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Barbara Nathan

Barbara Nathan

As an ardent gaming enthusiast, Barbara Nathan moved closer to Atlantic City to be closer to the legal New Jersey online gambling industry. An experienced professional writer, Barbara spends her spare time volunteering when she is not busy covering the NJ online casino industry.

About Barbara Nathan

As an ardent gaming enthusiast, Barbara Nathan moved closer to Atlantic City to be closer to the legal New Jersey online gambling industry. An experienced professional writer, Barbara spends her spare time volunteering when she is not busy covering the NJ online casino industry.

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Caesars Online Casino : Deposit $40, Get $20 Four Days in a Row!

Barbara Nathan April 19, 2019

Just as you might expect, over this long holiday weekend, Caesars Online Casino and other NJ online casinos are offering plenty of special promotions.

However, Caesars Online Casino is going the extra mile to give you lots of incentive to log into their NJ gambling website and play every day by offering you not just one deposit match bonus, but four. Deposit $40, Get $20 four days in a row!

When can you get your four days of bonuses from Caesars?

This special offer starts Friday, April 19 and continues daily through Monday, April 22. It is open to all registered Caesars Casino & Sports account holders.

Those of you who are long time players at Caesars and/or regular readers of this website will probably recognize that this promotion is exactly the same as Caesars’ special offer of March 1-4.

We told you all about that promotion in my article “Get a 50% Daily Deposit Bonus All Weekend at Caesars Online Casino.”

Of course, that promotion expired, but now, just in time for this big spring holiday weekend, Caesars is bringing it back. By the way, it’s very rare when Easter weekend, and the start of Passover (Fri., April 19 at sundown) coincide, but this year they do. So happy holidays to all!

Caesars Online Casino is definitely not passing over this perfect opportunity to make your holiday even more special and neither should you.

How the deposit $40, get $20 offer at Caesars Online Casino NJ works

As mentioned, your $20 bonus is yours for the taking for four straight days. Of course, you don’t have to accept the offer all four times, but if you’re smart you will.

It’s a 50 percent deposit match, so if you take the bonus every day, you will need to deposit a total of $160 ($40 per day). You will also receive $80 in bonus money!

Each day that you wish to participate, here’s what you need to do:

  • Log into your account.
  • Click on My Account and then on My Bonuses.
  • Enter the code DAILY20 and click on Get Details.
  • Locate the “Deposit $40, Get $20” offer under Available Bonuses.
  • Click on Deposit next to the bonus. Then make a single deposit of $40 or more and claim your bonus.

As soon as your qualifying deposit is received, Caesars will credit a $20 bonus to your account immediately.

However, keep in mind that while you can and should accept your 50 percent deposit match bonus all four days of the promotion, you can only claim the offer once per day and with a single deposit.

As always, deposits made at the Caesars Atlantic City casino cashier’s cage or via PayNearMe don’t count.

Your best bet: deposit exactly $40 all four days

If you wish to deposit more than the $40 minimum, you can do so. However, the daily bonus remains fixed at only $20.

So your best bet is to make four separate $40 deposits on each day of the promotion. That way, you will not only get the maximum possible total bonus of $80, but also a lot more bang for your buck.

Even a single 50 percent deposit match bonus is a very good offer. Now you have the opportunity to take advantage of it four times. Don’t mess that up!

Visit Caesars Online Casino – Deposit $40, Get $20 four days in a row!

Wagering requirements for the bonuses

Each $20 bonus that you receive comes with the following wagering requirements:

  • Slots: 5x bonus
  • Video Poker: 10x bonus
  • All other games: 25x bonus

Since each bonus is fixed at $20, depending on your game choice, your total wagering requirement to clear the bonus  would therefore be $100 for slots, $200 for video poker, or $500 for any other game.

Additional terms and conditions

Don’t worry about needing to finish clearing the previous day’s bonus in order to claim the next day’s bonus. Caesars allows you to have multiple active bonuses in your account simultaneously.  However, you can only clear one bonus at a time.

Clearing up to four bonuses shouldn’t be a problem though. You have up to seven days to complete the wagering for each one. Meanwhile, any bonus that still needs to be cleared, deposit tied to the bonus, and any associated winnings will remain temporarily locked into your account.

However, as soon as you finish clearing a given bonus (even if other bonuses are not yet fully cleared), assuming you have done so on time, all of the cleared bonus related money (or whatever is left of it) will become available for you to withdraw.

If you cancel a bonus, attempt to withdraw unavailable funds prematurely, or fail to complete the required wagering on time, you will forfeit both the bonus and any related winnings.

Why Deposit $40, Get $20 is a Great Offer

On first glance, some of you may not be impressed by this promotion from Caesars Online Casino. After all, $20 is a very small amount for a bonus. However, there is a lot more to this offer than meets the eye.

It is actually one of the best NJ online casino promotions of the weekend. Here are the reasons.

Four bonuses give you more chances to win

Most of the deposit match bonuses you find on NJ gambling websites are one time offers only. If they are on a day when making a deposit and playing isn’t convenient, tough luck.

Or another possibility is that you accept the offer,  but it’s not your lucky day. Much sooner than you had anticipated, and with your bonus far from being cleared, both your deposit and the bonus money are gone.

Yes, you can make another deposit, but you won’t get another bonus.

The beauty of this Daily Deposit Bonus from Caesars is that you get four chances to try to make your deposit and bonus ($60 combined) work for you.

Cumulative advantage of successive bonuses

Individually, each day’s bonus is small. However, because you can claim a new $20 bonus for four consecutive days, you get the cumulative effect of multiple bonuses in succession.

If you’re lucky clearing your first bonus, you will have extra ammunition to work with clearing your later bonuses. Then, if your winning streak continues, you will be in a great position to capitalize on it.

Even if your early luck isn’t great, the later bonuses can help you recoup.

Great bang for your buck

The only type of deposit match bonus that’s better than a 50 percent deposit match is a 100 percent deposit match. But 50 percent is still very good and a much higher percentage than most NJ online casino bonuses offer.

The problem with low percentage match bonuses is that in order to meet the casino’s wagering requirements, you may have to dip deeply into your own personal funds.

An offer almost any player can afford

Lastly, both the deposit and wagering requirements for the Deposit $40, Get $20 bonuses are very reasonable. Anyone who can afford to make a single deposit of $100 can probably afford four deposits of $40.

But if that’s too much for you, making one to three $40 deposits is also an option.

As for the wagering requirements, in case you didn’t notice, there is a big difference from most deposit match bonuses at Caesars Online Casino. Usually the wagering requirements are based on equal multiples of both the bonus and deposit combined.

However, the wagering requirements for these four daily bonuses are based on the same multiples of just the bonus. Your deposit doesn’t enter into the equation at all.

The bottom line

This deposit $40, get $20 repeatable offer from Caesars Online Casino will give you even more reason to celebrate this weekend. Opt in all four days of the promotion to enjoy $80 in bonus money. 

Wanna Go To Wawa? Win A Free $50 Gift Card From Virgin Casino NJ

Barbara Nathan April 2, 2019

It’s a weekday morning, and before you have had a chance to grab breakfast, you’re reluctantly out the door.

You’re already late for work, so you’re far too pressed for time to stop at a sit down café.

So where do all logical New Jersey online casino players go?

Wanna go to Wawa? Of course, you do!

This week Virgin Online Casino will give five lucky players even more reason to visit Wawa — a $50 Wawa gift card!

Wawa is the greatest best kept secret of the Delaware Valley.

What would you do for a Wawa gift card?

If you’re an eligible registered player at Virgin Casino, the good news is you don’t have to do much. Simply log into your Virgin Casino account as often as possible during the weeklong April 1-7 promotion period.

Every $50 wagered on any game on any given day will earn you one entry into the upcoming prize draw, up to a total of five entries per day on any day you wager $250 or more.

Then, on Monday, April 8, Virgin Casino will hold a random drawing among all eligible entries to pick the five Wawa gift card winners.

Are you eligible?

No promo code needed. No deposit required.

This promotion is open to registered Virgin NJ casino players only. If you’re a Virgin Casino player who resides in New Jersey, of course, you’re eligible.

But if you happen to reside in most of the other Wawa locations such as Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C., as long as you have access to the Virgin Casino NJ gambling website, you can participate, too. You just have to be in New Jersey at the time of your play.

However, residents of New York, Florida, Rhode Island, Louisiana, Hawaii, Guam, and Puerto Rico are unfortunately excluded.

Additional terms and conditions

No deposit is required. So unless you’re account is running on empty, no need to make one.

By the way, no advance purchase at Wawa is required either. And as great as it would be to earn extra entries by shopping there, neither Virgin Casino nor Wawa thought of it. Maybe next time.

All winners will be notified via email within three business days of the drawing. They will receive instructions at that time on how to claim their prize and then have 14 calendar days thereafter to do so.

All prizes are non-exchangeable and non-transferable. The casino website does not state the time limit, if any, for using the Wawa gift card. If you’re one of the lucky winners, be sure to get the answer to this question.

Fun facts about Wawa

Obviously, with only five winners, having your name picked in the upcoming drawing is a longshot. But win or lose, playing your favorite Virgin Casino games is always fun. So is shopping at your local Wawa, even if you’re the one who’s paying. Here are a few fun facts you might not have known about Wawa.

