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Daniel Smyth

Daniel Smyth has almost a decade of experience writing about the online gambling industry. While at WPT Poker Magazine, he moved into the online world where he now writes news, reviews and more on all aspects of the legal online gambling industry.

About Daniel Smyth

Daniel Smyth has almost a decade of experience writing about the online gambling industry. While at WPT Poker Magazine, he moved into the online world where he now writes news, reviews and more on all aspects of the legal online gambling industry.

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Celebrate Super Bowl Weekend With 888 NJ Online Gambling

January 30, 2019

What better time to hold a super series of NJ online bonus codes than on the eve of the Super Bowl 2019?

With sports fans ready for the biggest football game of the season, a variety of New Jersey gambling websites are getting in on the action.

This week, 888 Sportsbook has thrown a proverbial Hail Mary with a trio of treats. Dubbed the Double Celebration, this promotion is your chance to win a share of $1,500 twice a day until Super Bowl Sunday.

In the spirit of all things football, the bonus gods at 888 online are giving you the chance to make your own plays.

Although they aren’t as elaborate as the ones the Rams and Patriots will make on Feb. 3, they can be tailored to your needs.

In other words, you can choose the offer that suits you and your playing style.

Three ways to win at 888 this week

To show you what we mean, here are the three ways you can bag something extra cash from 888 Casino, 888 Poker or 888 Sport just in time for the Super Bowl:

  • Deposit $20+ using the bonus code CHAMP2019 to receive a casino bonus.
  • Deposit $20+ using the bonus code WIN20 to receive a poker bonus.
  • Deposit $20+ using the bonus code CHAMP to receive a sports betting bonus.

Each code can be used twice each day during the promotional period. This means you can collect up to six bonuses every day. What’s more, each one is worth up to $500.

In theory, that makes it possible to collect as much as $3,000 in a single day.

Now, here’s the rub: You never know what you’re going to get when you make a play. Just as the NFL’s finest will be relying on a dose of good fortune during Super Bowl 53, your payouts will be determined, in part, by lady luck.

Make a play and let lady luck reward you

What we mean by this is that each promo code will unlock a deposit boost worth between 10% and 100% of the amount you credit to your account. For example, after entering the code CHAMP and depositing $50, the pointer randomly stops on 20%.

In practice, this would earn you a $10 bonus (20% of $50 = $10). Suppose you made the same play later that day but the multiplier moved to 100%, you’d receive an extra $50.

This element of uncertainty is what makes this promotion interesting and, in turn, potentially lucrative. By leaving your fate up to the bonus gods and not on the amount you’re able to deposit, it gives everyone an equal chance of winning big.

Naturally, if you score a touchdown or two during this promo, there are some wagering conditions to satisfy. Unsurprisingly, each offer has its own set of conditions:

  • Poker Bonus Funds: Clear your funds by wagering the bonus amount 30X within seven days.
  • Casino Bonus Funds: Clear your funds by wagering the bonus amount 30X within seven days.
  • Free Sports Bet: Bonus bet remains as pending until you wager its amount 6X within seven days on propositions with odds of -200 or higher.

The offer that’s open to all

One final caveat that’s worth noting here is that each bonus can be claimed on top of any welcome bonuses. To put it another way, you could use our secure sign-up link to get $10 free and an online casino deposit bonus worth up to $600 when you create your first account at 888 Sport.

Once activated, you can then collect one or more of the above offers. That means you can scoop some serious bonus cash ahead of the Super Bowl.

Of course, while that’s great news in isolation, it’s also worth knowing because Super Bowl 2019 is going to be a hive of betting activity.

With New Jersey’s finest all wanting to offer the best odds, you’ll find plenty of value inside 888sport. By using the above bonuses, you’re essentially putting yourself in a no-lose position.

Yes, you’ll need to make a few deposits and meet the wagering conditions. However, with a sensible strategy, you can unlock some gratis credits which you can then use to bet on the Super Bowl.

If you can manage that, you’re essentially betting on one of the biggest events of the year for free. Regardless of your experience or the size of your bankroll, that’s an offer you simply can’t afford to ignore!

Score Super Bonuses For Super Bowl 2019 From DraftKings, FanDuel

January 23, 2019

Super Bowl Sunday is inching closer and, as the big day looms, two NJ online sports betting sites are yards ahead of the competition.

That’s right, just like the Patriots and the Rams, DraftKings Sportsbook and FanDuel Sportsbook have scored proverbial touchdowns with their new customer offers.

For you as a first-time sports bettor, that can only mean one thing: tons of added value.

Before we line up these deals, it’s important to kick off with a caveat. As lucrative as these sports betting bonuses are, they’re not suitable for everyone. Put simply, you can only bag the following offers if you’re a new customer.

Now, the upside here is that online sports betting is still fairly new in New Jersey. Therefore, the chances are that most of you aren’t already members of DraftKings or FanDuel. However, if you are, these betting bonuses aren’t for you:

  • All new customers at DraftKings can receive $35 when they create their first account, plus a matched bet worth up to $500.
  • FanDuel first-timers can receive a risk-free bet worth up to $500 after registering an account and making their first deposit.

