Best AC Casinos, Sportsbooks & Bars To Watch & Bet On The Super Bowl

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The biggest game of the year is right around the corner, and for NJ sports fans and bettors, there’s no better place to bet and watch the big game than an Atlantic City Super Bowl party at one of the many casinos.

Reserve your spot at the top AC sportsbooks, casinos & bars

The opening kick of Super Bowl LVI between the Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Rams is 6:30 p.m. on Sunday, Feb. 13.

Here is a quick rundown of casino happenings for this year’s Super Bowl in Atlantic City. For more details, visit the casino websites or call the sportsbooks directly.

So if you’re still undecided about what bets you will be making, no problem. You have plenty of time to review what the experts have to say, pore over statistics, and confer with friends.  Also, all of the Atlantic City sportsbooks will be continue to offer props and other in-play bets while the game is in progress.

But what you need to decide ASAP, if you haven’t already, is where you are going to watch the game. Many of the choice options at the Atlantic City casinos are already sold out, and all over town remaining seats for any Atlantic City Super Bowl party are going fast.

In other words, if you think you can simply visit your favorite sportsbook shortly before game time, place your bets, and plop down in a comfortable seat free of charge, like during the rest of the year, don’t count on it.

Atlantic City Super Bowl Party – Seats Not Free

Ordinarily, with the exception of Fan Caves and VIP seats, no reservations are needed, and you certainly don’t need to pay for your seat upfront. Also, how much, if anything, you spend on beverages is entirely up to you.

That won’t be the case on Super Bowl Sunday. Seats that would cost you nothing almost any other time of year are selling for $30-$200. So keep that in mind if you are a small bettor or your budget is limited. Even if you win, will your bet be enough to cover what could easily be $200 or more just on transportation to and from Atlantic City, food, beverages, and a seat?

Fortunately, there are a few good places where you can watch the big game for free or close to free. But since it’s strictly first come, first served, arrive early. By game time every such place will be packed. We describe your best free or cheap options below along with your costlier alternatives.

Atlantic City Super Bowl Party at Bally’s

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1. The Book

At 15.228 square feet, The Book at Bally’s is the largest sportsbook in Atlantic City. Along with five Fan Caves, 30 VIP seats, an additional 102 large armchairs, and 28 bar seats, this sportsbook can accommodate enormous crowds. Accordingly, expect long lines at the betting windows both before and during the game.

However, self-service kiosks and mobile apps are other options. The Book at Bally’s is also the only sportsbook in Atlantic City with a Beer Yourself Wall. Simply grab a glass and fill it (or refill it) with the brew of your choice!

Or if you’re hungry or want other beverages, no problem. There’s a menu beside every seat. So take your pick from whatever you would like to order from Guy Fieri’s Guy’s Bar-B-Que Joint or the AC Snack Shack, and the waitress will bring it directly to your seat in the sportsbook.

Caesars Rewards cardholders can use their comps at a 1:1 ratio for food and beverages. Also, anyone who bets $50 or more will receive one or two vouchers for a free drink (including non-high end alcoholic drinks).

Most importantly, every spot in the sportsbook gives you a great view of the action. Even during halftime, you can be happily entertained playing side games like video poker and beer pong.

What more could you want from an Atlantic City Super Bowl party to watch and bet on the game? A free seat!  There are a few Atlantic City sportsbooks where you can watch the Super Bowl without a reservation and without paying for your seat. But Bally’s isn’t one of them.

What seats are still available for Super Bowl Sunday?

As of this writing, the fan caves, VIP tables, and end zone high-top seats are sold out. However, seats in the following categories are still available:

End Zone High-Top Table

  • Total cost: $532.89 (including tax)
  • Includes $200 rental fee and $300 group minimum on food and beverage

High-Top Table

  • $425.26 (including tax)
  • Includes $200 rental fee and $200 group minimum on food and beverage

Stadium armchairs: $50

VIP seats: $75

All seats must be reserved in advance and prepaid with a credit card. Once you do so, the spot is yours for as long as you like from the time the sportsbook opens until the time it closes.  Call 1-609-412-6929 or you can make your reservations online here:

Optional buffet

Starting at 2 p.m., a buffet will be offered at the Boardwalk Saloon. Tickets are $30 per person, which you can purchase onsite.

