Everyone’s A Winner In The 2021 $600K Golden Nugget June Race

Updated on June 11, 2021
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June is here, and Golden Nugget Online Casino has a great way to segue from spring into summer. Join the Golden Nugget June Race today if you haven’t already!

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It’s Golden Nugget’s sixth monthly race of 2021 and the sixth leg of the yearly race. But what makes this not-to-be-missed event even more special is that you don’t have to be among the top finishers to be recognized for your performance and win a prize. Everyone who participates will celebrate in the winner’s circle with a guaranteed bonus!

A guaranteed bonus? In a fiercely competitive race to the finish line, how is that possible? Ordinarily, it wouldn’t be, but this is no ordinary race. It’s the Golden Nugget June Race with a guaranteed $600,000 up for grabs, and everyone’s a winner!

Can you still sign up for the Golden Nugget June Race?

If you’re a registered NJ Golden Nugget Online Casino player, of course, you can. Like all of the Golden Nugget monthly races, the June race started on the first day of the month and ends at 11:59 p.m. on the last day of the month. So, of course, the sooner you enter, the better. However, entering late won’t exclude you from participating.

Many of you reading this article already know that and wasted no time getting out of the starting gate on June 1. But for those of you who are new to these races or were too busy, no worries, at least not this month.

Even if you have little or no chance of winning one of the top prizes, Golden Nugget still has you covered. No one walks away from the June race empty-handed!

How to participate in the Golden Nugget June Race

The Golden Nugget June Race differs from most of the monthly races in an important respect. In the latter, even though the rules don’t require you to be active every day from the first of the month, for all intents and purposes, it is probably necessary. Otherwise, you would be wasting your time and money. It’s analogous to a very inexperienced and lightly raced horse being entered in a major race like the Kentucky Derby.

But this month, even the smallest players can join the competition and get rewarded.

By the way, the last time Golden Nugget Online Casino held a race where everyone’s a winner was in March. The prize pool for that race totaled $500,000. But this month, the prize pool is a bigger and better $600,000! And everyone who participates is guaranteed to get a share of it!

So, if you’re eligible and not already in the race, what are you waiting for? Here is what you need to do to participate.

  • Log into your GoldenNuggetCasino.com account.
  • Click on Available Bonuses and opt into the $600K June 2021 Everyone’s A Winner promotion.
  • Make a single deposit of $20 or more.
  • Start playing!

Three chances to win this month–How can you say no?

Every month, and June is no exception, if you have what it takes to be one of Golden Nugget’s top players, the casino will reward you handsomely.

But that’s not all. This year, all of the monthly races include another way to win, the Mid-Month Fuel Up. Players no longer have to wait until the end of the month to see if they have earned a reward. Halfway through the month, the 2,000 top players at the time will win free spins.

Lastly, at the end of the month, whether you qualify for one of the aforementioned mid-month and/or end of the month prizes or not, you will receive a secondary prize. All you have to do is deposit $20 or more when you opt-in to the race and earn at least 50 Golden Points over the course of the month, and this bonus is yours!

How to earn leaderboard points in the Golden Nugget June Race and guarantee yourself at least one prize and maybe all three

Where you finish in this race or any of the Golden Nugget races depends on how many leaderboard points you earn. All you have to do is keep making deposits and keep playing as often and for as much as you can, and your points will keep accumulating.

The following table shows you the number of points you will earn for different types of activity.

Player Activity

Leaderboard Points Awarded

Wager $100 on slots


Wager $100 on video poker or table games


Each day you deposit $50-$99


Each day you deposit $100 or more


As you can see, the fastest way to earn points is with deposits, but only deposits of $50 or more count. Otherwise, slot play earns points 5x as fast as table games play. Sports bets don’t count towards earning points.

It is also worth noting that the $600,000 guaranteed prize pool being offered in the June race makes it Golden Nugget’s biggest monthly giveaway ever!

The prize pool opened at $575,000, but by the end of the month, it is guaranteed to reach at least $600,000 and possibly as much as $605,000. Each day this month when at least one player wins $20,000 or more, Golden Nugget will increase the prize pool by $200. On any day when no player wins $20,000 or more, Golden Nugget will increase the prize pool by $1,000.

Furthermore, as mentioned above, there are three different types of prizes you can win. Let’s start with the biggest prizes–those that the casino will award at the end of the month to the top 25 players on the leaderboard.

