NJ Blackjack: Best Online Casinos With Real Money Blackjack

When it comes to casino games, blackjack online is always among the most popular.

Yes, slots may have the edge in terms of quantity, but blackjack has been around for a lot longer. Furthermore, if you’re a savvy player with a knowledge of basic strategy, there’s a chance you can improve your win rate or RTP each time you play. 

Of course, luck is still a part of the game.

However, blackjack is one of those propositions that professional players love because there’s scope to use skill, tactics and timing.

In addition to that, it’s possibly one of the most entertaining games you can play. 

For these reasons and more, every leading online casino in New Jersey offers blackjack.

In this guide, we’ll not only tell you how to play but what the best options are and where you can mix it up in a race to 21. So, if you’re ready to dive into New Jersey’s online blackjack scene, come with us as we let the cards fly. 

New Jersey casinos with online blackjack games

For the most part, in terms of casino odds, what holds true in a land-based casino also holds true online.

For instance, fewer decks of cards in a game are better because there are fewer variables.

An example, the large progressives are harder to hit in slots because a percentage of the coin-in goes to the jackpot.

That being said, some tangibles may make some games better online than others because of the different environment. New Jersey online casinos are willing to take more chances on table games because they believe the enticement of online play is a strong lure for continuous play, which is to the house advantage.

Blackjack is a popular game that can be advantageous to the player, especially when the playing rules are relaxed. Some research is necessary to find those prime conditions of where to play blackjack online.

Keep in mind that the NJ gambling websites are changing their content constantly, which includes the types of blackjack games they offer. So, they are something you need to check periodically. 

Where to play blackjack online in NJ

Every leading NJ online casino has blackjack.

Because it’s one of the most popular casino games out there, you can find a range of variants regardless of where you create an account. To help you find the perfect New Jersey online blackjack site, here are some of our top picks:

Golden Nugget Casino: As well as traditional variants in high- and low-stakes formats, Golden Nugget has some impressive exotic options. Blazing Blackjack is the latest addition to the site, which features six decks and a side bet that allows you to win 777x your bet when you win with three 7s. 

Click here to join Golden Nugget Online Casino & play real money online blackjack.

SugarHouse Casino: When it comes to variety, PlaySugarHouse has nailed it. Although it doesn’t have as many games as other sites, you will find single-deck, Side Bet Blackjack and even Blackjack Xchange. 

888 Casino NJ: When it comes to online blackjack, 888 Casino NJ does one thing better than its peers: betting limits. Across its virtual and live dealer tables, you’ll be able to wager up to $3,000 per round. That’s fantastic if you’re a high-roller. 

Virgin Casino: Like everything the Virgin online casino does, its blackjack lobby is varied and packed with value. Vegas Strip, Atlantic City and high-stakes tables with late surrender are all on offer. What’s more, you’ll be able to play single-deck games with no-hold cards and 3:2 payouts on blackjack. 

Caesars Casino: For a mix of traditional and modern blackjack, the Caesars online casino is ideal. Micro- and high-stakes tables sit along Blackjack Xchange. This variant allows you to switch cards to improve your chances of winning. As a break from the norm, this variant is highly entertaining. 

PlayMGM: Although it can’t quite compete with its peers in terms of depth and breadth, playMGM has made sure it covers the basics. As a fairly new NJ online casino, its selection of games is still growing. However, as a start, you can play multi-hand, Blackjack Xchange, live dealer blackjack and Unlimited Blackjack. 

Can I play free online blackjack in New Jersey?

Yes, you can play blackjack for free in New Jersey.

Using something known as practice or demo tables, you can learn the basics, have some fun and get the full blackjack experience without paying a cent. 

Operators offer these games because, in reality, online casino gaming is all about entertainment. By spreading a selection of free-play tables, each site makes it easy for you to play without any stress.

You could also use NJ online casino bonus codes when playing to claim bonus bets, promo offers and more.

Moreover, free blackjack is a great way to practice new moves, try different techniques and generally get a feel for the game. 

The beauty of free NJ blackjack games online is that they’re identical to real-money games. Everything from the look and layout to the random nature of the action is similar.

The only difference is that you’re using virtual chips rather than ones with any real-world value. Therefore, you can play and everything will feel authentic, engaging and immersive. 

The only thing you need to note is that you can’t play live dealer games for free. Although you can observe, the cost of these games makes it impractical for operators to run them as free-play propositions. However, every other variant should be available at our recommended NJ online casinos. 

Can I play online blackjack for real money in New Jersey?


Every licensed NJ online casino has the right to offer real-money blackjack. The reason they can do this is two-fold.

Firstly, they have a selection of secure payment options that are backed by SSL-encrypted software.

