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It Pays To Bet The NBA Playoffs At DraftKings Sportsbook

May 18, 2021
nba draftkings

The 2020-2021 NBA regular season ended on Sun., May 16. But some of the most exciting basketball action is still ahead in the NBA playoffs.

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First, for the benefit of those who have not been following the sport closely but might want to bet on the playoffs., we will tell you which teams are still in contention. We will also briefly describe what will happen in the upcoming play-in tournaments which precede the playoffs.

Lastly, you will learn about two special NBA playoffs promotions that DraftKings Sportsbook is offering sports bettors this year. If you’re a registered DraftKings player (or plan to join before the playoffs start), don’t miss these easy, exciting ways to boost your bankroll.

The 12 teams already in the 2021 NBA playoffs and the eight more with a shot to get in

This year the NBA playoffs won’t start as soon as you might think. They can’t because not all of the 16 teams that will compete have been decided.

From Tues., May 18 through Fri., May 21, a series of NBA play-in tournaments will determine which two teams in each of the two conferences will get the 7th and 8th seeds. Then, on Sat., May 22, with all 16 slots finally filled, the NBA playoffs will begin.

Seeds 1-6 in each conference are already set

Only one team can be crowned the NBA champion. But out of the 30 teams in the league, 16 will compete in the playoffs for a shot at the title. The top six teams in the Eastern Conference and the top six teams in the Western Conference are already in the NBA playoffs based on their regular season record. Here they are in order of seeding.

Eastern Conference

Western Conference














New York


LA Clippers









Seeds 7 & 8 in each conference are still up for grabs

 Besides the 12 teams listed above, two of the four teams in each conference that finished the regular season in 7th through 10th place will also make the playoffs.  depending on what happens in the play-in tournaments.

Of course, the sportsbooks aren’t limiting your bets at this time to individual NBA games. You can also make future bets. For example, if you already have an opinion about which team will win the 2021 NBA championship and would like to bet on it now, all of the NJ sportsbooks are offering that option. As of this writing, you can bet on any of the 20 teams that have not yet been eliminated. Or, if you prefer, you can make your wager at any point during the NBA play-ins or playoffs. But keep in mind that as the field narrows down, the odds can change dramatically.

Right now, the Brooklyn Nets are the favorite, and the LA Lakers–the 2020 champion–are the second choice. But how can that be? The above table showing the 12 teams that are definitely in the playoffs this year doesn’t even include the Lakers!

That’s true. One way the Lakers can make the playoffs this year would be to beat the Golden State Warriors in the play-in tournament. If they do, they will be the Western Conference 7th seed. Or, if they lose to the Warriors, they can still make the playoffs if they beat the winner of the Memphis-San Antonio play-in game.

The four Eastern Conference teams and four Western Conference teams still hoping to win their way into the playoffs via the play-in tournament route are as follows:

Eastern Conference

Western Conference




LA Lakers




Golden State








San Antonio

How the play-in tournaments work

Prior to 2020, as soon as the regular NBA season ended, all of the playoffs seedings were finalized. A team was either in or out. However, during the 2020 season, where all games took place in the Orlando bubble, the concept of play-in tournaments to decide the lowest seeds and give some teams a second chance was introduced. This year, the play-in concept was modified to extend the chance to qualify for the playoffs even to the team in 10th place.

Another difference between this season and last season is that once again, as usual, all regular and post-season games take place on one team’s home court.

The 2021 NBA play-in tournaments will proceed as follows:

Within each conference, the 7th place team will host the 8th place team. The winner of that game then becomes the 7th seed in the NBA playoffs. However, the loser of that game gets a second chance after the 9th place team hosts the 10th place team. The loser of that game is eliminated, but the winner plays a second game against the loser of the game between the 7th and 8th place teams to decide which of those two becomes the eighth seed in the playoffs.

For the teams that emerge victorious from the play-in tournaments, how realistic are their chances after that in the NBA playoffs?

Once all of the seedings for the NBA playoffs have been finalized, those games will start the very next day, Sat., May 22. Keep in mind that while the possibility certainly exists for the 7th and 8th seeded teams to advance far in the playoffs and even win the championship, two major factors will work against them.

  • They have to start the playoffs with virtually no rest, whereas their Round 1 opponents, whose last game was Sun., May 16, will have a whole week of rest.
  • The teams they have to face in Round 1 will be the teams with the best and second-best regular season records in the conference. Moreover, because of their superior record, during this best-of-seven opening round, they get the home-court advantage.

The 7th seeded team will play the 2nd seeded team, while the bottom seeded team will have to play the top seeded team, Winning at least one game on a superior team’s court is a tall order under any circumstances, and here, the disparity in talent may be too great. However, if you want to take the favorite, don’t be surprised if you see double-digit point spreads and very steep moneylines.

DraftKings NBA Playoffs Free Bets

Because all of the NBA playoffs matches are best-of-seven series, the playoffs could last for many weeks. It could take all the way up to July 22 before an NBA champion is crowned.

