Start Your Holiday Season Celebration Early With A Caesars 100 Percent Bonus

Updated on November 17, 2018
Early holiday online casino bonus

Have you been impatiently waiting for the next opportunity to double your deposit with another 100 percent bonus?

If you’re a player, the short wait is now over. The 100 percent bonus is back again!

Caesars’ 100 percent bonus up to $50

It goes without saying that anyone who is a registered player at Caesars Online Casino has a lot to be thankful for — not only during the holiday season, but year-round.

Between hundreds of slots and table games, round-the-clock online and mobile NJ sports betting, Total Rewards credits on all of your play, and week after week of some of the best promotions on NJ gambling websites, there’s little not to like.

And this weekend, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, Caesars is bringing back one of its top special offers — a dollar for dollar match on your deposit up to $50!

If it ain’t broke, why fix it?

Those of you who read my weekly articles telling you about different promotions know that I describe the offers exactly as they are. I don’t simply highlight what I think is great. I also won’t hesitate to bring up the various ways in which a given promotion falls short.

However, this particular offer for a 100 percent bonus at Caesars, exactly as it stands now, gets my enthusiastic stamp of approval.

If you play on frequently, this 100 percent bonus is quite possibly one of your favorite special offers there, too. If it looks familiar to you, another reason could be that I have highlighted either the same or a very similar promotion before on this website multiple times, including as recently as mid-October.

In fact, Caesars had the identical Deposit $50, Get $50 offer in October. Now the casino is giving you another opportunity to double your deposit in the same easy way this weekend.

How to access the Caesars online casino bonus

This offer for a 100 percent bonus up to $50 is available from Friday, Nov. 16 through Monday, Nov. 19. You can only claim the offer once, and it is valid on one deposit only, up to $50. Here are the steps you need to follow to receive your bonus.

  • Log into your account (or create one) anytime during the Nov. 16-19 promotion period.
  • Click on My Account and then on My Bonuses.
  • Enter the code Get50. Then click on Get Details.
  • Look under Available Bonuses and locate the offer for 100 percent Deposit Match.
  • Click on Deposit next to the bonus. Then make your deposit and claim your bonus.

Pick whichever of the four days (Friday-Monday) is most convenient and make your qualifying deposit then. As with all other Caesars Online Casino promotions, deposits made at the Caesars Atlantic City casino cashier’s cage or via PayNearMe don’t count.

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Deposit $50 to get the maximum bonus

As long as you make a single deposit during the promotion period of at least the minimum qualifying amount listed on the marketing collateral, you will receive your bonus.

However, I strongly recommend that you take full advantage of the opportunity Caesars is giving you with this 100 percent bonus. Therefore, you should deposit $50 to get the maximum bonus and not a dollar less.

Of course, you could deposit more than $50, but I don’t recommend that either. Keep in mind that if you deposit more, you will not get a bigger bonus since this bonus is capped at $50. Consequently, any deposit over that amount will negate the best feature of this promotion–the casino’s willingness to match your deposit dollar for dollar.

So unless you’re a big bettor and absolutely need more money in your account to make your usual size wagers, you should limit your deposit at this time to $50 exactly.

Wagering requirements for the bonus

As mentioned, the current offer is identical in every respect to the 100 percent deposit match offer that Caesars had for you in mid-October. That means the wagering requirements for clearing the bonus are also the same. They are repeated below for your convenience.

  • Slots: 5x bonus + deposit
  • Video Poker: 10x bonus + deposit
  • All Other Games: 25x bonus + deposit

If, as recommended, you deposit $50 so you can get the maximum bonus of $50, here is the total amount you will have to wager, depending on your game choice:

  • Slots: $500
  • Video Poker: $1,000
  • Any Other Game: $2,500

You have up to seven days to complete the wagering.

Other terms and conditions

The seven days that the casino is giving you to clear the bonus should suffice for most players. Meanwhile, until all of the required wagering is completed, you will be temporarily unable to withdraw any part of the bonus, deposit tied to the bonus, or resulting winnings.

However, as soon as the bonus is fully cleared, assuming the seven day time period has not expired, all of this money (or whatever is left of it) will become available.

Canceling the bonus, attempting to withdraw unavailable funds prematurely, or failing to complete the required wagering within the allotted time frame will result in forfeiture of both the bonus and any resulting winnings.

