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Caesars Online Casino : Deposit $40, Get $20 Four Days in a Row!

Barbara Nathan April 19, 2019

Just as you might expect, over this long holiday weekend, Caesars Online Casino and other NJ online casinos are offering plenty of special promotions.

However, Caesars Online Casino is going the extra mile to give you lots of incentive to log into their NJ gambling website and play every day by offering you not just one deposit match bonus, but four. Deposit $40, Get $20 four days in a row!

When can you get your four days of bonuses from Caesars?

This special offer starts Friday, April 19 and continues daily through Monday, April 22. It is open to all registered Caesars Casino & Sports account holders.

Those of you who are long time players at Caesars and/or regular readers of this website will probably recognize that this promotion is exactly the same as Caesars’ special offer of March 1-4.

We told you all about that promotion in my article “Get a 50% Daily Deposit Bonus All Weekend at Caesars Online Casino.”

Of course, that promotion expired, but now, just in time for this big spring holiday weekend, Caesars is bringing it back. By the way, it’s very rare when Easter weekend, and the start of Passover (Fri., April 19 at sundown) coincide, but this year they do. So happy holidays to all!

Caesars Online Casino is definitely not passing over this perfect opportunity to make your holiday even more special and neither should you.

How the deposit $40, get $20 offer at Caesars Online Casino NJ works

As mentioned, your $20 bonus is yours for the taking for four straight days. Of course, you don’t have to accept the offer all four times, but if you’re smart you will.

It’s a 50 percent deposit match, so if you take the bonus every day, you will need to deposit a total of $160 ($40 per day). You will also receive $80 in bonus money!

Each day that you wish to participate, here’s what you need to do:

  • Log into your account.
  • Click on My Account and then on My Bonuses.
  • Enter the code DAILY20 and click on Get Details.
  • Locate the “Deposit $40, Get $20” offer under Available Bonuses.
  • Click on Deposit next to the bonus. Then make a single deposit of $40 or more and claim your bonus.

As soon as your qualifying deposit is received, Caesars will credit a $20 bonus to your account immediately.

However, keep in mind that while you can and should accept your 50 percent deposit match bonus all four days of the promotion, you can only claim the offer once per day and with a single deposit.

As always, deposits made at the Caesars Atlantic City casino cashier’s cage or via PayNearMe don’t count.

Your best bet: deposit exactly $40 all four days

If you wish to deposit more than the $40 minimum, you can do so. However, the daily bonus remains fixed at only $20.

So your best bet is to make four separate $40 deposits on each day of the promotion. That way, you will not only get the maximum possible total bonus of $80, but also a lot more bang for your buck.

Even a single 50 percent deposit match bonus is a very good offer. Now you have the opportunity to take advantage of it four times. Don’t mess that up!

Visit Caesars Online Casino – Deposit $40, Get $20 four days in a row!

Wagering requirements for the bonuses

Each $20 bonus that you receive comes with the following wagering requirements:

  • Slots: 5x bonus
  • Video Poker: 10x bonus
  • All other games: 25x bonus

Since each bonus is fixed at $20, depending on your game choice, your total wagering requirement to clear the bonus  would therefore be $100 for slots, $200 for video poker, or $500 for any other game.

Additional terms and conditions

Don’t worry about needing to finish clearing the previous day’s bonus in order to claim the next day’s bonus. Caesars allows you to have multiple active bonuses in your account simultaneously.  However, you can only clear one bonus at a time.

Clearing up to four bonuses shouldn’t be a problem though. You have up to seven days to complete the wagering for each one. Meanwhile, any bonus that still needs to be cleared, deposit tied to the bonus, and any associated winnings will remain temporarily locked into your account.

However, as soon as you finish clearing a given bonus (even if other bonuses are not yet fully cleared), assuming you have done so on time, all of the cleared bonus related money (or whatever is left of it) will become available for you to withdraw.

If you cancel a bonus, attempt to withdraw unavailable funds prematurely, or fail to complete the required wagering on time, you will forfeit both the bonus and any related winnings.

Why Deposit $40, Get $20 is a Great Offer

On first glance, some of you may not be impressed by this promotion from Caesars Online Casino. After all, $20 is a very small amount for a bonus. However, there is a lot more to this offer than meets the eye.

It is actually one of the best NJ online casino promotions of the weekend. Here are the reasons.

Four bonuses give you more chances to win

Most of the deposit match bonuses you find on NJ gambling websites are one time offers only. If they are on a day when making a deposit and playing isn’t convenient, tough luck.

Or another possibility is that you accept the offer,  but it’s not your lucky day. Much sooner than you had anticipated, and with your bonus far from being cleared, both your deposit and the bonus money are gone.

Yes, you can make another deposit, but you won’t get another bonus.

The beauty of this Daily Deposit Bonus from Caesars is that you get four chances to try to make your deposit and bonus ($60 combined) work for you.

Cumulative advantage of successive bonuses

Individually, each day’s bonus is small. However, because you can claim a new $20 bonus for four consecutive days, you get the cumulative effect of multiple bonuses in succession.

If you’re lucky clearing your first bonus, you will have extra ammunition to work with clearing your later bonuses. Then, if your winning streak continues, you will be in a great position to capitalize on it.

Even if your early luck isn’t great, the later bonuses can help you recoup.

Great bang for your buck

The only type of deposit match bonus that’s better than a 50 percent deposit match is a 100 percent deposit match. But 50 percent is still very good and a much higher percentage than most NJ online casino bonuses offer.

