Grab This Caesars Online Casino Deposit Bonus Before Time Runs Out

Updated on August 19, 2019
caesars casino deposit bonus new jersey

When was the last time your favorite NJ gambling website offered you a 100% match on your deposit? If it’s been a while and you’re a registered player at Caesars Online Casino, the offer I am describing for you here is far too good to miss.

Today (Aug. 19) is the last day of this special promotion that Caesars Casino & Sports has been running since last Friday, Aug. 16. So you will have to hurry to take advantage of the offer before it expires at 11:59 p.m.

Caesars will match your next deposit 100% up to $40!

Caesars online casino’s 100% deposit bonus

If you have an account at Caesars Online Casino and have not already opted into this offer, here are the simple steps you need to follow ASAP to receive your bonus.

  • Log into your account today, Aug. 19.
  • Click on My Account and then on My Bonuses.
  • Enter the promo code MATCH40 and click on Get Details.
  • Go to Available Bonuses and find the offer for 100% Bonus Match.
  • Click on Deposit next to the bonus. Then make your deposit and claim your bonus.

Unlike some casino bonuses that players can request again each promotional day, this one can only be claimed once. So accessing the bonus today rather than earlier still entitles you to the same amount.

Only your first deposit of the day counts, and deposits made at the Caesars Atlantic City casino cashier’s cage or via PayNearMe don’t count.

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How much should you deposit?

The minimum deposit to get a bonus is only $10. However, you are strongly advised to deposit exactly $40 instead so you can get the maximum bonus that the casino is offering, which is also $40. Your next opportunity to get a dollar for dollar match on your deposit might not come anytime soon, so it would be foolish to shortchange yourself.

On the other hand, unless you absolutely need to have more money in your account to make your usual wagers, you gain no advantage at all by depositing more than $40. You will not get a bigger bonus. You will also lose out on the biggest advantage that this bonus has going for it — a 100% match of your deposit.

Wagering requirements 

As with all deposit match bonuses, before the casino will let you withdraw any part of the bonus, your deposit equal to the bonus, or any resulting winnings, you will need to meet the stipulated wagering requirements.

Unfortunately, for this bonus, like most other deposit match bonuses at Caesars Online Casino, the wagering requirements might be more than you were expecting, however. That is because instead of being based solely on the amount of the bonus, they are based on the bonus and deposit combined.

You can clear the bonus with any online casino game you wish, but not with sports bets. Depending on the type of game you choose, here is the amount you will need to wager:

  • Slots: 5x bonus + deposit
  • Video Poker: 10x bonus + deposit
  • All Other Games: 25x bonus + deposit

You have up to seven days to complete the wagering.

Additional terms and conditions

As soon as you finish clearing the bonus, provided you do so in time, whatever you have left of your bonus, deposit, and winnings, will become available for you to withdraw. However, if you should cancel the bonus, attempt to withdraw any of these funds before they become available, or fail to complete the wagering within the allotted time frame, you will forfeit both the bonus and any resulting winnings.

Impact of including the deposit in the wagering requirements

Because the bonus and deposit are exactly the same, the effect of requiring you to wager an equal multiple of the two combined is to double the amount of wagering you would need to do otherwise.

More specifically, this means that if you deposit $40, as you should, to get the maximum $40 bonus, your wagering requirements to clear the bonus will be as follows:

  • Slots: 5x $80 = $400
  • Video Poker: 10x $80 = $800
  • All Other Games: 25x $80 = $2,000

Obviously, it would be much better if the wagering requirements were based solely on the bonus, as it is at most NJ online casinos, and your deposit wasn’t factored into the equation at all. However, what keeps the amount of wagering from getting out of hand is the fact that this is a 100% deposit match bonus.

If this were a 50 percent deposit match bonus instead, your wagering requirements based on the bonus and deposit combined would be triple what they would amount to otherwise. Instead, the existing wagering requirements are no higher than what they would be at other casinos with a 10x bonus wagering requirement for slots and a 50x bonus wagering requirement for other games.

A 100% deposit match at Caesars

Even with the increased wagering requirements due to being based on the bonus and deposit combined, this is still a great offer. Here are the reasons why.

Rare opportunity to get a dollar for dollar match on your deposit

If you play on multiple NJ gambling websites, you don’t need me to tell you that 100% deposit match offers extended to existing players are few and far between. For new players, such offers are the rule rather than the exception, but afterward, the reverse is true. In fact, deposit matches of 25% or less are not uncommon.

Caesars is one of the few NJ online casinos that offers 100% deposit match bonuses to existing players at all.

Great bang for your buck

No other deposit match bonus offered by any NJ online casino offers you greater bang for your buck than a 100 percent deposit match bonus. Not only are these bonuses a quick and easy way to double the amount of money you’re adding to your account; you can rely more on the casino’s money rather than your own for clearing the bonus. That means much less risk to your bankroll.

Across the board appeal

Today’s bonus is capped at $40, which isn’t a lot, but it’s not so tiny either that you’re likely to dismiss it as a waste of time. More importantly, the deposit of $40 that you will need to make to get the maximum bonus is small enough so almost any player can afford it. Small players can participate, too

As for those of you whose average wager is much more than $40, think of the bonus this way. Making the requisite deposit and clearing the bonus will be almost effortless — a piece of cake.

Ample time to clear the bonus

The casino is giving you up to seven days to clear your bonus. That’s plenty of time. If you’re accustomed to making small wagers, meeting wagering requirements for a $40 bonus in one day might seem like a tall order, but you don’t have to do that.

You can take the $40 bonus and clear it with slots, but spread the $400 wagering requirement equally over seven days. That way you won’t even have to wager $60 per day.

The bottom line

If you’re a Caesars Online Casino player, don’t even think twice about accepting this outstanding offer. Deposit match bonuses come in many varieties and sizes, but bigger isn’t always better. This offer to match your deposit dollar for dollar is as good as deposit match bonuses get.

So grab it today before it’s gone!

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