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Updated on January 19, 2019
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I don’t think anyone can complain about there being a shortage of bonus opportunities on NJ gambling websites.

On the contrary, having to choose which ones to take is a given, as the total number is far too many to take advantage of all of them. However, the choice is usually between what different casinos are offering.

Only rarely, like now at Caesars Casino & Sports, does a particular casino present you with two alternative offers at once and ask you to choose your NJ casino bonus.

Can you recall a time when you watched a contestant on TV have to choose between two possible mystery prizes? It’s a tough situation to be in, especially when you have no way of knowing what you could get. One of the prizes could be fabulous, but the other could be a clunker.

Now Caesars online casino is presenting you with two offers as well but only allowing you to pick one.

The difference, in this case, is there is full disclosure about what each offer is and what you need to do to get it. Furthermore, they are both great offers, which makes requiring you to choose your bonus even more of a challenge.

Your two offers from Caesars NJ online casino

If you’re undecided about which to take, you do have some time to think about it — but not too much.

The promotion runs from Friday, Jan. 18 through Monday, Jan. 21. Here are your two choices:

  • Make a single deposit of $10 or more using the promo code CASINO25 and get a 100 percent matching bonus up to $25.
  • Make a single deposit of $10 or more with the promo code FREEBET50 and use it to make a sports bet. The casino will give you a free bet in the same amount up to $50.

Once you make up your mind, that’s it. There’s no going back to take the other bonus instead.

Also, you can only claim this offer once and with a single deposit. As always, deposits made at the Caesars Casino cashier’s cage in Atlantic City or via PayNearMe do not count.

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How much should you deposit?

If you decide to take the casino bonus, you can deposit as little as $10. However, your best bet is to spring for the extra 15 bucks so you can get the maximum bonus of $25.

After all, Caesars is willing to match your deposit a full 100 percent, which is a great deal. So you might as well capitalize on it to the fullest extent possible.

On the other hand, $25 is the cap on this bonus. So, unless your account is running on empty and/or you need additional funds for your usual size wagers, there is no reason to deposit more than $25.

If you do, your bonus will no longer be the same fantastic dollar-for-dollar match of your deposit.

If you prefer the offer for a free sports bet, your best bet — as long as you can afford it — is to deposit and bet $50. Then you will get another $50 from the casino, which you can use either to make the same bet or other sports bet.

How to participate in this weekend’s Choose Your Bonus 

Other than asking you to make a tough choice between two tempting bonus offers, Caesars makes participating in its Choose Your Bonus promotion easy.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Log into your Caesars NJ online casino account anytime during the Jan. 18-21 promotion period.
  • Click on “My Account” and then on “My Bonuses.”
  • Choose your bonus by entering the appropriate promo code: CASINO25 or FREEBET50. Then click on “Get Details.”
  • Locate your bonus in the list of available bonuses.
  • Click on “Deposit” next to the bonus. Then make your deposit and claim your bonus.

Additional terms and conditions

Depending on which type of bonus you accept, here are the essential additional terms and conditions that apply.

The casino bonus

Before you are permitted to withdraw your deposit, bonus and any resulting winnings, you will need to meet the following wagering requirements:

  • Slots: 5x bonus
  • Video poker: 10x bonus
  • All other games: 25x bonus

Therefore, if you receive the maximum bonus of $25, the total amount you need to wager will be $125 for slots, $250 for video poker or $625 for any other game.

Sports bets don’t count, but otherwise, you can select any game in the casino.

You have up to seven days to complete the wagering, which is ample time for this size bonus.

As soon as the bonus is completely cleared — assuming it is within the allotted time — whatever you have left of your deposit and bonus, along with any resulting winnings, will become fully available to you.

However, canceling the bonus, any attempted premature withdrawal of unavailable funds or failure to complete the wagering in time will result in forfeiture of both the bonus and any resulting winnings.

The free sports bet

Before making your deposit, you should visit and study your current betting options to decide what looks like a good wager.

Keep in mind, you need to wager your entire deposit, up to $50, on one game only before 11:59 pm EST Monday, Jan. 21.

As soon as you make your qualifying wager, Caesars Casino and Sports will give you a free sports bet in the same amount. You don’t necessarily have to place it on the same game, but it must be on one game only.

Also, you need to wager the full amount you are offered. If you make a smaller wager, you will forfeit the opportunity to win with the remaining money.

You have up to a week to make your free sports bet, so if you prefer to wait until after the results are in on your other bet, that’s fine.

How a winning free sports bet is paid out

Keep in mind, if you are making a point spread bet, you need to allow for the added cost of the bet (usually 10 cents on the dollar).

In other words, if you win your free $50 bet, before you get paid, the casino will deduct the 10 percent surcharge. So the amount you will receive will be $45.50, not $50. If you were betting your own money, you would also get back the $50 you put up, for a total of $95.50.

But with the free bet, since the casino is staking the cost of the bet, even if you win, the casino keeps the stake and only pays you the winnings.

Money line bets are also permitted, but if your free bet is on a favorite, the maximum odds are -200. As with point spread bets, if you win, the casino will only pay you your winnings, not the cost of the bet.

In the unlikely event the game you have a free bet on is canceled, the bet is forfeited and you won’t receive a replacement bet.

Choose your bonus at Caesars is a great deal

Caesars has hit the jackpot in bonus offers this time.

It gives casino players and sports bettors alike a chance to pick the bonus that suits their needs and wagering preferences.

Both bonuses offer a 100 percent match of your deposit. Another great feature is any player can access these bonuses.

So, if you’re a small player with a limited bankroll, no problem; you can deposit as little as $10.

Taking $25 (for the casino bonus) or $50 (for the sports bonus), would be better, however. The wagering requirements are also very reasonable.

Bigger players should welcome the opportunity for a free $50 sports bet. On the other hand, if your average casino game wager is for much more than $25, a $25 casino bonus won’t sound very exciting.

But any bonus that matches your deposit dollar for dollar is almost always worth taking. In this case, large bettors should find the small wagering requirements for clearing the bonus a piece of cake.

Don’t let this fantastic bonus opportunity get away from you. Log into your account today and choose your bonus.

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