Find The Best Roulette Games At Caesars Online Casino

Updated on March 4, 2019

Caesars Online Casino has a relatively large selection of online roulette games.

In fact, at last count, there were a total of seven online roulette titles available at Caesars Casino & Sports. You’ll find everything from traditional American and European roulette games to roulette with bonus spins and three wheels at Caesars.

The question is, are any one of Caesars’ online roulette offerings any better than the others? The answer is a surprising yes.

Roulette games can be judged based on the return to player (RTP) rate, which tells you theoretically how much of the money put into a game is returned to players.

Finding the best roulette games means seeking out the top RTP rates available. That generally means avoiding roulette games that use American roulette wheels.

European roulette wheels use a single zero slot, but American roulette wheels have a double zero slot added to them as well.

It may seem like a small and insignificant difference, but it is anything but. The addition of the double zero slots has a significant impact on your chances of winning.

In fact, there is an almost 3.5 percent RTP rate difference between American and European roulette. Over the long haul, that means the casino keeping more of your money when you play American versus European roulette.

In other words, you should avoid American roulette games and stick to those that use a European roulette wheel.

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Roulette on Caesars Casino & Sports

Here’s a look at the seven online roulette games available at Caesars:

  • Roulette (European 97.29 percent RTP)
  • American roulette (American 94.74 percent RTP)
  • European roulette (European 97.29 percent RTP)
  • Roulette master (European 97.30 percent RTP)
  • French roulette (European 97.30 percent RTP)
  • Double bonus spin roulette (American with second bonus wheel 98.064 percent RTP)
  • Three wheel roulette (European with three wheels 97.29 percent RTP)

How to find the games

Finding roulette games at Caesars Casino & Sports is easy.

At the top of the page, below the site’s rolling promotions and advertising banner, you’ll find seven game-type tabs. The third one from the left is labeled “roulette.” Click it to reveal the seven title tiles for Caesars’ roulette games. Each one is a link to information about the game and the game itself.

Alternatively, on the right-hand side of the page, you’ll find a search box. Type in the word “roulette,” hit enter to see the same seven title tiles.

Wait a second before you hit enter and a drop-down menu will appear with links to Caesars’ different roulette games as well.

The best roulette games at Caesars Casino & Sports

Here’s a brief introduction to all seven Caesars’ roulette games:

American roulette

Standard American roulette with a double zero slot and an RTP of 94.74 percent. The minimum bet is 10 cents.

Double bonus spin roulette

American roulette with an additional two free chances to win when the double bonus spin is triggered. An enhanced RTP of 98.064 percent due to the bonus. The minimum bet is $1.

European roulette

Standard European roulette with just one zero and a 97.29 percent RTP.

French roulette

New to Caesars, this is European roulette with the French “la partage” giving players half the bet back on even-odds bets if the zero hits. An enhanced RTP of 97.3 percent due to the la partage rule. The minimum bet is 10 cents.


European roulette with just one zero and a 97.29 percent RTP. Additional features include a customizable playing field and new betting options. The minimum bet is $1.

Roulette master

French roulette with just one zero and the la partage rule. An enhanced RTP of 97.30 percent. Additional features include a customizable playing field and new betting options. Plus, the minimum bet is just 1 cent.

Three wheel roulette

European roulette with just one zero and a 97.29 percent RTP. Special features include the use of three wheels offering three chances to win and a “color up” bonus feature. The minimum bet is 10 cents.

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