The problem with low percentage match bonuses is that in order to meet the casino’s wagering requirements, you may have to dip deeply into your own personal funds.

An offer almost any player can afford

Lastly, both the deposit and wagering requirements for the Deposit $40, Get $20 bonuses are very reasonable. Anyone who can afford to make a single deposit of $100 can probably afford four deposits of $40.

But if that’s too much for you, making one to three $40 deposits is also an option.

As for the wagering requirements, in case you didn’t notice, there is a big difference from most deposit match bonuses at Caesars Online Casino. Usually the wagering requirements are based on equal multiples of both the bonus and deposit combined.

However, the wagering requirements for these four daily bonuses are based on the same multiples of just the bonus. Your deposit doesn’t enter into the equation at all.

The bottom line

This deposit $40, get $20 repeatable offer from Caesars Online Casino will give you even more reason to celebrate this weekend. Opt in all four days of the promotion to enjoy $80 in bonus money. 

How And Where To Bet On The 2019 Masters At NJ Online Sportsbooks

Martin Derbyshire April 10, 2019
2019 Masters

The 2019 Masters tees off Thursday and, for the first time, anyone in New Jersey can now bet on golf’s biggest event.

Betting on the Masters can be as simple as picking the golfer you think will be putting on the green jacket inside Butler Cabin on Sunday evening and laying a few bucks down on it.

However, most NJ online and mobile sportsbooks are also offering several tournament- and player-specific lines for those who want to dive a little deeper.

Picking the outright 2019 Masters winner

Picking the outright winner of any PGA event before it starts can be downright tough, never mind who will win at Augusta National. That’s why you’ll see a positive (+) moneyline number beside every golfer on the board at all NJ sportsbooks heading into Thursday’s tee off.

Positive numbers mean big odds. The bigger the number, the more you stand to win if that golfer can become a 2019 Masters’ champion.

Of course, NJ sportsbooks will adjust these odds as the tournament progresses. That means the odds on the tournament leaders after the first two rounds are sure to go down. Plus, you may even find some negative (-) moneyline numbers heading into Sunday’s final round.

Negative moneyline numbers mean you’ll have to lay that number just to win $100 plus your bet back.

Add it up, and for the most part, the sooner you get a bet down on who you think will win the 2019 Masters, the better odds you’re going to get.

More 2019 Masters lines

As mentioned above, the betting lines on the 2019 Masters available at NJ sportsbooks extend well beyond just who will win it all.

You can bet on things including:

  • Who will lead after the first, second and third rounds.
  • A particular golfer’s final finishing position.
  • The top finisher from a specific part of the world.
  • Group and head-to-head scoring matchups.

There are even various props available.

Tiger Woods Masters props

Since four-time Masters’ champion Tiger Woods is the most popular athlete in the game, several NJ sportsbooks have put together a series of props surrounding Woods’ Masters performance this year.

For example, as of April 9, DraftKings Sportsbook is offering:

  • +800 on Woods playing in Sunday’s final grouping.
  • An odds boost on Woods winning it all, moving the line from +1400 to +2000.
  • +500 on Woods making a triple bogey or worse in any round.
  • +500 on Woods shooting -10 or better.
  • +6600 on Woods making a hole in one.
  • A 15.5 over/under on Woods’ birdies.
  • A 12.5 over/under on Woods’ bogeys.

Plus, over on FanDuel Sportsbook, you’ll find Woods’ lines including:

  • +2000 on Woods going bogey-free in the first round.
  • +1200 on Woods to birdie the second hole in all four rounds.
  • -120 on Woods to make an eagle on any hole.
  • -200 on Woods’ first shot from the first tee to land in the fairway.
  • +5000 on Woods making a hole in one.
  • +100 on Woods’ lowest scoring round being over 68.5.
  • +30000 on Woods winning both Wednesday’s Par 3 tournament at Augusta National and the 2019 Masters.

Look around at the various NJ sportsbooks to see exactly which bets each is offering on the 2019 Masters.

Watch the Masters, beat the sportsbooks

Of course, the best way to beat the sportsbooks is to pick a side you like and shop around for the best available price on the bet.

Other than that, golf is like any other sport in that actually watching the game will give you the best betting insights.

The 2019 Masters will be from April 11 through April 14, and the action will be broadcast live on ESPN on Thursday and Friday, and CBS on Saturday and Sunday.

You’ll also be able to find video highlights through the Masters’ Twitter accounts @MastersMoments and @TheMasters.

Plus, there’s a live stream at and the Masters’ mobile app for iPhone and Android devices.

Additionally, there will be live coverage of featured groups, Masters on the Range, Amen Corner, and Holes 15 and 16 available on and the Masters’ app.

Masters betting tips

Finally, if you’re looking for info on the 2019 Masters, and a little insight into who will win the 2019 Masters before tee off on Thursday, remember that:

  • All of the past five Masters’ champions were coming off a win or runner-up finish in their last eight events.
  • Ten of the past 11 winners made the cut the previous year.
  • Ten of the last 12 Masters’ champions came in ranked inside the Top 30 golfers in the world.
  • Neither the defending champion nor the No. 1 ranked golfer in the world has won in more than a decade.

Wanna Go To Wawa? Win A Free $50 Gift Card From Virgin Casino NJ

Barbara Nathan April 2, 2019

It’s a weekday morning, and before you have had a chance to grab breakfast, you’re reluctantly out the door.

You’re already late for work, so you’re far too pressed for time to stop at a sit down café.

So where do all logical New Jersey online casino players go?

Wanna go to Wawa? Of course, you do!