That’s a lot of games. So, if you are a small bettor, you need to be very careful not to overbet your bankroll. But the following two special offers from DraftKings will not only make betting the NBA playoffs more fun and exciting. They also give you great bang for your buck because once you make your initial bet, you can win free bets with no further risk to your bankroll

Pick the NBA Champion

Before the playoffs start, bet $25 or more on the team you think will win the NBA championship. Get a $5 Free Bet for every round the team wins.

How to participate in this promotion

This offer is open to registered DraftKings account-holders in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, or Colorado.

If you qualify and wish to participate, here is what you need to do no later than May 21.

  • Log in to your DraftKings Sportsbook account and opt-in to this promotion.
  • Bet $25 or more on one team to win the NBA championship.

Additional terms and conditions

  • You can only bet on one team to win the championship.
  • Your wager must be placed before 11:59 p.m. on Fri., May 21.
  • You will receive a $5 Free Bet for every series (excluding play-in games) that your team wins. The Free Bet will be credited to your account by 11:59 p.m. on the day after the series win takes place.
  • You then have up to seven days to use your free bet. You cannot use it for live bets, parlays, odds boosts, additions to other free bets, or bets that have already been voided or cashed out.
  • If you win your Free Bet, you will receive the winnings from the bet but not the cost of the bet.

NBA Playoffs Daily Bet & Get

Every day you bet $25 or more on the NBA playoffs from 5/17/21 through 5/31/21, win or lose, you will get a $5 Free Bet.

How to participate in this promotion

This promotion is open to registered DK players in the same states as the first promotion.

If you are eligible and wish to participate, here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Log in to your DraftKings Sportsbook account and opt-in to this promotion.

However,  it is not clear whether a single opt-in will suffice or if you need to opt-in separately on each day you wish to play.

  • Bet $25 or more on one or more NBA playoff games. Qualifying bets can include live bets and parlays if desired. However, minimum odds of -250 or longer are required.

Additional terms and conditions

  • Players are eligible for one Free Bet per day.
  • You have up to seven days from the time you receive your Free Bet to use it.
  • You cannot use your Free Bets for live bets, parlays, odds boosts, additions to other free bets, or bets that have already been voided or cashed out.
  • If you win your Free Bet, you will receive the winnings from the bet but not the cost of the bet.

Summary and conclusion

There is a lot of money waiting to be won during the NBA playoffs season. So, whatever size player you are, this a great time to put your handicapping knowledge and good luck to the test and see where it takes you. That includes grabbing every small edge you can, like with DraftKings two offers for Free Bets. Also, check out other NJ gambling websites to see what special deals they have to offer.

Baseball Starts April 1–Hit A Homer With A Great Offer From BetMGM!

April 1, 2021
mlb offer baseball betting

Spring is in the air, and one sure sign that will remove any doubt in your mind is that Thurs., April 1 marks the official start of the Major League Baseball (MLB) season.

Now that the NCAA Tournament is down to the final four–the best of the best–handicapping the remaining games will be tougher than ever. Or maybe all of the present focus on basketball is too one-sided for your tastes. If so, you will welcome the opportunity to watch and bet on another favorite sport.

Also, for those of you who are big baseball fans and have been keeping up-to-date during the off-season about the teams, important trades, and promising new players, give yourself a pat on the back. You finally have a chance to put your knowledge to the test and reap the rewards. There may be no better time to plunge in than now before the oddsmakers make the needed adjustments.

Clearly, you already have plenty of incentive to take advantage of what could be some great opening day baseball betting opportunities on NJ gambling websites. However, BetMGM has gone the extra mile by offering a special bonus for April 1 only that is truly a home run.

Baseball Season opening day bonus: BetMGM Home Run Boost

This special offer is open to all registered BetMGM players. However, it is valid for the Thurs., April 1 opening day MLB games only.

Make a real money wager of $25 or more on a single MLB game on opening day, Thurs., 4/1/21. Get $1 in Free Bets for every home run hit that day!

How to participate in the BetMGM Bet & Get A Home Run Boost offer

If you have an account at BetMGM Sports and you wish to take advantage of this offer, here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Log in to the BetMGM sportsbook app.
  • Opt-in to the MLB Home Run Boost promotion.
  • Bet $25 or more on any MLB game with odds of -200 or greater taking place that day.

Win or lose, you will receive $1 in Free Bets for every home run hit that day!

Additional terms and conditions

Your qualifying bet must have odds of -200 or greater (e.g., -200, -110, +150, or +200).

Also, you can only claim this offer once, and only your first baseball wager on BetMGM on opening day will qualify.

Using your Free Bet

The maximum amount you can receive in Free Bets from this promotion is $50.

You will receive your Free Bet as a credit to your account within 24 hours of the end of the last MLB game of the day. This credit will be in the form of a single bet on any sport of your choosing.

Keep in mind that you can only redeem your Free Bet online or via the BetMGM mobile app. You cannot withdraw your Free Bet for cash or use it for casino games or poker.

Lastly, you have up to seven days only from the time you receive your Free Bet to use it in its entirety. Otherwise, your Free Bet will be forfeited.