  • Wawa originally opened more than 200 years ago as an NJ iron factory.
  • The first Wawa Food Market opened in Folsom, Penn., on April 16, 1964. It’s still open today, along with more than 800 other Wawa stores.
  • In a 2015 research study by Market Force, 7,000 consumers gave Wawa a composite loyalty score of 68 percent.
  • Today, Wawa sells more than 60 million hoagies and more than 195 million cups of coffee per year.

Earn tickets for this week’s Million Cents Sharepot at Virgin Casino, too!

At the same time that you’re busy racking up entries trying to win a $50 Wawa gift card, let your play on do double duty by also earning tickets for this week’s sharepot.

In fact, you have a million reasons to enter since this sharepot is loaded to the brim with a million cents in bonus money. That’s a prize pool of $10,000.

And if you participate, your odds of getting a share of it are 100%! You can read all about the Virgin Casino One Million Cents Sharepot here.

Will Showboat Become Atlantic City’s 10th Casino? It’s More Than March Madness!

Barbara Nathan March 26, 2019

Glenn Straub’s poorly conceived plan for TEN Casino never stood a chance. But what about the 10th casino for Atlantic City? That’s another story altogether. If Bart Blatstein, owner of the Showboat Hotel, has his way, it could happen sooner than you may think.

Assuming Ocean Resort Casino can somehow stay afloat in the meantime, the number of Atlantic City casinos would be back up to double digits. And it could happen as soon as next year.

What has already recently happened in preparation for reintroducing a casino?

According to a Feb. 20, 2018, article in The Press of Atlantic City, earlier that month Blatstein applied to the NJ Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE) for a statement of compliance.

Blatstein probably didn’t think it would take a year to get the answer he wanted. But this year on the day after St. Patrick’s Day, he had plenty of reason to smile.

That morning, at a special meeting of the Casino Control Commission, the three-member commission approved Blatstein’s application.

What else needs to happen?

Blatstein will still need to secure a full casino license. But the statement of compliance is an important preliminary requirement.

Another hurdle he faces is that an entirely new gaming facility would have to be constructed adjacent to the Showboat. The deed restriction that former owner Caesars Entertainment placed on reopening a casino inside Showboat itself is still in effect.

Therefore, for now, a separate building is the only feasible alternative.

However, before such construction can begin, both the State Division of Community Affairs and the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority of Atlantic City (CDRA) must approve the project.

What swayed the commission to give Showboat the preliminary green light?

Blatstein told the commission that the 2014 deed restriction forbidding another casino to operate inside of Showboat wouldn’t pose a problem. That was because he would build the proposed casino on an adjoining 123,000-square-foot lot instead.

The lot, which is currently being used for sand volleyball, is not part of the Showboat property. Therefore, the deed restriction would not apply.

According to a March 19, 2019, article in The Press of Atlantic City, Commission Vice Chairwoman Alisa Cooper also asked Blatstein whether the Atlantic City market could handle 10 casinos.
Blatstein replied as follows:

It is not about the number of casinos. It’s about variety.”

Blatstein’s plans for the new casino

Presumably, Blatstein’s remarks about the type of casino he envisions for Showboat also impressed the commission.

Blatstein told the commission that Atlantic City needed a new casino facility because “the older-style casinos are no longer in vogue.”

He indicated that the casino he had in mind would attract a younger demographic and emphasize sports and esports.

Blatstein did not divulge a specific timetable for opening the new casino. However, he told NJ gaming regulators that construction would probably take about 14 months.

Blatstein’s other irons in the fire

The Showboat isn’t the only property that Blatstein owns in Atlantic City, nor is the casino his only proposed project.

Blatstein’s other holdings include the Playground pier and Pier AC (formerly the Garden pier), along with several other properties in the area.

In addition, in November 2018, the CRDA approved Blatstein’s request to convert 264 of the Showboat’s hotel rooms into market-rate rental apartments. Blatstein initially planned to make these apartments available for occupancy by summer 2019.

However, in light of the latest plans for a casino, whether the plan for the apartments is still a go remains to be seen. Furthermore, the DGE intends to review the possible impact of the conversion of hotel rooms to residential apartments in connection with Showboat’s application for a casino license.

Showboat Atlantic City history

The Showboat still stands at its same 801 Boardwalk location as when it first opened in as a Mardi Gras-themed casino hotel in March 1987. In 1998, Caesars Entertainment (then Harrah’s Entertainment) purchased the property, and over its 16 years of ownership, made many enhancements.

However, on Aug. 31, 2014, Showboat became the second of four Atlantic City casino properties to close that year.

Caesars made the much-criticized business move to reduce its Atlantic City holdings from four casinos to three even though the Showboat had been operating at a profit.

No immediate buyer materialized. But Caesars further stipulated, as a condition for sale, that the new owner could not open another casino on the premises.

Meanwhile, the 1.4 million-square-foot property remained closed for nearly two years. Stockton University had purchased it for $18 million in December 2014.

However, legal restrictions that the university was unaware of before the purchase made carrying out its plans to use the site for a satellite campus impossible.

Finally, in January 2016, Blatstein, a Philadelphia-based developer, purchased the property from Stockton for $232 million. He agreed to Caesars’ terms not to open a casino.

Six months later, the Showboat reopened as a stand-alone hotel.

Showboat amenities

Without a casino, gourmet restaurant, or top entertainment, unless you have booked a room there, you would find little reason to go inside. If rooms at the nearby casino hotels are either unavailable or too expensive, staying at the Showboat might be a viable alternative.

However, its rooms are far from cheap.

If you stay at the Showboat, here are the amenities this hotel currently offers:

  • There are 872 guest rooms and suites, which many overlook the ocean.
  • Boardwalk and beach access
  • Fitness center on premises
  • Atlantic City Eatery: Serving casual American fare for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Bricker’s Burgers & More
  • AC Deli
  • 12 Bar: Located in the hotel’s main promenade.
  • The Surf Bar: Drinks and light fare with a Boardwalk and ocean view.
  • It’s within walking distance of Ocean Resort, Hard Rock and Resorts casinos.

Summary and conclusion

Back in April 2018, two months before Hard Rock and Ocean Resort casinos opened, I predicted that it was only a matter of time before Atlantic City would have three new casinos. The third one that I envisioned was, of course, Showboat.

The only thing I was wrong about was the expected date. Blatstein had already submitted an application for a gaming license to the DGE in February 2018. Even though actually applying for and being approved for a casino operator’s license was still down the road, I thought the process wouldn’t take long.

I also thought maybe there was some way the deed restriction could be canceled. That would save a lot of time over building a new casino from scratch on the adjacent lot.

However, up until this month, progress remained at a standstill. So, at this point, Blatstein’s projected 2020 opening date seems reasonable. Personally, I think Ocean Resort Casino made a big mistake rushing to open on the same day as Hard Rock.

Hopefully, Showboat will not make the same mistake, but instead, take the time it needs to do the job right.

Can Showboat succeed as Atlantic City’s 10th casino? Maybe.

One attribute that Blatstein shares with the former owner of Ocean Resort, Bruce Deifik, and it’s not a good one, is complete lack of casino experience. It certainly was a significant factor in the big financial predicament that Ocean Resort Casino is facing now.

It takes a lot more than deep pockets and ambitious plans to create and maintain the type of facility that can find a viable niche and operate successfully in this already crowded and highly competitive market.

I would have more confidence if, during Blatstein’s two years of running Showboat, he would have done more to put that place on the map the way the Claridge has done since that casino closed. Showboat still doesn’t offer a fine-dining establishment and hardly any entertainment.

On the other hand, with two relatively new casinos on either side, including the highly successful Hard Rock the closer of the two, Showboat’s desire for a casino as well certainly makes sense.  It could get a lot of traffic from players at both of those casinos, and even Resorts and other Boardwalk casinos.

However, the bigger question is will Showboat have what it takes for customers to want to keep coming back? Hopefully, it will.

As more information about Showboat’s intention to become Atlantic City’s 10th casino becomes available, NJ Gambling Websites will continue to update you with all the latest news.

Laugh Your Way To Bonus Cash With Virgin Online Casino’s Sharepot

Barbara Nathan March 19, 2019
free money nj online casinos

Now that the over the top celebrating of St. Patrick’s Day weekend is finally over, it’s back to the reality of everyday responsibilities. But that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop, and Virgin Casino is going all out to make sure it doesn’t

Coinciding with National Let’s Laugh Day on March 19, Virgin Casino is encouraging you to share some laughs with your friends. But that’s not all. Since sharing fun is what this casino is all about, this week seemed like the perfect time to offer another sharepot.

As if playing your favorite Virgin Casino games isn’t already fun enough, a guaranteed way to make it even more fun is to sweeten the pot. This time there’s $10,000 in bonus money up for grabs.

The more you play during the four-day earning period — Monday through Thursday — the bigger your share of the sharepot.

How this week’s Virgin Casino sharepot works

In February, Virgin Casino shared the love, giving away $10,000 in bonus money on a Valentine’s Day sharepot.

Now, a month later, it is extending the same offer. In fact, everything about the offer, except the occasion prompting it and the dates for earning sharepot tickets, is identical.

