888 Poker’s Bonus Wheel Puts A New Spin On NJ Online Gambling Promos

Updated on April 30, 2018
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Poker is an unpredictable game, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. As long as you’re willing to embrace the unknown and put your fate in the hands of the poker gods, things usually work out for the best.

888 Poker in New Jersey has taken this idea and spun it into something unique – quite literally. Drawing inspiration from its European sites, the 888 Poker Bonus Wheel is a new way to earn something for nothing. Essentially a poker version of “Wheel of Fortune,” this feature is fantastic for players of all persuasions.

However, before we get into the reasons it’s a hit, let’s take a look at what it is and what you get.

All it takes is a spin

Unsurprisingly, the 888 Poker Bonus Wheel is just what you’d expect it to be. Once you’ve logged in, a giant wheel filled with prizes will be staring back at you. However, unlike similar looking games, there are no nasty surprises. As we said in our opening gambit, fortune often favors the brave. In other words, if you embrace the unknown and take a spin, the rewards will always be worth it.

Of course, not all things in life are created equal and that’s true of the Bonus Wheel. Fortunately, even the “least good” prize is still potentially lucrative, as you can see:

  • A ticket to a $100 Bonus Wheel Freeroll
  • 10 jackpot spins voucher
  • 10 cent BLAST Sit & Go ticket
  • $1 BLAST Sit & Go ticket
  • $5 bonus for casino games
  • $10 bonus for poker and casino games
  • A ticket to a $500 GTD Tournament

Just be in it to win it

So that’s what’s on offer, but how do you get it?

Well, the beauty of this bonus feature is that it’s free. Each day you log in, you’ll receive one spin on the Bonus Wheel. In fact, to introduce you to the game, you don’t even have to make a deposit. As long as you’re a newbie, you can create your first account and receive a free spin.

What’s more, you can claim your free spin and still receive our $20 no deposit bonus. Basically, by following our secure sign-up link and register, you’ll receive a free spin on the Bonus Wheel and $20 in bonus cash.

But what if I’ve already made a deposit? Not a problem, you can still get in on the action. 888 Poker’s Bonus Wheel is open to everyone that’s made at least one deposit.

Now, there is one caveat: This wheel only works on desktop devices. Even though we love mobile gaming, 888 Poker in NJ hasn’t added this feature to its app (yet). The bottom line is this: If you’re an 888 Poker player, you’ll get to spin the wheel and win once every day.

Don’t worry about wagering

Naturally, there are some terms and conditions you need to know. If you receive a freeroll ticket, you’re good to go. Register for the correct event, do your best, and bank anything you win. The same goes for any tournament tickets you receive. Because you’re not guaranteed a prize, there aren’t any wagering requirements if you do win.

In contrast, if you bank the $5 or $10 casino/poker credits, the following conditions apply:

  • Casino bonuses will be converted to real money when you’ve wagered 30X the amount you receive.
  • Poker bonuses will be converted to real money when you’ve collected three Status Points per $1 you receive.

For those that don’t know, Status Points are accumulated at a rate of two per dollar raked. Taking the above rule, you’ll need to stake $1.50 to earn three Status Points. Do this and you’ll unlock $1 of your bonus. Now, we know you don’t like wagering conditions. We don’t either. However, when you take this ongoing promotion as a whole, the above stipulations are a small part of the action.

Once, twice, three times a winner at 888 Poker

Sure, the obvious reason this deal is a winner is that it’s free to enter. The second reason it’s a winner is that it’s available every day. For us though, the real reason it’s a winner is that the wagering conditions aren’t restrictive. Unlike many of the poker and NJ online casino bonuses out there, the 888 Poker Bonus Wheel doesn’t compel you to bet more than you want.

This is true for two reasons. Firstly, if you collect a tournament ticket, there aren’t any playthroughs to hit. Secondly, you don’t have to use your freebies. Because you’re able to get a new bonus every day, you can ignore the ones you don’t like. Usually, this isn’t possible because solid offers only come around every so often. However, at 888 Poker NJ, bonuses are a daily occurrence. This, in our opinion, is why you should give this feature a spin.

Existing players should login now, but any non-888 Poker players should follow this secure sign-up link, create your first account, and claim your Bonus Wheel spin and $20 bonus today.

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