docket and fire away.

Score The First 4 Points, You Win!

PointsBet also has NBA promos for moneyline wagers. The PointsBet Score The First 4 Points, You Win! promo is exactly as it sounds.

Place a pregame moneyline bet on an eligible NBA game and PointsBet will pay off the first $100 of that bet if your team scores the first four points of the game. Then, If your team goes on to win, the remainder of your bet will be paid out as normal.

Finally, keep an eye out for unusual happenings in the NBA. The PointsBet Sportsbook Karma Kommittee has a reputation for stepping in to rectify things.

The Karma Kommittee has already returned all losing New Orleans Pelicans moneyline bets after the Pels lost in overtime to the defending champion Toronto Raptors on opening night.

PointsBet’s Karma Kommittee has a long history of rewarding heartbroken gamblers who came oh so close. It looks like they will continue to do so throughout this NBA season.

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