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NHL Investigation On Kane Throwing Games Has Come To An End

October 6, 2021

Responsible Gaming Week just passed and one big story that we’re tracking will highlight just how important it is to play within your limits. Let’s start off with some news updates involving Evander Kane and his betting scandal, then we’ll touch on the August revenue numbers from the state of New Jersey.

NHL Determines That Kane Didn’t Intentionally Lose Games

NHL forward Evander Kane has admittedly not had the best year or two, but at least he’s been cleared of a crime that could have cost him his NHL career. An NHL investigation examining accusations that Kane was purposefully losing games for his team in order to fund his gambling addiction has been completed.

After a deep dive, the league determined that there wasn’t any evidence to support that he was doing this.

Kane isn’t out of the woods just yet, though, as he is still sidelined from training camp while the team handles other accusations made by his wife about sexual and physical abuse.

Gambling has been a big problem for him as he is currently in tons of debt right now due to that his addiction and currently faces an unbelievable $26.8 million hole. What is even more shocking is that he compiled those charges less than three years from when he signed a massive seven-year, $49 million extension with the San Jose Sharks.

New Jersey Revenue Reaches $426 Million During August

The gambling market in New Jersey is showing strong signs of recovery right now. Their revenue totals from August have been reported and the numbers are impressive. They wound up being $426.7 million, a 31 percent increase in year-over-year. However, those numbers are a bit of a decline from July when they brought in $450.6 million in total.

Atlantic City was a massive part of last month’s success, bringing in $262.4 million of the $426 million that they earned. In July, Atlantic City only brought in $199.1 million. Although, iGaming has taken a giant leap in the last couple of months.

In July, all online casinos were able to total $118.7 million, a state record. The previous record was set earlier this year in March when they got $113.7 million. Sportsbooks were also critical to New Jersey’s recent success, accounting for $52.03 million from bettors in August.

iGaming & Sports Betting in the United States About to Reel in $40 Billion

September 29, 2021
sports betting igaming revenue US

This week’s casino news starts off in Osaka, Japan where MGM Resorts has won the rights to build a casino. Let’s take a closer look at that and at the revenue numbers of sports betting and igaming in the US.

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Sports Betting And iGaming In The United States Could Hit $40 Billion in Revenue

Speaking of untapped markets, iGaming and Sports betting in the United States – which is just starting to grow legally – could reel in $40 billion in revenue per year. While those numbers sound lofty, they are merely considering the fact that many states haven’t legalized the pastimes yet, so there is ample room to grow.

Sports betting revenue has already increased 435 percent compared to last year with New Jersey leading the charge. With the football season underway as well, that number is projected to jump even higher. DraftKings, FanDuel and BetMGM are all among the sports betting operators that are bringing in the most revenue.

iGaming is also going to be taking a nice jump. Projections say that they could increase up to $14 billion in revenue by the year 2033. As it stands right now, they are only at $1.5 billion.

MGM Resorts Winner Of Osaka Casino Rights

MGM Resorts were able to become the last company standing in the race to place a casino in Osaka. After partnering with Orix, they gave themselves an edge in the competition and it apparently worked out as Osaka has chosen to go ahead with MGM. Back in July, there were announcements that a $9 billion casino concept was planning to be placed inside the city’s Yumeshima Island.

Osaka wasn’t really left with many options in this race, though. They opted to be really choosy and a lot of other companies decided to drop out of the running. A lot of other competitors chose to pass after rising concerns regarding the tax and regulations placed in the city. The time that it was taking for Osaka to officially choose an operator also killed a lot of their enthusiasm towards the project.

According to a recent announcement, MGM Resorts and Orix are both expected to own 40 percent of the integrated resort. The remaining 20 percent will be split out to other Japanese companies. However, if those companies aren’t involved, both MGM and Orix will float up to 50 percent each. They hope to make lots of money in what many people feel to be one of the ripest gambling markets in the world.

Atlantic City Casinos See Dip in Revenue During August Compared To 2019 Numbers

The latest numbers out of Atlantic City are out and it appears that the casinos in the area weren’t able to keep up with their revenue numbers pre-pandemic numbers. Their nine brick-and-mortar casinos in the state were able to get a total of $262.4 million that month. Compared to their revenue numbers back in August of 2019, they are down 8.4 percent. They are also down 5.3 percent from their July numbers.

However, those numbers take a big jump once you include iGaming and sports betting. Those numbers shoot up al the way to $397.6 million, $58.8 million more than the amount August brought in during 2019. As a matter of fact, it represents a 17 percent increase.

Despite the solid numbers that Atlantic City casinos are bringing in right now, they are still very much in the search for more employees. Hard Rock President, Joe Lupo, said, “We’ve been looking for people all summer long…we’re looking to continue providing some jobs to the local community.” Hopefully they are able to fill the positions that they are looking for and take another jump in their operations. If you’re looking for a job, Atlantic City is the place to be.