Make the right plays to score some extra cash

As you can see, that’s some serious value just in time for the Super Bowl. Naturally, the money isn’t just going to fall into your lap. In fact, you’re going to have to run a few plays if you want to boost your bankroll.

Fortunately, there aren’t many obstacles in your way. As long as you can follow the simple steps below, you’ll be able to scoop up to $1,035 in NJ sports betting value before Feb. 3:

DraftKings Welcome Bonus instructions

  • Follow our secure DraftKings sports betting app sign-up link to create your first account.
  • Input your details and wait for your no deposit bonus to be activated.
  • Once set, you’ll find seven free bets worth $5 each in your account. These bets are valid for 30 days and are non-cashable. Additionally, you won’t receive your stake back if any of these bets are successful.
  • After using your free bets, make a deposit and DraftKings will match your opening wager up to a maximum of $500. Again, this bet is non-cashable and you’ll have 30 days to use it.
  • Finally, only your profit from this bet will be credited to your account.

FanDuel Welcome Bonus instructions

  • Use our FanDuel sports betting app registration link to create your first account.
  • Input your details and make your first deposit.
  • Place an opening bet and FanDuel will activate the risk-free bonus.
  • If your opening bet wins, you’re a winner. If it loses, FanDuel will refund your stake up to $500.
  • All rebates are issued as site credit. Bonus funds are non-cashable but you can use them to make real money wagers. Any subsequent winnings can be withdrawn once you stake your bonus amount using real cash.
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Different propositions, same great value

Clearly, there are two different scenarios here. However, each one is potentially lucrative. For example, if you join DraftKings before Super Bowl 2019, you’ll have two options. Either, you can use one or more of your $5 free bets to wager on the big game. Alternatively, you can clear these credits before February 3rd and use your matched bet to stake a larger amount on the action. Either way, you have the opportunity to put down someone else’s money and profit when things go your way.

For those who choose to ante-up at FanDuel, the strategy is simple: bet big on the 2019 Super Bowl without any worries. As long as it’s your opening bet, you’ll receive your full stake back (up to $500) if you make a bum pick. Of course, if you win, it’s happy days. However, the beauty of this bonus is that you can make a prediction and it won’t matter if you’re wrong.

In fact, that’s the beauty of both welcome offers and, in turn, the reason you should use them to make some bold bets. When it’s your own money, the prudent strategy is to do some research, assess the betting lines and go with a conservative pick. For instance, based on recent results, most would agree that the Patriots are favorites heading into the final showdown. At this stage, you can get odds of -139 on a straight win for the Patriots. Based on the evidence, this seems like a solid bet. However, when you’re using bonus money or you know there’s no risk, you can afford to be more outlandish.

Take a shot at glory with these NJ sports betting bonuses

Naturally, the more outlandish you are, the better the odds will be. Indeed, while the Patriots may be favorites, the returns on a straight win bet will be low. In contrast, if you placed money on the Rams at +115, you’d get more bang for your buck. Taking this further, you could make a prop bet on the number of passing yards Rams’ QB Jared Goff will make during the game. With a specific prediction like this, the odds are going to be more attractive which, in turn, provide better returns.

Under normal conditions, we wouldn’t usually advocate this strategy. But, in this situation, it’s perfect. Put simply, if you’re a sports betting newbie and you want to get the most value from the 2019 Super Bowl, our NJ online bonus picks are the way to do it. Regardless of whether you play it safe or go for a Hail Mary, the conditions are in your favor right now.

Virgin Online Casino Wants To Treat You To A $200 Macy’s Gift Card

January 16, 2019
gift card

It’s a new year and, according to Virgin Online Casino, that’s reason enough to “treat yo-self.”

As is often the case, January is a time to reinvent yourself, start new ventures and generally add value to your life. With this in mind, Virgin Casino’s New Year’s resolution is simple: To help you.

“At Virgin Casino, we’re all about you. We want you to win, and we want to elevate your fun however we can. Cue our Resolutions — a series of promotions throughout the month of January to welcome in 2019. Our main resolution is to help you achieve your resolutions — so here’s what we’ve got …”

Pamper yourself with a $200 Macy’s gift card

To this end, you can get your hands on one of five Macy’s gift cards worth $200 each this week.

Available through a random prize draw, this giveaway is open to anyone who can wager $50 in a single day before 11:59 pm EST on Jan. 21. Unsurprisingly, you have to spend the $50 inside Virgin Casino.

However, the way in which you choose to spend it is up to you. If you’re a fan of slots, take a spin on the likes of Candy Bars and Blood Suckers II. If table games are your thing, there’s blackjack, roulette, baccarat and more to keep you busy.

Finally, for bingo bods, you can enjoy a selection of 90 ball games throughout the day. Put simply, there are hundreds of ways to meet the $50 wagering target inside Virgin Casino.

What’s great about this giveaway is that you can earn multiple tickets each day. Depending on how active you are and the size of your bankroll, it’s possible to collect a maximum of five tickets per day. Of course, you have to surpass the $50 target each time you want a new ticket.

So, if you’re shooting for the daily limit, you’ll need to stake $250 to get all five tickets.

It’s all about the amount you stake at Virgin

Fortunately, as we always say, wagering $50 isn’t the same as losing $50. In fact, if it were, we wouldn’t recommend this promotion because the risk wouldn’t be worth the reward.