This week Virgin Online Casino will give five lucky players even more reason to visit Wawa — a $50 Wawa gift card!

Wawa is the greatest best kept secret of the Delaware Valley.

What would you do for a Wawa gift card?

If you’re an eligible registered player at Virgin Casino, the good news is you don’t have to do much. Simply log into your Virgin Casino account as often as possible during the weeklong April 1-7 promotion period.

Every $50 wagered on any game on any given day will earn you one entry into the upcoming prize draw, up to a total of five entries per day on any day you wager $250 or more.

Then, on Monday, April 8, Virgin Casino will hold a random drawing among all eligible entries to pick the five Wawa gift card winners.

Are you eligible?

No promo code needed. No deposit required.

This promotion is open to registered Virgin NJ casino players only. If you’re a Virgin Casino player who resides in New Jersey, of course, you’re eligible.

But if you happen to reside in most of the other Wawa locations such as Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C., as long as you have access to the Virgin Casino NJ gambling website, you can participate, too. You just have to be in New Jersey at the time of your play.

However, residents of New York, Florida, Rhode Island, Louisiana, Hawaii, Guam, and Puerto Rico are unfortunately excluded.

Additional terms and conditions

No deposit is required. So unless you’re account is running on empty, no need to make one.

By the way, no advance purchase at Wawa is required either. And as great as it would be to earn extra entries by shopping there, neither Virgin Casino nor Wawa thought of it. Maybe next time.

All winners will be notified via email within three business days of the drawing. They will receive instructions at that time on how to claim their prize and then have 14 calendar days thereafter to do so.

All prizes are non-exchangeable and non-transferable. The casino website does not state the time limit, if any, for using the Wawa gift card. If you’re one of the lucky winners, be sure to get the answer to this question.

Fun facts about Wawa

Obviously, with only five winners, having your name picked in the upcoming drawing is a longshot. But win or lose, playing your favorite Virgin Casino games is always fun. So is shopping at your local Wawa, even if you’re the one who’s paying. Here are a few fun facts you might not have known about Wawa.

  • Wawa originally opened more than 200 years ago as an NJ iron factory.
  • The first Wawa Food Market opened in Folsom, Penn., on April 16, 1964. It’s still open today, along with more than 800 other Wawa stores.
  • In a 2015 research study by Market Force, 7,000 consumers gave Wawa a composite loyalty score of 68 percent.
  • Today, Wawa sells more than 60 million hoagies and more than 195 million cups of coffee per year.

Earn tickets for this week’s Million Cents Sharepot at Virgin Casino, too!

At the same time that you’re busy racking up entries trying to win a $50 Wawa gift card, let your play on do double duty by also earning tickets for this week’s sharepot.

In fact, you have a million reasons to enter since this sharepot is loaded to the brim with a million cents in bonus money. That’s a prize pool of $10,000.

And if you participate, your odds of getting a share of it are 100%! You can read all about the Virgin Casino One Million Cents Sharepot here.

Final Four Announced: 2019 NJ Online Sportsbook Tournament Bracket

Avatar April 2, 2019

Recently, our team here at NJ Gambling Websites put together a 2019 NJ Online Sportsbook Tournament Bracket Championship in honor of this year’s March Madness tournament.

We ranked the top eight NJ online sportsbooks & sports betting apps and placed them in a March Madness-style bracket.

After announcing our little tournament to the masses, we took to Twitter to let the people (aka YOU) decide.

For each matchup, we created a poll, and let the people of Twitter decide the fate of each NJ online sportsbook.


After all the votes were tallied, here’s how the first round played out:

No. 1 seed DraftKings defeats No. 8 seed William Hill

Yes, DraftKings is currently the leading daily fantasty sports (DFS) operator, but how did they take down a legit sports-betting giant like William Hill so easily?

DraftKings’ three keys to victory 

  1. Preparation: DraftKings had been eyeing up the competition long before sports betting was legalized in NJ, and it became the first fully legal NJ online/mobile sports betting platform.
  2. Integration: The DraftKings’ DFS platform and its online sportsbook share the same interface and online wallet, making it convenient for customers in more ways than one.
  3. Easy, fast and fun: DraftKings break down any complicated subject matter into simple terms, and it offers a ton of betting options, including both traditional and modern bets to keep everyone happy.

No. 2 seed BetStars defeats No. 7 seed 888sport

The company known for its PokerStars platform becomes a No. 2 seed and dominates 888sport.


BetStars’ three keys to victory

  1. Mobile app: Downloading the BetStars app is significantly quicker than most NJ sports betting apps, which inspires confidence in the security of the platform.
  2. Promos and bonuses: When it comes to player promotions, BetStars is at the top of its game. From huge new player sign-up bonuses to simplified matched bets, it does it all.
  3. Customer service: The parent company for BetStars, the Stars Group, strives to provide quality service to its players, across all the platforms. This type of customer support goes a long way, obviously.

No. 6 seed SugarHouse upsets No. 3 seed FanDuel

SugarHouse looks to be the next Cinderella story as it stuns FanDuel in a photo-finish upset.


SugarHouse’s three keys to victory

  1. OG of Integration: SugarHouse was the first of its kind to merge its NJ online casino and sports betting app on creating the shared wallet.
  2. Betting innovators: SugarHouse Sportsbook is well-known for its in-game betting, bet variety and innovative options, like the ever-popular jackpot parlay.
  3. New player bonuses: SugarHouse treats its new players quite well with a generous first-deposit bonus of up to $250. Use promo code PLAY250 to claim yours. However, FanDuel does have a $500 risk-free bet offer, but sometimes less is more.