Americans REALLY Love Sports Betting… Like A LOT!

September 21, 2021
americans betting on NFL games

While the gambling industry has the momentum of a freight train, a number of auxiliary businesses are also benefiting. One of those is legally betting on NFL games. That’s where we’re starting our weekly recap of the news.

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Americans Bet $20 Billion on NFL Games This Season

The early estimates are out for how much Americans will be betting on the NFL this season. The numbers suggest that Americans will gamble over $20 billion dollars throughout the 2021 campaign. The news has resulted in a spike in the stock price from several companies, including Caesars Entertainment, Penn National Gaming, and DraftKings. Their stocks have increased over 20 percent this past month.

The NFL season opener between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Dallas Cowboys brought in more than 1.5 million wagers alone. DraftKings had to dish out roughly $54 million to their players that night due to an opening-night promotion.

Ironically, the league has long been against any type of sports betting but has now welcomed it with open arms. Although, the last couple of years the gambling industry has seriously taken off, which has caused the NFL to change their opinion.

Some predict that companies may be in a bit of trouble if bettors continue to win their wagers. DraftKings Sportsbook, for example, is only expected to pick up around 13 percent in total shared throughout the next year.


NBC Sports Seen Huge Ad Demand from Sportsbooks

We’re now through two weeks of the NFL season and from the business side, one thing is clear: advertisements slots on NBC Sports have been heavily sought after. The league already approved DraftKings, FanDuel Sportsbook, and Caesars Entertainment to be their official sportsbook partners and they’re wasting no time plastering every broadcast with ads. Other companies such as WynnBET, BetMGM, PointsBet and FOX Bet have all been given the same status and are allowed to run ads during NFL games as well.

These advertisements aren’t cheap, meaning these companies really want to capitalize on this recent gambling boom in 2021. The average cost of an advertisement during Sunday Night Football was $712,300 back in 2019. A number that is likely higher nowadays given how those 2019 numbers were seven percent higher than in 2018.

Look for a lot of new sportsbook operators to fight their way to a slot in the Super Bowl as well. DraftKings became one of the first to advertise in the big game, but others should be following suit in 2022. Companies are doing their best to get in front of as many eyes as possible to build brand awareness and attract customers.

Governor Charlie Baker Wants Legalized Sports Betting in Massachusetts

The New England Patriots have officially started their new season but fans in Massachusetts still can’t bet on their games. That has caused the governor of the state to speak out about the lack of sports betting. Governor Charlie Baker tweeted out that it has been too long since he started to push for legalized sports gambling in Massachusetts and aims to get it finalized as soon as possible.

Baker went on to say that he was happy to see the Patriots back in action but definitely wanted to use this as a motivating factor moving forward. He claims that they were able to file a bill to legalize sports betting all the way back in 2019 but that ended up falling through. They tried again earlier in 2021 but it doesn’t appear to be on track right now either. Baker finished up his tweet by saying that Massachusetts’s neighbors in the United States have been benefiting too much from their lack of a gambling market. This might be the push they needed to get them over the hump.

DraftKings Purchases Golden Nugget & One NFL Fan Buys Up All Tom Brady NFT’s

August 26, 2021
draftkings buys golden nugget

DraftKings has been in the news this week for a couple of big reasons. We’ll start off with their latest acquisition as they’ve shelled out well over a billion to bring another company into the fold.

DraftKings Makes Huge Move With Golden Nugget Purchase

Sports betting giant DraftKings has just expanded portfolio with the purchase of Golden Nugget. Variety has reported that DraftKings was able to buy Golden Nugget Online Gaming for a whopping $1.56 billion. It is going to be an all-stock type of agreement and should give DraftKings a major boost in players – especially on the casino side of things. Golden Nugget usually maintains around five million players, which will all be making the switch to DraftKings now.

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The deal has already been approved by the board of directors and should be finalized in the first quarter of the 2022 year. Golden Nugget was only worth around $745 million back in June of 2020, yet they were able to flip the script and sell it for double 14 months down the line as online business grew throughout the pandemic.

The Golden Nugget has been one of the most consistent platforms in New Jersey, consistently ending months with just over a third of the total market share. This company also recently launched over in Michigan, a state that created a new online gambling market not too long ago.

DraftKings NFT Marketplace Allowed One User To Grab Every Tom Brady Autograph Issue Available

Sticking with DraftKings, another area where they have been expanding is non-fungible tokens in the cryptocurrency space. Their inclusion into the NFT world didn’t really go as they had hoped as one buyer was able to scoop everything up. Up for auction were a number of different types of sports memorabilia, including some Tom Brady-signed items. One user was somehow able to obtain all five Tom Brady autographed NFTs that were available. They were numbered 100 (twice), 50, 25 and 12.