The period for earning tickets for the Share a Laugh Sharepot started March 18 and continues until 11:59 p.m. March 21.

For every $50 wagered on any game on any given calendar day during the promotion, you will earn one Sharepot ticket, up to a maximum of five tickets per day if you wager a total of $250 or more.

Bet the maximum for a bigger share of the sharepot

The maximum number of tickets per person is 20. In order to get this many tickets, you would have to play all four days of the promotion and wager $250 or more each day.

If you can afford to wager that much, you’ll be sitting pretty. You are guaranteed to get the biggest share of the Sharepot you can possibly get. No other players will wind up with a bigger share than you.

But if that much wagering is more than you can comfortably afford, don’t worry about it.  Do the best you can without overextending yourself. The whole point of this promotion is to have fun, not to break the bank. As long as you can wager at least $50 on at least one day during the promotion, you will qualify for a share of the Sharepot.

How Virgin Casino will determine your share

All rewards from the March Sharepot will be in the form of bonus money credited to your account. However, there is no way to know ahead of time what your bonus will be. Even after the promotion period ends, you still won’t know for a few days.

You will know how many tickets you earned, but not how that translates into actual bonus dollars.

The other important piece of the puzzle that is still missing is how many tickets all of the other players earned. Virgin Casino will use that information to figure out each player’s fair share and then distribute the bonus money accordingly.

The good news is that it’s Virgin Casino’s job, not yours, to figure out the precise rewards for each player. But for those of you who are mathematically inclined, I am including below the various steps that will go into this determination.

  • First, the casino will determine the total number of tickets for each player separately.
  • Then it will arrive at the total number of tickets for all players combined.
  • Next, the casino will calculate each player’s percentage of the sharepot by dividing each player’s total number of tickets by the grand total for all players.
  • Lastly, each player’s percentage of the sharepot will be multiplied by $10,000 (the amount of bonus money in the sharepot). The result is the amount of bonus money each player will receive.

For example, if you have 10 sharepot tickets and all of the participants combined have 5,000 tickets, your percentage of the total is .20 percent. When you multiply that percentage by $10,000, you get $20. That’s the amount of your bonus.

When will you get your bonus money?

According to the Virgin Casino NJ gambling website, you can expect to receive your bonus within 24 hours of March 22. However, in the event of technical difficulties, allow for up to three business days.

Bonus money wagering requirements

The bonus money you receive from this March sharepot at Virgin online casino is subject to the same terms and conditions as any other bonus money you receive as a Virgin Casino player.

You have up to 30 days to meet the casino’s very modest wagering requirement of 1x the bonus. You can play any game you wish. All games count 100 percent.

As soon as you complete this wagering, you can keep any resulting winnings, but unfortunately, not the bonus money itself. Win or lose, as soon as you wager the bonus once, the casino removes the bonus from your account. You never see it again.

Virgin Casino sharepot pros and cons

If you are new to Virgin Casino, you are probably wondering if this Share a Laugh Sharepot promotion, apart from being fun, will be worth your time.

The offer does come with some very good features, along with others that are not so great. In that respect, it is similar to most promotions at NJ online casinos.

What’s not to like

Sticky bonus

Most NJ online casino bonuses are cashable. The wagering requirements may be a lot higher than just 1x the bonus, but if you’re lucky, the additional wagering will give you many more chances to win.

In addition, as soon as you complete the wagering and clear the bonus, not just your winnings, but whatever is left of the bonus, too, is yours to keep.

However, all of the bonuses for existing players at (and sister NJ online casino Tropicana Casino) are non-withdrawable. Furthermore, you can only bet the bonus once. This significantly limits the amount you can potentially win from betting the bonus.

The subsequent removal of the bonus from your account limits the amount you can win even more.

Bonus amount is probably small

Non-cashable bonuses, because of their nature, need to be larger than traditional bonuses to give you any reasonable chance for a decent size win.

Although a Sharepot containing $10,000 in bonus money sounds generous enough, you need to keep in mind that it is going to be distributed among a very large pool of players. So individual shares, particularly for those whose play during the promotion period has been minimal, could be quite small.

What to like

Now that I have gotten the not so great features of this promotion out of the way, here is a summary of why, in spite of those shortcomings, you should take advantage of this offer.


Small players find themselves shut out of many otherwise good promotions on NJ gambling websites simply because the deposit and/or wagering requirements are too steep for their budget.

This sharepot at Virgin NJ online casino requires no deposit at all. In addition, the wagering requirements, both to earn sharepot tickets and to clear the bonus, are extremely reasonable.

Reasonable cap on number of entries

If the number of entries was unlimited, high rollers who could easily bet thousands of dollars a day would do exactly like that. It’s the last thing you want if you’re a small to average size player because then the big players would hog virtually the whole sharepot for themselves and leave everyone else with crumbs.

With a maximum of five entries daily per person based on $250 in wagers, the playing field is sufficiently leveled to give everyone a fair chance.

Guaranteed mystery bonus

A Sharepot is different from a drawing because every participating player is guaranteed to win something. The fact that it’s also a mystery bonus adds to the fun.

No risk bonus

Another great feature of this bonus is that it’s completely risk-free. While you do have to risk your own money to earn tickets for the sharepot, it doesn’t need to be any more than you would ordinarily wager otherwise. And that’s the only time you are gambling with your own money during the whole promotion.

Once you get the bonus, the casino is giving you a free shot to bet it once and try to win with it. Even if you don’t win, you finish with the same amount of money you started with, and that’s the absolute worst that can happen.

However, you could win twice, first in your play during the promotion period to earn sharepot tickets and later, when you wager the bonus, too.

The bottom line

If you’re looking for a fun promotion that in all likelihood won’t make you a ton of money, but where you don’t have to worry about jeopardizing your bankroll either, you’ve found it with this week’s sharepot at Virgin Casino.

Looking for a Nice Helping of Irish Luck? Play The Leprechaun King!

Barbara Nathan March 15, 2019

St. Paddy’s Day is almost here, but no need to wait another day to have the luck of the Irish rub off on you.

I found the perfect NJ gambling websites online slot to help you celebrate the season.

The Leprechaun King is a colorful and imaginative slot game loaded with a king’s ransom of lucky symbols guaranteed to make anything other than having fun the farthest thing from your mind.

If this slot doesn’t succeed in getting you fully immersed in the holiday spirit, nothing will.

But more importantly, this slot game’s unusually high rate of return could be the special key that unlocks the huge rewards you’re waiting for.

That’s because with the considerable luck of The Leprechaun King at your side, winning is a lot easier than you think.

The Leprechaun King Basics

Powered by High 5 Games

The Leprechaun King is an online video slot from High 5 Games. This New York based company has been in the slot manufacturing business since 1995.

Its current catalog includes more than 300 online slots, all of which are mobile friendly.

The Leprechaun King is one of its newer games. It was first released in 2017.

No. of paylines and range of bets

The Leprechaun King consists of five reels, three rows, and 60 fixed paylines. You can vary your bet by adjusting the coin size per line up or down between 1 cent and $3.00.

This makes the minimum bet per spin only 60 cents and the maximum bet per spin $180.

It takes more than Irish luck to make a slot Barb’s Best Bet

There are a lot of Irish themed NJ online casino slots you can choose from on NJ gambling websites, but not all of them are Best Bet material.

For starters, I look at the return to player (RTP)  and volatility rating of every slot I am considering.

If the RTP is less than a minimum of 95.90 to 96.0 percent, I don’t care what other great features it has; I am not interested.

You might not think a couple of percentage points higher or lower house edge makes a difference, but it does.

It’s silly to spend your money on any slot with an average or below average rate of return when you can easily do better.

Here are some other criteria that weigh heavily in my decision:

  • Bet range: Is it wide enough to appeal to most players?
  • Theme and symbols: I like games with identifiable themes and a variety of different symbols that depict that theme.
  • Entertainment level: Superior graphics, soundtrack, and animations, and lots of special features all help make playing more enjoyable
  • Demo play: Even when everything else checks out, I still need to put it to the ultimate test and play the game myself. If I’m bored, don’t like the music, or I have too many spins in a row with nothing happening, I have not found Barb’s Best Bet.

What makes The Leprechaun King Barb’s Best Bet

Fortunately, I was more than satisfied with my findings for The Leprechaun King. It’s fun to play, with huge, brightly colored symbols that you immediately associate with the luck of the Irish.

The Leprechaun King doesn’t offer a progressive jackpot. But with the help of special features like stacked wilds, free spins, cascading coins, and a Catch the Leprechaun Pick bonus round, your winnings can add up big time.

Most importantly, you can pick a bet size that’s just right for you, and the RTP of 96.50 percent is one of the best that the NJ gambling websites have to offer.

Medium volatility assures you of enough variance to create suspense and keep the game exciting, but not so much that you ever feel your bankroll is in jeopardy.

Which NJ online casinos offer The Leprechaun King?

You can play The Leprechaun King on the computer or on your mobile device on any of the following NJ gambling websites:

The Leprechaun King symbols

Like most slots, The Leprechaun King uses a combination of regular and special symbols. Winning combinations are formed in the usual manner, so it takes three or more like symbols from left to right, starting with the reel farthest to the left.

Regular symbols

A four leaf clover, horseshoe, and pipe comprise this game’s higher paying regular symbols, while the playing cards of 5, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace make up the lower paying symbols.