In practice, wagering simply means the sum of all your bets. Your wins and losses don’t count against your total.

For example, with a bankroll of $100, you could stake 20 cents per spin on Candy Bars and play for 20 minutes. Within that time, you roll through 300 spins, meaning you’ve spent $60.

At the end of the 20-minute session, a few winning combinations have allowed you to scoop a $15 profit. Based on the size of your bet and the number of spins you made, you’ll have bet $60, won $75 ($60 + $15) and walked away with $115 (starting stake + your profit). Aside from being a nice return on your investment, the above scenario would earn you a prize draw ticket.

Why? Well, even though you made a profit, you still surpassed the $50 wagering target. So there isn’t a penalty for winning when it comes to wagering requirements. Conversely, you don’t get extra credit for losing money.

Overall, you only need to focus on how much you’ve spent on a game, irrespective of your profits/losses.

Another thing to note from the above scenario is that slots are the best way to earn tickets. Although slot bets aren’t valued any differently to those placed on table games, video poker or bingo, you can stake more per hour.

Don’t get us wrong; all games at NJ gambling websites are fast. In fact, video poker isn’t too far away from slots concerning speed. However, if you want the most bang for your buck in the shortest time possible, spinning is the way to go.

Play, win and wait for your gift card to arrive

Away from the nuances of this offer, the final selling point is the lack of post-win wagering requirements. As Virgin Casino NJ has done for the last few months, the prizes you win are yours to keep without any strings attached.

Because you’ll win a Macy’s gift card and not bonus cash, there’s no reason for the terms and conditions to say, “You must wager XX before you can release your reward.”

Therefore, if you’re one of the five players plucked from the proverbial hat, all you have to do is sit back and wait for the $200 gift card to arrive in the mail.

Other than that, there’s not much else you need to know. As long as you can wager at least $50 in a single day before 11:59 p.m. EST on Jan. 21, you’ll be in with a chance to “treat yo-self” for the new year.

Get More For Less As A Newbie With The Best Online Casino Bonuses Of 2019

January 10, 2019

Online casino promotions can come and go, but some things remain a constant.

Thanks to NJ gambling websites, we put together a selection of deals that will never grow old.

Designed for those who have yet to sample the wonders of a particular online casino, exclusive deposit bonuses allow new players to reap more rewards.

To see what we are talking about, we’ve compiled a rundown of the best NJ online casino bonus codes of 2019.

Caesars Casino: All hail the deposit bonus king

With 480+ games to choose from, Caesars Casino is already a great place to play. However, to make playtime even sweeter, we’ve got the following freebies for you.

First off, when you sign up using Caesars bonus code PLAYFREE25, you’ll receive a $25 no-deposit bonus. These funds are playable on any real-money game during your first seven days at Caesars.

Anything you win from your no-deposit bonus is yours to keep once you meet the playthrough requirement. To do that, you can wager 1x on slots, 2x on video poker or 5x on other games.

Beyond the $25 freebie, you’ll receive a 100 percent deposit-match bonus worth up to $300 when you credit your account for the first time.

As with the above reward, you’ll need to meet the wagering requirement before you can withdraw the free funds and any associated winnings. In this instance, you’ll have seven days to wager your deposit plus bonus amount 5x on slots, 10x on video poker or 25x on any other games.

SugarHouse Casino: A sweet offer for novices

On initial inspection, the welcome bonus at SugarHouse online casino may not look as sweet Caesars’. However, this offer has hidden depths novices will love.

When you input the promo code PLAYNJ, you’ll activate an exclusive welcome reward.

Once live, this bonus will apply a 100 percent multiplier to your first deposit up to $250. For example, if you credited your account with $100, you’d receive an extra $100 in bonus cash.

Now, as you can see, the maximum payout at SugarHouse is lower than what you can get at Caesars Casino. However, this deal comes into its own when you consider the playthrough.

At just 1x, these conditions are perfect for casuals and low-stakes players. What’s more, you’ll have 14 days to meet this target by playing slots or video poker.

Even though table games are not part of the list, these extremely fair conditions are the reason this is a real treat for newbies.

Golden Nugget Casino: One for the high rollers

For the ultimate welcome bonus for high rollers, head to Golden Nugget.

Of course, this isn’t to say you can’t get some added value if you play for modest stakes. However, this offer gives nosebleed grinders more bang for their buck. Regarding specifics, you’ll receive $20 free once you create your first account using the Golden Nugget casino bonus code PLAY20.

From there, you’ll get a 100 percent deposit bonus worth up to $1,500. That’s right; you’ll be able to bank a four-figure sum if you’ve got the necessary funds.

Naturally, being a big bonus, you’ll need to deposit at least $30 to activate it. What’s more, you’ll have to wager your bonus and deposit amount 10x.

Fortunately, you’ve got 30 days to meet that playthrough requirement and slots have a 100 percent weighting contribution. So, if you’re a high-volume player, this is undoubtedly a welcome reward worth claiming.

Claim Your $250 Bonus Bet With Golden Nugget Now
Bonus Bet
Get A $250 Bonus Bet
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Use Bonus Code: PLAYBONUS

Virgin Casino: The no-lose newbie offer

For a first deposit bonus with a difference, Virgin Casino is the place to play.