No. 5 seed PointsBet defeats No. 4 seed Caesars


Even though they came in as a small underdog, PointsBet embarrassed Caesars without even breaking a sweat.

PointsBet’s three keys to victory

  1. Spread betting specialist: PointsBet is well-known for its unique wagering option to betting the spread, in which it provides added benefits. For example, bettors have the opportunity to increase its winnings based on the size of the team’s lead.
  2. Attractive welcome bonus: PointsBet offers a huge welcome bonus worth up to $1,050 in free bets. Use promo code PLAY50.
  3. Winning opportunities: PointsBet offers high-risk, high-reward wagering, and NJ bettors can’t get enough.

Click below and make your vote count to see which NJ online sports betting site wins it all!

Make It Your Mission To Win A Share Of $75,000+ At Golden Nugget This Week

Daniel Smyth March 28, 2019

The Golden Nugget SportsMania promo is drawing to a close, but there’s still a ton of bonus cash up for grabs. Running in tandem with this month’s $75,000 giveaway is the fourth and final weekly mission.

Kicking off on Monday and finishing at 11:59 p.m. EST on March 31, this week’s challenge has $3,000 up for grabs.

To take part in the mission, all you have to do is log into Golden Nugget and hit the “opt in” button on your promo page. Once you’re in the mix, you need to play any of the site’s real money casino games to earn points.

For this particular mission, you’ll need to bank at least 50 Golden Points. Do that, and your name will go into the draw.

Play each day to complete Golden Nugget’s weekly mission

To increase your chances of winning one of 400 bonus prizes, you can opt-in for free every day. In other words, if you earn 50 Golden Points per day, you’ll have multiple shots at winning.

What’s more, there’s a daily maximum of 100 points. If you hit that target (or exceed it), you’ll receive two tickets for the prize draw.

Once the ballot closes, Golden Nugget will host a random draw on Tuesday, April 2. If you’re one of the names pulled from the hat, you’ll receive a share of $3,000 in bonus cash the same day.

If you’re not one of the lucky ones, fear not because the monthly points race is still open. Yes, you will have to work hard to make it onto the leaderboard.

However, with the right amount of dedication and game selection, you could still scoop a share of $75,000 in bonus cash.

Two ways to win, multiple ways to earn points

Whichever offer you set your sights on, the main thing you need to do is earn points. With that in mind, here are the ways you can pocket Golden Points:

  • Wager $100 on slot games to earn five Golden Points.
  • Wager $100 on table games, blackjack, roulette, and video poker to earn one Golden Point.
  • Bet $100 on sports (via Golden Nugget Sports) to earn one Golden Point.
  • Each day you deposit between $50-$99, you’ll earn 20 Golden Points.
  • Each day you deposit $100 or more, you’ll earn 40 Golden Points.

Looking at the list above should give you a sense of confidence. Even if you’re a casual player, earning 50 Golden Points shouldn’t be too tough.

Obviously, the fastest way to get there is to deposit $100+ and play a few games. However, if your account is already full, the next best way to rack up points is to play slots.

Five times more valuable than any other casino game or sports bets, slots should help you reach the entry target with relative ease.

Make slots your go-to game for a points bonanza

In fact, the reason slots should be your go-to games over the next few days is because they offer the most bang for your buck. As well as five and six-figure jackpots, these games allow you to stake a huge amount of money in a short space of time.

Because the average spin takes around three seconds, you can literally wager hundreds of dollars in a few minutes.

Now, if you’re worried that this could become expensive, don’t forget that wager doesn’t mean you lose. Whenever you play any casino game, the amount you wager is defined as the amount of money bet irrespective of wins or losses.

Therefore, in theory, you could “wager” $100 and win $150 for a profit of $50. Naturally, you can’t predict how or when you’re going to win.

However, the average slot at Golden Nugget has an RTP (return to player) of 90+ percent.

That, in theory, means you have the potential to enjoy a fairly consistent win rate when you play. Again, there are no guarantees when it comes to any online casino game.

However, the stats suggest that wins are far from impossible.

Spin and you could win a share of $3,000 or more this week

With that being the case, playing slots should help you reach the points target without busting your bankroll. Assuming you do make it into the weekly draw, you could win between $2 and $500 in bonus cash.

If you are one of the lucky ones, your free funds are cashable once you meet the 1x playthrough.

In practice, this means you’ll need to stake 1x whatever you win before you can withdraw the bonus and any associated winnings. Other than that, this week’s mission is a great way to extract some extra value from Golden Nugget.

Moreover, it could be the proverbial push you need to put in some serious volume and win a share of this month’s $75,000 points race prize pool.

Laugh Your Way To Bonus Cash With Virgin Online Casino’s Sharepot

Barbara Nathan March 19, 2019
free money nj online casinos

Now that the over the top celebrating of St. Patrick’s Day weekend is finally over, it’s back to the reality of everyday responsibilities. But that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop, and Virgin Casino is going all out to make sure it doesn’t

Coinciding with National Let’s Laugh Day on March 19, Virgin Casino is encouraging you to share some laughs with your friends. But that’s not all. Since sharing fun is what this casino is all about, this week seemed like the perfect time to offer another sharepot.

As if playing your favorite Virgin Casino games isn’t already fun enough, a guaranteed way to make it even more fun is to sweeten the pot. This time there’s $10,000 in bonus money up for grabs.

The more you play during the four-day earning period — Monday through Thursday — the bigger your share of the sharepot.