Secondly, each game is checked and certified as fair by a third-party testing agency. 

Thanks to these provisions, you can play at a level that suits you and, potentially, you can win real prizes. As a general guide, you should be able to join the action from as little as 10 cents.

Naturally, the minimum betting limit will vary from site to site. However, the average stakes you’ll find will be around the 10 cent mark if you’re playing virtual games. 

Moving up the scale, live dealer blackjack games cost a little more. Because there is more overhead to cover, operators have to raise the stakes slightly. Again, as an average, you’ll be able to play from between $1-$5 per round. 

Finally, if you’re a high-roller, there are plenty of options.

For example, at the Golden Nugget online casino, you’ll find VIP tables where you can stake up to $1,000 per hand. Combining this with Atlantic City rules and a 99.13% return to player (RTP), you’ll have the opportunity to play for prizes topping $2,500 per hand, per round. 

How to play real-money blackjack in New Jersey

So, now you know you can play for real money, the question becomes how.

To enjoy real-money blackjack online in New Jersey, follow these simple steps:

• Read our NJ online casino reviews and choose the best online casino apps.

Choose a NJ online casino site you like the look of and follow our secure sign-up links. 

• Make a deposit, click on the site’s blackjack lobby and choose a game that suits your preferences. 

• At the table, click through the available chip denominations and then click on the betting square. 

• Once you’ve bet at least the minimum or an amount that’s equal to or less than the max limit, hit “deal.” 

When you’ve done that, it’s game on, and you’ll be playing real-money blackjack. 

Popular types of online blackjack online in NJ

It’s not so much a question of where you should play blackjack online but which kind of blackjack you should play. Most NJ gaming sites have multiple blackjack games.

That being said, let’s look at Caesars NJ online casino since it has a good variety of blackjack games with various options of play.

Caesars Online Casino offers nine blackjack games:

1. Vegas Blackjack

2. Blackjack (NYX)

3. Blackjack Classic

4. Blackjack (IGT)

5. Blackjack Pro Micro Limit AC Single Hand

6. Blackjack Pro AC Single Hand

7. Blackjack Side Bet

8. Blackjack Micro Limit SP 10

9. Blackjack Micro Limit SP 25

Most of these games have different rules and betting options that you should consider when playing. Not all the rules are fully explained for each game on this site, though Caesars better explains its blackjack games than other legal NJ casino sites.

New Jersey online blackjack variants

To give you more of an insight into what you can expect at New Jersey’s top online blackjack sites, let’s run through the nuances of the most popular titles:

Micro Limit 10 and 25

Blackjack Micro Limit 10 and Blackjack Micro Limit 25 are the same game when looking at the game rules, only the betting limits vary (10 cents and 25 cents). These games use eight decks, which are reshuffled after every round. 

That’s a lot of decks, but the dealer stands on 17, and you can double down on any two cards. You can double down after any split, including aces. You only get paid 6:5 on a blackjack; however, the game has bonus payouts for card combinations like five-card 21s (2:1) or three 7s (3:1). 

Bonuses like this are deceptive because you think it’s a nice bonus, but a three 7s card combination has 300:1 odds. The house is saving on not paying you the 3:2 odds on blackjack, so it throws you a bone on these bonus bets.

Nonetheless, the other options make a good player’s game, leaving for a house edge that’s still under 1%.

Blackjack (IGT)

Blackjack, by IGT, is an excellent single-hand game that uses just six decks, allows for one re-split, doubling down on any two cards, and double after split. The dealer stands on soft 17, which is great for the player.

The only favorable rules that are missing are players cannot re-split aces, and there is no late surrender. The house edge for this game is only 0.041% using basic strategy.

Vegas Blackjack

The rules for Vegas Blackjack are similar to those of IGT’s blackjack in that you can double on any two cards, naturals pay 3:2, and the dealer must stand on all 17s.

There are two minor differences, however. The first being that the game is dealt from a four-deck shoe, which is favorable to the player. Secondly, you can only split once per hand for a total of two hands, which is slightly disadvantageous.

Together these rules virtually offset one another, resulting in a house edge of 0.4% with sound decision-making. After some investigation, Vegas Blackjack is the best game to play on Caesars Casino, although new and often better games are popping up all the time.

Just remember, it’s essential to know the game you’re playing and understand the rules and how to play it to your advantage.

You should be playing the blackjack game with the most options in your favor and be taking it to them. Add in some solid money management, and you can set yourself up for a long-term run, and possibly even success.

Live dealer blackjack online

If there’s one type of online blackjack that’s not only made its mark in New Jersey but the world at large, it’s live dealer blackjack.

Live dealer games in New Jersey are becoming increasingly popular with many online casino apps. Doing what it says on the tin exactly, these tables feature live dealers instead of virtual ones.