If you win your Free Bet, you will be paid your winnings but not the cost of the bet.

Why the BetMGM Home Run Boost is a great offer

The 2021 Major League Baseball season is getting off to a flying start right off the bat. With a full slate of 15 games on tap for opening day alone, you not only have betting opportunities galore but as an added treat, many opportunities for home runs.

The minimum bet of only $25 is small enough to make this promotion accessible to almost anyone, so no need to risk any more of your bankroll than you can comfortably afford. Best of all, regardless of how you fare with your real money wager, you get a Free Bet that could be worth up to $50!

If you win your qualifying bet, you get a risk-free chance to pad your winnings. But even if your qualifying bet loses, you get a second chance that’s also risk-free, and you could recoup all of your loss and more.

So, if you’re a BetMGM player who loves baseball, don’t procrastinate. Hit it out of the park with the BetMGM Home Run Boost!

How to join BetMGM Sports

If you don’t already have an account with BetMGM Sports, but you would like to take part in great promotions like this one, we can help you join instantly.

As soon as you register with the site and make your first deposit, your first bet–up to $600–is risk-free! If your bet loses, you will receive the entire amount back in the form of credit for a free bet!

Click here to get your first bet risk-free up to $600!

FanDuel Sportsbook FREE NBA Over/Under Contests–Win A Share Of $5K!

March 22, 2021
fanduel sportsbook nba

FanDuel Sportsbook is now offering an exciting new prize giveaway over the next two months. Any registered player at its NJ gambling website or other participating online or mobile sportsbooks can enter.

FanDuel Sportsbook NBA Offer – Risk Free Bet –  August 2, 2021

Bet $20, Win $200 Olympics Special

Best of all, it’s completely FREE! No purchase or wager is required to participate

FanDuel Sportsbook NBA FREE Over/Under Contests

It helps if you have some advance knowledge about the NBA teams and their scoring tendencies. But it’s not a requirement. You could have beginner’s luck!

But first, you need to join the site in order to participate.

This NBA Totals Contest is open to any player with an active FanDuel Sportsbook or FanDuel Daily Fantasy Sports (DGS) online or mobile account. If you’re not already registered, you can sign up here at FanDuel Sportsbook.

You will receive a fantastic welcome offer for new players who join the site in 2021.  The first real money bet you make–up to $1,000–is risk-free! In other words, if the bet loses, it will cost you nothing because you will get a full refund!

The current NBA Over/Under Contests got underway on Thurs., March 11 and continue through May 16. For each NBA game televised live on TNT during that time period, you will be asked to do the following:

  • Log into your FanDuel Sportsbook account prior to the end of the first quarter.
  • Submit your answers to all of the prop questions for that game.

Each game is a separate contest

If you missed the first four games (two on March 11 and two on March 16), no problem. There are many more games still remaining to be played, starting with next Tuesday, March 23. Each game is a separate contest with a new $5,000 prize pool and a new opportunity to win.

For your convenience, a copy of the complete schedule of upcoming NBA games being broadcast on TNT is included here. Keep in mind that as with all NBA games this season, these schedules are subject to change. Be sure to check for any possible last-minute lineup changes or game postponements.

Also, note that all of the games included in these contests take place on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and each scheduled day includes an NBA doubleheader. The first game is scheduled to start at 7:30 p.m. ET, and the second game is scheduled to start at 10 p.m. ET. To maximize your chances of winning, you should enter the contest for both games. However, you can only submit one set of answers for any given game.

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What can you win in the FanDuel NBA Over/Under Contests?

Each game comes with its own separate guaranteed prize pool of $5,000. Those contestants who answer the most questions correctly for that game will split the prize pool. All prizes will be in the form of site credit.

Additional terms and conditions

The prizes are not transferable or exchangeable for cash and must be used either for wagering with your FanDuel Sportsbook account or entering FanDuel DFS contests.

Players have up to seven days to use their prize to place sportsbook wagers and up to 14 days to enter DFS contests. Any part of a prize that has not been used within that allotted time frame will be forfeited.

In addition, prior to being permitted to withdraw any winnings from your applicable sportsbook wagers, you must deposit a minimum of $10 into your sportsbook account. Prior to being permitted to withdraw any winnings from applicable DFS contests, you will need to deposit a minimum of $1 into your DFS account.

The rules do not place any limit on the number of different contests you can win during this promotion. In other words, this is an opportunity for some players to win a fortune.

On the other hand, entering these contests costs nothing, So, by all means, go ahead and take a shot even if your knowledge of the NBA and its players is very limited. Once you enter a few contests, watch the games on TV, and get the hang of the sort of questions you need to answer, your chances of winning should improve. Or maybe you will be lucky right from the get-go.

All winners are solely responsible for any applicable federal, state, or local taxes they might incur associated with these prizes.

The bottom line

The FanDuel website doesn’t go into any detail about how the $5,000 prize pool for each game will be divvied up. So, there is no way to know beforehand how many winners there will be and how big the individual prizes will be. Some information should have been provided, even if it is only an estimate.