When you create an account and input the code 25BUCKS and receive $25 free before you make a deposit.

This cash will have a 1x playthrough target with a deadline of 30 days. One point to note is you can only withdraw your bonus winnings once you’ve met the playthrough and made a minimum deposit of $10.

After banking some free credits, the second part of this bonus should help offset bad luck. Instead of giving you XX amount of bonus cash based on the size of your deposit, Virgin Casino will write off any losses up to $100.

Valid for seven days, this offer applies to your net losses which, at Virgin Casino defines as your total bets minus your total wins. So, after seven days, if your total stake is more than your total win, you’ll have a net loss.

At this point, Virgin Casino will give you back up to $100 in funds that can be cashed out subject to a minimum withdrawal of $10.

Betfair Casino: The big one

Like Golden Nugget, Betfair Casino has angled its opening offer toward big money players.

Again, you don’t have to play for high stakes to get some extra credits. However, if you’ve got more to spend, this NJ online casino bonus is designed to give you maximum value.

Using the promo code PLAY30, you’ll receive a $30 no-deposit bonus that you can’t withdraw, but you can use to play real-money games for 60 days. Anything you win with your bonus can be withdrawn once you deposit at least $10.

By the time it comes to making a deposit, a credit match up to $2,500 will be yours. As you’d expect, you’ll need to work slightly harder to release these funds. In fact, the playthrough is the highest of all our top picks at 20x.

The good thing, however, is that you’ll have 90 days to hit your target. What’s more, all games count to varying degrees: slots are 100 percent weighting, roulette is 50 percent weighting and other games are 10 percent weighting.

888 Casino: The triple delight

The final welcome bonus you can bag in 2019 is 888 Casino’s three-part offer. While there’s no bonus code needed to get a freebie from 888 NJ online casino, signing up at 888 will get you an email containing instructions on how to collect your three payments.

The first payment is a $25 no-deposit bonus that consists of free play credits for casino games and poker. Beyond that, your first deposit of $10+ then is boosted by a 50 percent multiplier up to $1,000.

If that’s not enough, you’ll receive a second 50 percent deposit bonus worth up to $1,000. That’s a total of $2,025 in potential value when you join the gaming site that’s all about the eights.

To release any bonus funds and winnings, you’ll have to wager 30x each bonus amount within 60 days. As ever, slots have a 100 percent weighting, while roulette and blackjack are set at 20 percent and 10 percent, respectively.

As you can see, there’s plenty of added value out there for newbies. Regardless of the other promotions taking place throughout 2019, you can always rely on these bonuses to give you a little bit extra when you try out NJ gambling websites’ top-rated sites for the first time.

Refresh Your Fortunes With A New Year Bonus At 888 NJ Online Casino

January 3, 2019
new year

The new year is a time for fresh starts and 888 Casino is giving you an opportunity with a selection of reload bonuses.

Refreshing and reviving your account at the perfect time, this 888 online casino promo is one where everyone can enjoy some added value. If you are ready to reload and revitalize your fortunes this week, you’ll have to make a deposit. It’s that simple.

Smoothing out 888 Casino’s bonus tapestry

Those of you that already like the look of this tapestry, these are the wrinkles you’ll need to smooth out if you want to get up to $2,019 in bonus cash.

However, the central premise is you have to add some funds to your 888 Casino account between now and 11:59 p.m. EST on Sunday, Jan. 6.

To enter the promotion:

  • Deposit at least $30 before the closing date using the casino bonus code NEW19.
  • Use the deposit/promo code up to twice per day during the promotional period.
  • All reload bonuses are subject to a 30x playthrough.
  • Any playthrough conditions must be satisfied within seven days of receiving your bonus.
  • You can claim a maximum of 19 reload bonuses during the promotional period (a maximum of two per day).

The only other layer you need to be aware of is the amount you’ll receive is not set in stone. In the spirit of mystery and intrigue, 888 NJ online casino will apply one of three multipliers to your deposit.

For those who like to know what they’re getting and when they’re getting it, this will sound like a disaster. However, in our opinion, it’s this element of uncertainty that makes the promotion interesting.

Deposit your money and take a chance

Unsurprisingly, the smaller the multiplier, the greater the chance of it appearing.

To show you what we mean, here’s an overview of the potential multipliers, how often they appear and what the maximum amount you can claim is:

  • A 5 percent reload bonus = 75 percent chance of occurring and a maximum bonus of $50.
  • A 50 percent reload bonus = 20 percent chance of occurring and a maximum bonus of $100.
  • A 100 percent reload bonus = five percent chance of occurring and a maximum bonus of $1,009.50.

The final layer of this promotion we need to tell you is that certain games have different wagering contributions. Before we delve into this a bit more, here are the contribution weightings you need to be aware of:

  • Slots, video slots, arcade, dice and all other games not listed below: 100 percent
  • All versions of roulette, triple card poker, and poker table games: 20 percent
  • All versions of blackjack and video poker: 10 percent

Enjoy the latest slots for free with your reload bonus

Those with a keen eye will see that video slots have a 100 percent weighting, which means every dollar you wager will help clear your bonus.

