Fulltilt.com and Pokerstars.net Open for Business in NJ and NV

Updated on October 30, 2015

f7DY81JBSince the online poker gambling sites Fulltilt.com and PokerStars.com have been legalized in states such as Nevada and New Jersey, a massive impact is already being felt not only in those states but nationwide and possibly across the pond in the United Kingdom. The two poker sites just went live in late September, and although the numbers have not yet come in, hopes are high that they will bring in much more revenue and many more players for the two states involved.

The legalization of this new and popular addition to the online gambling scene is being recognized by online gamblers across the nation and has garnered the support of influential people such as presidential candidate Donald Trump and famous poker star Daniel Negreanu. Although New Jersey’s overall revenue numbers from online gambling are currently down from last year, this new addition of Fulltilt.com and PokerStars.com is going to bring in much-needed optimism and aggressive marketing campaigns across the state. With new revenue comes much-needed money for New Jersey to help fund struggling programs across the state.

We won’t know exact revenue numbers from the Nevada and New Jersey for a couple of months, but with the holidays coming up fast, they most likely will have a slow start. The outcome will undoubtedly be a focus point for other states looking to legalize online gambling. We are already starting to see political movement and new bills being introduced in states such as California, Washington, and Florida to legalize online poker for the passionate players across these states. California and Washington already have bills in the works for 2016 and people are very hopeful that the states will seriously consider lifting bans on the online gaming industry.

With social media constantly being used to spread messages at lightning fast speeds, people in almost every state see the potential for change. Many states have few if any brick and mortar casinos, most of which are owned by various Native American tribes. The exceptions are Nevada and Colorado. So legalization would be a most welcome change for people willing to spend money online with safe and reputable websites.

We are also starting to see grassroots movements in various states to put pressure on state governments, and although the state of the economy is slowly getting better, many states might be open to the new revenue channels that legalized online gambling would bring. These grassroots movements are seeing massive success in many different areas, and the state governments are being forced to pay attention.

las-vegas-signMany states have had bans for several years, but with time comes change, and we may see more states start to soften to the idea of legalization. According to the website www.uspoker.com, the citizens of Florida are signing petitions and getting the word out on Facebook and Twitter to voice their support for change. Not only the people are voicing their wants for this change to online gambling legislation, but websites such as Fulltilt.com and PokerStars.com are pushing for change, both at the state level and at the federal level.

These powerful and very lucrative websites putting pressure on law makers can have a rather large impact. The revenue for the states allowing online poker gambling is the tens of millions monthly and hundreds of millions yearly. The potential income and tax revenue will bring attention to Washington D.C. and the various politicians around the country. A continuation of the bans would make little to no sense because the online gambling scene is growing yearly and attracting more and more players every year. When the people voice what they want and put the pressure on, politicians eventually have to give in and hear them out about legalization efforts.

Companies responsible for running the online poker websites have a duty and obligation to listen to what their players have to say to change the scene for the better. So we will undoubtedly see more and more aggressive ads for the legalization of online poker, and it will most likely not stop there. With many states starting to push for change, we will see a bigger presence of representatives from online gambling sites speaking to the lawmakers that can make legalization happen.

Keep in mind that although these online poker enterprises are still in their infancy, there is quite an optimistic view that profits and player numbers will increase. The future for online poker sites such as Fulltilt.com and PokerStars.com looks incredibly bright and will hopefully bring change across the U.S. and change the face of online gambling – poker in particular – for generations to come.


Image Source: Flickr

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