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There was over 20,000 people sitting and waiting for nearly a half an hour before the autograph could become live. Unfortunately, one person got access and bought them all, which has people wondering if there was a glitch in play.

The user, named SweetBabyNicco, turned around and flipped all of the NFT’s but one of them. In total, he earned $75,500 profits after his sales compared to the $3,250 that he spent to obtain all of them. He still holds one of the NFT’s, which is up for sale.

Upcoming New York Gov. Kathy Hochul Has Great Ties Within Gaming Industry

This past week, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has agreed to step down. Leaving the politics aside for now, a number of people in the gambling sector have wondered where the state is heading with Kathy Hochul set to take over. New York could now be headed in a completely different direction in the next couple of months – especially with sports betting.

Hochul will not only be the first female governor of the state, she could also bring new light to the gambling industry up there. Her husband, William Hochul, has a terrific job at Delaware North, one of the biggest gaming firms in the country. That’s led the early speculation to suggest that she’ll be far more friendly to gaming.

Hochul now has an opportunity to oversee the New York State Gaming Commission, which is already reviewing applications from a few gaming companies who want sports betting licenses. Many entities have been trying to bring online sports betting to the state but things have mostly stalled. We’ll see if something changes now that she’s in charge.

NY Sports Betting Hits Another Snag & FanDuel Controls 50% Of US Sports Betting

July 21, 2021
ny sports betting

This week’s Gambling News Flash starts us off with FanDuel Sportsbook, which reportedly has the biggest share of action in the sports betting market. The data shows they continue to grow too, so let’s start off with that report. Also, NY sports betting could be right around the corner, but the state wants operators to pay BIG money.

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FanDuel Controls 50 Percent Of All US Sports Betting

If you’re wondering who runs the show in sports betting in the United States, it appears to be FanDuel. The sports betting giant is living up to its nickname as FanDuel currently controls the largest chunk of the US online sports betting market.

  • The news comes from data content provider Gambling Compliance, who has reported that FanDuel’s market share in the U.S. hit 50% in May, which was a jump over 36% in the first quarter of the year and 39% in 2020.

One of the reasons FanDuel has such a strong market share of the audience is because of their mobile app. Customers have consistently given them high grades but so have the experts.

Eilers & Krejcik tested 31 different apps and came out with the conclusion that FanDuel’s did everything at a high level, making it the best of the bunch by far.

Couple that amazing mobile app with a fast-growing market and Flutter, the parent company of FanDuel, could end up becoming one of the highest valued sportsbook operators in the world. In stock market circles, DraftKings Sportsbook tends to get more attention but FanDuel could change that over time.

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New York Opens Up Sports Betting RFA, Aims For 50% Revenue

The New York State Gaming Commission finally released the applications for mobile NY sports betting after tons of bettors continue to hammer away and request it. However, sportsbook operators aren’t going to be happy with what’s come back as the state continues to deliver unreasonable expectations.

New York is reportedly looking for half of the gross gaming revenue of any operator who signs up, alongside the $25 million fees just to get a license in the state. Few operators will be able to foot that bill as the margins are not that good to afford such a demand.

New York also insists that sportsbook operators who get a license must create a platform that accepts all types of wagers, maintains records, makes state-required reports, and generates electronic receipts for all bets. That might require some software and platform changes, which won’t be easy.

  • As of right now, all applications from operators must be sent through before August 9th of 2021.
  • The Gaming Commission will then have until early December to decide who will be selected as a finalist for the license.
  • Those finalists will then have to make another application before the Commission hands out each license.

Advent International Joins Bidding War For William Hill Assets

Apollo Global Management probably isn’t happy that Advent International has jumped in on their bidding for the non-US assets from William Hill.

Apollo has been the frontrunner for these assets for quite a while now, as they hope to pick up both the European online gaming business as well as some other betting shops. Although, a wrench was just thrown into their plans with Advent joining the bidding war.

It was very unexpected but then again, they are one of the few companies who could afford the tremendous asking price. Apollo is the fourth-largest private equity shop while Advent is right behind them at No. 6, making for an entertaining auction of sorts.

Currently, Apollo, Advent, and 888 are the only bidders for the assets, but then again, the auction is in the early stages of development right now. Some rumors have bounced around that Entain Plc could join the mix, though it could be a longshot. Betfred has also been connected to this bidding war but has yet to make any official move yet, it is purely speculation.

ESPN Betting Analyst Fired Over Anti-Gay Tweets

June 14, 2021
espn analyst fired

This week’s gambling news starts off with an ESPN analyst fired over Tweets and ends with a cautionary tale as to how many times Americans could be exposed to gaming ads in the near future. We’ll start there as we recap this week’s gambling news.