How this week’s Virgin Casino sharepot works

In February, Virgin Casino shared the love, giving away $10,000 in bonus money on a Valentine’s Day sharepot.

Now, a month later, it is extending the same offer. In fact, everything about the offer, except the occasion prompting it and the dates for earning sharepot tickets, is identical.

The period for earning tickets for the Share a Laugh Sharepot started March 18 and continues until 11:59 p.m. March 21.

For every $50 wagered on any game on any given calendar day during the promotion, you will earn one Sharepot ticket, up to a maximum of five tickets per day if you wager a total of $250 or more.

Bet the maximum for a bigger share of the sharepot

The maximum number of tickets per person is 20. In order to get this many tickets, you would have to play all four days of the promotion and wager $250 or more each day.

If you can afford to wager that much, you’ll be sitting pretty. You are guaranteed to get the biggest share of the Sharepot you can possibly get. No other players will wind up with a bigger share than you.

But if that much wagering is more than you can comfortably afford, don’t worry about it.  Do the best you can without overextending yourself. The whole point of this promotion is to have fun, not to break the bank. As long as you can wager at least $50 on at least one day during the promotion, you will qualify for a share of the Sharepot.

How Virgin Casino will determine your share

All rewards from the March Sharepot will be in the form of bonus money credited to your account. However, there is no way to know ahead of time what your bonus will be. Even after the promotion period ends, you still won’t know for a few days.

You will know how many tickets you earned, but not how that translates into actual bonus dollars.

The other important piece of the puzzle that is still missing is how many tickets all of the other players earned. Virgin Casino will use that information to figure out each player’s fair share and then distribute the bonus money accordingly.

The good news is that it’s Virgin Casino’s job, not yours, to figure out the precise rewards for each player. But for those of you who are mathematically inclined, I am including below the various steps that will go into this determination.

  • First, the casino will determine the total number of tickets for each player separately.
  • Then it will arrive at the total number of tickets for all players combined.
  • Next, the casino will calculate each player’s percentage of the sharepot by dividing each player’s total number of tickets by the grand total for all players.
  • Lastly, each player’s percentage of the sharepot will be multiplied by $10,000 (the amount of bonus money in the sharepot). The result is the amount of bonus money each player will receive.

For example, if you have 10 sharepot tickets and all of the participants combined have 5,000 tickets, your percentage of the total is .20 percent. When you multiply that percentage by $10,000, you get $20. That’s the amount of your bonus.

When will you get your bonus money?

According to the Virgin Casino NJ gambling website, you can expect to receive your bonus within 24 hours of March 22. However, in the event of technical difficulties, allow for up to three business days.

Bonus money wagering requirements

The bonus money you receive from this March sharepot at Virgin online casino is subject to the same terms and conditions as any other bonus money you receive as a Virgin Casino player.

You have up to 30 days to meet the casino’s very modest wagering requirement of 1x the bonus. You can play any game you wish. All games count 100 percent.

As soon as you complete this wagering, you can keep any resulting winnings, but unfortunately, not the bonus money itself. Win or lose, as soon as you wager the bonus once, the casino removes the bonus from your account. You never see it again.

Virgin Casino sharepot pros and cons

If you are new to Virgin Casino, you are probably wondering if this Share a Laugh Sharepot promotion, apart from being fun, will be worth your time.

The offer does come with some very good features, along with others that are not so great. In that respect, it is similar to most promotions at NJ online casinos.

What’s not to like

Sticky bonus

Most NJ online casino bonuses are cashable. The wagering requirements may be a lot higher than just 1x the bonus, but if you’re lucky, the additional wagering will give you many more chances to win.

In addition, as soon as you complete the wagering and clear the bonus, not just your winnings, but whatever is left of the bonus, too, is yours to keep.

However, all of the bonuses for existing players at (and sister NJ online casino Tropicana Casino) are non-withdrawable. Furthermore, you can only bet the bonus once. This significantly limits the amount you can potentially win from betting the bonus.

The subsequent removal of the bonus from your account limits the amount you can win even more.

Bonus amount is probably small

Non-cashable bonuses, because of their nature, need to be larger than traditional bonuses to give you any reasonable chance for a decent size win.

Although a Sharepot containing $10,000 in bonus money sounds generous enough, you need to keep in mind that it is going to be distributed among a very large pool of players. So individual shares, particularly for those whose play during the promotion period has been minimal, could be quite small.

What to like

Now that I have gotten the not so great features of this promotion out of the way, here is a summary of why, in spite of those shortcomings, you should take advantage of this offer.


Small players find themselves shut out of many otherwise good promotions on NJ gambling websites simply because the deposit and/or wagering requirements are too steep for their budget.

This sharepot at Virgin NJ online casino requires no deposit at all. In addition, the wagering requirements, both to earn sharepot tickets and to clear the bonus, are extremely reasonable.

Reasonable cap on number of entries

If the number of entries was unlimited, high rollers who could easily bet thousands of dollars a day would do exactly like that. It’s the last thing you want if you’re a small to average size player because then the big players would hog virtually the whole sharepot for themselves and leave everyone else with crumbs.

With a maximum of five entries daily per person based on $250 in wagers, the playing field is sufficiently leveled to give everyone a fair chance.

Guaranteed mystery bonus

A Sharepot is different from a drawing because every participating player is guaranteed to win something. The fact that it’s also a mystery bonus adds to the fun.

No risk bonus

Another great feature of this bonus is that it’s completely risk-free. While you do have to risk your own money to earn tickets for the sharepot, it doesn’t need to be any more than you would ordinarily wager otherwise. And that’s the only time you are gambling with your own money during the whole promotion.