That’s great news as it’s possible to place hundreds of bets per hour on all video slots. However, what makes it even better in this instance is 888Casino recently added a host of new titles.

When you scroll through the slots lobby, you’ll see new additions such as King Kong Fury, Fu Dao Le and 88 Fortunes alongside established spinners like Starburst and Planet of the Apes.

In comparative terms, 888Casino has one of the best gaming lobbies in New Jersey. Its working relationships with top developers, which includes NetEnt and its software team, brings a diverse gaming selection to 888Casino.

Indeed, even without the ability to create its unique games, the association with NetEnt alone is enough to raise this site above the crowd.

Therefore, if you can pick up a reload reward between now and Jan. 6, you’ll have plenty of ways to use your newfound wealth.

Join 888 Casino to get more from your time online

Of course, if you’re not already a member of 888 Casino, this offer won’t be of much use because it’s designed for those who have already claimed the welcome bonus.

If you are entering the new year as an 888 Casino newbie, you’ll need to look elsewhere for some added value. Fortunately, you won’t need to look any further than our 888 online casino review.

As well as breaking down of the finer points of the site, our review contains a secure sign-up link. Using this, you’ll receive $25 free. In practice, this means you’ll gain some free credits even before you’ve made a payment to your account.

Once you’ve used those funds, your first deposit will be enhanced with a 50 percent multiplier up to $1,000. Unlike the current promo, that amount is guaranteed.

So if you’re playing at 888 Casino for the first time, this is a deal you can’t ignore.

Reach Into 888 Casino’s Holiday Sack Of Goodies For A Trio Of Surprises

December 18, 2018
888 casino nj

Santa’s sack will soon be filled with surprises for the big day, but 888 Casino is unwrapping a few treats early.

Don’t worry; we’re not about to spoil Christmas. In fact, the following trio of offers will probably make things even better. With this in mind, let’s take a look at what’s inside 888 Casino’s festive bag of bonuses.

The first thing to know is there is up to $6,000 in bonus cash for grabs. The second thing to note is each offer is a reload bonus.

Therefore, you need to be an existing customer to get the maximum value from this promotion. If you’re not already a customer, you can still claim these bonuses. However, they will replace the standard welcome reward.

So, our advice is to join 888 Casino, play through any free credits you receive, and then turn your attention toward this offer.

Crack the 888 Casino bonus code

Don’t worry if you’re pressed for time because the following reload bonuses are available now until Dec. 25.

So, it doesn’t matter if you’re already active or joining 888 online casino for the first time. You’ve got plenty of time to use the following codes and get some extra rewards:

  • Casino Reload Reward: Make a deposit using the promo code HOHOHO20.
  • Poker Reload Reward: Make a deposit using the promo code SANTA20.
  • Sports Reload Reward: Make a deposit using the promo code SNOWY20.

You’ll notice immediately that it’s not just NJ online casino bonuses you’re getting with this deal. 888 Sportsbook and 888 Poker are included.

If you remember, we told you that this promotion wouldn’t spoil the spirit of the season. The reason we said that is because you don’t know how much your reload bonus is worth until you make a deposit.

Under the rules of engagement, your gift could be worth anything from 10 to 100 percent of what you deposit.

For example, if you used the HOHOHO20 code, and credited your account with $100 and received a 40 percent bonus, you’d get $40 in bonus cash. If you did the same thing, but 888 Casino’s elves gifted you with an 80 percent bonus, you’d receive $80.

30 ways to get something extra for the holidays

The element of surprise is what makes this deal so attractive.

Oh, you can also collect two reload bonuses each day (up to a maximum of 10 during the promotional period). When you spread this across each of the three offers, you can collect up to 30 bundles of free-play credits between now and Dec. 25.

As ever, there are wagering requirements you’ll have to fulfill if you want to release your bonus funds and any associated winnings.

As per 888 Casino’s bonus terms, you’ll have to stake 30x whatever you receive before you can request a withdrawal without forfeiting what you’ve earned.

To put that in context, let’s say you’ve received $10 in free credits. From this, you’d have to stake $300 before hitting the cashout button.

One of the best ways to do this is to play slots. Because you can stake a large amount of money in a relatively short space of time, it won’t take you long to meet the playthrough on a sizable reward.

Therefore, our advice is to spin some slots and unlock your rewards in hours rather than days.

A simple seasonal surprise from 888 Casino NJ

That’s all there is to know about this offer.

Although it’s not the most complex NJ gambling website promo we’ve ever covered, it is one of the most interesting. By creating an element of uncertainty and surprise, 888 Casino has captured the essence of the holiday season.

What’s more, the deal is just as accessible to novices as it is high rollers. As long as you can deposit at least $20 and use the correct promo code, you could boost your funds by up to 100 percent.

If you’re ready to unwrap a few treats before the festivities get underway, head over to 888 Casino NJ and start reloading your account today.

What You Need To Know About iRush Rewards At SugarHouse Online Casino

December 14, 2018
irush rewards

Do you fancy joining a loyalty scheme where online bonuses aren’t the only prize at the end of the rainbow?

Well, if you do and want to know what else is at the end of this rainbow, stick with us and take a journey through SugarHouse’s iRush Rewards program.