ESPN Betting Analyst Fired Over Tweets

Recently hired gambling analyst Kelly Stewart didn’t end up lasting very long with ESPN.

It was just one month after her official hire when she was let go over old Twitter messages. It was reported that ESPN got their hands on old messages from Stewart back in 2012 that were since deleted.

Some of those tweets had anti-gay slurs.

espn analyst fired
Kelly Stewarts Anti-Gay Tweets (Censored)

Stewart apologized after being terminated, stating that she understands how hurtful some of her words were and that it was a lapse in judgment on her end. Though she closed her statement by saying how she wouldn’t apologize for standing up to attacks that she and other popular females face on a daily basis.

Stewart was scheduled to take part in ESPN’s Daily Wager podcast along with a number of other projects that they were working on. She had a reputation for being a top handicapper in the ever-growing betting industry as well.

Jon Rahm Situation Leads To BetMGM, Other Books Paying Out Bets

Anybody who wanted to place a bet on the Memorial Tournament, specifically Jon Rahm, was hit with a hard loss recently.

Rahm was leading the tournament after three rounds but immediately after he finished the round and held his six-stroke lead, officials approached him and let him know he tested positive for COVID-19. As a result, he had to withdraw.

Online sportsbooks handled this in a really positive way as BetMGM and a number of other companies actually paid out all of the wagers as winners.

Rahm not only was the defending champion of this tournament but he was also six strokes under par by the time round three ended. At that point, it looked like it was just a matter of time before Rahm would be able to win the tournament once again.

In the end, Patrick Cantlay ended up emerging victorious at the Memorial Tournament. Had Rahm been healthy, he would have likely won but books like BetMGM Sportsbook ended up paying both as it wasn’t a huge liability.

A couple of other sportsbooks simply voided the bet, which – for the most part – made more sense.

Documentary Shows That Gambling Logos Pop Up 700 Times In One Soccer Match

As sportsbooks in the state of New Jersey buy up ad space virtually everywhere, a new study just how much we can expect to see online gaming promotion in the near future.

Former Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson lets loose on sports gambling during a documentary that showed gambling logos can appear up to 700 times in one soccer game broadcast.

Davidson claims that the industry needs a “radical rethink” and that it is a “parasite that’s taking over the host.”

Davidson’s comments come at a time where the government is reviewing certain betting laws in the United Kingdom while the companies in the United States scoop up every little bit of airspace.

Davidson went further to talk about “cross-selling”, which is when gambling companies hook sports fans on other products like casino games and really rack up the profits.

The Gambling Commission also sent out a report that downplayed the idea that there was a problem. The spokesperson for the Betting & Gaming Council said that “one problem gambler is one too many” and that they are going to keep trying to promote safer gambling and limit the amount of exposure that is on every match.

However, Americans have to be conscious of this as we get more and more exposure to gaming brands.

Bet The Super Bowl At PlaySugarHouse Online And Get Your NEXT BET FREE!

February 4, 2021
sugarhouse sportsbook super bowl

If you haven’t placed your Super Bowl bets yet and/or made a reservation to watch the Big Game at an Atlantic City casino, think twice before heading there. Heavy traffic, big crowds, and longer lines than you have seen in ages are a certainty. Social distancing? Probably not.

Get Up to $500 in Free Bets Today!

However, NJ online sports betting is a great alternative. You have many NJ gambling websites to choose from, and you wouldn’t believe the vast variety of bets being offered on this game.

Furthermore, all of the online/mobile sportsbooks have special promotions and bonuses that are yours for the taking, not only from now to kickoff but during the game, too.

This article is all about what PlaySugarHouse Online Sportsbook is offering. If you’re not already signed up with this site, now is definitely time to join. Their special Super Bowl offer for new customers is so fantastic, it will knock your socks off. Or, if you already play there, keep reading. This site has a great Super Bowl offer for existing customers, too.

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How the SugarHouse Sportsbook Super Bowl offer for first-time players works

This promotion sounded almost too good to be true. Therefore, before deciding to write this article, I reread the details multiple times to make sure I understood them correctly. Yes, all you have to do is bet $100 of your own money on the Super Bowl, and PlaySugarHouse will match your bet, win or lose, with $400 in bonus money. And this is on top of your first $100 bonus when you make your initial $100 or greater deposit.

However, as with any other bonuses on NJ gambling websites, you can’t just withdraw the bonus money right away without wagering it. In this instance, the following terms and conditions apply.