Best places to watch the Super Bowl at Borgata

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1. Moneyline Bar and Book and Level One Cocktail Bar and Lounge

Moneyline Bar and Book and the adjoining Level One Cocktail Bar and Lounge are ideally suited for any Atlantic City Super Bowl party. So, unsurprisingly, this has been one of the most coveted tickets around town.

Despite the hefty $75 price tag, both the book and the lounge are completely sold out.

So consider one of these venues instead.

2. Borgata Race & Sports Book

The atmosphere isn’t plush like that of Moneyline, and while there’s a bar on the premises, you will have to bring in your own food or eat elsewhere. But you can place all of your bets before and during the game right there, and all of the seats are free!

 Of course, all seating is on a first-come, first-served basis.

 Alternatively, if you prefer watching the game in a more upscale setting, you can choose from two fine restaurants.

3. Wolfgang Puck

To reserve a table for yourself and your party with a guaranteed good view of the game, do so by phone or online as soon as possible and provide a major credit card. You won’t be charged in advance, and if you wish, you can choose a different method of payment when you get your bill. However, there is a per person minimum of $75.

4. Angeline

The same guidelines apply except that the minimum per person is only $50.

These two restaurant offers are outstanding. Both restaurants are very close to the Borgata sportsbooks if you decide you want additional betting action. You also get to enjoy world-class cuisine for no higher price than you would pay ordinarily.

$50,000 Big Game Sweepstakes at Borgata

M Life Rewards cardholders can insert their player’s card into any slot machine or be rated at a table game between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. on Feb. 2 for a chance to win. Drawings will take place every hour on the hour from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. with 10 winners every hour. Prizes include a signed football, bonus slot dollars, and cash. Read here for more information.

Golden Nugget SB viewing parties

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1. Golden Nugget Sportsbook

The Golden Nugget sportsbook is relatively small and not one of the casino’s main attractions, so it doesn’t draw the same spillover crowds as the more high profile Atlantic City sportsbooks.

However, it offers lots of comfortable seats, five video walls including over 50 TVs, both betting windows and self-service kiosks, and waitress service for food and beverages. With all that, you would think that getting a seat on Super Bowl Sunday would be near impossible. However, the manager assured me it would be no problem at all.

2. Rush Lounge

If you prefer a more relaxed and intimate setting, the nearby Rush Lounge offers comfortable seating,  22 TVs, and drink specials.

3. Main Atrium

Alternatively, the party gets started in the Main Atrium at 4 p.m. Watch the game for free on a big screen. Food and beverages will be available for purchase.

Best places to watch the Super Bowl at Hard Rock

1. Hard Rock Sportsbook

Like Golden Nugget, Hard Rock has one of Atlantic City’s smaller sportsbooks. If you’re not familiar with this casino’s layout, the sportsbook is hard to find. It has 60 TVs but only 50 seats.  Beverage service is available but no food service.

2. Lobby Bar or Hard Rock Café Bar

You can have a good view of the game at either of these bars. The Hard Rock Café Bar is also a great choice if you’re hungry, as even their simplest burgers are huge, and you can order anything from the menu. Their specialty cocktails and shakes come in ginormous size glasses, too.

3. Hard Rock Live at Etess Arena

But if nothing less than Party Central will do, head for the Hard Rock Live at Etess Arena. The Arena, which is capable of seating over 2,000 people, will be open to Wild Card Reward players from 5 p.m. until 10 p.m. for what is being billed as one of the biggest Super Bowl parties in Atlantic City.

Attendance is free, but be prepared to show your Hard Rock Wild Card. Guests will have access to retail and mobile betting and will be able to watch the game in comfort on large screens. Stadium-style food and beverages will be available for purchase.

