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May 28, 2020

Take The Borgata Online Casino Challenge: 7 Missions = 7 Bonuses!

Barbara Nathan May 28, 2020
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Whenever you play on your favorite NJ gambling websites, bonuses are one of the special perks that have you keep coming back for more. But this week, Borgata Online Casino has outdone itself.

Instead of offering just one bonus, you’re invited to enjoy a weeklong bonus bonanza! It’s not even a holiday, but for all of you Borgata players, it will feel like Christmas in May!

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How to participate in the 7 Bonuses for 7 Missions promotion at Borgata Online Casino

Here’s what you need to do to get started:

  • Log in to your Borgata Online Casino account each time you want to play during the 5/25-5/31 promotion period.
  • Go to My Promotions and click on the Unlock Your Bonuses promotion to opt-in to participate.
  • Wager the required amounts to unlock your bonuses!

This special promotion started on Monday, May 25 and continues through 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, May 31. It is open to all registered Borgata Online Casino players.

The casino is offering a total of seven exciting missions. Each one that you take on and successfully complete will unlock a new prize. All of the prizes are in the form of bonus dollars added to your account.

You can only qualify for any given bonus once. However, you can complete the missions in any order you wish. Also, the rules don’t state that you can only work on one mission at a time or one per day.

So if you didn’t start on day 1, no problem. Double up or triple up on a couple of days, if needed, and you can still complete all of the missions on time.

Or if you can’t complete all seven missions, that’s okay, too. Just complete the ones you can, and you will still receive bonuses for all of those.

In other words, it’s entirely up to you how many missions you want to complete and how fast as long as you complete them and clear the associated bonuses by Sunday night.

Play At Borgata Casino Now With Free $20 On Sign Up
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The 7 Missions

Here are the 7 Missions and the 7 bonuses they unlock. As mentioned, you can complete them in any order you wish.

  • 1. Wager $10 on Book of Myths and get $2 Bonus Dollars.
  • 2. Wager $25 on Loot’En Khamun and the Dead Sea Scrolls and get $5 Bonus Dollars.
  • 3. Wager a minimum of $50 on Melon Madness Deluxe and get $10 Bonus Dollars.
  • 4. Wager a minimum of $100 on MGM Grand Millions and get $15 Bonus Dollars.
  • 5. Wager a minimum of $200 on European Roulette Pro or Black and Yellow Roulette and get $20 Bonus Dollars.
  • 6. Wager a minimum of $500 on Premium Blackjack Pro and get $50 Bonus Dollars.
  • 7. Unlock all 6 bonuses and you receive $10 additional Bonus Dollars.

If you do the math, you will see that in order to unlock all seven bonuses, you will need to wager a total of $885. In return, you will receive $112 bonus dollars. The return on your investment isn’t great from a percentage standpoint. But you do get to enjoy the cumulative effect of one bonus on top of another.

Additional wagering requirements and other important terms and conditions

Each bonus comes with an additional wagering requirement of 25x the bonus. You can choose any game you wish for this purpose. All games count 100%.

In other words, to clear the smallest bonus of $2, you only need to wager an additional $50. But to clear the biggest bonus of $50, you need to wager an additional $1,250.

The total amount you would need to wager to clear all seven bonuses comes to $2,800. It may seem like a lot, but even if you are not a big player, it is “mission possible” if you pace yourself.

Borgata Online Casino also allows you to have more than one active bonus in your account simultaneously. So you don’t have to wait until you have finished clearing a previous bonus to start working on qualifying for the next one. However, you can only clear one bonus at a time.

You have up to three days to clear a bonus from the time you receive it. However, keep in mind that the promotion period ends at 11:59 p.m. on Sun, May 31. So to be on the safe side, make sure that all of your bonuses are cleared by that time.

You will earn loyalty points on all of your wagers associated with this promotion, both in your play to qualify for the bonuses and your subsequent play to clear them. For the latter, all wagers count towards earning loyalty points, including those made with the bonus money as well as with your own money.

As with all bonuses at this casino, opting-out, attempting to withdraw unavailable funds prematurely, or failure to complete the wagering to clear a bonus on time will result in forfeiting both the bonus itself and any additional resulting winnings. 

Play At Borgata Casino Now With Free $20 On Sign Up
$20 Free
On Sign Up
$20 Free with No Deposit
100% Deposit Match up to $600
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Why the Borgata Online Casino challenge is worth your time

This promotion has several great features working for you.

Multiple bonuses in succession

For starters, you get the cumulative benefit of multiple successive bonuses in succession. Your success in completing one mission gives you the confidence to take on another, and another, and another. Then before you know it, you will have completed all seven missions, or at least, most of them!

Also, as your bonuses keep mounting, so will your bankroll!


Another feature of this promotion that any player will appreciate is the amazing amount of flexibility it offers every step of the way. First, you have the flexibility to decide which missions to take on and in what order. Then Borgata offers you the additional flexibility to clear the bonuses playing any game or combination of games you wish.

Ordinarily, it’s hard to find a promotion that makes sense for any level of player. In many instances, the wagering requirements are so steep that for all intents and purposes, they are out of reach for all except the casino’s top players. In other instances, the bonus is so tiny that all but the smallest players will feel it is a waste of their time.

But this promotion checks all of the boxes. Seven bonuses can soon be yours for the taking, but you get to decide if you can handle the wagering requirements to get all seven. Or if not, you can still participate and qualify for some of the bonuses. In other words, this promotion offers something for everyone!

Great opportunity to earn extra loyalty points

Another big plus is that on top of all of the bonuses piling up in your account, you will earn extra loyalty points on all of your wagers, including those made with the bonus money!

Are you ready to take on this week’s challenge at Borgata Online Casino?

Mission Accomplished = Bonus Dollar Prizes!

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