  • By accepting this offer, you forfeit the regular Welcome Bonus of a 100 percent bonus up to $250 using the code 250MATCH. You cannot claim both bonuses.
  • The qualifying Super Bowl real money wager must have odds of -200 or greater (i.e., -110, -150, or +200).
  • Unlike the initial $100 bonus, the $400 in additional bonus money won’t be awarded to you immediately. Instead, you will receive in $100 increments on 2/8, 2/15, 2/22, and 3/1.
  • Each bonus comes with a wagering requirement of 1x the bonus. You can clear the bonuses with your choice of sports bets with odds of -200 or greater or any online casino game except roulette and baccarat.
  • You have up to 30 days to clear each bonus.

Why the PlaySugarHouse  Sportsbook  Super Bowl bonus for first-time depositors is a great offer

Most of the NJ gambling websites go all out to entice new players to join the site by presenting a welcome offer that sounds so fantastic, it’s hard to turn down. Typically, it’s much more generous than their recurring special offers for existing customers.

For example, two commonly seen offers are a Welcome Bonus that matches your initial deposit dollar for dollar and, for sports bets, a free bet in the same amount if your first real money bet loses.

However, this is the first time I’ve seen an offer that only requires you to deposit and wager $100 but awards you, even if you win your bet, with $500 in bonus money!

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Why the PlaySugarHouse Sportsbook $55 Free Bet for existing customers is a great offer, too

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In any case, $55 should be an affordable amount for most players. And win or lose, a Free Bet in the same amount will be waiting for you that you can use anytime in the next 30 days.

Borgata AC Scores A Super Bowl Touchdown With 2 Days Of Giveaways

February 4, 2021
borgata super bowl

Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa in Atlantic City will be buzzing with Super Bowl excitement not just on Sunday but all weekend long. That’s because on both Saturday and Sunday, Borgata will be holding spectacular sweepstakes with many chances to win.

The Saturday $35K BetMGM Sweepstakes will award both bonus slot dollars and free sports bets. All of the prizes in the Sunday Big Game Sweepstakes will come in the form of bonus slot dollars.

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On Saturday, Feb. 6, Borgata will give away 25 terrific prizes. They start with $200 bonus slot dollars and a $100 sports betting bonus and go all the way up to $5,000 bonus slot dollars and a $5,000 sports betting bonus.

But of course, you’ll want to come back on Sunday, too, for the Big Game Sweepstakes, where 40 lucky players will win $100-$700 in bonus slot dollars.

Then, for the highlight of the day, the big game itself, head over to the BetMGM Sportsbook & Bar or Level One Cocktail Bar & Lounge. But a word of warning–they’re two of the most coveted spots in town, so advance reservations are a must.

Borgata Super Bowl $35,000 BetMGM Sweepstakes: 2/6/21

Why wait till Sunday, when you can get a head start on your big weekend Borgata Super Bowl celebration the day before. With a whopping $35K in prizes being given away and five separate drawings every hour from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m., this is a sweepstakes you don’t want to miss.

How to participate in the $35,000 BetMGM Sweepstakes

Here is what you need to do for your chance to win.

  • Insert your M Life Rewards card into any slot machine or get rated at a table game anytime between 3 p.m. and 8: 30 p.m. on Sat., Feb. 6.
  • Pay close attention when the five winners from each drawing are announced every hour from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. The winners’ names will also be posted on plasma screens throughout the casino floor. One of them could be you!
  • If you’re a winner, hurry over to the M Life Rewards Desk to claim your prize. You only have 30 minutes to do so.

Additional terms and conditions

Once you activate your sweepstakes entry, you will be eligible for all still remaining drawings that day. Playing all day, or even at the time of the drawing, is not required, but you do need to be present in the casino, so if your name is called, you can claim your prize within the allotted 30 minutes.

Bonus slot dollars are valid only until 5:59 a.m. the next day. If you don’t activate them by that time and play them in their entirety within 30 days, you will forfeit your prize.

What can you win in the Borgata Super Bowl $35,000 BetMGM Sweepstakes?

All of the prizes being awarded in this sweepstakes include not only bonus slot dollars but also a sports betting bonus. So, the timing for the Super Bowl couldn’t be better. Of course, the BetMGM Sportsbook at the Borgata and Borgata and BetMGM online sportsbooks will all stay open, for your convenience to take your Super Bowl action not only prior to kickoff but during the game, too.

The following table shows how the 25 prizes in the Saturday BetMGM Sweepstakes will be distributed.

Prize Structure

5 p.m.