It would have also been helpful to see a couple of sample questions beforehand to have a clearer idea of what you will have to answer in each case. Presumably, besides picking either the over or under on the whole game, you will have to answer other questions regarding team or first quarter or first half totals and/or individual player totals.

I recommend looking at the specific questions shortly before the game and then doing appropriate background research to try to come up with the best possible answers.

Also, since the lines are fixed beforehand and you are allowed to enter anytime during the first quarter of the game, take advantage of this opportunity. Turn on your TV early enough to catch the pregame discussion, get the starting lineups, and find out if which players are out or expected to see limited time due to injuries. Then watch the game for the first few minutes to get an idea of the tempo and see if your initial over or under predictions are likely to hold up.

Of course, you also have the option to make in-play bets when you place real money wagers. But then, the line is adjusted accordingly. With these contests, you get the best possible scenario–a free bet with no adjustment in the line when you place your bet after the game starts!

Summary and conclusion: This FanDuel Sportsbook promotion is a winner!

In summary, while the description of the contests and what you can win could have been less sketchy, my overall assessment is that this is a great promotion. If you’re already a FanDuel player or wish to join, don’t let this great money-making opportunity pass you by!

Bet The Super Bowl At PlaySugarHouse Online And Get Your NEXT BET FREE!

February 4, 2021
sugarhouse sportsbook super bowl

If you haven’t placed your Super Bowl bets yet and/or made a reservation to watch the Big Game at an Atlantic City casino, think twice before heading there. Heavy traffic, big crowds, and longer lines than you have seen in ages are a certainty. Social distancing? Probably not.

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However, NJ online sports betting is a great alternative. You have many NJ gambling websites to choose from, and you wouldn’t believe the vast variety of bets being offered on this game.

Furthermore, all of the online/mobile sportsbooks have special promotions and bonuses that are yours for the taking, not only from now to kickoff but during the game, too.

This article is all about what PlaySugarHouse Online Sportsbook is offering. If you’re not already signed up with this site, now is definitely time to join. Their special Super Bowl offer for new customers is so fantastic, it will knock your socks off. Or, if you already play there, keep reading. This site has a great Super Bowl offer for existing customers, too.

SugarHouse Sportsbook Super Bowl offer: 

This offer is exclusively for those who are brand new to the PlaySugarHouse NJ gambling website and have never deposited money or placed a casino or sportsbook real money wager there.

This is your chance to receive $500 in Free Bets!

Here’s what you need to do to get started.

  • Visit this exclusive link and click on the Get Started tab.
  • Follow the instructions indicated to Create a New Account.
  • Make an initial deposit of $100 or more, but use the special code BIGGAME500.
  • Receive $100 FREE bonus money immediately.
  • Then make a real money wager of $100 on the Super Bowl to unlock an additional $400 in bonus money!

How the SugarHouse Sportsbook Super Bowl offer for first-time players works

This promotion sounded almost too good to be true. Therefore, before deciding to write this article, I reread the details multiple times to make sure I understood them correctly. Yes, all you have to do is bet $100 of your own money on the Super Bowl, and PlaySugarHouse will match your bet, win or lose, with $400 in bonus money. And this is on top of your first $100 bonus when you make your initial $100 or greater deposit.

However, as with any other bonuses on NJ gambling websites, you can’t just withdraw the bonus money right away without wagering it. In this instance, the following terms and conditions apply.

  • By accepting this offer, you forfeit the regular Welcome Bonus of a 100 percent bonus up to $250 using the code 250MATCH. You cannot claim both bonuses.
  • The qualifying Super Bowl real money wager must have odds of -200 or greater (i.e., -110, -150, or +200).
  • Unlike the initial $100 bonus, the $400 in additional bonus money won’t be awarded to you immediately. Instead, you will receive in $100 increments on 2/8, 2/15, 2/22, and 3/1.
  • Each bonus comes with a wagering requirement of 1x the bonus. You can clear the bonuses with your choice of sports bets with odds of -200 or greater or any online casino game except roulette and baccarat.
  • You have up to 30 days to clear each bonus.

Why the PlaySugarHouse  Sportsbook  Super Bowl bonus for first-time depositors is a great offer

Most of the NJ gambling websites go all out to entice new players to join the site by presenting a welcome offer that sounds so fantastic, it’s hard to turn down. Typically, it’s much more generous than their recurring special offers for existing customers.

For example, two commonly seen offers are a Welcome Bonus that matches your initial deposit dollar for dollar and, for sports bets, a free bet in the same amount if your first real money bet loses.

However, this is the first time I’ve seen an offer that only requires you to deposit and wager $100 but awards you, even if you win your bet, with $500 in bonus money!

Moreover, you only have to bet the bonus once, so it’s a completely risk-free bonus!

This offer for first-time depositors is so fantastic, I urge anyone who is not already registered with PlaySugarHouse to sign up immediately. Even if you know very little about sports and don’t ordinarily wager on it at all, surely you would like to have a wager riding on the biggest game of the year. So, go ahead and take a shot! Win or lose, over the next four weeks you’ll receive four additional no-risk $100 bonuses! And if you don’t want to bet it on sports, you can bet it on casino games.