Created by SugarHouse online casino and described as “New Jersey’s premier loyalty and VIP program,” iRush is a unique system that boasts some seriously added value.

From bonus wins to luxury cruises

Before we delve into the specifics of how you can earn points and climb the loyalty ladder, let’s talk about why iRush Rewards are off the charts.

Like other NJ gambling website VIP programs, iRush is packed with bonus cash and free spins. That’s all well and good, but this program goes above and beyond.

Firstly, you can use your points to buy scratch cards, spins on the SugarHouse cash wheel, and bingo tickets.

Secondly, if you climb high enough, your loyalty will translate into an array of exclusive prizes, including a luxury cruise. Whichever way you look at it, that is beyond anything the average NJ online casino offers.

Wager in the right way to win more

As you’d expect, you won’t be able to set sail on a luxury cruise after a day or two or grinding. However, if you’re dedicated, you can reach the top level and receive some of the best loyalty rewards in the business.

To begin your iRush Rewards’ journey, you’ll need to place some bets. Interestingly, unlike other sites that base the earning potential on the games played, SugarHouse has a slightly different approach.

Instead of saying slots bets are worth X points and blackjack bets are worth X, this casino uses return-to-player (RTP) scores to determine how you earn a single point.

To show you what we mean, here’s the official breakdown:

  • To earn one point on games with a 94 percent RTP, you need to wager $4.17.
  • To earn one point on games with a 95 percent RTP, you need to wager $5.
  • To earn one point on games with a 97.5 percent RTP, you need to wager $10.
  • To earn one point on games with a 99 percent RTP, you need to wager $25.

In practice, this is a slightly convoluted way to do things. Indeed, if you’re a newbie, talk of RTPs and the like might be somewhat confusing.

However, the main point to note here is that the lower the RTP, the less you’ll have to bet to earn a single point. Additionally, you can also collect points when you bet on sports at SugarHouse online sportsbook. The two gambling sites are integrated.

Again, depending on the level of risk you accept, the less you have to wager to earn a point:

  • To earn one point on bets with a single selection, you need to wager $10.
  • To earn one point on bets with two selections, you need to wager $9.
  • To earn one point on bets with three selections, you need to wager $8.
  • To earn one point on bets with four selections, you need to wager $7.
  • To earn one point on bets with five selections, you need to wager $6.
  • To earn one point on bets with six selections, you need to wager $5.
  • To earn one point on bets with seven selections, you need to wager $4.
  • To earn one point on bets with eight selections, you need to wager $3.
  • To earn one point on bets with nine selections, you need to wager $2.
  • To earn one point on bets with 10 to 12 selections, you need to wager $1.
Claim Your $500 Bonus Today!
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Stay active, be consistent at SugarHouse Online

Once you start earning points, a personal bonus meter will help you chart your progress. Under the iRush system, points stay with you on a 60-day rolling period.

For the first 30 days, you won’t lose any points. Therefore, you have to continue playing at the same rate every 30 days to, at least, maintain your current level. The following 30 days, you will see your balance gradually decline.

Finally, after 60 days, your balance will be reset, which means you have to start back at level one.

Again, this is slightly more complicated than some systems, but the central premise is still the same, i.e., if you don’t stay active, you’ll lose your ranking.

So, as long as you’re consistent, you shouldn’t have to worry.

Work your way toward Elite status

The last thing you should know about iRush Rewards is there are a total of 11 loyalty levels.

Everyone starts at level one and, as you pass the next points’ threshold, you’ll move up a level.

As you improve your ranking, the list of benefits you can access increases. For example, at the first level, you’ll only get access to the iRush bonus store.

By the time you reach the sixth level, you’ll get that plus additional benefits such as deposit assistance, free bingo sessions, bingo multipliers, and special casino rewards.

Eventually, the goal is to reach the Elite level. Instead of banking a certain number of points, players are invited to become “Elite VIPs.” Those that enter this exclusive club will get access to the best rewards, including the cruise.

From the bottom to the top, there is value

Now, don’t let the invite-only club discourage you because there are plenty of perks to enjoy on your journey to the end of the rainbow. SugarHouse online casino has one of the most lucrative programs we’ve seen for a while.

Yes, parts of the program are a little more complicated than most, but the prizes more than make up for it. We particularly like the idea of rewarding you based on a game’s RTP rather than the game. Most operators weigh their bonuses in favor of slots.

While that’s fine, we know that some players don’t like these games. Therefore, what SugarHouse has done is even the playing field.

Between this and the myriad ways you can earn something extra, it’s safe to say there’s more than enough reason to become an iRush Rewards member.

Settle In To Win A Winter Warmer With Virgin Casino’s Iceland Getaway

December 5, 2018
iceland blue lagoon

Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful. And since we’ve no place to go … wait, wait, wait.

Scratch that last part because if you head to Virgin Casino this month, you will have a place to go. By taking part in the latest Virgin Adventure giveaway at this NJ gambling website, you could be melting away the chill in the iconic thermal spas of Iceland.

Available to one lucky winner, this $2,000 trip will see you take in the winter wonder of Iceland as you rejuvenate your body and mind in Reykjavik’s famous Blue Lagoon.