Once you get the bonus, the casino is giving you a free shot to bet it once and try to win with it. Even if you don’t win, you finish with the same amount of money you started with, and that’s the absolute worst that can happen.

However, you could win twice, first in your play during the promotion period to earn sharepot tickets and later, when you wager the bonus, too.

The bottom line

If you’re looking for a fun promotion that in all likelihood won’t make you a ton of money, but where you don’t have to worry about jeopardizing your bankroll either, you’ve found it with this week’s sharepot at Virgin Casino.

Go Mad With Bonus Offers This March At Virgin Casino NJ

Daniel Smyth March 12, 2019

Virgin Casino NJ March Madness bonus offer

With NCAA basketball fans preparing to lose their minds over March Madness, Virgin Casino is looking to restore some order with a nice playback bonus.

Known as the Virgin Casino Mad March Rebound, this week’s offer is a chance for you to re-inflate your flailing finances.

Naturally, like all playback promos, the benefits only kick in if luck isn’t on your side.

Known for being one of the more generous NJ mobile casino apps, Virgin wants you to play without fear of losing for the next few days. Cool, huh?

Certain games and stakes will unlock this bonus

To shoot for glory, you’ll need to wager at least $50 before 11:59 pm EST March 14. That’s easy enough, but like any basketball play, you need to make the right moves.

Play these slots to activate the bonus:

  • Family Feud
  • Deal or No Deal
  • Secrets of the Phoenix
  • Tiki Totems
  • Tiki Island
  • Tiki Island Mini
  • Agatha Christie’s Mystery Wilds
  • Diamond Bonanza
  • Bubbly Wild
  • Wonderland
  • Cats
  • Cleopatra
  • 88 Fortunes
  • Raging Rhino

Assuming you play one or more of the games above and you don’t get the run of the court, Virgin Casino’s bonus team will give you a 15 percent rebate. Now, the important thing to understand here is that playback bonuses only count if you finish the playing period with a net loss.

In practice, this means you have to lose more than you win between now and March 14.

“A net loss is equal to your total wager minus your total win each qualifying day during the promotional period.”

To put this in context, let’s assume you deposit $50 and take a turn or two on Raging Rhino. Things start well, but after an hour or so, you’ve wagered $40 and not made a profit.

You take a break and, with your final $10, you take your balance to $30. In total, you’ll have wagered $50 and made $30.

Doing the math, your final balance is -$20. Based on this week’s playback percentage, you’ll get $3 back.

Now, that’s not a king’s ransom. However, anything is better than nothing. What’s more, the size of your rebate is always based on your losses.

It’s a win-win

In reality, you’d prefer not to receive a playback bonus at all this week. However, if you have to and luck isn’t on your side, you’d like your losses to be as small as possible.

If that’s the case, why are we promoting this promo? Simple: any deal that gives you a chance to reduce your losses is worth talking about.

Even with all the planning and strategy in the world, casino gaming is unpredictable. Because of that, it’s great to have a proverbial safety net there to catch you if you fall.

Of course, we don’t want you to lose at all. Unfortunately, that’s something we can’t control.

In fact, if you’re going to place bets of any kind, you have to be prepared for the worst. Only by accepting that losses can and do occur can will get the most out of your online gaming experience.

Virgin Casino NJ can ease your pain

With all that being said, Virgin Casino is there this week to help you get over a bad run of luck ahead of March Madness. Anyone that does earn a playback bonus will receive their refund in the form of bonus cash.

These credits aren’t cashable. However, you can use them to play any real money games and, in turn, win real money.

If that happens, you can withdraw your profits once you meet the 1X playthrough. Other than that, there’s not much else you need to know.

As long as you log in and wager $50 or more on the right games before the close of play on March 14, you’ll activate the Mad March Rebound NJ online casino bonus offer.

Fight for Extra Loyalty Points and Prizes with Golden Nugget’s Vikings Slot Game

Daniel Smyth March 5, 2019

It’s the golden game of the week at Golden Nugget, which only means one thing: extra loyalty points.

As it often does, this gold-loving operator shines a light on some of its top slots and, until March 7, you’ll get additional credit when you play Vikings.

Developed by NetEnt and looking like as much of an epic movie as a slot, Vikings is a truly immersive NJ online casino game. Indeed, from the moment you load up the software, the video sequence looks as though it was taken straight from the Game of Thrones archive.

From there, the live action background sees you spinning five reels and 243 paylines in among various settings.

However, as impressive as its aesthetics are, it’s the gameplay that really makes Vikings come alive. As well as all the usual features such as wilds, bonuses and free spins, this slot features a unique seventh reel.

Triggered when you roll in three or more Raid Spins symbols, this added extra gives you free turns on an oversized betting board. Put simply, the five reels are extended to seven, which means your 243 ways to win are increased to a jaw-dropping 78,125.

A wealth of riches with Golden Nugget slots

Naturally, with more ways to make a combination, the NJ online casino bonus round can lead to some serious payouts. In fact, if you roll in 27 Viking game symbols, you’ll bank a heady 10,000X your stake.

Basically, when you combine all of these features, Vikings is a slot that’s as powerful as its name suggests. In fact, if you ask us, it’s so impressive that you really don’t need any other reasons to take a spin.

However, in the spirit of going the extra mile, Golden Nugget will double your loyalty points total each time you wager $100 or more this week.

To take part in this offer, you don’t have to jump through endless hoops. Instead, you’ll simply need to login and play Vikings.