As an added treat, several former players from the Philadelphia Eagles and New York Giants will attend.

Watch the Super Bowl at Harrah’s Resort

1. The Book at Harrah’s Resort

This sportsbook, also called The Book, has a similar layout to The Book at Bally’s, but it is not as large (3,800 square feet). Along with two fan caves, patrons can choose to sit either in spacious armchairs with small tabletops or at small or long high-top tables. The sportsbook offers more than 100 seats.

No self-service kiosks have been installed as yet, so expect long lines at the betting windows.

There’s a menu from AC Burger beside every seat. A waitress will come around periodically to take your food and beverage orders and then deliver them to wherever you are sitting.

As at Bally’s you can use your Caesars Rewards comps towards food and beverage purchases at a 1:1 ratio. And if you bet $50 or more, you will receive one or two free drink vouchers.

No free seats

Ordinarily, with the exception of the two fan caves, which must be reserved in advance, all of the other seats at this sportsbook are free and first come, first served. But that is not the case for the Super Bowl. All seats are by reservation only, and none of them are free.

What seats are still available for Super Bowl Sunday?

harrahs Atlantic City Super Bowl party

As of this writing, the following types of seats at The Book at Harrah’s are still available for purchase.

Fan Cave

  • Total cost: $814.21 (including tax and gratuity)
  • Includes $350 rental fee and $350 group food and beverage minimum
  1. Stadium seat at a high-top table: $75
  2. Stadium end-zone high-top seat: $30
  3. Stadium armchair: $30

All seats must be reserved in advance & prepaid with a credit card.

  • Call 1-609-441-5800 or reserve online HERE.

2. The Pool

If you prefer more privacy for your Super Bowl viewing while eating, drinking, and relaxing in ultra comfort, and money is no object, no need to travel to a tropical oasis. Simply reserve a cabana at the Pool at Harrah’s.

Amenities for up to eight guests include a flat-screen TV, refrigerator, safe, Wi-Fi availability, complimentary bottled water and towels, and a personal server and cabana host.

For reservations, call 1-609-441-5316.

Six choices to watch SB54 at Ocean Casino Resort

1. William Hill Sportsbook

This 7,500 square-foot state-of-the-art sportsbook is an action lover’s paradise. So, of course, on Super Bowl Sunday, you’ll be able to choose from side bets galore. The sportsbook also offers ample seating, or so it would appear. But on any big game day, it’s so packed that many patrons have to settle for standing room only. On Super Bowl Sunday, the place will be a mob scene.

In other words, if you don’t already have a reservation, forget it. Your chances of snagging a seat, even at the bar, are 0. Furthermore, according to the staff person I spoke to, seating priority for the Super Bowl has been for premium players.

However, if you can spring for the $1,000 price tag, you might still be able to rent a skybox suite. If you’re interested call 1-609-783-8491 or send an email to [email protected].

Fortunately, the sportsbook is only one of at least six Super Bowl viewing venues that Ocean Casino Resort will offer this year. Here are some other options.

2. The Den

This lounge, which also offers esports and video games, will be live streaming the Super Bowl.

3. Ovation Hall

This multi-purpose entertainment center capable of seating up to 5,000 people, has no concert, fight, or comedian scheduled for Sun., Feb. 2. Instead, you can watch the Super Bowl on a giant screen! However, admission is by invitation only, based on play. Check with your host or casino marketing if you’re interested.

4. Topgolf Swing Suite

This is another by-invitation-only venue for watching the Super Bowl. With 22 screens, plenty of food and drink options, and side games to entertain you at halftime, Topgolf Swing Suite has been dubbed Atlantic City’s “new Sunday Funday spot.” If you haven’t received an invitation but think your play qualifies, maybe your host or someone in casino marketing can get you in.