Distribution of prizes for the top 25 players

Players who think they have a shot of finishing in the top 25 can check their daily progress on the leaderboard all month long. Also, keep in mind that all of the points you earn this month automatically count toward your grand total on the separate yearlong leaderboard, which will award the 50 top players of the year even bigger prizes.

The following table shows the minimum prizes that the top 25 players in June will win. These figures are based on a final total prize pool of $600,000. If the prize pool exceeds $600,000, the individual prizes will be bigger.

All prizes will be in the form of free guaranteed bonus play rather than immediately withdrawable cash. However, all of the prize amounts are huge. Even the player in 25th place is guaranteed to receive at least a $4,000 bonus.

Moreover, the $100,000 in bonus money guaranteed to the player who finishes in first place is actually double the prize given out to the top player in March. The second and third place prizes have also increased. The remaining 22 prizes remain the same as in March.

The Top 25 Prizes

Leaderboard Rank

Minimum Prize



























Guaranteed secondary prizes

Whatever bonus money still remains in the prize pool after the top 25 prizes have been distributed will be used to create a secondary prize pool. That money will then be equally divided among all eligible participants.

In other words, everyone who opts into the promotion with a deposit of $20 or more and proceeds to earn at least 50 leaderboard points during the month of June will definitely get the secondary prize.

Even the smallest players should qualify. Two separate deposits of $100 that you wager on slots will suffice.

Meanwhile, the 25 top players will receive two prizes—the secondary prize plus their main prize. Like the main prize, the secondary prize will be in the form of bonus play credited to players’ accounts.

Additional wagering requirements to clear the bonus money

Golden Nugget will complete the determination of this month’s winners of both the main prizes and secondary prizes and distribute the bonus money into players’ accounts by 5 p.m. on July 1, 2021.

However, before you will be permitted to withdraw the bonus or any additional winnings resulting from it, you will need to complete the casino’s small additional wagering requirement.

If you choose to clear the bonus with any slot game, the wagering requirement is 1x the bonus. If you clear the bonus with any other casino game, the wagering requirement is 5x the bonus.

Either way, you have up to seven days to complete the wagering from the day you receive it.

However, we recommend clearing the bonus with slots to avoid any further risk to your bankroll. Choose slots with the best rate of return (an RTP of 96 percent or better) to maximize your chances of winning.

Keep in mind, too, that while players once had the option to use the bonus money as either a casino bonus or a sports betting bonus, that is no longer the case. Sports wagers no longer count towards clearing any of the bonuses awarded in the Golden Nugget races.

Mid-Month Fuel Up: 50 Free Spins for the top 200 players

In the past, Golden Nugget found that some participants in the monthly races started slacking off long before the race was over. Presumably, the long wait until the end of the month to see whether they or not they would get a bonus made them lose interest.

The Mid-Month Fuel Up will give more players the incentive to put their pedal to the medal every day. At or around the halfway point of each month, the top 2,000 players will each win 50 free spins.

This month, the free spins will be awarded on Thurs., June 17.

Upon being awarded the free spins, you need to claim the offer from Available Bonuses. You then have up to seven days to use them on eligible games.

All winnings from the free spins will be in the form of bonus money. The same terms and conditions described above for the end-of-the-month bonuses also apply to clearing any bonus money won from the free spins.

Golden Nugget 2021 $5 Million Dollar Race

In short, every Golden Nugget Online Casino player from the smallest to the biggest has something to gain from participating in this month’s race. But for the heavy hitters among you, the Golden Nugget June race is just one of a dozen stepping stones towards the Grand Finale.

The overwhelming majority of you will have to settle for watching how the yearlong race plays out from the sidelines. But for 50 ultra-elite players, the ultimate reward at the finish line will be a prize that is so spectacular it will knock your socks off and possibly even be life-changing.

See the Golden Nugget website or my Jan. 12 article on NJ Gambling Websites Kick Off 2021 With the Brand New Golden Nugget $5 Million Dollar Race” for the full details regarding this incredible event.


As I keep repeating in these columns every month, every player should know their limits and only opt-in to promotions they can comfortably afford. That will make participating in the Golden Nugget races every month for a shot at a mega-size prize out of reach for most of you. But that in no way precludes entering the June race where Everyone is a Winner.

The secondary prize will probably be meager. But if you want it, then it’s yours for the taking with very little effort and expense required. The beauty of this offer is that everyone, from the player who earns only 50 leaderboard points to the player whose points total hundreds of thousands, will get the same guaranteed bonus.




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