PlaySugarHouse Online Sportsbook special Super Bowl offer for first-time players: Now through 2/7/21

If you already have an account with PlaySugarHouse, even though you won’t be eligible for the spectacular offer described above for new sign-ups only, PlaySugarHouse has another special offer just for you.

Bet $55 or more on the Super Bowl, making a qualifying wager with odds of -200 or longer, and get $55 in Free Bets! The Free Bets will be credited in $11 increments on 2/8, 2/15, 2/22, 3/1, and 3/8. You must use your Free Bets within 30 days of receiving them.

Additional terms and conditions

The following additional terms and conditions apply:

  • The Free Bets cannot be cashed out; they must be wagered.
  • You can place your free bets on any offers with odds of -200 or longer only. For parlays, each leg must have odds of -200 or longer.
  • If you win a Free Bet, you will only receive your winnings, not the cost of the bet.

Why the PlaySugarHouse Sportsbook $55 Free Bet for existing customers is a great offer, too

Whether you have already wagered on the Super Bowl or not, surely you can find another $55 bet that you would like to make on the Big Game. Either you can press your earlier bet or pick one of the numerous props being offered, including in-play bets.

In any case, $55 should be an affordable amount for most players. And win or lose, a Free Bet in the same amount will be waiting for you that you can use anytime in the next 30 days.

New Players Can Get 100-1 Odds for Week 2 on DraftKings

September 16, 2020
DraftKings Bet 1$ Win 100$

DraftKings gave out millions in player credits and cash before the NFL season started and a cool million to someone in their NFL Survivor pool just for playing.

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We’re still not sure how much players cashed on the Chiefs +101 promotion from the season opener. Believe it or not, they’re still not done. Introducing the DraftKings bet 1$ win 100$.

DraftKings Bet 1$ Win 100$

DraftKings Bet 1$ Win 100$

For new NJ sports betting accounts still waiting to get in the action, DK has a great intro deal for Week 2 of the NFL season.

Sign up for an account, deposit $5 or more, and get 100-1 odds at DraftKings on any pre-game moneyline for Sunday or Monday. It’s that simple.

Like the 49ers to bounce back against the Jets? Take the boost.

Think the Titans can bring the Jaguars back to Earth? Pick the boost.

Believe the Steelers can go 2-0 at home against Denver? Go for it. 

Use the boost once, and use it wisely. Once selected, it can’t be undone. It’s a dollar risk with a chance to turn that into $100 on one of the best books for promos, boosts, and options.

The site also has a variety of exciting NJ gambling website casino games, from slots to live dealer table games. 

DraftKings DFS Millionaire Contest

If daily fantasy is more of your bag, DraftKings DFS has a special millionaire contest for new players.

  • Click this link to set up a new account, make a qualifying deposit, and get in the exclusive game.
  • This may be the best odds for anyone to become a DFS millionaire so don’t pass this up. 

It’s a great opportunity to get familiar with one of the top daily fantasy sites in the world, with contests available everyday in major leagues nationally and internationally, racing, MMA, and other unique offerings. 

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Olympics Special
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SugarHouse Announces NJ Pick’em Challenge

September 9, 2020
sugarhouse sportsbook nfl

The NFL season is almost here (finally) and for experts in the Garden State, that means time for pick’em contests. One great option is the Pick’em Challenge, which will offer at least $100,000 in cash prizes.

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The contest offers a grand prize of $30,000 to the top performer after the competition ends. The entry fee is $150 but players can get in at $125 if signed up by Monday, September 7th.

Players will pick straight-up winners each week for the length of the season, starting at 5 PM Tuesday up to Sunday afternoon early kickoff. There doesn’t appear to be a minimum or maximum of picks to be made. Top performers each week will receive $1,000. Also, players will be allowed to make picks every week, unlike others that offer “bye weeks”.

Sugarhouse Sportsbook NFL Contest

In the age of coronavirus, PlaySugarHouse Sportsbook has accounted for a potential gap in games or shortening of the 2020 season. The contest becomes official after the halfway point of the season. If the NFL plays eight weeks or less, all entry fees will be refunded. Players can enter a maximum of 25 teams. 

Should the contest gross over $100,000 in entry fees, the pool will grow accordingly. At least 100 players will payout with the current format. Also, the worst-performing player will get $500 as the Biggest Loser for the most missed picks. That’s not a bad booby prize.

Signing up is a breeze. Log in to or create an account and click on the Pick’em link. Then get ready for 17 weeks (fingers crossed) of exciting NFL action!  

This is a major opportunity for New Jersey players as this is exclusive to the Garden State. Other sites are looking to multi-state pools for bigger contests. However, these also mean fewer entries finish “in the money” and could limit interest. is offering a deal for NJ residents which means more of your friends are going against you and less national pros.

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Score A Touchdown With A FREE Football Futures Bet From Caesars Online

April 24, 2020
nfl futures odds

Caesars and other NJ online sportsbooks remain open, but unlike the NJ online casinos, they’re not getting much action these days. Let’s face it, as much as you may miss traditional American sports and are clamoring for action on your favorite teams, hopefully, you can draw the line short of throwing away your money betting on anything.