6 p.m. 7 p.m. 8 p.m. 9 p.m. Total

1st place

$1,000 Bonus Slot Dollars + $250 Sports Bonus

1st place

$2,000 Bonus Slot Dollars + $250 Sports Bonus

1st place

$3,000 Bonus Slot Dollars + $250 Sports Bonus

1st place

$4,000 Bonus Slot Dollars + $250 Sports Bonus

1st place

$5,000 Bonus Slot Dollars + $5,000 Sports Bonus


2nd place

 $750 Bonus Slot Dollars + $100 Sports Bonus

2nd place

$750 Bonus Slot Dollars + $100 Sports Bonus

2nd place

$750 Bonus Slot Dollars + $100 Sports Bonus

2nd place

$750 Bonus Slot Dollars + $100 Sports Bonus

2nd place

$1,500 Bonus Slot Dollars + $1,000 Sports Bonus

3rd place

$500 Bonus Slot Dollars + $100 Sports Bonus

3rd place

$500 Bonus Slot Dollars + $100 Sports Bonus

3rd place

$500 Bonus Slot Dollars + $100 Sports Bonus

3rd place

$500 Bonus Slot Dollars + $100 Sports Bonus

3rd place

$750 Bonus Slot Dollars + $700 Sports Bonus


4th place

$300 Bonus Slot Dollars + $100 Sports Bonus

4th place

$300 Bonus Slot Dollars + $100 Sports Bonus

4th place

$300 Bonus Slot Dollars + $100 Sports Bonus

4th place

$300 Bonus Slot Dollars + $100 Sports Bonus

4th place

$500 Bonus Slot Dollars + $500 Sports Bonus


5th place

$200 Bonus Slot Dollars + $100 Sports Bonus

5th place

$200 Bonus Slot Dollars + $100 Sports Bonus

5th place

$200 Bonus Slot Dollars + $100 Sports Bonus

5th place

$200 Bonus Slot Dollars + $100 Sports Bonus

5th place

$250 Bonus Slot Dollars + $200 Sports Bonus


Borgata Big Game Sweepstakes: 2/7/21 

The Super Bowl won’t kick off until 6:30 p.m. However, unless you want to watch the whole game standing, don’t even think of waiting till the last minute to show up. Also, even an hour before kickoff, the lines at every Atlantic City casino betting window will be horrendous.

So, if your plans for the day include the Borgata, be sure to arrive much earlier. This will not only give you plenty of extra time to make your bets and lock up your seat, but also give you many more chances to win in the second Borgata Super Bowl Sweepstakes.

How the Borgata Big Game Sweepstakes on Sun., Feb. 7 works

Like the Saturday $35,000 BetMGM Sweepstakes, the Big Game Sweepstakes is an equal opportunity event. Everyone who opts-in, whether a big player or not, gets one and only one entry and has the same chance to win a prize. It all comes down to the luck of the draw.

But keep in mind that the casino will hold five separate hourly drawings. So, you can improve your chances by arriving early enough to be entered in all five of them.

Borgata will give away bonus Slot Dollars to five lucky players (one player from each card tier) once every hour on Super Bowl Sunday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. 

Here’s what you need to do to participate:

  • Insert your M Life Rewards card into any slot machine or get rated at a table game anytime between 9 a.m. and 5 30 p.m. on Sun., Feb. 7.
  • Pay close attention when the five winners from each drawing are announced every hour from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. The winners’ names will also be posted on plasma screens throughout the casino floor.
  • If you hear your name, go to the M Life Rewards Desk immediately to claim your prize. Any prizes that are not claimed within 30 minutes of being announced will be forfeited.

Additional terms and conditions

You only need to activate your entry once, and you will be automatically entered in all of the remaining drawings for the day.

All prizes are in the form of bonus Slot Dollars. They are non-transferable and cannot be redeemed for cash. Since the rules don’t state how much time you have to use the bonus, be sure to inquire at the M Life Rewards Desk when you claim your reward.

What can you win in the Big Game Sweepstakes?

The prize amounts vary as follows, depending on the player’s card tier:

  • Sapphire: $200 Bonus Slot Dollars
  • Pearl: $300 Bonus Slot Dollars
  • Gold: $500 Bonus Slot Dollars
  • Platinum: $600 Bonus Slot Dollars
  • NOIR: $700 Bonus Slot Dollars

Borgata Super Bowl options

By 6 p.m. all of the drawings will have taken place, so what will you do next? Watch the Super Bowl, of course!

The Borgata in Atlantic City has you covered because you have lots of great options.

At the top of the list, there’s the BetMGM Sportsbook & Bar and the adjacent Level One Cocktail Lounge. Either one would be a great place to watch the Super Bowl, and if you want to place additional bets while the game is in progress, you certainly don’t have to walk far.

Adding to the fun and festivities, a live DJ will be on hand, and there will be more giveaways, including a chance to win a signed Lawrence Taylor helmet.

But that’s not all. To make sure no one stays hungry or thirsty, both venues will be serving up the following food and drink specials all day:

  • Burger Board: $75
  • Jumbo Buffalo Wings: 24 wings – $40 | 50 wings – $80 | 100 wings – $150
  • Beer Buckets (6 count): Domestic – $36 | Imported – $42
  • Domestic Beer Pitcher – $24

Advance reservations are a must. Call 609-317-8006 ASAP if you haven’t already. Seating is limited, and both places might already be sold out.