Special symbols

One symbol you would really like to see often are the golden coins, especially if this symbol appears stacked.

This is the game’s wild symbol, and any adjacent gold coin symbols also become wild. As such, they are a big help in forming new winning combinations.

An even better result would be to have three or more Leprechaun King symbols land, which will award you a jackpot. If five Leprechaun King symbols land when you have a maximum bet, you’ll win the Grand Jackpot.

Three golden crown symbols appearing simultaneously on the reels would be great, too because that’s what triggers the Catch the Leprechaun Pick Bonus.

Catch the Leprechaun Pick Bonus

If you’re lucky enough to activate the Catch the Leprechaun Bonus, you will be asked to pick any three Leprechaun character symbols. These will reveal your prizes, which can range from  60 to 1,800 credits.

How I Fared Playing The Leprechaun King

I played the game for two 20 minute sessions in demo mode betting a hypothetical $6 per spin and showed a profit both times. In fact, my very first spin was a winner that paid $48.

But the big highlight was when the leprechaun became animated and golden coins were flying all over the screen. That $6 wager returned nearly $200!.

I ended my play before I had a chance to score the Leprechaun Pick Bonus, but maybe next time.

Barb’s Best Bet:  Play The Leprechaun King and other top Irish-themed slots and celebrate all weekend long!

Surprisingly, I didn’t come across any other reviews of this game. It’s probably because it’s relatively new.

But don’t just take my word for it that this slot game is a Best Bet. Try it yourself. I think you will agree with me.

By the way, here are two more Irish-themed slots to make your holiday complete:

Emerald Isle and Finn and the Swirly Spin. They were Barb’s Best Bets for St. Patrick’s Day weekend last year.



Caesars Entertainment Sweeping Changes Send Stock Price Soaring

Barbara Nathan March 8, 2019

The name Caesars and the term “small scale’ are as incompatible as oil and water. So it almost goes without saying that any time Caesars Casino is in the news, it is big news.

Caesars Entertainment is a company that has never been content to rest on its laurels.

Sometimes another casino operator temporarily steals the limelight or otherwise becomes the focus of huge media attention. However, don’t assume that Caesars is simply quietly going about its business.

Just because you might not be privy to the rumblings going on beneath the surface, that doesn’t mean they aren’t happening. At any time, and sometimes when you least expect it, an explosion could erupt seemingly about of the blue, putting Caesars back in the spotlight.

One of the biggest casino companies in the world

No wonder Caesars is both one of the biggest casino entertainment companies in the world and also the most geographically diversified casino company in the world.

From its humble beginnings in 1937 as Harrah’s Reno, Caesars attained its mega status in the casino world today through continued development of new facilities, expansions, and acquisitions.

Its presence now spans four continents. Caesars Entertainment is also the largest casino operator in Atlantic City.

As the owner of three of the nine currently operating casinos in Atlantic City–Bally’s, Caesars, and Harrah’sCaesars controls 33% of the Atlantic City casino gambling market.

Goodbye Total Rewards, hello Caesars Rewards

As of February 1, 2019, the Caesars loyalty rewards program that was formerly called Total Rewards is now Caesars Rewards. The four tiers remain the same and according to Caesars, the respective benefits will also remain intact. However, inasmuch as the new name has just gone into effect,  changes in benefits down the road are still possible.

For now, the reason for the name change is presumably to capitalize on the enhanced value of the Caesars brand. It also reflects the increased emphasis on the part of Las Vegas casino companies, and now Atlantic City casinos as well, on marketing themselves as entertainment companies.

The outgoing CEO of Caesars Entertainment, Mark Frissora has even mentioned the possibility that all hotel-casinos under the Caesars umbrella will insert the words “Caesars Entertainment presents” in front of their property name.

Carl Icahn will have a big say in Caesars Entertainment’s Future

Since the start of the 21st century, one name that has come up frequently in Atlantic City casino gambling news is Carl Icahn. This billionaire investor has had a long, complicated relationship with other Atlantic City casinos.

He also seems to have a special knack for being able to turn over the various properties he gets his hands for huge personal gain.

Therefore, it is no great surprise that now he has his foot in the door in Caesars-owned casinos, too.

Notable past Atlantic City acquisitions

Sands Casino Hotel

Back in 2000, Icahn acquired the then-bankrupt Sands Casino Hotel for $75 million. Then in 2006, he sold it to Pinnacle Entertainment for $270 million.

The following year the building was imploded, leaving in its wake an empty lot, which still remains.


Icahn’s purchase of the Tropicana had a much more successful outcome. In 2009, he rescued the Atlantic City resort from bankruptcy.

Subsequently, with Tony Rodio at the helm,  Icahn was instrumental in turning it into the second highest grossing revenue producing property in the Atlantic City market.

In 2018 Icahn sold Tropicana Entertainment’s seven casinos for $18 billion to Eldorado Resorts and Gaming and Leisure Properties.

Trump Taj Mahl

In 2016 Icahn also acquired both Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort and the already closed Trump Plaza as part of a deal with Trump Entertainment.

However, Icahn and Local 54, which represented the Taj Mahal workers, were at an impasse over the workers’ loss of benefits.

During the summer of 2016, a crippling strike–the longest in Atlantic City casino history–led to the permanent closure of the Trump Taj Mahal on October 10. But in 2017 Icahn sold the shuttered property to Hard Rock International for $50 million.

The latter spent $500 million more to completely renovate and rebrand it. On June 27, 2018,  Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Atlantic City opened for business.

Trump Plaza

As for Trump Plaza, despite closing permanently on September 16, 2014, Icahn has so far been unable to find another buyer.

Despite its prime location right off the Atlantic City Expressway, next to Caesars and very close to the Atlantic City outlets, the building still stands vacant. Serving no purpose whatsoever, it is regarded as a big eyesore.

In 2017 Icahn wanted to demolish the building, using close to $5.6 million from casino alternative investments to finance the undertaking.

However, State Senate President Steve Sweeney and the CRDA blocked the project.

Icahn’s latest move: gaining significant control over the Board of Directors at Caesars

According to a filing with the Security Exchange Commission, over the last few months, Icahn spent $566 million to acquire 9.8 percent of Caesars Entertainment’s outstanding shares.

It was a carefully calculated move that would give Icahn significant control over the Caesars Board of Directors. It will also give him a huge say in the direction in which the company would be heading in future dealings.

On Friday, March 1, 2019 Icahn and Caesars Entertainment reached the following  agreement.

The company would replace three of the 12 existing board members as well as allow for a 4th replacement in the event a new CEO “who is acceptable to the new directors” is not named in 45 days.

The new CEO would replace Mark Frissora, who is on his way out.

In other words, according to CDC Gaming Reports, Inc., Icahn would have an almost total say regarding who will be the next CEO at Caesars.

Who will replace Mark Frissora as CEO of Caesars?

According to Reuters, one of the names up for consideration as the new CEO of Caesars is Tony Rodio, former CEO of the Tropicana Atlantic City when Icahn owned the property.

Another is Golden Nugget owner Tillman Fertitta. In the fall of 2018, Fertitta offered to pay $13 per share to take control of the company and combine it with Golden Nugget.

While the Caesars Board of Directors rejected the offer, Fertitta did acquire a less than 1% share of Caesars in February, 2019. So he could conceivably buy a bigger share and re-emerge as a contender for CEO.

According to Icahn, a sale or merger would be in Caesars Entertainment’s best interest

In a press release that Icahn issued March 1, he gave the following statement:

“I believe that the best path forward for Caesars requires a strategic process to sell or merge the company to further develop its already strong regional presence.”

However, he added that doing so would “allow Caesars to continue to take advantage of the Caesars Rewards program bringing more and more players into Caesars’ Vegas market” in order to “make Caesars the most powerful competitor in Vegas.”

No mention at all was made of Atlantic City.

Icahn further stated that “Caesars would be a great opportunity for certain investors who have already expressed interest.”

Caesars’ reaction

Caesars Chairman of the Board James Hunt also reacted enthusiastically to the changes in saying the following:

“Our new colleagues bring diverse and relevant experience, and we look forward to them joining our board in our ongoing efforts to further enhance value for all shareholders. Since the completion of Caesars’ restructuring, we have been undergoing a strategic process to create value, and we will continue that process working with our new directors. On behalf of the entire Board and Caesars’ nearly 68,000 employees, I want to thank our departing director colleagues for their distinguished and tireless service to the Company.”

Caesars stock price soars

Following the announcement of Icahn’s deal with Caesars, the stock price has gone up more than 4 percent.

Caesars partnership with the NFL

Apart from the Icahn deal, another major development that will undoubtedly have a huge impact on Caesars Entertainment’s future is its partnership with the NFL.

On January 3, 2019 the National Football League announced that they have chosen Caesars Entertainment Corporation to be the first-ever Official Casino Sponsor of the NFL.

The multi-year sponsorship went into effect during the 2019 NFL playoffs. Caesars can use its casino properties, celebrity chefs, and name entertainers to provide enhanced experiences at important NFL events. So this looks like a win-win-win situation whereby Caesars, the NFL, and fans will all benefit.