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Do you know or care enough about professional darts or the Chinese Baseball League to risk real money on those games?

Caesars Casino & Sportsbook has come up with a much better idea.

Bet $50 or more on any casino game, and Caesars will give you a FREE $25 football futures bet!

How the Caesars Casino & Sportsbook Bet $50, Get A Free $25 Football Futures Bet works

This promotion started on Wed., April 22 and continues through Sun., April 26. It’s open to all registered Caesars Casino & Sportsbook players.

If you wish to participate, here’s what you need to do anytime during the 4/22-4/26 promotion period:

  • Log in to your Caesars Casino & Sportsbook account.
  • Go to My Bonuses & Offers and opt-in to this offer using the code TOUCHDOWN25. Then click on “Claim.”
  • Wager $50 or more on any casino game.

Within 72 hours of your qualifying play, you will receive a credit for a FREE football futures bet worth $25. You can make the bet on any of the following 2020-21 outcomes:

  • NFL Champion
  • NFL season team win total (over/under)
  • NCAA Champion
  • Heisman Award winner
  • NCAA Conference Champion

This offer can only be accessed once. You have up to seven days from the time you receive your free bet to use it.

Additional terms and conditions

According to the Caesars website, free bets “are only valid on events with minimum odds greater than -200.”

Also, note that the entire $25 must be wagered on one outcome. If you win, you will receive the winnings from the bet but not the $25 cost of the bet.

Furthermore, any odds associated with the bet will be factored in when determining your payout. As a result, the payout could be different from $25.

Lastly, if the event you bet on is canceled or ends in a tie or push, your bet will be counted as a loser, and you will not get the opportunity to place another free bet.

Why the Caesars Bet $50 in the Casino, Get a Free $25 Football Futures Bet is a great offer

It’s affordable to everyone and couldn’t be simpler

One of the great features of the Caesars NJ gambling website is that with a single log-in, using the same account, you can bet on both casino games and sports. Now Caesars is making you a fantastic offer that takes advantage of that feature.

$50 is not a lot of wagering for online casino games, and for this promotion, you don’t even have to complete it in one day as long as you do so within the five-day promotion period. No deposit is required either. So this is an offer that any player can access.

Another nice feature is that you can bet the $50 on any game(s) you want. The wagering requirement doesn’t increase if you prefer video poker or table games to slots.

Football season will be here sooner than you think

Those of you who enjoy sports betting along with casino games must be missing the usual action that the Caesars sportsbook would offer under better circumstances. But the good news is that the start of the 2020-21 football season is only a few months away.

Better yet, you don’t even have to wait. Caesars Sportsbook is taking future bets right now! And if you do your handicapping homework, you might see better odds on what looks like a good bet to you if you place the bet now during the offseason rather than wait until September or later. Of course, the icing on the cake is that thanks to this promotion, your futures bet won’t cost you a cent!

This promotion also gives players who have never bet on sports the perfect introduction by way of a bet that’s completely risk-free.


Bet $50 in the online casino, get a $25 free sports bet! What’s not to love about an offer like that? Opt-in today before it’s too late.

PlayNJ’s Battle Of The Books Tournament Kicks-Off With A Shocker!

March 17, 2020
battle of the books


The first Battle of the Books produced the first upset, by a mile.

TheScoreBet, seeded eighth in the first round of competition, nailed 70% of the votes and defeated DraftKings according to Twitter followers on PlayNJCom and

The rousing result got the Battle of the Books off to a sizzling start. Round two unfurled Tuesday, with 888 Sports taking on Caesars.

Fans decide their top sportsbook among the 16 New Jersey heavyweights entered.

Did sports-betting pioneer DraftKings look past the group that was launched in Canada? Did the Score’s previous reputation as a Canadian network resonate with voters?

For DraftKings, a stunning tweet defeat.

The performance had fans recalling March Madness upsets. Yeah, Villanova was an 8th seed and won it all by beating Georgetown. Maybe the Score book is for real.

What message does the DraftKings loss send d to FanDuel, another industry pioneer going against BetAmerica on Friday.? All bets are on

Another interesting matchup unfolds Thursday, with Golden Nugget and odds-optimizing PointsBet looking to establish position.

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Looking ahead:

Wednesday features Bet MGM versus Resorts.

First-round matches run until March 23.

That will cut the field to eight. Second-round contests bring the field to four. Semifinals and the finals follow.

How To Enter:

Anyone who participates in the voting on Twitter will be entered into prize drawings for a chance to win free bets from several of the top NJ online sports betting apps. 

  1. and follow us
  2. Check out the latest #BattleOfTheBooks poll on our feed
  3. Vote for the sportsbook you want to see move on to the next round
  4. LIKE the post. (If you don’t like the post, we won’t know you voted)
  5. And that’s it. You’re entered to win the prize in that specific voting matchup.