If the BetMGM Sportsbook and Level One are sold out, you might have better luck reserving a table at one of the Borgata’s fine restaurants. Last year Bobby Flay Steak, and Angeline’s provided lots of TVs for Super Bowl viewing.

Alternatively, you can watch the game at the B Bar, Lobby Bar, or Long Bar, or the Borgata Poker Room.

Round 9 In The MLS Tournament – 2020 Betting Odds

November 30, 2020
mls tournament

The 2020 MLS season continues this weekend with the round of eight in the MLS Cup tournament. Yeah, there’s still soccer going in the U.S. Sorry not sorry.

We thought this round would include the Supporters Shield winner (regular season champs) Philadelphia Union and the star-studded, postseason veteran Toronto FC. Yeah, both those teams lost on Tuesday in their playoff openers.

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MLS Tournament Betting Odds

The Western Conference saw chalk mostly advance. The only higher seed to lose in the first round was the MLS is Back winners the Portland Timbers, eliminated in a shootout by FC Dallas.

We’ll take a look at the remaining quartet of games with the best available prices at the top NJ gambling websites:

Eastern Conference

(4) Orlando FC vs. (8) New England Revolution – The first game of the semifinals features one of the league’s original franchises and one of the budding star franchises. Orlando served as hosts for the MLS is Back Tournament and played very well, making it to the finals before falling to Portland. 

Orlando enters as favorites despite losing the services of starting goalie Pedro Gallese, who was shown a red card during the shootout win over NYCFC for leaving the line early. Brian Rowe will likely get the start on Saturday. He will play his first postseason game since 2016, when he led the LA Galaxy to the semis, only to lose in a shootout to Colorado.

New England has shut out both Montreal in the play-in round and Philadelphia in the conference quarters. Their defense will face another stern test with the stacked and confident Lions offense. Former USMNT boss Bob Bradley has his team playing well at the right time.

The Revs are dangerous on the counter and set pieces. Their depth could be the deciding factor. However, this is their third game in nine days, which coupled with the travel and weather (it’ll be in the 80s in Orlando for game time) could challenge their momentum.

(3) Columbus Crew SC vs. (7) Nashville FC

2020 started Nashville in the West before the shutdown and restart tourney moved them to the Eastern Conference. They’ll look to avenge a 2-0 loss in September in Ohio.

Nashville has seen their offense carry them through two wins so far in the playoffs. Early goals buried Inter Miami in the play-in round, while three goals were waived off for offsides against Toronto.

The Crew’s defense could be the immovable object to Nashville’s irresistible force. They’ve conceded only 21 goals over 23 games, second-best in the league. At home, they’ve earned a 9-1-0 record. 

The only concern I might have with the Crew is if any of the COVID-19 concerns with the other “football” team in town (ya know, the Buckeyes) would cross town to the soccer pitch. If the team is healthy, they control the road to the MLS Cup in the East and will be tough to beat.

  • Best price on Columbus Crew SC: +138 (DK)
  • Best price on Nashville FC: +210 (BetMGM)
  • Best price for tie (after 120 mins – game decided by shootout): +240 (BetMGM)

Western Conference

(2) Seattle Sounders vs. (6) FC Dallas

Seattle hosts the first Western Conference semifinal after winning the last quarterfinal. They’ll give Dallas two extra days of rest but might be happy they avoid their Cascadia derby rivals in Portland.

Seattle has a potent offense and showed their muscle in a 3-1 win over LAFC Tuesday. Combined with some strong defense, the Sounders’ +21 goal differential was the best in the Western Conference.

Dallas advanced in a PK win over Portland on Sunday in which the team converted all eight spot kicks after extending the game with a stoppage-time goal by Pepi. Both goalies saved a PK last week, as Jimmy Maurer ended the game with the stop on Portland’s Jorge Villafana, while Seattle’s Stefan Frei kept the Sounders ahead 1-0 when he denied Carlos Vela in the 30th minute.M

Seattle’s CenturyLink Field is one of the most harrowing atmospheres for opposing teams. Dallas enters with a 1-5-3 record on the road this season, while the Sounders went 7-1-2 at home. 

  • Best price on Seattle Sounders: -154 (BetMGM)
  • Best price on Dallas FC: +400 (everyone)
  • Best price for tie (after 120 mins – game decided by shootout): +310 (BetMGM)

(1) Sporting Kansas City vs. (4) Minnesota United FC

Sporting KC proved the class of the Western Conference in the regular season with 12 wins in 21 games. Their points-per-game broke the deadlock with Seattle (who also earned 39 points in one more game).