5. Villain & Saint

Alternatively, if you’re not a high roller, you can still kick up your big game day entertainment level a notch at Villain & Saint. More than just a reasonably priced watering hole, Villain & Saint is an innovative gastropub where you are guaranteed to find at least one dish, unlike anything you have ever tried before, that is calling your name.

6. High Water Wine Bar

Or if raucous crowds are not your thing and you want to enjoy the game in more refined surroundings, you might want to try this wine bar overlooking the sportsbook. With 42 wines by the glass to choose from, how could you go wrong?

Best places to watch the Super Bowl at Resorts AC

1. DraftKings Sportsbook

If you enter Resorts from the Boardwalk, this 5,000 square-foot sportsbook is impossible to miss. DraftKings Sportsbook offers five betting windows and 18 self-service kiosks, so it’s as good a place as any for placing your bets.

However, if that’s where you want to watch the Super Bowl, unless you have already reserved a seat, your chances of snagging one now are about the same as hitting the lottery. A staff person told me that except for about 25 seats at the bar, no seats are currently available. The bar seats are first come, first served. So if you want to take your chances, come early. But have a plan B just in case.

Even if you wind up watching the game elsewhere at Resorts, you might want to check back at the sportsbook at halftime and at the end of the game—not only to cash winning tickets, but also to see if you’re a winner in the Big Game Sweepstakes. Each bet you make on the game that day earns you one entry.

Two prizes will be awarded at halftime and two more at the end of the game. At halftime, the top prize is a $250 free bet, and the second-place prize is DraftKings merchandise.  After the game, the top prize is a $500 bonus bet, and the second-place prize is DraftKings merchandise.

2. At a restaurant or bar

Fortunately, several bars and restaurants at Resorts will also show the Super Bowl, including all of the following:

  • Landshark Bar and Grill
  • Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville
  • Gallagher’s Burger Bar
  • Bar One

All of these places will offer game day drink specials

Watch Super Bowl 2020 at Tropicana Atlantic City

1. William Hill Sportsbook

Tropicana is another place that will draw a big crowd on Super Bowl Sunday, and one of the reasons why is its William Hill Sportsbook. Regulars know that no game offers more props and side bets than the Super Bowl, and besides being a great place to socialize, no place in town offers more of these fun specialty bets than William Hill. This sportsbook is also very popular with large bettors.

VIP seating for the Super Bowl is sold out. However, other seats are still available. They are not free and must be reserved in advance and prepaid with a credit card. Here are your options.

Theater-style lazy boy chairs

  • Total cost: $150 per person
  • $25 rental fee plus $125 beverage minimum

A seat at a high-top table

  • Total cost: $75 per person
  • $25 rental fee plus $50 beverage minimum

The sportsbook offers beverage service but no food service. However, you can bring in food from Chickie’s & Pete’s next door or other eateries on the property.

Call Erin Sterr at 1-609-342-7785 ASAP to reserve your seat.

2. Chickie’s & Pete’s

Or, if you prefer, you can watch the game at the sports bar Chickie’s & Pete’s, which is offering an all you can eat buffet for $55. VIP seating and a to-go package are available as well. For more information, call 1-609-344-1080.

Other bars and eateries at the Trop where you can watch the Super Bowl

If you’re looking for something to do other than gamble before or after the game or during halftime, The Quarter is a great option for any Atlantic City Super Bowl party.

Also, if the sportsbook and Chickie’s & Pete’s are out of your price range, here are some cheaper options to consider for watching the game. All of these places will offer drink specials.

  • Adam Good Sports Bar: 20-oz Miller drafts for $3.50 all day and prizes and giveaways at halftime
  • Hooters: Great view of the game from any table. Prizes and giveaways at halftime
  • Broadway Burger Bar
  • Firewaters: 22-oz Miller drafts for $4.50
  • 10 North
  • Tango’s
  • Ri Ra: Call 1-609-348-8600 for reservations.

Top NJ Online Sportsbooks For Super Bowl Bets

Want to stay home and enjoy the game, but still get in on all the betting action?

Written by Barbara Nathan

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