Place your votes at @PlayNJcom 

How To Win:

  1. At the conclusion of each matchup, we will randomly select winners from the pool of voters for that round. 
  2. Each winner will then receive a DM from us with how to claim their FREE BET
  3. You can vote on every match in every round, for the maximum chances to win.
    • So make sure you follow our PlayNJ twitter page
    • And turn on the notifications for our page so you’ll be notified each time we start a new poll.

DraftKings vs TheScore

Monday, March 16
11AM (EST)

Monday, March 16
11PM (EST)

888Sport vs Caesars

Tuesday, March 17
11AM (EST)

Tuesday, March 17
11PM (EST)

BetMGM vs Resorts

Wednesday, March 18
11AM (EST)

Wednesday, March 18
11PM (EST)

Golden Nugget vs PointsBet

Thursday, March 19
11AM (EST)

Thursday, March 19
11PM (EST)

FanDuel vs BetAmerica

Friday, March 20
11AM (EST)

Friday, March 20
11PM (EST)

UniBet vs FOX Bet

Saturday, March 21
11AM (EST)

Saturday, March 21
11PM (EST)

William Hill vs bet365

Sunday, March 22
11AM (EST)

Sunday, March 22
11PM (EST)

Borgata vs SugarHouse

Monday, March 23
11AM (EST)

Monday, March 23
11PM (EST)

FOXBet Entices Bettors To Wager On The Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury Fight

February 20, 2020
wilder fury promotion

Boxing has hit the bonus board with a Wilder, Fury promotion!

The Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury heavyweight championship bout in Las Vegas has accomplished something few fights do. It encouraged a gambling outfit, FOXBet, to use boxing to drive a bonus.

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Wilder-Fury 2, a rematch of their electrifying 2018 draw, prompted a small, but symbolic, move by FOXBet.

Here is the pitch.

FOXBet Wilder, Fury Promotion Offer – 3 Minutes to Win it!

If the Fight Goes Past Round 1 – Bet $25 to win $50

  • Register and verify your account using this EXCLUSIVE LINK
  • Must have made a deposit to qualify. The promotional bet has to be your first bet.  
  • Bet on 3 Minutes to Win it – If the Fight Goes Past Round 1 – Bet $25 to win $50
  • Your $25 Free Bet will be credited on Monday, February 24th, 2020 by noon EST.

FOXBet is confident of providing the $25 bonus. Wilder is 33-1 and Fury 66-1 to win in the opening round.

wilder fury promotion foxbet


The bonus amount may be small, but the symbolism is not. This is a betting breakthrough for boxing, which has struggled to lure gamblers on most fights because of the absence of a point spread.

A loser can’t really “cover”, which is a prime ingredient for betting.

Slowly, gambling sites like DraftKings, FanDuel, William Hill, PlaySugarHouse and PointsBet have incorporated group-rounds betting and round-specific methods of victory to enhance the menu.

That’s the same ideology for FOXBet Sportsbook. The book will hook new customers with the Wilder Fury promotion bonus that exposes bettors to other options across all sports.

Beyond the bonus, for example,  there are interesting plays here.

FOXBet has group-rounds wagering. Wilder’s odds are between 6-1 and 11-1 for anyone picking the three-round period in which he would stop Fury. Numbers are 12-1 to 25-1 in group-rounds betting for Fury to score a knockout.

Will both fighters go down? Interesting prop. It’s 7-1 for yes.

Wilder, Fury Promotion Odds Boosts

wilder fury promotion foxbet

Gambling Background

This is a great moneyline betting fight. Wilder is slightly favored, but it was close to pick-em for most of the past two weeks. Wilder was inching up toward 6-5 status late in the week. But for much of the wagering period, the moneyline rivaled that of an NFL spread. Close to -110.

For Wilder-Fury, select the right fighter and one is practically guaranteed to double his/her money.

Yet the props are also tantalizing.

  • Wilder winning a decision pays in the 8-1 and 9-1 neighborhood, even though the fight is considered even on paper.

Props reflect the belief that Wilder’s victory is a knockout and Fury’s is a decision. It would not be “Wilderly” contrarian, however, to pick him by decision.

Fury was cut badly in the third round of his last fight, a 2019 win over Otto Wallin. He gamely survived for the last nine rounds but would probably not be able to hold Wilder off that long. A similar cut would put Fury dangerously in the path of Wilder’s powerful jab.

Fight Background

This is a battle of undefeated heavyweights who have 71 wins. Wilder has been the WBC heavyweight champion since 2015, when he won by decision vs Bermane Stiverne at the same MGM Grand Arena where he’ll fight Saturday. 

Wilder had never fought past four rounds when he went 12 and won by decision vs Stiverne, a highly unlikely successful jump in rounds.

Two years later, Wilder fought Stiverne in a rematch. And stopped him in one round.

  1. Wilder is 42-0-1 with 41 knockouts.
  2. Fury is 29-0-1 with 20 knockouts.

Fury became prominent at the same time as Wilder. He toppled Vladimir Klitschko, the world’s top heavyweight, in 2015.