Because it’s the game of the week, you’ll receive 10 Golden Points each time you wager $100.

Why’s that significant? Well, because under normal circumstances, you’d only receive 5 Golden Points.

Therefore, between now and 11:59pm ET on March 7, you’ll literally get double the value by choosing to stand and fight with the Vikings.

Plenty of ways to earn Golden Points

Of course, that’s not the only way you can earn Golden Points. Because Golden Nugget rewards dedication as much as bets, you can boost your loyalty balance in a variety of ways, including:

Bet on Slots and Table Games:

  • $100 wagered on slots will earn you 5 Golden Points.
  • $100 wagered on table games, blackjack, roulette or video poker will earn 1 Golden Point.

Be Active Each Day:

  • You’ll earn 10 Golden Points each day that you place a real money wager between 1:00am ET and 1:00am ET the following day.

Deposit and Earn:

  • Each day you make a deposit between $50 and $99, you’ll earn 20 Golden Points.
  • Each day you make a deposit of $100 or more, you’ll earn 40 Golden Points.

Golden Points turn nothing into something

Now, what’s the point of earning extra Golden Points we hear you cry? Well, in addition to pushing you up the VIP ladder towards better rewards, points can be exchanged for cash.

Each time you’ve earned at least 100 Golden Points, you can exchange for $1 in bonus cash. With these credits, you can play any of Golden Nugget’s top games, win money and put it in your back pocket once you’ve met the necessary playthrough.

Basically, the more Golden points you can earn, the more chances you’ve got to turn nothing into something. What’s more, the NJ gambling websites Game of the Week offer is your chance to try one of the best slots on the market right now.

By adding some extra incentives to the mix, Golden Nugget is giving you a reason to join the Vikings and fight for jackpots topping 10,000X your line bet. For us, that’s reason enough to take a spin or two this week.

So, what are you waiting for? Login or join Golden Nugget right now using our secure sign-up link and earn some extras today!

Get a 50% Daily Deposit Bonus All Weekend at Caesars Online Casino

Barbara Nathan March 1, 2019

What could possibly be a better deal for an NJ online casino player like you than logging in to your favorite NJ gambling website, making a small deposit, and getting a bonus?

Logging in and collecting a Daily Deposit Bonus four days in a row!

Visit Caesars and enter the bonus code DAILY20 to claim your free $20.

At Caesars Online Casino, every day from today, Friday, March 1, through Monday, March 5, is payday. And best of all, even if you’re a small player, there is no way this daily Deposit $40, Get $20 offer will break the bank.

You’re getting a 50 percent return on your deposit each day. In other words, if you do this four times, once each day of the promotion, all together, it will only cost you $160.

In return, you will receive $80 in bonus money!

Looking at today’s miserable weather, it’s hard to believe it’s March already. But if another weekend of snow and rain means putting some previous plans on hold, no big deal.

It just gives you more time to play your favorite NJ online casino games. And with all the extra bonus money you’ll be picking up from Caesars NJ, this could turn out to be a big winning weekend.

How to claim the Caesars Daily Bonus promotion

This offer is open to all registered account holders. Each day that you would like to participate, in order to qualify for a bonus, you need to make a separate $40 deposit.

Here are the simple steps you need to follow each day.

  • Log into your each day during the March 1-4 promotion.
  • Click on My Account and then on My Bonuses.
  • Enter the bonus code DAILY20. Then click on Get Details.
  • Locate the offer Deposit $40, Get $20 under Available Bonuses.
  • Then click on Deposit next to the bonus. Make a single deposit of $40 or more and claim your bonus.

Your $20 bonus will be credited to your account immediately.

Of course, if it’s not convenient for you to accept the offer every day, that’s your prerogative. However, as long as you have the time and the available funds, by all means squeeze every last dollar of this offer you can.

It’s not every day that you can get a deposit match bonus of 50 percent.

Since each daily deposit bonus is fixed at $20, there is no point depositing less than $40 because then you won’t get a bonus. There is also no good reason to deposit more than $40 unless you need the extra money for your usual size wagers.

A bigger deposit won’t get you a bigger bonus, and you will also lose out on the great bang for your buck you would get otherwise with a 50 percent deposit match.

You can only claim this offer once each day and with a single deposit. Deposits made at the Caesars Atlantic City casino cashier’s cage or via PayNearMe don’t count.

Wagering requirements for each $40 bonus

Many bonuses come with a heftier wagering requirement than you might expect since they are based on equal multiples of the bonus and player’s deposit combined. That’s why you’re going to love the news I have for you now.

The wagering requirements for each of the four daily bonuses being offered to you this weekend are based on the same multiples of just your bonus. Your $40 deposits don’t enter into the equation at all.

Depending on your game choice, here are the wagering requirements:

  • Slots: 5x bonus
  • Video Poker: 10x bonus
  • All Other Games: 25x bonus

Therefore, the total amount of wagering you will need to do to clear each $20 bonus is $100 for slots, $200 for video poker, or $500 for other games.

Other important terms and conditions

While you can only clear one bonus at a time, here’s some more great news. The casino is giving you up to seven days to clear each of the four bonuses.

So if you would like to claim the next day’s bonus but haven’t completed the wagering for the previous day’s bonus yet, no problem.

While the playthrough for a given bonus is still in progress, the bonus, deposit tied to the bonus, and any resulting winnings will stay temporarily locked into your account.

However, as soon as you complete all the necessary wagering for that bonus, assuming it hasn’t expired yet, all of this money (or whatever is left of it) will become available to you for withdrawal.

