Get a 50% Daily Deposit Bonus All Weekend at Caesars Online Casino

Updated on March 2, 2019

What could possibly be a better deal for an NJ online casino player like you than logging in to your favorite NJ gambling website, making a small deposit, and getting a bonus?

Logging in and collecting a Daily Deposit Bonus four days in a row!

Visit Caesars and enter the bonus code DAILY20 to claim your free $20.

At Caesars Online Casino, every day from today, Friday, March 1, through Monday, March 5, is payday. And best of all, even if you’re a small player, there is no way this daily Deposit $40, Get $20 offer will break the bank.

You’re getting a 50 percent return on your deposit each day. In other words, if you do this four times, once each day of the promotion, all together, it will only cost you $160.

In return, you will receive $80 in bonus money!

Looking at today’s miserable weather, it’s hard to believe it’s March already. But if another weekend of snow and rain means putting some previous plans on hold, no big deal.

It just gives you more time to play your favorite NJ online casino games. And with all the extra bonus money you’ll be picking up from Caesars NJ, this could turn out to be a big winning weekend.

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How to claim the Caesars Daily Bonus promotion

This offer is open to all registered account holders. Each day that you would like to participate, in order to qualify for a bonus, you need to make a separate $40 deposit.

Here are the simple steps you need to follow each day.

  • Log into your each day during the March 1-4 promotion.
  • Click on My Account and then on My Bonuses.
  • Enter the bonus code DAILY20. Then click on Get Details.
  • Locate the offer Deposit $40, Get $20 under Available Bonuses.
  • Then click on Deposit next to the bonus. Make a single deposit of $40 or more and claim your bonus.

Your $20 bonus will be credited to your account immediately.

Of course, if it’s not convenient for you to accept the offer every day, that’s your prerogative. However, as long as you have the time and the available funds, by all means squeeze every last dollar of this offer you can.

It’s not every day that you can get a deposit match bonus of 50 percent.

Since each daily deposit bonus is fixed at $20, there is no point depositing less than $40 because then you won’t get a bonus. There is also no good reason to deposit more than $40 unless you need the extra money for your usual size wagers.

A bigger deposit won’t get you a bigger bonus, and you will also lose out on the great bang for your buck you would get otherwise with a 50 percent deposit match.

You can only claim this offer once each day and with a single deposit. Deposits made at the Caesars Atlantic City casino cashier’s cage or via PayNearMe don’t count.

Wagering requirements for each $40 bonus

Many bonuses come with a heftier wagering requirement than you might expect since they are based on equal multiples of the bonus and player’s deposit combined. That’s why you’re going to love the news I have for you now.

The wagering requirements for each of the four daily bonuses being offered to you this weekend are based on the same multiples of just your bonus. Your $40 deposits don’t enter into the equation at all.

Depending on your game choice, here are the wagering requirements:

  • Slots: 5x bonus
  • Video Poker: 10x bonus
  • All Other Games: 25x bonus

Therefore, the total amount of wagering you will need to do to clear each $20 bonus is $100 for slots, $200 for video poker, or $500 for other games.

Other important terms and conditions

While you can only clear one bonus at a time, here’s some more great news. The casino is giving you up to seven days to clear each of the four bonuses.

So if you would like to claim the next day’s bonus but haven’t completed the wagering for the previous day’s bonus yet, no problem.

While the playthrough for a given bonus is still in progress, the bonus, deposit tied to the bonus, and any resulting winnings will stay temporarily locked into your account.

However, as soon as you complete all the necessary wagering for that bonus, assuming it hasn’t expired yet, all of this money (or whatever is left of it) will become available to you for withdrawal.

You will be free to withdraw this money if you wish, even while you are still working on clearing other bonuses.

On the other hand, if you cancel a bonus, make a premature attempt to withdraw funds that are still unavailable, or fail to complete the required wagering on time, you will forfeit not only the bonus, but also any resulting winnings.

Why this Caesars Bonus Offer is a Great Deal

Most of the deposit match NJ online casino bonus offers you will find on NJ gambling websites are for one-time use only. Sometimes they are valid for a single day only, other times for a period of a few days.

But once you claim the offer, you’re done. If it’s one of those days when winning isn’t in the cards, tough luck.

Even if you make another deposit, there won’t be another bonus waiting for you.

Four chances to win

The Caesars Daily Deposit Bonus Offer, on the other hand, gives you four chances to turn your deposit and bonus into a nice win. Granted, each individual bonus is small, but by getting a whole string of them on consecutive days, the successive bonuses build on the previous ones.

If you get lucky early on, you’ll have a bigger bankroll to work with for clearing your later bonuses. Or, if your early luck isn’t great, you have multiple opportunities to recoup.

Very reasonable wagering requirements

Let’s just suppose for a moment that Caesars would have applied its usual policy of making you wager the same multiples of both the bonus and deposit combined. If so, your wagering requirements for this 50 percent deposit match bonus would be triple what they are now.

Instead, regardless of which type of game you select, the wagering requirements are extremely reasonable. The typical wagering requirement to clear a bonus with slots is 10x the bonus, and the typical wagering requirement to clear a bonus with video poker is 50x the bonus.

However, to clear these bonuses you only have to wager 5x the bonus or 10x the bonus, respectively.

In addition, you have up to a week to clear each bonus. So that gives you plenty of time.

You can pace your play in a way that makes you comfortable.

The bottom line

A bonus doesn’t have to be big to represent a good value. Deposit $40, Get $20 would be a very good value even as a single offer.

This weekend’s Daily Deposit Bonus offer where you can deposit $40 and get a $20 bonus four days in a row gives you outstanding value.

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