Even though the snow might be falling as we head toward the festive season, you can ditch the fire and warm up in the geothermal spa courtesy of Virgin online casino.

All it takes to win is $50

To take part in this promotion, you have to do one simple thing: wager $50 in a single day. If you can manage that, you’ll earn one ticket for the January prize draw where one player will win the trip of a lifetime.

Of course, being a Virgin Adventure giveaway, you don’t have to stop there. Between now and 11:59 p.m. EST Jan. 1, you’ll be able to collect up to five entry tickets per day.

Each new ticket is released when you cross the next $50 threshold. For example, if you wagered $130 in a single day, you’d receive two tickets. Make it to $150 and you’d win three.

To give you even more ways to win, all bets are valid. In other words, you can wager money on slots, table games, and 90 Ball Bingo in order to reach your target.

Slots are your best bet at Virgin online casino

Now, if you’re looking to claim the most amount of tickets in the least amount of time possible, slots are the obvious option. With a bet time around twice as fast as the average game of blackjack, for example, you’ll reach your target a lot quicker when you play something like Cash Spin.

However, don’t let us sway you. If you’re a fan of roulette, stick to what you know.

What’s more, stick to a bet size that you’re comfortable with. As impressive as this prize may be, you shouldn’t put your bankroll at risk to win it.

In reality, virtually everyone should be able to stake $50 in a 24-hour period if they play consistently. So, don’t let the allure of a trip to Iceland push you into doing something rash.

Log in and bet your way to Iceland’s Blue Lagoon

For those that are ready to take the plunge, here are the simple steps you need to follow and, in turn, what you’ll win:

  • Log in to Virgin Casino. Get $25 free if you’re a newbie to Virgin NJ online casino.
  • Wager $50+ in a single day between now and the end of play Jan. 1.
  • For each $50 you wager in a 24-hour period, you’ll receive one ticket.
  • You can claim up to five tickets per day.
  • One winner will be selected at random Jan. 2.
  • The winner will receive a $2,000 prize package that includes flights and accommodation near the Blue Lagoon in Reykjavik.

On the surface, the latest Virgin Adventure looks fantastic.

Firstly, a trip to Iceland is beyond anything any other New Jersey online casino has offered in recent months. Secondly, the Blue Lagoon is one of the most spectacular geothermal spas in the world. Thirdly, the overall package fits perfectly with the current winter vibe.

However, when you dig a little deeper, the true value of this promo starts to reveal itself.

An adventure that anyone can win at Virgin online casino

One defining feature of this giveaway is the lack of post-win wagering requirements. Because you’re winning something tangible and not bonus cash, you don’t have to wager XX in order to claim your prize.

To put it another way, if your name is pulled from the hat, the trip is yours without any strings attached. Beyond that, the real reason this promo stands out is that everyone has a shot at winning.

In reality, $50 is a low barrier to entry. Those that can manage to clear this hurdle will be in running for the $2,000 vacation package.

Yes, someone with more tickets has a better chance of being selected. However, the draw is random. Therefore, even a single entry could net you the vacation.

This, in our opinion, makes it perfect for newbies, casino casuals, and novices. To play for a $2,000 trip to Iceland, login or join Virgin Casino and start betting today.

Ready, Set, Bet For Some Top Tech At Virgin NJ Online Casino

November 27, 2018
amazon echo show

Do you like tech? What about casino games? Yes? Well, if you do, then we’ve got a promo for you.

In fact, if you like tech and casino games but don’t like post-win wagering requirements at NJ gambling websites, this deal will really tickle your fancy. Coming out of Virgin Casino HQ, this bonus is your chance to pick up an Amazon Echo Show worth $250.

For those of you that want the latest gadget on the market, you’ll have to complete the following steps to become one of four lucky winners at Virgin online casino:

  • Wager $50 in a single day between now and 11:59 p.m. ET on Dec. 2.
  • For each $50 you wager, you’ll receive one ticket to the Dec. 3 prize draw.
  • Each day during the promotional period, you can collect a maximum of five tickets.

A single ticket into the Virgin Casino prize draw

Once you’ve banked at least one entry ticket, you’ll be in the draw to win one of four Amazon Echo Show devices.

At this point, we’ll take a brief interlude and give you the lowdown on what this gadget is all about. In simple terms, this device brings Amazon’s Alexa to life. Unlike previous Echo systems that only had a voice, the Show adds some visuals to the mix.

To put it another way, you get the benefit of sight and sound. From music videos and photos to weather forecasts and visual to-do lists, the Amazon Echo Show will do exactly as its name suggests: show you everything.

As well as acting as a living, breathing virtual assistant, the device plays music with lyrics on the screen, acts as a monitor for security systems and even allows you to make voice calls.

Tech lovers may already know all of this, but they’re facts worth repeating. Overall, the Amazon Echo Show is a serious piece of tech and a true example of how advanced virtual assistants have become in recent years. Because of that, this giveaway is one you can’t overlook.

When you win, you win

Of course, if you’re only interested in winning, the prize will be secondary to the terms and conditions you need to consider. Even on this front, Ready, Set, Tech is a fantastic offer. Firstly, you only have to wager $50 in a single day.