How this 100 percent bonus from Caesars stacks up

Here is the good and the bad for the bonus:

The only negative: wagering requirements based on both the bonus and deposit

If you play on other NJ gambling websites besides Caesars, you are probably accustomed to wagering requirements that are a multiple of only the bonus. The deposit doesn’t enter into the equation at all. That’s the way most deposit match bonuses work, at least in New Jersey, and you probably wish Caesars would have the same policy.

However, at Caesars Online Casino, the wagering requirements for virtually all deposit match bonuses, including this one, are an equal designated multiple of both the bonus and deposit combined. Obviously, this inclusion of the deposit along with the bonus, favors the casino rather than the player since it increases the wagering requirements.

However, percentage of the deposit match matters

It doesn’t look like Caesars is going to drop the deposit multiple part of the wagering anytime soon. However, you can limit the extent to which you are negatively impacted. Only accept 100 percent deposit match bonuses and pass up lower percentage match bonuses from this casino, especially, those for less than 50 percent.

The lower the percentage match, the greater the wagering requirements and the greater the extent you will need to risk your own deposited money to meet them.

For this bonus, the wagering requirements are doubled

Because this is a 100 percent bonus, the wagering requirements are exactly double what they would be otherwise given the same multiple of the bonus by itself without the deposit. For example, if you play any slot game to clear your $50 bonus, instead of only having to wager $250 (5x the bonus), you have to wager $500 (5x the bonus plus 5x the deposit equal to the bonus, or in other words 10x the bonus).

This isn’t great, but it’s also not terrible. But look what happens when the percentage of the deposit match bonus is not a full 100 percent. With a 50 percent deposit match bonus, including the deposit triples the wagering requirements over what they would be otherwise. If the deposit match bonus is only 25 percent, the wagering requirements become 5 times as high.

In this case, although the wagering requirements are twice what they would be with the same multiples of just the bonus,  they are still similar to what you would be facing elsewhere. That’s because other casinos tend to use higher multiples of the bonus, for example, a 10x bonus wagering requirement for slots and a 50x bonus wagering requirement for blackjack.

Why this is still a great bonus offer

Fortunately, this offer is great in multiple respects otherwise. So if you can handle the wagering requirements, no worries. All together, these great features more than offset the one negative.

A big enough bonus to matter, but still affordable for smaller players

Some players might be disappointed that the bonus being offered this weekend isn’t larger. However, $50 is still a respectable size for a bonus, and together with your own deposit, you have an extra $100 in your account, which is a nice chuck of money.

At the same time, if you are a small player, it has to be frustrating to have to pass up some of the best offers you see, for no other reason than that the deposit and/or wagering requirements are too high. On the other hand, a bonus that’s so tiny, it’s almost certain to be a waste of time is no better. This bonus is a happy medium–big enough to be meaningful to you, but also not out of reach of what you can afford.

Great bang for your buck

Most deposit match bonuses are for percentages that fall far short of the full 100 percent you are getting with this bonus offer. We are delighted to see that Caesars, one of the few NJ online casinos that is offering dollar for dollar deposit match bonuses at all to existing customers, is now doing so on a regular basis.

Bigger doesn’t always mean better when it comes to bonuses. Low percentage deposit match bonuses of any size increase the need to rely on your own money to clear the bonus, and that means greater risk to your bankroll.

No deposit match bonus in New Jersey gives you better bang for your buck than a 100 percent bonus.

Up to a week to clear the bonus

Even with the increased wagering requirements due to the inclusion of the deposit, the total amount you need to wager remains reasonable. In fact, it is probably equal to or less than at most other NJ online casinos. You also have up to seven days to complete the wagering, which is plenty of time.

Conclusion on the Caesars bonus

Based on all of the foregoing, by now it should be abundantly clear that this offer to deposit $50 and get $50 is outstanding. Whatever size player you are, if you’re a registered player at Caesars, you owe it to yourself to take advantage of this opportunity.

When I introduced you to the same offer last month, I speculated about what might be repeatedly prompting such a spectacular show of generosity from Caesars Online Casino and suggested that popular demand might have a lot to do with it. Now, with Thanksgiving coming up, maybe it’s also Caesars’ way of thanking its players for their loyalty by doing something especially nice for them in return.

Now the ball is in your court to show your appreciation with your response. A massive turnout will make it clear that you love getting these bonuses and want more, more more. Also, if you think it’s too early to start celebrating the holiday season, it’s not. And there’s no better way than with this 100 percent bonus.

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