Want To Go To A Concert? Tropicana And Virgin NJ Want To Help You Rock Out

Updated on June 27, 2024
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If you are a Tropicana and/or Virgin online casino player, this could be your lucky week.

Both casinos are giving away free concert tickets. Tropicana online casino is also giving away $5,000 in bonus money.

Details about Tropicana NJ’s Grand Funk Giveaway

Were you listening to Grand Funk (also known as Grand Funk Railroad) in their heyday back in the 1970s? Hard to believe, but more than 45 years later, this high-energy, five-member band is still performing.

For all of you Grand Funk fans and also for those of you who might not be familiar with this band and are curious to experience their music for the first time, TropicanaCasino.com is offering you a chance to win free concert tickets as part of its Grand Funk Giveaway promo.

Grand Funk performed in the Tropicana Atlantic City Showroom last year and will be returning to the same stage on Saturday, Feb. 24 for another concert. Two lucky Tropicana NJ players will soon get a chance to see Grand Funk live absolutely free.

Each of these players will not only win two free concert tickets, but also an overnight stay at the resort.

Here’s more great news: Even if you don’t win the Grand Prize of an overnight stay at the Trop and free concert tickets, you have an excellent chance of winning another prize. In fact, 89 other players will win a share of $5,000 in bonus money prizes.

All of the winners will be determined in a random drawing next Monday, Feb. 12.

How to earn entries for Grand Funk Giveaway

You can earn tickets into next Monday’s drawing simply by playing your favorite games on TropicanaCasino.com. The period for earning entries started on Monday, Feb. 5 and continues daily for the remainder of the week through Sunday, Feb. 11.

Every $50 wagered on any game on any one casino day earns you one entry into the drawing, up to a maximum of five entries per day if you wager $250 or more.

The maximum number of entries possible is 35 (for those who play all seven days of the promotion and earn five tickets each day). Even if today is your first day of playing this week, you can still earn up to 20 entries.

Don’t discount the luck of the draw

The important thing to keep in mind is that the upcoming drawing will have 91 winners. Therefore, it is a reasonable assumption that the luck of the draw will be a big factor in determining the outcome. Just as some casino players with the maximum number of entries won’t win a prize, there will be others with nowhere near the maximum number of entries who will win.

So if you you can’t afford to or don’t have time to earn 35 entries, don’t worry about it. Simply play when you can and hope Lady Luck comes through for you.

Are you eligible to play in Tropicana NJ’s online casino promo?

Of course, before you get your hopes up, make sure that you meet this promotion’s eligibility requirements. While New Jersey residency is not a requirement for participating, you do need to be a registered player on TropicanaCasino.com and have access to the casino’s online games.

Residents of New York, Florida, Rhode Island, Louisiana, Hawaii, Guam, and Puerto Rico are not eligible to participate.

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Distribution of prizes

The distribution of the 91 prizes is shown in the table below. As mentioned, only two people will win the Grand Prize of an overnight stay at the Trop and a pair of tickets to the Grand Funk concert. The other 89 winners will all receive bonus money credited to their account.

# of Prizes Prize
2 A pair of tickets to Grand Funk Railroad and a one night stay at Tropicana AC
4 $250 bonus money
5 $200 bonus money
10 $100 bonus money
20 $50 bonus money
50 $20 bonus money

The Grand Prize includes the cost of the hotel room and show tickets only. All incidental costs such as travel, meals, taxes, and gratuities are not covered and are the winner’s own responsibility. The bonus money prizes range from $20 to $250.

How to claim your prize

All prize winners will be notified within 24 hours of the drawing (or three business days in the event of technical difficulties). They will then have up to 14 calendar days to claim their prize. All prizes are non-exchangeable and non-transferable.

Wagering requirements for the bonus money

All bonus money won in this promotion is subject to the usual TropicanaCasino.com and sister casino VirginCasino.com terms and conditions.

Prior to being allowed to withdraw any bonus-related winnings, the bonus must be wagered 1x. Any game is fine, and you have up to 30 days to complete the wagering — much more time than necessary.

As soon as the wagering is completed, you will be able to withdraw any resulting winnings, but unfortunately, not the bonus itself. All TropicanaCasino.com and VirginCasino.com bonuses are “sticky” bonuses that the casino takes back. In other words, they are not withdrawable at any time and are given out for play purposes only.

Concert ticket giveaway at Virgin NJ

VirginCasino.com players also have a chance this week to win free concert tickets in their Virgin Rocks Giveaway.

The beauty of the Virgin promotion is that if you’re a winner, you get to pick the concert you want to attend. The casino is giving away five Ticketmaster gift cards in the amount of $200 each.

If you have your heart set on seeing Grand Funk, that is certainly an option. But if you would rather see another show, no problem.

How to earn entries for the Virgin NJ online casino promo

All you have to do to earn entries into the Virgin Rocks giveaway drawing is play your favorite games on the NJ gambling website, as usual. Also, as with the Tropicana giveaway, the period for earning entries started on Monday, Feb. 5 and continues through Sunday, Feb. 11.

For every $50 wagered on any game on any single qualifying day, you earn one ticket into the drawing, up to a maximum of five tickets per day if you wager $250 or more.

Are you eligible to play the Virgin Rocks promo?

The eligibility rules for this promotion are identical to those outlined above for the Tropicana promotion.

How to claim your prize

On Monday, Feb. 12, there will be a random drawing to determine the five winners. The lucky players will be notified via email within three business days and then have 14 calendar days to claim their prize.

The website does not specify if there is a time limit for when the gift certificate may be used. However, if there is one, it is probably extensive. Also, it would seem that you are not restricted to events at the Tropicana Atlantic City, if you prefer attending a concert at another venue.

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Are the Virgin and Tropicana online promos worth your time?

This week both Tropicana and Virgin are giving their players a chance to win free concert tickets. At Tropicana, the prize is exclusively for the upcoming Grand Funk concert, but it also includes an overnight stay at the resort. Virgin NJ online casino is not giving away any overnight stays, but the free tickets can be used on any event of your choosing.

The odds of winning one of these coveted prizes aren’t good. Only five VirginCasino.com players and only two TropicanaCasino.com players are going to win them. However, if you are a player and plan to play this week, you might as well take a shot because with the luck of the draw, you never know.

Promotions any player can enter

One great feature of both promotions is that players of all betting levels can participate. No deposit is required, and just $50 in wagers on one day is all it takes for a chance to win.

Of course, if you can earn extra entries, your chances are better. However, both casinos are to be commended for capping the number of entries at a very reasonable five per day based on $250 in wagers. This keeps high rollers from dominating the entries and levels the playing field for other participants.

What about the Tropicana bonus cash? 

Your odds of walking away with a prize are much better in the Tropicana giveaway than in the Virgin online casino giveaway due to all of the bonus money prizes. However, the likelihood of making a big score with this prize is slim due to two major shortcomings.

  • Only the winnings are withdrawable, not the bonus itself.
  • You can only bet the bonus once, so if you get lucky, there is no way to parlay your wager and winnings, as with the traditional type of casino bonus.
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