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Fury is 6-foot-9. Wilder is 6-foot-7. They both had to box more than a slugfest in the first fight because neither had a real height advantage. Fury outboxed Wilder and was en route to victory but Wilder knocked him down in the 9th and 12th rounds. What propelled this rematch was Fury bravely getting up from what appeared to be a finishing blow in the 12th.

The winner of this fight will be lobbying Anthony Joshua, who has three of the four heavyweight belts, for a fight this year. If either fighter wins in dramatic fashion, a battle with Joshua would be enormous in terms of public support.

While other books did not follow the FOXBet route, they are promoting the fight in their weekly dispatches.

 DraftKings – Expectation of a KO

  • DraftKings pays +120 for the fight to go the distance.
  • Odds of not going the distance is -162, meaning a bettor essentially lays 8-5.

Rather than do that, one may be enticed to select the right fighter for the knockout.

  • Wilder is +125 and Fury is +550.

A Wilder decision pays handsomely within the context of this rivalry.

  • It returns 9-1, while Fury is +170.

Their first fight went 12 rounds and Wilder was outboxed before stealing the draw with two late knockdowns. This prop reflects doubt that he can box and win, but that’s nonetheless quite a return.

Wilder received 71% of the money and 76% of the tickets by mid-week.

William Hill – Wilder’s The Man

Similar sentiment unfolds at William Hill, with 75% of the moneyline tickets and 70% of the money on Wilder.

This book has a unique approach to rounds wagering, a series of over-under bets determined in half-rounds. That breaks the three-minute round into a pair of 1:30 blocks.

Think of the anxiety and intensity for a bettor watching a referee on the verge of stopping a fight somewhere near the 1:30 mark of the round you’ve picked as a knockout round.

  • A stoppage at 1:29 rewards the under.
  • At 1:31, it pays the over.

PlaySugarHouse – Fast and Furious

Here’s an electrifying prop. Will the fight end in the first 59 seconds?

That’s 66-1 at SugarHouse Sportsbook

The site has an interesting bet of whether either fighter an be dropped and still win. Fury would pay 5-1, Wilder 9-1.

NBA Betting Can Be Fun And Lucrative With NJ Sportsbook NBA Promos

November 21, 2019
76ers nba sixers

Betting on the NBA can be fun and exciting. But it can also be quite lucrative. Thanks in part to the many NBA promos offered by some of the top NJ sportsbooks.

Bet $20, Win $200 Olympics Special

Whether you’re betting on the NBA or just a fan of one of the teams that play just outside New Jersey, you’ve no doubt experienced the heartbreak of a fourth-quarter meltdown.

It can be rather frustrating when your side leads big heading into the fourth quarter and just can’t seem to hold on. Thankfully, FanDuel Sportsbook has developed an NBA betting promo that takes a little of the nasty sting away.

NBA 3rd Quarter Insurance

FanDuel calls it NBA 3rd Quarter Insurance. All you have to do is make a pre-game moneyline bet on any NBA game and you’ll be covered.

As long as the team you bet on ends the 3rd quarter with the lead, you’ll get at least a refund of up to $50 in site credit on your bet.

Of course, if your team goes on to win, you’ll get paid off the same as always. It’s just that if they lose that lead in the fourth and go on to drop the game, the NBA 3rd Quarter Insurance kicks in. That means FanDuel will refund your bet of up to $50 in site credit.

Of course, you can use that site credit any way you like. However, make another NBA moneyline bet and FanDuel’s NBA 3rd Quarter Insurance will cover you again.

Make it Rain

Then, there’s the Make it Rain NBA promo on PointsBet Sportsbook.

PointsBet leads the league in great NBA promos and contests and this is a fun one. The site rolled it Make It Rain during the 2019 NCAA Tournament. It has now extended it through the NBA season.

The terms are simple. Just place a $100 spread bet on an NBA game and get $3 for every three-point field goal your side makes throughout the game.

Last year the Houston Rockets broke the single-season record averaging more than 16 threes per game. This means you can almost bank on getting close to half your money back on a $100 spread bet on any Rockets game, thanks to PointsBet Sportsbook’s Make it Rain promo.

Of course, the promo is only available for select games. So, pay attention to when the Rockets or some of the other teams in the league known for shooting from deep are on the docket and fire away.

Score The First 4 Points, You Win!

PointsBet also has NBA promos for moneyline wagers. The PointsBet Score The First 4 Points, You Win! promo is exactly as it sounds.

Place a pregame moneyline bet on an eligible NBA game and PointsBet will pay off the first $100 of that bet if your team scores the first four points of the game. Then, If your team goes on to win, the remainder of your bet will be paid out as normal.

Finally, keep an eye out for unusual happenings in the NBA. The PointsBet Sportsbook Karma Kommittee has a reputation for stepping in to rectify things.

The Karma Kommittee has already returned all losing New Orleans Pelicans moneyline bets after the Pels lost in overtime to the defending champion Toronto Raptors on opening night.

PointsBet’s Karma Kommittee has a long history of rewarding heartbroken gamblers who came oh so close. It looks like they will continue to do so throughout this NBA season.

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