If you’re a low roller, that means you don’t have to break the bank in pursuit of a prize. What’s more, because it’s a random draw, you have the opportunity to win even if you only have one ticket. Yes, those with more tickets have a better chance of being picked out of the hat. However, there’s nothing to say you can’t win with one.

Secondly, there are no post-win wagering requirements. For those that don’t know, standard online casino bonuses require you to stake a certain amount of money once you’ve claimed a bonus prize. With this promotion, there are no such requirements.

The reason for this is because winners receive a physical prize rather than free credits or spins. Therefore, Virgin NJ online casino can’t say “wager XX before we send you the prize.” That’s great because it means winners can sit back and wait for their Amazon Echo Show to arrive in the mail.

Low barrier to entry makes this ideal for newbies

The final point to note is that there are four prizes up for grabs. Yes, 44 prizes would be better. Unfortunately, we don’t live in an ideal world. However, four prizes are better than one.

So, if you’re part of the draw and don’t see your name picked out first, don’t lose faith because there are three more chances to win.

When you piece all of this together, Virgin Casino’s Ready, Set, Tech is a great promo for gadget lovers. Even though you will have to put a bit of work in, it’s not impossible to collect an impressive prize. In fact, the barrier to entry is fairly low and that makes this an ideal offer to take advantage of if you’re new to the industry.

To take part in this promotion and play for an Amazon Echo Show, log in or join Virgin Casino today using our secure sign-up link today.

Image credit: Eric Broder Van Dyke /

The Happiest Of Birthdays Is Being Celebrated At Virgin Online Casino

November 20, 2018

It’s Virgin Casino’s birthday, which means everyone gets to share in the celebrations thanks to a three-day bonus bonanza.

Coinciding nicely with Thanksgiving, Virgin online casino’s fifth birthday bonanza is your chance to fill up on some extra cash before you fill up on food.

For those who are quick off the mark Nov. 20, you’ll be able to enter a $500 prize draw. By logging in and wagering at least $50 on any real money game, you’ll receive one ticket into the random draw.

To up your chances of winning one of five $100 Visa gift cards, each additional $50 wagered will get you an extra ticket.

For those who are active until the close of play Nov. 20, you’ll be able to collect a maximum of five tickets before the draw takes place Nov. 22.

Reload and celebrate with Virgin online casino

If you’re not quite ready to jump into the mix and play for $100 gift cards, you can wait until Nov. 21 and make a deposit at Virgin online casino.

By crediting your account with at least $5, you’ll receive a 100 percent deposit match worth up to $5.

To activate this bonus, you’ll have to ensure your net deposit meets the minimum threshold and that you wager the amount once. For example, if you deposit $5, you’ll need to stake at least $5 of your own money. Additionally, you’ll have to refrain from making any withdrawals Nov. 21.

Although it’s technically possible to cash out some money and still have a net deposit (deposit minus any withdrawals) of at least $5, the easiest way to stay within the rules is to avoid the withdrawal button for a day.

Assuming you can meet the entry requirements, you’ll receive a 100 percent bonus worth up to $5. These funds can’t be withdrawn, but you will be able to keep any winnings once you meet the 1x playthrough.

Boost your bankroll with Virgin’s Birthday Bingo

The final gift you can get your hands on this week at Virgin NJ online casino is in the bingo lobby.

Running on the same day as the deposit bonus, the Birthday Bingo session is your chance to offset a run of bad luck.

By staking at least $10 on 90 Ball Bingo on Nov. 21, you’ll be eligible to receive a 20 percent playback bonus worth up to $20. If you’ve never heard of a playback bonus before, the best way to think of them is like a rebate on bad luck.

For example, if you spend $100 on a session of bingo and the balls don’t go your way, Virgin Casino will reimburse you 20 percent of your net loss. In this instance, a net loss is defined as your total wager minus your total win during the promotional period, i.e., Nov. 21.

If you bet $100 and didn’t win anything, you’d receive $20 back as bonus credits (20% of $100 = 0.20 X 100 = 20). As ever, the money will be non-cashable. However, you can use it to bankroll real cash once you meet the 1x wagering requirement.

A trio of deals for players of all persuasions

For us, the great thing about these promotions is diversity. As Virgin online casino itself acknowledges, these are one-off specials designed to celebrate its fifth birthday. Because of that, you’re getting a little bit of everything.

Indeed, if you’re someone who likes prize draws, you can make some bets Nov. 20 and shoot for a $100 gift card.

If you’re a low-stakes player who wants an easy way to earn $5, the Nov. 21 deposit bonus is fantastic.

Finally, for something outside of the casino sphere, the Birthday Bingo bash will ensure you’re not in a lousy mood heading into turkey day.

Overall, there’s a decent amount of added value at Virgin online casino this week. Although each bonus on its own won’t change your life, the package as a whole is an excellent way to share in this site’s anniversary celebrations. After all, NJ gambling websites only celebrate the fifth anniversary once.

If you’re not a Virgin Casino customer, you’ll have to watch the party from outside the proverbial window. To ensure you’re not left out in the cold, use our Virgin Casino signup link to create your first account and pick up a free $25 no-deposit bonus. Check out the NJ online casino bonus codes for details!

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