The Sky’s The Limit In Bonus Money At PlaySugarHouse

Updated on April 26, 2019

One NJ online casino whose special promotions have been underrepresented here on NJ Gambling Websites is So let’s rectify that right now.

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This is not some itsy-bitsy bonus offering that many players will scoff at as not worth the time and effort. On the contrary, the rewards that SugarHouse Online Casino is prepared to bestow on qualifying players are so huge that the earning period, which started last Saturday, April 20, continues all the way until Friday, May 3.

It’s not too late to opt in now. But if you haven’t started yet, do so ASAP. This will give you more time to complete more challenges and earn bigger bonuses.

How the PlaySugarHouse Up in the Air Giveaway works

As with any other NJ online casino promotion, there are certain rules and conditions

So before you get started, make sure you fully understand what the casino is asking you to do. Or if anything about the promotion is still unclear, don’t hesitate to reach out to customer support via live chat or email.

In fact, after reading the description of the promotion on the casino’s website, I had a few questions. So I used the live chat option, and a friendly PlaySugarHouse customer support representative answered them immediately.

Can you complete 75 sequential challenges?

The casino is presenting 75 different challenges in 15 sequential sets of five tasks each, which are also sequential.

When you see the entire list, it may look overwhelming. So simply focus on just one group of five tasks at a time and within that group, on one challenge at a time.

All challenges must be performed in order

As you scroll down the promotion page, you will see that each of the 15 sets of challenges is identified by a different key. The set you will need to tackle first (Key 650) is all the way at the bottom.

Then, if and only if you successfully complete all five tasks in that set, you move up to the next set in the progression (Key 6100) and so on. The set you see first (Key 1100), because it’s at the top of the page, is actually the last set in the sequence.

Celebrate with big balloons and big bonuses

Every time you complete one of the five sequential tasks in a set, you will fill up a balloon. The colors of the balloons vary as follows:

  1. Orange
  2. Green
  3. Red
  4. Blue
  5. Yellow

The more balloons you have flying in the air–especially yellow ones–the bigger your bonuses!

No point in worrying prematurely about later challenges, though, because you might not even get to them. However, here’s the great news. Every time you complete a challenge, besides getting another balloon to fly high, King Cash will reward you with a bonus!


Briefly summarizing, don’t attempt any later challenges before completing all of the earlier ones. All challenges must be performed in order. The five tasks within each group are listed in the correct order, but the 15 groups of challenges are in the opposite order of how you need to tackle them.

The first set of challenges

You’ll find the complete set of challenges on the website. Here are your first five.

  1. Earn 50 iRush Rewards (iRR) Loyalty Level Points for a $2.50 bonus.
  2. Redeem 100 Bonus store Points for a $2.50 bonus.
  3. Earn 75 iRR Loyalty Level Points for a $5 bonus.
  4. Wager $25 on slots, $20 on table games, and $5 on sports for a $2.50 bonus.
  5. Earn 125 iRR Loyalty Level Points for a $10 bonus.

The final set of challenges

While the bonuses for completing the early challenges are small, they get bigger as you proceed. Take a look at all the bonus money you get if you make your way all the way up to the final set of challenges.

  1. Earn 3,500 iRR Loyalty Level Points for a $50 bonus.
  2. Redeem 7,000 Bonus Store points for a $50 bonus
  3. Earn 4,000 iRR Loyalty Level Points for a $100 bonus.
  4. Place 50 bets on slots, 45 bets on table games, and 5 sports bets for a $50 bonus.
  5. Earn 4,500 iRR Loyalty Level Points for a $125 bonus.

Clearing your PlaySugarHouse bonuses

King Cash will place each bonus you earn into your account by 3 p.m. the following day. You then have up to 30 days to wager the bonus 1x on either slots or video poker online casino games to clear the bonus.

If you successfully complete all 75 challenges, PlaySugarHouse Online Casino will reward you with $1,692 in bonus money!

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