Caesars will also have the exclusive right to use NFL trademarks in the US and UK for the purpose of promoting Caesars casino properties. However, the use of the NFL logo to promote sports betting is not part of the deal.


It would be reasonable to assume that the deal with the NFL played a role in Icahn’s sudden interest in Caesars. In addition, not only Icahn’s history in Atlantic City but also his own recent statements, provide a strong clue about his intentions down the road.

Icahn foresees either selling the property or having Caesars merge with another company.

According to Barry Jonas, a gaming analyst for SunTrust, an outright sale of Caesars would be difficult. He believes that a reverse merger is more likely.

As other important new developments unfold at Caesars, we will do our best on NJ Gambling Websites to keep you as well informed as possible.

Meanwhile, if any of the Caesars-owned casinos in Atlantic City or Caesars-owned NJ gambling websites are places where you like to play, we encourage you to continue doing so.

The fact that Total Rewards is now Caesars Rewards should not detract in any way from your still being able to receive the many outstanding benefits for which the program is known.

Caesars will also continue to offer you great online promotions, as always.

Get a 50% Daily Deposit Bonus All Weekend at Caesars Online Casino

Barbara Nathan March 1, 2019

What could possibly be a better deal for an NJ online casino player like you than logging in to your favorite NJ gambling website, making a small deposit, and getting a bonus?

Logging in and collecting a Daily Deposit Bonus four days in a row!

Visit Caesars and enter the bonus code DAILY20 to claim your free $20.

At Caesars Online Casino, every day from today, Friday, March 1, through Monday, March 5, is payday. And best of all, even if you’re a small player, there is no way this daily Deposit $40, Get $20 offer will break the bank.

You’re getting a 50 percent return on your deposit each day. In other words, if you do this four times, once each day of the promotion, all together, it will only cost you $160.

In return, you will receive $80 in bonus money!

Looking at today’s miserable weather, it’s hard to believe it’s March already. But if another weekend of snow and rain means putting some previous plans on hold, no big deal.

It just gives you more time to play your favorite NJ online casino games. And with all the extra bonus money you’ll be picking up from Caesars NJ, this could turn out to be a big winning weekend.

How to claim the Caesars Daily Bonus promotion

This offer is open to all registered account holders. Each day that you would like to participate, in order to qualify for a bonus, you need to make a separate $40 deposit.

Here are the simple steps you need to follow each day.

  • Log into your each day during the March 1-4 promotion.
  • Click on My Account and then on My Bonuses.
  • Enter the bonus code DAILY20. Then click on Get Details.
  • Locate the offer Deposit $40, Get $20 under Available Bonuses.
  • Then click on Deposit next to the bonus. Make a single deposit of $40 or more and claim your bonus.

Your $20 bonus will be credited to your account immediately.

Of course, if it’s not convenient for you to accept the offer every day, that’s your prerogative. However, as long as you have the time and the available funds, by all means squeeze every last dollar of this offer you can.

It’s not every day that you can get a deposit match bonus of 50 percent.

Since each daily deposit bonus is fixed at $20, there is no point depositing less than $40 because then you won’t get a bonus. There is also no good reason to deposit more than $40 unless you need the extra money for your usual size wagers.

A bigger deposit won’t get you a bigger bonus, and you will also lose out on the great bang for your buck you would get otherwise with a 50 percent deposit match.

You can only claim this offer once each day and with a single deposit. Deposits made at the Caesars Atlantic City casino cashier’s cage or via PayNearMe don’t count.

Wagering requirements for each $40 bonus

Many bonuses come with a heftier wagering requirement than you might expect since they are based on equal multiples of the bonus and player’s deposit combined. That’s why you’re going to love the news I have for you now.

The wagering requirements for each of the four daily bonuses being offered to you this weekend are based on the same multiples of just your bonus. Your $40 deposits don’t enter into the equation at all.

Depending on your game choice, here are the wagering requirements:

  • Slots: 5x bonus
  • Video Poker: 10x bonus
  • All Other Games: 25x bonus

Therefore, the total amount of wagering you will need to do to clear each $20 bonus is $100 for slots, $200 for video poker, or $500 for other games.

Other important terms and conditions

While you can only clear one bonus at a time, here’s some more great news. The casino is giving you up to seven days to clear each of the four bonuses.

So if you would like to claim the next day’s bonus but haven’t completed the wagering for the previous day’s bonus yet, no problem.

While the playthrough for a given bonus is still in progress, the bonus, deposit tied to the bonus, and any resulting winnings will stay temporarily locked into your account.

However, as soon as you complete all the necessary wagering for that bonus, assuming it hasn’t expired yet, all of this money (or whatever is left of it) will become available to you for withdrawal.

You will be free to withdraw this money if you wish, even while you are still working on clearing other bonuses.

On the other hand, if you cancel a bonus, make a premature attempt to withdraw funds that are still unavailable, or fail to complete the required wagering on time, you will forfeit not only the bonus, but also any resulting winnings.

Why this Caesars Bonus Offer is a Great Deal

Most of the deposit match NJ online casino bonus offers you will find on NJ gambling websites are for one-time use only. Sometimes they are valid for a single day only, other times for a period of a few days.

But once you claim the offer, you’re done. If it’s one of those days when winning isn’t in the cards, tough luck.

Even if you make another deposit, there won’t be another bonus waiting for you.

Four chances to win

The Caesars Daily Deposit Bonus Offer, on the other hand, gives you four chances to turn your deposit and bonus into a nice win. Granted, each individual bonus is small, but by getting a whole string of them on consecutive days, the successive bonuses build on the previous ones.

If you get lucky early on, you’ll have a bigger bankroll to work with for clearing your later bonuses. Or, if your early luck isn’t great, you have multiple opportunities to recoup.

Very reasonable wagering requirements

Let’s just suppose for a moment that Caesars would have applied its usual policy of making you wager the same multiples of both the bonus and deposit combined. If so, your wagering requirements for this 50 percent deposit match bonus would be triple what they are now.

Instead, regardless of which type of game you select, the wagering requirements are extremely reasonable. The typical wagering requirement to clear a bonus with slots is 10x the bonus, and the typical wagering requirement to clear a bonus with video poker is 50x the bonus.

However, to clear these bonuses you only have to wager 5x the bonus or 10x the bonus, respectively.

In addition, you have up to a week to clear each bonus. So that gives you plenty of time.

You can pace your play in a way that makes you comfortable.

The bottom line

A bonus doesn’t have to be big to represent a good value. Deposit $40, Get $20 would be a very good value even as a single offer.

This weekend’s Daily Deposit Bonus offer where you can deposit $40 and get a $20 bonus four days in a row gives you outstanding value.

Red Carpet Giveaway At Golden Nugget Online Casino Offers 1,000 Ways To Win

Barbara Nathan February 22, 2019

Sunday, February 24 is Oscar Night, and to honor the occasion, Golden Nugget Online Casino is holding a massive Red Carpet Giveaway.

Out of all of the NJ gambling websites, Golden Nugget is one you know you can count on to celebrate big events with over the top promotions. So, of course, Oscar weekend, featuring one of the most prestigious award shows of the year, is no different.

After all, why should celebrities have all the fun? At Golden Nugget, you can experience red carpet treatment without being a movie star or a big shot in the entertainment world.

All you have to do is show your interest by opting in and playing your favorite online casino games. When the weekend is over, you could be one of 1,000 players to walk away with a prize, maybe even the top prize of $5,000 bonus dollars!

How to Participate in the Golden Nugget Red Carpet Weekend Giveaway

The Red Carpet Weekend Giveaway is open to all registered Golden Nugget Online Casino players. The time period for earning entries starts Friday, February 22 and continues all weekend long until 11:59 p.m. Sunday, February 24.

But the sooner you opt-in, the more time you will have for your play to count towards earning entries into the drawing. In order to enter, you need to do the following:

  • Log into your account anytime during the Feb. 22-24 promotion period, but the sooner the better.
  • Claim the offer from Available Bonuses.
  • Start playing.

You will earn one entry for every $100 that you wager during the promotion period. Note that “weighted wagering applies.”

On Monday, February 25, the casino will hold a random drawing among all eligible entries to determine the 1,000 prize winners. See the next section “What you can win” for a table showing the range of prizes and how they will be distributed.

What you can win

Place Prize
1st Place $5,000 Bonus
2nd to 3rd $1,000 Bonus
4th to 10th $250 Bonus
11th to 25th $50 Bonus
26th to 100th $20 Bonus
101st to 1000th $10 Bonus

As you can see, the prizes range all the way from a top amount of $5,000 down to only $10. Being that a thousand players’ names will be randomly selected to win something, your odds of winning a prize are excellent.

However, in all likelihood, it will only be a small amount.

On the other hand, some players will win a big prize, and everyone entered in the drawing has a shot, even if it’s a longshot.

Be careful: bet what you can afford

The description of this promotion on the website does not specify any limit to the number of entries a single person can have. In other words, the number is presumably unlimited.

Obviously, there will be plenty of high rollers who have no problem betting thousands of dollars per day and will do exactly that.

However, my advice is not to worry about how many entries anyone else has and only wager what you can comfortably afford. Even with only a handful of entries, the luck of the draw can work on in your favor.