The quarterfinal win over eighth-seeded San Jose proved a test of mettle. KC came back from a halftime deficit and seemed ahead on an early goal in extra time. Chris Wondolowski, MLS’ most prolific scorer, forced the shootout, in which Tim Melia stopped all three spot kicks to help his team advance.

Minnesota is one of the most intriguing sides in MLS. They play strong team ball and bring a strong work rate to games. Their quarterfinal win over Colorado, who upset teams down the stretch, was a 3-0 master class in North American soccer.

This game will be a major bellwether for Sporting KC and their playoff dreams. Since they missed the playoffs last year, they’re facing more experienced squads and their home field advantage will be tested. Their shootout win was a good proving ground so can they build on that momentum?

  • Best price on Sporting KC: -155 (PointsBet)
  • Best price on Minnesota United: +425 (BetMGM)
  • Best price for tie (after 120 mins – game decided by shootout): +320 (BetMGM)

#WhenandWhere: Should Bettors Wait on MLB Futures Markets?

June 19, 2020
mlb schedule 2020 news

It’s mid-June and we still have no Major League Baseball. While there was some progress this week on a new deal, we still have no idea when the game will return and what it will look like when play resumes.

MLB Schedule 2020 – “Tell us when & where”

Players have been vocal in demanding they return to work while maintaining solidarity, including two of league’s biggest stars Bryce Harper and Mike Trout.

mlb 2020 season mlb 2020 season

Owners have hesitated to return as they’ll lose a lot of money without fans at games. While understandable, the fiscal drawbacks should be severely outweighed by the civic and societal boost America needs that the pastime’s return would provide. There are tremendous pressures to get baseball started at some point this summer.

However, what should NJ sports bettors consider before making futures bets at NJ gambling websites?

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Length of MLB 2020 Season

The biggest question facing negotiators is how many games will be played in the 2020 regular season. Currently, the number appears to be 60 or more.

Most of the major books have created minimum game thresholds to their player prop futures. While no one has over/unders for totals, the focus has shifted on who will lead baseball in certain stats, from home runs to saves.

For those considering these markets, pay attention to the parameters set out by the sites. There aren’t uniform guidelines being offered in NJ.

Usually, if a condition tied to a bet isn’t made, the wagers are voided and handle returned to players. Given the massive drop in business from the loss of live sports (especially during the non-football months of the spring and summer), this puts the books in a tight spot.

A spokesperson for PointsBet Sportsbook has said the company will provide new prices if a season is announced for less than the original length they offered. 

If the season goes shorter and the futures markets get re-priced, that could mean lower odds on favorites.

For instance, Mets slugger Pete Alonso is listed at +850 to +1100 across the boards to win the home run following his record-breaking rookie season.

With a shorter season, that price may come down significantly, along with other favorites like Mike Trout and Aaron Judge.

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MLB Schedule 2020 & Rules

The MLB 2020 season will look drastically different. How many games will be played and how the schedules shake out, along with the playoff format, will inform how odds and prices on teams may change.

If the league maintains the six-division structure, that likely means no interleague play until the World Series. Teams will likely limit travel with more intradivisional games. There’s still a chance the two leagues are merged and 10-team divisions become the norm.

As of now, the major NJ sportsbooks are not putting out any divisional markets. Most of them weren’t terribly competitive when the prices dropped. Team win totals have been replaced by winning percentages, which of course will be affected by season length and schedule format. 

The league’s most recent proposal includes a universal DH for this and next season. While some consider the removal of a pitcher from the batting order an abomination and limiting of strategy that makes National League games intriguing, it does lean towards keeping pitchers safe during a season that may include scheduled doubleheaders.

It also takes some pressure off new managers who may not know everyone so well to juggle replacements in their heads.

Along with a minimum batter rule for relievers, this should keep games from taking longer (which will certainly make bookmakers with closing times at their retail locations happier). 

Without certainty on scheduling and how many times teams will play, this makes the futures market an even greater gamble.

  • The proposal to switch Pittsburgh and Atlanta in the 10-team divisions obviously changes scenarios for their opponents.
  • Also, given the extension of border closures with Canada, what will the Blue Jays do?
  • A 16-team playoff with a best-of-three format for the first round could produce some upsets in the bracket.

Mid-price teams with strong pitchers atop their rotations (like most of the NL East) could get a boost with the new structure. 

There’s a lot to go over before they yell “Play Ball!” this season.

Yes, it will likely happen. Yes, I will be sad I can’t go get Bull’s BBQ and an expensive beer and enjoy a day at Citizens Bank Park to watch my beloved Phillies.

Yes, it won’t feel the same. However, any shred of normalcy becomes elevated and magnified today.

This one will do us a lot of good. Just tell us, the fans and the bettors, when and where.

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