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August 21, 2020

Tropicana Piggy Bank Is Spilling Over With $10.5K In Bonus Money Prizes

August 21, 2020
tropicana prizes

Last month’s Tropicana Online Casino Sizzling Summer Weekend $10,500 Bonus Bash was such a huge hit that this weekend the casino has decided to repeat it!

Once again, the casino will give you the opportunity to earn up to 15 entries for a special drawing where 560 lucky players will each win a share of $10,500 in bonus money.

$2,000 Deposit Bonus at Tropicana Casino

The Tropicana Prize Pool Piggy Bank is so full it is about to spill over!

Who is eligible for the Tropicana Prizes In The Piggy Bank Draw?

 As long as you meet the following three requirements, you can participate in this promotion:

  • You’re a registered Tropicana NJ Online Casino player and a legal resident of the US age 21 or older.
  • You are not a resident of New York, Florida, Rhode Island, Louisiana, Hawaii, Guam, or Puerto Rico.
  • At the time of your play, you are physically situated in the State of New Jersey. 

How the Tropicana Piggy Bank Draw works

The prize drawing will take place on Monday, August 24. But in the meantime, all weekend long–from Fri., Aug. 21 through 11:59 p.m. on Sun., Aug. 23–simply play your favorite games, as usual, to rack up as many entries as you can. You can play whatever games you want. All games count the same.

For every $50 you wager on any game on any given day, you will earn one drawing entry, up to a maximum of five entries per day if you wager a total of $250 or more. Therefore, if you play all three days and wager $250 on each, you will earn 15 entries, the maximum number possible.

If $250 per day is more than you can afford or you don’t have time to wager that much, no problem. Just do the best you can and hope the luck of the draw works for you. Keep in mind that the casino will award not just a few prizes but 560 prizes.

So even if other players have more entries, you still have an excellent chance to win and maybe even win one of the bigger prizes.

Furthermore, all of the prizes up for grabs are bonus money rather than cash, and most of them are small, and you can only keep the winnings. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you don’t go overboard in your qualifying play this weekend. Bet what you can comfortably afford and no more.

However, the casino won’t let you carry play over from one promotion day to the next. So each day that you plan to play, make sure you wager at least $50.

What can you win in the Tropicana Piggy Bank Prize Draw?

The random drawing to determine the 560 prizewinners will take place on  Mon., Aug. 24. It will include all of the entries that each participating player has earned over the course of the preceding weekend.

Just like in the July 12 drawing, which also had 560 winners, all 560 prizes will be in the form of non-redeemable bonus money credited to the player’s account. The following table shows how the prizes will be distributed.

# of Winners Prize
10 $100 Bonus Money
50 $50 Bonus Money
200 $20 Bonus Money
300 $10 Bonus Money

If your name is picked to win any of these prizes, you will receive an email notification. Expect to find the bonus credited to your account within 24 hours of the drawing, but allow up to three business days in case of technical difficulties.

Additional wagering requirements

Once you receive the prize, you have up to 30 days to clear the bonus. All you have to do–in fact all you will be permitted to do–is wager the bonus 1x on any game of your choosing.

As soon as you complete this nominal wagering requirement, you can keep any resulting winnings. However, you cannot keep the bonus money, too, and you cannot wager it again either. As soon as you wager the bonus once, the casino removes it from your account permanently.

Is the Tropicana Piggy Bank Prize Draw promotion worth your time?

If you have been playing at Tropicana Online Casino for a while, you should already be quite familiar with the kinds of promotions this website offers, including the terms and conditions that apply to any bonuses you receive. If you are new to this online casino, you may be initially surprised because Tropicana bonuses work very differently from those that most of the other NJ gambling websites offer.

Sticky bonus you can only wager once

At most NJ online casinos, when you receive a bonus, you cannot withdraw it right away. The bonus itself, the deposit tied to the bonus if applicable, and any bonus-related winnings all remain temporarily locked into your account until you meet the casino’s specified wagering requirements.

Typically, you will have to wager the bonus not just once but many times. But once you do, as long as it is within the allotted time frame, you not only get to keep whatever you win but the bonus (or whatever is left of it), too.

But the bonus money prizes in this promotion and all other bonuses you receive as a Tropicana Online Casino player can only be wagered once. So if you win, you don’t get the opportunity to try to capitalize on your winning streak and win more money from the bonus. You also can’t withdraw the bonus, only what you win (if anything) betting it.

Yes, it’s a bummer that all of the Tropicana Online Casino bonuses are not only sticky but can only be bet once. Both stipulations work against you in limiting the amount you can win. By the way, the same terms and conditions also apply to all of the bonuses at Virgin NJ Online Casino.

Furthermore, most of the bonus money prizes in this drawing are already small. Therefore, after you bet the bonus once and the casino takes it back, you probably won’t have much of a win to show for your efforts. 300 of the 500 prizes are only for a $10 bonus. So unless you are extraordinarily lucky, there is very little leeway to register more than a token win.

Offsetting great features

 If this promotion didn’t have multiple offsetting good features, I wouldn’t waste your time and mine telling you about it. But in reality, there are several things about the Tropicana Piggy Bank prize drawing that I like very much.

  • Affordability

No deposit is required, and as long as you can manage to wager at least $50 on at least one day of the promotion, your name will be included in the drawing. Of course, you can improve your chances by playing more to earn more entries, but you certainly don’t have to be a big player to participate.

  •  The number of entries per person is capped at 15

Like many other online casino prize drawings, the number of entries you earn is based on play. But many drawings also allow an unlimited number of entries, which puts the biggest players at a huge advantage over everyone else.

For this drawing, the maximum number of entries permitted for any player is just five per day based on $250 in wagers, for a total of 15 entries. This makes the drawing a lot fairer and gives all participants, including non-high rollers a better chance to win.

  • 560 prizes

Winning a prize in this drawing isn’t guaranteed, but you stand a much better chance than in a drawing that only awards a small handful of prizes. Also, 60 players will win either $50 or $100 bonus money, which with a little luck, could give them a nice size win even after the casino takes the bonus away.

  • Risk-free bonus

 Since you only wager the bonus once, it’s entirely with the casino’s money. You can’t lose any of your own money as you can with a traditional bonus.

 Even if you fail to win or only win a pittance betting the bonus, whatever money you had just before you got the bonus will still be intact.

In other words, as far as your own bankroll is concerned, it’s a risk-free bonus!

  •  Very quick access to your winnings

 Lastly, another thing you’ll like about this bonus is that if you win, you should have very quick access to your money. Even if you snag the top prize of a $100 bonus, you certainly won’t need 30 days to complete the meager 1x bonus wagering requirement. Most likely, you can clear the bonus the same day you receive it.

 In summary, to answer the question is this promotion worth your time, I think you will have to agree with me and say yes. But the entry earning clock is ticking, so start playing your favorite Tropicana Online Casino games today.

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