More importantly, the preponderance of prizes are only for a $10 bonus, and only 25 of the 1,000 prizes (2.5 percent) are for $50 or more. It makes no sense to risk much more money than you would ordinarily, given the strong likelihood–if you win–that your bonus will be small.

Claiming your prize

All winners will be notified by email and have their respective prizes credited to their account by 5 p.m. Tuesday, February 26.

However, because all prizes are in the form of not yet withdrawable bonus money, having access to both the bonus money itself and any additional associated winnings is contingent on first meeting the casino’s wagering requirements described in the next section.

Wagering requirements for the bonus

 The wagering requirements for the Red Carpet Weekend bonus money prizes are as follows:

  • Most slots: 1x bonus
  • Excluded slots* and all other games: 5x bonus

Regardless of what size bonus you receive, you have to be very happy with these wagering requirements. Wagering the bonus just 1x is as low as you can go, and that’s all you have to do if you clear the bonus with 511 of this casino’s 532 slot games.

However, 21 slots only count 20 percent towards clearing the bonus instead of 100 percent like the other slots. Therefore, if you decide to clear the bonus with any of those “excluded” slots, the wagering requirement jumps to 5x the bonus, the same as for non-slot play.

See the website for the complete list of the 21 excluded slots.

Best way to clear the bonus

If all slots counted the same 100 percent, clearing the NJ casino bonus with one of the excluded slots would be a great idea. The casino knows what it’s doing increasing the wagering requirements for these games based on their higher than average return to player (RTP).

However, there are many other slots which also have a higher than average RTP, but count 100 percent, so those are the ones you should choose from instead.

On first glance, it might seem that picking the best slot games out of more than 500 would be a formidable task. But Golden Nugget actually makes it easy by including a helpful description of every slot game along with the RTP.

Simply click on the “i” tab for whatever slot game you are considering and review this information before you start playing.

Alternatively, if you don’t mind the extra wagering requirement of 5x the bonus, keep in mind that there are other games, like blackjack and video poker with a lower house edge than even the best slots.

However, their low house edge is contingent on knowing and using the correct basic strategy.

In any case, if you wish to clear the bonus with slots, take advantage of the great 1x bonus wagering requirement available to you. Avoid games where you have to wager the bonus 5x and wait until you don’t have a bonus to clear to play them.

Other terms and conditions

You have up to seven days to complete the wagering requirements. Depending on your game choice, you only have to wager the bonus 1x or 5x, so even for large bonuses, you should not have a problem.

While the bonus playthrough is still in progress, both the bonus and any additional winnings therefrom will be temporarily locked into your account. However, you are free to withdraw additional funds in your cashable wallet unrelated to the bonus.

As soon as the bonus is fully cleared, provided it is within the allotted time frame, you will be able to withdraw the other money, too.

However, opting out, attempting to withdraw unavailable funds prematurely, or failure to complete the wagering on time will result in forfeiture of both the bonus and any additional winnings resulting from it.

Get $20 FREE at Golden Nugget

Is the Golden Nugget Red Carpet Weekend Giveaway worth your time?

Golden Nugget Online Casino held a similar $20,000 giveaway that helped to make the start of 2019 extra special for 1,000 players. Now the same casino is at it again with another $20,000 Giveaway in celebration of Oscar Weekend.

When I highlighted the previous promotion in my December 28 post on this website, I pointed out not only the great features but several ways the offer could have been better. I will now do likewise for this promotion.

How this promotion could be better

Far too many token bonuses

900 of the 1,000 bonus money prizes are for $10, which is a very meager reward considering all the wagering players will be doing just to earn entries into the drawing. The bottom prize should be no less than $20.

There should be a cap on the number of entries per person

The absence of any cap at all on the number of entries gives a huge advantage to players with deep pockets and no qualms about betting big, while limiting the chances to win for everybody else.

I am not against awarding bigger players with more entries, but in order to be completely fair to other players, too, there should be a reasonable cap on the number of entries per day for each person.

What’s great about this promotion and why you should still participate

Even with the above limitations, anyone who plays at this casino and has time to play this weekend should opt into this promotion. Here’s why.

1,000 chances to win

Think of the many times you entered a drawing, only to come away with nothing because only a handful of participants won a prize. Only rarely do you get a golden opportunity like this to participate in a random prize draw with 1,000 winners.

With that many names being picked, one thing you can count on is that not all of these lucky players will have a lot of entries.

No deposit needed and extremely reasonable wagering requirements for the bonus

Assuming you have enough money in your account to cover your wagers through the weekend, there is no need to make a deposit. Later, if you do win, you definitely don’t need to make a deposit to complete the wagering requirements.

In fact, if you clear the bonus with any of the 511 included slots, as recommended, you will be doing so entirely with the casino’s money and not your own since you only have to wager the bonus 1x.

You also have up to seven days to complete the wagering. Most bonuses come with a 10x bonus wagering requirement for included slots and a 50x bonus wagering requirement for all other games, so you can see you are getting a real bargain.

Chance to get into the spirit of a big weekend

Last but definitely not least, Oscar Weekend is one of the biggest weekends of the year. This promotion gives you a chance not only to root for your own personal favorites to win the various awards, but also to root for yourself to win a prize.

Bet on the Academy Awards, too

By the way, this year, for the first time ever, if you have a strong opinion about Sunday’s Oscar winners, you can put your money where your mouth is with a legal bet at the online or land-based New Jersey sportsbook of your choice.

That includes both Golden Nugget Sportsbook in Atlantic City and the brand new Golden Nugget Online Sportsbook.

Barb’s Best Bet: Awesome Winnings Await You In Cascades Of ‘Cool Jewels’

Barbara Nathan February 20, 2019

Long holiday weekends like Valentine’s and President’s Day Weekend can be wonderful for some, but a bummer for others. But the NJ online casino slot game I’m recommending here called Cool Jewels is as far from ho-hum as you can get. This game has good luck written all over it.

Can you imagine feasting your eyes on a stunning array of different color jewels that sparkle against the backdrop of an eerily calm polar scene? Since there are so many of them, all looking like they would cost an arm and leg, you wonder where they could have possibly come from, only to be privy to an even more amazing sight.

The spectacle is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before–whole clusters of these cool jewels suddenly exploding into smithereens, yet leaving in their wake a mountain of cash that no one can lay their hands on but you.

Once you start playing the hot slot game called Cool Jewels, instead of imagining all of the above, this is indeed the chain of events that you’re likely to see repeatedly unfold in front of you.

What makes Cool Jewels a Best Bet?

Cool Jewels is completely different from any slot game you have ever played on any other NJ gambling websites before. That’s why whenever your mood can use a little cheering up, it’s a perfect choice.

Even when only a slot game that is certain to grab and keep your attention will do, you can count on Cool Jewels to not disappoint.

Initially, in honor of Valentine’s Day, I wanted this Best Bet choice to be a slot with a theme relating to that holiday. But none of the many slots I looked at with hearts, flowers, or diamonds in the title made the cut.

Then I stumbled on Cool Jewels and thought what a cool title that is. Maybe that’s the Best Bet I was searching for that had eluded me.

So I opened the game, saw it has a most impressive 96.1 percent return to player (RTP), read the description, and started playing.

My search was over. Even though the holiday is now behind us, I don’t think it matters. Cool Jewels is Barb’s Best Bet.

How Cool Jewels differs from most online slots

The overwhelming majority of slots have the same predictable format. Three rows, five reels, and a designated number of paylines. However, the Cool Jewels slot game uses no paylines at all.

Instead, all of the symbols appear on a 6×6 grid comprised of six rows and six reels.

Many ways to win in NJ

Another important difference is in the way payouts are determined. When playing this game, forget everything you know about the traditional criteria of needing three or more adjacent symbols starting with the reel farthest to the left.

Cool Jewels uses an innovative Exploding Pays engine to generate winning combinations.

In order to get a winning combination, four or more identical symbols must appear adjacently (horizontally and/or vertically). Where in the grid this happens doesn’t matter, and often there will be multiple winning combinations simultaneously.

Multiple large clusters of identical symbols are precisely what you want to see because that means bigger winnings.

Sometimes a  gem that is part of a winning combination will have a 10x multiplier symbol on it. When that happens, the size of your win will be multiplied by 10!

Brace yourself for a wild ride

But wait. We’re just getting started. Every time you get a winning combination, all of the jewels that are part of it explode and get replaced by new symbols, which can also form winning combinations.

Furthermore, because this game also has four different types of wild symbols, things can start to get really wild. The wild symbols not only perform the same function usually associated with wild symbols of substituting for other symbols to help form additional winning combinations; they do much more.

They can also destroy other symbols, leaving behind lots of empty spaces soon occupied by new symbols that produce new wins.

Of course, Cool Jewels has a scatter symbol, too. You need four or more on the same spin to trigger the potentially highly lucrative Free Spins Bonus. However, it’s not as easy as you may think.

Whereas in most slot games, three scatter symbols anywhere on the reels will suffice to activate the bonus round, here you need at least four, all of which must line up in such a way that they face destruction.

On both the left and right sides of the grid, you will find a meter. The meter on the left side shows what each symbol will pay when it forms a particular winning combination.  The meter on the right side shows the number of available free spins.

But with the action in this NJ mobile casino game as fast and furious as it is, if you’re looking at anything besides what’s happening to the cool jewels on the screen, it probably won’t be the two meters.