Now, before we get into some of the top options out there, let’s set the scene.

When you play any of the types mentioned above of blackjack, you won’t see the dealer. Even if the table features a 3D representation of a dealer, he or she is not actually doing anything. 

Instead, just like all online casino games, the person (or thing) in charge of the action is a random number generator (RNG). Without going too far into the specifics of RNGs, these are basically complex algorithms that use mathematical equations to generate random results.

Each operator has RNG software that’s been tested and certified as 100% fair by third-party testing agencies. 

Because of this, you can be confident that any game you play at a licensed NJ online casino will produce random results. Now, even with these provisions in place, there’s something to be said for seeing things happen in real-time.

This is where live dealer blackjack tables come into play. As well as watching shuffled decks being brought into view, you’ll see the cards being physically pulled from the shoe. 

For some players, this not only creates a more authentic gaming experience but one they can trust. That’s not to say virtual games can’t be trusted. However, we know some people like to see what’s happening, and this is one of the main benefits of playing live blackjack online.

Of course, that’s not the only plus. Through the power of HD webcams and RFID technology, the games are incredibly engaging. 

In fact, when you add convivial dealers into the mix and a range of betting limits, live blackjack is a party everyone can enjoy.

The one caveat that’s important to note is that not every NJ online casino has live blackjack. Moreover, the ones that do, don’t always have games running throughout the day and night. 

Where to play live dealer blackjack in New Jersey

As a guide, here are the best places you can play live online blackjack in New Jersey:

• Golden Nugget: For one of the best selection of live blackjack games, visit Golden Nugget. As well as standard variants, you’ll find a high-limit table and unlimited blackjack. Additionally, as well as games that run between 10 a.m. and 4 a.m., there’s a selection of games available 24/7. 

• 888 Casino NJ: Alongside traditional live blackjack, 888 Casino NJ has an American variant. Offering everything from insurance, splits and doubles to 21+3 and perfect pairs side bets, these live games are your chance to enjoy a complete blackjack experience 24/7. 

• PlayMGM: These games are available all day and night via playMGM’s desktop and mobile platforms. Although the roster isn’t as extensive as some sites, you will be able to play American Blackjack and Unlimited Live Blackjack for real money. 

• PlaySugarHouse: Although SugarHouse Casino has only one live blackjack table, it covers all of your needs. As well as standard bets and sides bets, this game is available on desktop and mobile between 11 a.m. and 3 a.m. Finally, you’ll be able to play from just $5 per hand. 

Things to consider when choosing where to play blackjack online in NJ

1. The fewer decks, the better.

Basic strategy or even counting cards in blackjack works better when fewer decks of cards are being used.

Under one particular subset of rules the house advantage when playing with eight decks is 0.49%, but 0.11% in favor of the player when playing with a single deck. (It is too bad single-deck games with these rules don’t exist in New Jersey, or anywhere).

That said, nearly as good single-deck games do exist online. This can’t be said about Atlantic City, where shoe games are the norm.

Also, online it is difficult, if not impossible, for counting cards, as the cards are shuffled after every hand. The one exception is live dealer games, which are shuffled after half the eight-deck shoe is dealt.

2. What are the house’s rules on the dealer hitting on 17?

This is important. It is an advantage to the house for a dealer to hit on a soft 17 (a scenario where a dealer has an ace and 6, which can be a 7 or 17).

Seventeen is not a good hand, so if the player can improve his chances hitting a 17 and the dealer cannot, it’s advantageous to the player. This advantage of when a dealer stays on 17 will decrease as the number of decks increases.

3. When are the cards being shuffled?

This is hard to tell but can be answered in a gaming site’s rules or through its customer service agents.

As mentioned, most sites will reshuffle after each hand or after a very small percentage of the shoe is dealt. Generally speaking, continuous shufflers afford players slightly better odds, at the loss of the ability to count cards.

4. What is the splitting policy?

Splitting is when you are dealt two of the same cards in value. You can then split the first two cards you were dealt into two separate hands.

It is to your benefit to see if you can split cards, and if so, see how many times you can split. Can you split aces more than once?

Splitting is to a player’s advantage in certain situations, but not always. It depends on what the dealer is showing and the cards you are splitting.

The rule of thumb is always to split aces.

5. What is the double down policy?

Doubling down is when you can double your bet on the first two cards you have without going over. Ten and 11 are considered the best hands for doubling down.

Most four- to eight-deck games on NJ gambling websites allow you to double on any two cards, including soft aces, which is advantageous to the player. The ones that limit doubles to 9, 10 and 11 are usually single-deck games, like the ones found on Tropicana Casino and PlaySugarHouse.


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