Buckle Up: $138 Million ‘Polercoaster’ Coming To Atlantic City

Updated on April 27, 2017
polercoaster Atlantic City


A new roller coaster is coming to Atlantic City. Cue the puns about ups and downs.

The Polercoaster is on the way

ABC Ownership will build a 350-foot-high roller coaster named the “Polercoaster” on the grounds where the Sands casino once stood. The project’s approval was contingent upon the New Jersey Economic Development Authority pitching in roughly 28 percent of the construction costs, which happened on April 13.

The Press of Atlantic City had the details, reporting:

“ABC Ownership, LLC asked the state Economic Development Authority to chip in $38.4 million of the project’s total cost of $138,000,000. The money will go toward reimbursing certain taxes, according to the authority’s agenda.”

More on the new AC attraction

According to U.S. Thrill Rides, the Polercoaster’s designer, the ride will be oriented vertically, instead of spread out across a wide swath of land.

“Turning the roller coaster on its end” is one of the Polercoaster’s tag lines, and USTR goes on to say that the coaster has the same length of track as a horizontally oriented coaster, but with a “very small footprint.”

Another nuance to the coaster is that riders board at the top of the track and gravity pulls it down through a series of twists, turns and loops.

If the ride in Atlantic City is the same as what’s touted on USTR’s site, then there will be retail and restaurant space at the top of the coaster’s tower, along with an observation deck.

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Coaster development another win for AC

The approval of ABC’s application for the coaster is another indication the once-floundering city is experiencing the early stages of an economic comeback.

Other good news in recent months includes:

All of these developments have come in the wake of the state’s takeover of Atlantic City’s finances.

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