It will be the increasing size of your playing stake.

If you ever played Candy Crush on social media or Bejeweled, a slot game with arcade game features, then you might have some idea what to expect in the Cool Jewels slot game. Or maybe not.

Whatever description of this game you conjure up based on other games you played or you read here or anywhere else online can’t possibly do it justice. You have to experience this unique game for yourself to fully appreciate it.

Powered by WMS

Cool Jewels is a product of WMS Gaming. This is the same slot manufacturer behind another recent Barb’s Best Bet: Super Jackpot Party, along with a host of other familiar slot titles like Reel ‘Em In, Monopoly, Star Trek, Men in Black, and many more.

WMS first made a name for itself in arcade games and land-based slots. However, starting in 2010, the company has shifted its focus to online slots.

WMS merged with and became a subsidiary of Scientific Games in 2013. The company is now an international conglomerate, servicing not only the US, but also other big gambling markets such as the UK, Spain, and Australia.

WMS is highly regarded in the online slots industry and especially noted for its ability to consistently come up with innovative game designs, superior graphics, and entertaining special features without sacrificing game quality.

That’s what makes this elite slot designer and manufacturer’s games a favorite with many players in New Jersey and round the world.

A wide range of bet sizes

Another important plus that the Cool Jewels slot game has to offer is a very wide range of bet sizes.

  • The minimum bet per spin is only 50 cents, while the maximum is $200.
  • This game is perfect for all but the smallest of bettors all the way up to high rollers.
  • Adjusting your bets to whatever size within this huge range suits you best is easy.
  • Simply start with 50 cents as the base bet per spin.
  • If you want to bet more, increase the multiplier until you reach the desired level.

For example, a multiplier of 10 will make the bet size for each spin $5. If you wish, you can increase the multiplier all the way up to 400x the base bet. That will make the cost of each spin $200, the maximum bet possible.

Outstanding RTP combined with medium volatility

We already mentioned that the published RTP for Cool Jewels is 96.10 percent. However, this is the theoretical rate of return on your dollar based on many thousands of sessions, so individual session results can vary considerably from this figure in either direction. That’s why it’s important, regardless of what kinds of stakes you play for, to have a bankroll you have set aside for slot play that can accommodate that bet size even when you’re not having good luck.

But what makes Cool Jewels much better than most slots is that the high RTP  translates into more frequent payouts and a better chance of winning or, at worst, not depleting your entire stake. Because this game is highly entertaining, you will almost certainly want to play a while rather than cut your session shortly abruptly out of fear of losing too much. Cool Jewels is a game where you can enjoy extended playing time with no worries.

The medium volatility of this game also helps provide the right balance, often missing in slot games, to keep the game from being either too risky for comfort or so devoid of risk that play becomes boring. On the one hand, huge negative swings you can’t possibly bounce back from are highly unlikely, but on the other hand, the size of the payouts vary enough to keep the game interesting.

Which NJ gambling websites offer Cool Jewels?

You can play Cool Jewels anywhere in New Jersey either on your computer or your mobile device. The game should work on any current iOS or Android smartphone or tablet.

Here is a list of all of the NJ gambling websites that offer Cool Jewels.

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Cool Jewels symbols: A closer look

Many slot games have only a handful of symbols. So it doesn’t take long at all to memorize them and distinguish the higher paying ones from the lower paying ones. In one respect that’s good because it simplifies the game considerably. But the small number of symbols and similarity in results spin after spin not only limit the number of different ways you can win, but after a while, make the game predictable and boring.

Predictable and boring are two words that don’t belong in any sentence pertaining to the slot game Cool Jewels.

Regular symbols

Don’t even try to memorize all the different colors, sizes, and shapes of the symbols in Cool Jewels because it’s an impossible task. The jewels come in a wide variety of colors, including red, yellow, turquoise, pink, blue, and green.

But even gems of the same color can be different in other ways. Looking at the dazzling display on the screen, you might think you see a winning combination that really isn’t because, in one way or another, the adjacent gems are not completely identical.

A winning combination is generated when four like symbols, with or without the help of a wild symbol, land horizontally or vertically adjacent to one another on the reels. If any symbol in the group bears the 10x designation, a 10x multiplier is applied to the payout.

Wins occur frequently in this game, but obviously, not on every spin. On nonwinning spins, soothing and relaxing music plays in the background and all is quiet otherwise.

But don’t let it lull you into falling asleep, as the upcoming fireworks, which could start any minute, are far too spectacular to miss.

Wild symbols

Most games, if they have a wild symbol at all, it is only one. However, Cool Jewels has four different types of wild symbols:

  • Persisting wilds
  • Unstable wilds
  • Shocking wilds
  • Shattering wilds

All of the wild symbols substitute for any other symbol except the scatter symbol to help form winning combinations. However, each different type of wild symbol can also perform its own special functions.

In this game, wild symbols can only appear on reels 2, 3, 4, and 5.

Persisting wilds

Whenever two like wild symbols land next to each other, they activate a persistent or locked wild. The wild symbol remains in play, cascading down to the bottom row of the grid, and all the while creating new winning combinations.

Shocking, Shattering, and Unstable wilds

 Each of these wild symbols has its own special capability to destroy other symbols. However, when a pair of two different wild symbols from this group land horizontally adjacent to each other, their powers are further enhanced. See the Special Features section for a description of what these enhancements are and how they work.

Unstable wilds

Unstable wilds are represented by a pink star. Activated unstable wilds will destroy any symbols that surround them.

Shocking wilds

Shocking wilds are represented by a green star. When this symbol is activated, will destroy any symbol that is diagonal to its center.

Shattering wilds

Shattering wilds are represented by a blue star. An activated shattering wild symbol will destroy any symbols that are horizontal or vertical from the wild symbol’s center.

Scatter symbol

The symbol with the Cool Jewels logo serves as the game’s scatter symbol. If four or more get destroyed by a wild symbol pursuant to a given spin in the base game, it will trigger the Free Spins Feature described below.

Cool Jewels Special Features

Cool Jewels is loaded with special features. These multiple exciting extras not only make the game very entertaining but give you many more ways to win.

Cascading Reels feature

 When four or more regular symbols appear together to form a winning combination, these symbols explode, only to be replaced by other symbols. This sometimes sets in motion a sequence of cascading wins leading to even more consecutive wins, all on the same spin.

In addition, frequently during the course of this game, wild symbols will become exploding wilds. Once they start blasting other symbols, all of the empty spaces that are left behind only stay empty momentarily.

They get quickly filled with new symbols, which can then form more winning combinations. If they do, they explode as well, and the process repeats itself. The series of explosions and cascades can continue for quite a while, during which time the win meter keeps rising.

 Enhancement features

When two different types of wild symbols appear next to each other horizontally, the pay level increases. In addition, depending on which wild symbols make up the pair, it will trigger one of the following enhancement features:

  • Unstable and Shattering Wild: These two symbols appearing together create a pink watermark, destroying all regular symbols in its path.
  • Unstable and Shocking Wild: These two symbols appearing together create a green watermark, destroying all regular symbols in its path.
  • Shattering and Shocking Wild: These two symbols appearing together create a blue watermark. After destroying all regular symbols in its path, each destroyed symbol will be paid at 10x the normal rate. Any destroyed symbols already marked “Premium 10x” will produce payments of 100x what they would pay otherwise.

Free Spins Feature

When four or more Cool Jewels logo symbols get destroyed, it triggers the Free Spins feature. The number of free spins you get depends on how many destroyed scatter symbols there are, as indicated below:

  • 4 scatter symbols: 8 free spins
  • 5 scatter symbols: 10 free spins
  • 6 scatter symbols: 15 free spins
  • 7 scatter symbols: 20 free spins

For each additional destroyed Cool Jewels logo symbol, you are awarded an additional 5 free spins.

While occasionally, you will get a relatively large payout during the base game, it is during the free spins, that you are likely to rack up your biggest wins. The minimum amount you can win during the Free Spins feature is 10x your bet. The Free Spins feature can also be retriggered.

How I fared playing Cool Jewels

I played the game in demo mode betting $5 per spin. In both playing sessions, payouts during the base game were frequent, but mostly for small amounts (less than my bet size). However, I did get enough larger payouts to keep me from ever falling too far behind, including a couple over $100.

I also triggered the Free Spins bonus round in both playing sessions, winning 8 free spins each time. The first time I won $364, the second time $173.

I also tried the game one time in demo mode with a $10 bet. However, after a half hour of play, I didn’t trigger any free spins and finished the session with a small loss.

The bottom line

Cool Jewels is an ideal choice for anyone who might be tired of the usual slot game format and eager to try something very different. If you’re looking for a slot game that is not overly complicated, but never boring, look no further.

As long as you pick a bet size that makes sense for your budget and playing style, the high RTP should keep you in the game for a reasonable length of time with no worries.

Cascading reels, exploding wilds, and the potentially highly lucrative, re-triggerable free spins feature, not only make this slot game amazingly entertaining but give you many ways to win and keep winning.

Barb’s Best Bet: Reel In The Chinese New Year With Red Fortune Online Casino Slots

Barbara Nathan February 12, 2019

Friday, February 5, 2019, marked the start of another Chinese New Year, in this case, the Year of the Pig.  But that was just one day in the two weeks long fun-filled celebration continuing through Tuesday, February 19.