You will be free to withdraw this money if you wish, even while you are still working on clearing other bonuses.

On the other hand, if you cancel a bonus, make a premature attempt to withdraw funds that are still unavailable, or fail to complete the required wagering on time, you will forfeit not only the bonus, but also any resulting winnings.

Why this Caesars Bonus Offer is a Great Deal

Most of the deposit match NJ online casino bonus offers you will find on NJ gambling websites are for one-time use only. Sometimes they are valid for a single day only, other times for a period of a few days.

But once you claim the offer, you’re done. If it’s one of those days when winning isn’t in the cards, tough luck.

Even if you make another deposit, there won’t be another bonus waiting for you.

Four chances to win

The Caesars Daily Deposit Bonus Offer, on the other hand, gives you four chances to turn your deposit and bonus into a nice win. Granted, each individual bonus is small, but by getting a whole string of them on consecutive days, the successive bonuses build on the previous ones.

If you get lucky early on, you’ll have a bigger bankroll to work with for clearing your later bonuses. Or, if your early luck isn’t great, you have multiple opportunities to recoup.

Very reasonable wagering requirements

Let’s just suppose for a moment that Caesars would have applied its usual policy of making you wager the same multiples of both the bonus and deposit combined. If so, your wagering requirements for this 50 percent deposit match bonus would be triple what they are now.

Instead, regardless of which type of game you select, the wagering requirements are extremely reasonable. The typical wagering requirement to clear a bonus with slots is 10x the bonus, and the typical wagering requirement to clear a bonus with video poker is 50x the bonus.

However, to clear these bonuses you only have to wager 5x the bonus or 10x the bonus, respectively.

In addition, you have up to a week to clear each bonus. So that gives you plenty of time.

You can pace your play in a way that makes you comfortable.

The bottom line

A bonus doesn’t have to be big to represent a good value. Deposit $40, Get $20 would be a very good value even as a single offer.

This weekend’s Daily Deposit Bonus offer where you can deposit $40 and get a $20 bonus four days in a row gives you outstanding value.

Find The Best Roulette Games At Caesars Online Casino

Martin Derbyshire February 25, 2019

Caesars Online Casino has a relatively large selection of online roulette games.

In fact, at last count, there were a total of seven online roulette titles available at Caesars Casino & Sports. You’ll find everything from traditional American and European roulette games to roulette with bonus spins and three wheels at Caesars.

The question is, are any one of Caesars’ online roulette offerings any better than the others? The answer is a surprising yes.

Roulette games can be judged based on the return to player (RTP) rate, which tells you theoretically how much of the money put into a game is returned to players.

Finding the best roulette games means seeking out the top RTP rates available. That generally means avoiding roulette games that use American roulette wheels.

European roulette wheels use a single zero slot, but American roulette wheels have a double zero slot added to them as well.

It may seem like a small and insignificant difference, but it is anything but. The addition of the double zero slots has a significant impact on your chances of winning.

In fact, there is an almost 3.5 percent RTP rate difference between American and European roulette. Over the long haul, that means the casino keeping more of your money when you play American versus European roulette.

In other words, you should avoid American roulette games and stick to those that use a European roulette wheel.

Roulette on Caesars Casino & Sports

Here’s a look at the seven online roulette games available at Caesars:

  • Roulette (European 97.29 percent RTP)
  • American roulette (American 94.74 percent RTP)
  • European roulette (European 97.29 percent RTP)
  • Roulette master (European 97.30 percent RTP)
  • French roulette (European 97.30 percent RTP)
  • Double bonus spin roulette (American with second bonus wheel 98.064 percent RTP)
  • Three wheel roulette (European with three wheels 97.29 percent RTP)

How to find the games

Finding roulette games at Caesars Casino & Sports is easy.

At the top of the page, below the site’s rolling promotions and advertising banner, you’ll find seven game-type tabs. The third one from the left is labeled “roulette.” Click it to reveal the seven title tiles for Caesars’ roulette games. Each one is a link to information about the game and the game itself.

Alternatively, on the right-hand side of the page, you’ll find a search box. Type in the word “roulette,” hit enter to see the same seven title tiles.

Wait a second before you hit enter and a drop-down menu will appear with links to Caesars’ different roulette games as well.

The best roulette games at Caesars Casino & Sports

Here’s a brief introduction to all seven Caesars’ roulette games:

American roulette

Standard American roulette with a double zero slot and an RTP of 94.74 percent. The minimum bet is 10 cents.

Double bonus spin roulette

American roulette with an additional two free chances to win when the double bonus spin is triggered. An enhanced RTP of 98.064 percent due to the bonus. The minimum bet is $1.

European roulette

Standard European roulette with just one zero and a 97.29 percent RTP.

French roulette

New to Caesars, this is European roulette with the French “la partage” giving players half the bet back on even-odds bets if the zero hits. An enhanced RTP of 97.3 percent due to the la partage rule. The minimum bet is 10 cents.


European roulette with just one zero and a 97.29 percent RTP. Additional features include a customizable playing field and new betting options. The minimum bet is $1.

Roulette master

French roulette with just one zero and the la partage rule. An enhanced RTP of 97.30 percent. Additional features include a customizable playing field and new betting options. Plus, the minimum bet is just 1 cent.

Three wheel roulette

European roulette with just one zero and a 97.29 percent RTP. Special features include the use of three wheels offering three chances to win and a “color up” bonus feature. The minimum bet is 10 cents.

Sign up at Caesars Online now to receive a FREE $25 and use it to play one of your Roulette games. Use promo code: PLAYFREE25

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