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NJ Online Casino Signup Bonus 2017

Sweetening the deal for first time players by offering them a generous casino bonus when they first sign up is generally not the practice at land-based casinos, but at online casinos it is the rule rather than the exception. However, New Jersey players are clearly more fortunate than most because even though each casino’s specific offers vary, the one trait they all have in common is that the terms and conditions are very fair.

Best NJ Online Casino Signup Bonuses - Free Play & Welcome Bonus

There is nothing more frustrating than a bonus offer that, after cursory reading sounds great on paper, but once you get past the fine print, proves not be a good deal after all. In too many instances, the much-touted bonus turns out to be virtually inaccessible because the wagering requirements are up in the stratosphere. However, New Jersey online casino players don’t have to deal with those kinds of shenanigans. All of the state-run NJ online casinos are licensed and regulated by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement. They see to it that each site describes its promotions fully and accurately and adheres to fair gaming practices.

NJ Online Casino Free Play & No Deposit Bonuses

There are two types of casinos bonuses offered to New Jersey online players. First is the so-called free play or no deposit bonus. This becomes available as soon a person officially signs up and completes the registration form. (Even if an online deposit has yet to be made.) As you would expect, the monetary value of these offers tends to be quite small. For example, $10 to use to play in the casino and/or a specified number of free spins on a designated slot machine. Technically, no deposit is necessary to access this bonus. But because there are invariably wagering requirements for withdrawing any associated winnings, unless you choose to play purely for fun, you will almost certainly have to make a deposit. That brings us to another offer entirely, the Welcome Bonus.

Welcome Bonus on your First Deposit

The Welcome Bonus is often called a deposit bonus. It’s usually delivered in conjunction with a player’s first deposit as a match bonus. Minimum and maximum deposits eligible for bonuses, as well as what the percentage match, are decided by each casino individually. Casinos also have the prerogative to stretch out the bonus. (For example, give part of it with the first deposit, part with the second deposit, and part with the third deposit.) However, New Jersey casinos tend to keep the offer fairly simple by making it a 100% match of the first deposit only.

All Welcome Bonuses come with terms and conditions. These include wagering the bonus or, in some instances, the bonus plus the deposit, a specified number of times. Typically, slots count 100% while other casino games only count minimally. This means, in effect, that you’ll need to stick to slots to keep wagering requirements reasonable. Once all of the wagering or “playthrough” requirements have been met, your deposit, bonus, and any associated winnings, are typically yours to keep.

Each individual casino has the option to offer both a Free Play No Deposit Offer and a Welcome Bonus, or one of these, or neither. There are two casinos that don’t offer either type of bonus. They are and Instead they have a different sign-up offer. If your first deposit results in a net loss, the casino will cover that loss, up to a $100. The advantage of this type of arrangement over a traditional Welcome Bonus is that your initial deposit is virtually risk free. The disadvantage is that if you don’t lose, the casino has nothing extra for you.

Last verified: August 1, 2017