So there’s still plenty of time to participate. And for online casino NJ slot players like you, there’s no better way than to have Lady Luck rain down on you playing a winning online slot game like Red Fortune.

The NJ gambling websites include many Asian themed games. Therefore, finding one of the best NJ casino mobile games to tell you about here wasn’t easy.

I even considered paying special homage to the Year of the Pig when I came across several slot games with attention-getting titles that happened to feature pigs.

But as any reader of Barb’s Best Bets knows, it takes a lot more than just a catchy title to make the cut. Ultimately, I decided on a game called Red Fortune.

Besides being a perfect choice for the Chinese New Year, I think it’s a game that any slot player would enjoy anytime. I also think it can be lucky for you.

What makes Red Fortune a Best Bet

I chose this game over several other Asian themed slots I was considering based on a combination of factors, I was looking for a theme and symbols that would be relatable and content and a bet range that would be suitable for a wide range of players. Of course, superior graphics and appropriate sound effects were important as well.

In addition, the game had to be sufficiently entertaining to sustain interest for a prolonged period of time, but also offer a sufficiently high rate of return to allow a good chance to win with little risk of depleting one’s bankroll. Fortunately for you, I was able to check off all of these boxes for Red Fortune.

Powered by Konami Gaming

Red Fortune is a video slot from Konami Gaming, Inc. consisting of five reels, three rows, and 30 fixed paylines.

While the name Konami may not be as familiar to you as some of the other major slot game providers on NJ gambling websites like NetEnt, NextGen Gaming, and IGT, it is a highly regarded manufacturer of top quality slots. Komani Gaming, Inc. is a Las Vegas-based subsidiary of Konami Holdings Corporation, founded in Japan in 1973.

Fun to play

As you might expect, given the name of this slot, the background for the reels is entirely red. The color red, which in Chinese culture signifies good luck, is also the perfect choice for Chinese New Year.

It’s traditional at that time for Chinese homes to have red lanterns posted outside to ward off bad luck. Another tradition is to hand out red envelopes filled with money to children.

Red Fortune doesn’t include any red lanterns or red envelopes among its symbols, but it doesn’t need to with all the money you can win doing no more than spinning the reels–if luck is on your side.

Giant size symbols in vivid colors like gold, orange, and green will keep your eyes riveted to the screen. And every time one or two coveted scatter symbols show up, the roaring crescendo of the soundtrack will have you on pins and needles waiting to see if the all-important third one also lands.

You need a minimum of three to activate the potentially lucrative free spins feature. Much more often than not, you won’t get it, but sooner or later you will.

And that’s when you’re in for a real treat, listening to celebratory music while watching the money roll in, and maybe retriggering more free spins.

Red Fortune lacks the bells and whistles and interactive features of some slot games, but even with its relative simplicity, it is never boring.

Accepts a wide range of bets

Red Fortune can accommodate bettors at almost any level with a variety of online casino NJ bonuses. The minimum bet is only 30 cents per spin, and the maximum is $75 per spin.

Since the number of paylines is fixed at 30, reducing the size of your bet by reducing the number of paylines in play is not an option. All 30 paylines are working for you on every spin, which is actually a good thing because it gives you many chances to win.

However, Red Fortune gives you a lot of flexibility in the size of your bet otherwise.

For starters, you can select any of the following five coin sizes: 1 cent, 5 cents, 10 cents, 25 cents, or 50 cents.

Then pick the number of coins from 1 to 5 that you want to bet per line. This line bet multiplied by 30 is the amount you are betting per spin.

Using this formula, here are the minimum and maximum bets per spin for each coin size:

  • 1 cent: The minimum bet is 30 cents and the maximum is $1.50
  • 5 cents: The minimum bet is $1.50 and the maximum is $7.50
  • 10 cents: The minimum bet is $3 and the maximum bet is $15.
  • 25 cents: The minimum bet is $7.50 and the maximum is $37.50
  • 50 cents: The minimum bet is $15 and the maximum bet is $75.

Outstanding return to player (RTP)

Regardless of what size bettor you are, there’s no way to know when you start playing whether or not you will have good luck from the outset. Also, once you find a slot that you enjoy playing, you want reasonable assurance that your session won’t be cut short abruptly due to depleting all your funds.

The best way to protect yourself is to check the return to player at online casinos in NJ (RTP) of the slot you want to play beforehand and then select only those games where the RTP is well above average.

Obviously, doing so won’t guarantee you will win, but it will improve your chances, and even if you don’t win, probably keep your losses at a reasonable, affordable level.

Red Fortune has a published RTP of 96.09 percent. This figure places it among the top group of slots on NJ gambling websites.

Red Fortune does not offer a progressive jackpot. So this is not a slot you would play in the hope of winning a life-changing amount of money.

Instead, your rewards come in the form of frequent payouts of varying amounts. Because winning combinations occur frequently, even when your bankroll takes a dip, you are unlikely to fall so far behind that you can’t bounce back.

By contrast, progressive jackpot games tend to have a lower RTP and less frequent payouts.

However, I also need to caution you that the Red Fortune is listed as having medium-high volatility. This means that significant swings–either up or down–are definitely in the realm of possibility.

Therefore, if you are a small stakes player and/or playing with a limited bankroll, a good strategy would be to scale down a little from your usual bet size. If you find yourself considerably ahead, you can always increase your bet later.

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Which online casinos in NJ offer Red Fortune?

You can play Red Fortune on your computer or, if you prefer, on your smartphone or tablet. The game is optimized for play on currently used iOS and Android mobile devices.

You can access Red Fortune on any of the following NJ gambling websites:

Red Fortune symbols

Winning combinations occur in the usual manner, by getting three or more matching symbols across a payline starting with the reel farthest to the left. Wild symbols can help to form additional winning combinations by substituting for the needed regular symbol.

Regular symbols

The higher paying regular symbols include golden statues, lucky coins, money trees, oranges, and pink dragon fruit. The playing cards 9 through Ace, each in a different color, comprise the lower paying regular symbols.

Special symbols

Stacked, wild, and scatter symbols are also added to the mix to make the game more exciting and provide more ways to win.

Action stacked symbols

On each reel there are several adjacent positions that can be randomly replaced with like symbols (but not the wild or scatter symbol) before the spin takes place, thereby increasing the likelihood of a payout.

The stacked symbols also come with a 2x, 3x, or 5x payout multiplier.

Wild symbol

The wild symbol in the Red Fortune slot game consists of gold color Chinese characters. This symbol is capable of substituting for any other symbol except the free spins scatter symbol to help form winning combinations.

However, it can only appear on reels 3, 4, and 5. Therefore, in order to get a payout, like symbols must appear in the reels to the left of the wild symbol(s)

Most of the time when a wild symbol shows up, it will be a normal wild symbol. But during the Free Game Feature (see below) a 2x or 3x wild symbol will appear instead. When it does, the payout on any resulting winning combinations is multiplied by 2 or 3, respectively

Scatter symbol

The Yin Yang symbol serves as the game’s scatter symbol. If 3, 4, or 5 of these symbols simultaneously land anywhere on the reels, it triggers 8, 12, or 25 free spins, respectively.

Free Game Feature

Red Fortune only has one special bonus feature and this is it. As mentioned above, the way to trigger these 8, 12, or 25 free spins is to have 3, 4, or 5 scatter symbols land on the same spin during the base game

During the free spins, if 2, 3, 4, or 5 scatter symbols show up again, you are awarded 5, 8, 12, or 25 more free spins, respectively.

Unlike during the base game, where you have the option to increase or decrease your bet size before any spin, during the Free Game Feature, all bets are for the same  amount as on the spin that triggered it. However, any wild symbols that show up and produce winning combinations automatically come with a 2x or 3x multiplier.

If you’re lucky, you could be spinning for free and winning for a long time.

How I fared playing Red Fortune

I tried this game in demo mode, first for $7.50 per spin and afterwards for $15 per spin. My results for my two sessions with the smaller hypothetical stake weren’t bad, but far from spectacular.

One session produced a small loss and the other a small win. However, when I doubled the stakes to $15 per spin, that’s when fortune really smiled down on me.

Another surprise was that my big wins were not just in the Free Game Feature, as might be expected, but also in the base game with the help of some very well timed wild symbols. Multiple spins during the base game paid out over $100 and one $15 spin paid out $471!

Then in the Free Game, I not only won five extra spins twice, but kept getting 2x and 3x win multipliers. When the free spins finally ended, an avalanche of gold coins filled the screen. I had won over $700!

Barb’s Best Bet: Celebrate Chinese New Year playing Red Fortune–and these other three outstanding slots, too!

I think you will enjoy giving Red Fortune a try. If you can afford to play for more than minimum stakes, I would recommend doing so to increase your chance for a sizable payday. But most importantly, choose a betting level you feel comfortable with that’s within your budget.

In addition, in keeping with the Chinese New Year theme, this is as good a time as any to try your luck on three other outstanding slots:  Lucky Tree, 88 Fortunes, and Fu Dao Le.

They were my online casino NJ trio of Best Bets a year ago to celebrate the Year of the Dog. You can read my review of those slots here.

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