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Updated on January 7, 2020
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If you’re looking for an online slot game that is both wildly entertaining and pays out frequently, this is it. Go Bananas!

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Not only will you love this game from the get-go, but playing is so much fun that no matter how long you play or how often you play, it will never grow old on you. That’s fine because Go Bananas also happens to have an exceptionally high return to player (RTP). The wild action on the screen never lets up, which can only mean one thing–lots of paying combinations and an excellent chance of ending your playing session a winner.

Go Bananas basics

Go Bananas is a relatively simple but highly creative online video slot by one of the leading online slot makers, NetEnt. It is a jungle-themed slot consisting of five reels, three rows, and 20 fixed paylines.

The fast-paced game takes place in a treehouse overlooking a tropical jungle. As you spin the reels, you’ll see plenty of monkeying around–much of it to your benefit.

The 5X3 format with 20 paylines is the same as on many other online slots. Many online slots also include a special wild symbol along with the game’s regular symbols. So does Go Bananas but with one big difference.

Much more often than not, only one symbol is designated “wild.” As such, it substitutes for other symbols to help form or add to winning combinations. However, the wild animal-themed Go Bananas slot takes the meaning of wild to a whole new level. On any given spin, any of five different types of monkey symbols can show up on the reels and turn themselves and certain adjacent symbols into wild symbols!

What makes Go Bananas Barb’s Best Bet

As frequent readers of NJ Gambling Websites realize, I take my task of deciding which online slot game will be the next Barb’s Best Bet very seriously. If you love playing online slots, you’re in luck because the NJ online casinos offer hundreds of them. But if you play for real money, as I assume you do, playing any random slot is a big mistake. Maximize your chances to win by playing only the best slots.

Of course, apart from hoping to win, another reason for playing online slots is that many of them are highly entertaining. All of the slots I select as Best Bets offer enough fun and excitement to satisfy even the most avid slot player. They also offer an outstanding return to player, so you can play to your heart’s content (within reason) and never have to worry about depleting your bankroll.

If your luck has been going south lately, there’s no better time than now to start anew and get yourself back in the plus column. Don’t get lost in a sea of slots. Go Bananas!

How could you not want to play an online slot that offers all of the following?

Nonstop fun, action, and suspense

If you have had a stressful day, playing online slots is a great way to decompress, not worry about a thing, and simply experience the fun of the moment. Slots taking place in a dark, foreboding setting or on a battlefield might be calling your name sometimes, but if your mood could use a quick pick-up they are not the best choice. You want a slot that’s not only entertaining but light-hearted and wacky.

Because Go Bananas is all that and more, it is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. The setting is supposed to be a jungle. But along with mischievous monkeys, you’ll see an array of other seemingly misplaced symbols such as a glittering pink gem, a monkey shaped money clip, and not just bananas but a banana split! The lower paying symbols consist of other fresh fruits instead of the usual playing cards.

All of the above makes Go Bananas a very colorful slot. At times, it will look more like a Hawaiian luau or fruit and dessert buffet than a jungle filled with wild animals. But as long as the symbols keep lining up to form winning combinations, you couldn’t care less.

The sound effects are the same kinds of sounds you would expect to hear in a jungle, so they set the mood for the game without being overpowering. As the reels spin and you wait in eager anticipation of what you hope will be more “monkey business” that you can cash in on, you will also hear thumping drums.

Wide range of bet sizes

The minimum bet per spin is only 20 cents, while the maximum is $200. This makes Go Bananas a go-to slot game for virtually anyone from low-stakes player to high roller.

Not just one wild symbol but five

Go Bananas doesn’t offer as many bells and whistles as some slots. If you’re looking for extra features like a progressive jackpot, or even a scatter symbol, free spins, and bonus rounds with multipliers, you’ll have to look elsewhere. You won’t find them in this game. But what you will find instead is five different wild symbols, each with the capability of turning themselves and other symbols wild. That’s where the name Go Bananas comes from because each of these transformed symbols magically turns into a banana! How wild is that! You will find out when you see for yourself how many spins you thought were nonwinners turn into big wins.

Created by NetEnt

Like many of the other slots that have made the cut as Barb’s Best Bets on NJ Gambling Websites, Go Bananas is a creation of NetEnt. You can’t go wrong playing any slot from this top-name manufacturer because NetEnt has proven over and over again that it knows what qualities are important to online slot players and unfailingly delivers them. Using the latest in online slot technology, NetEnt consistently offers slots that players of any bet level not only find enjoyable and exciting but give them an excellent chance to win.

Not just an above average RTP but one of the highest RTP levels of any online slots

Return to player, or RTP, is the statistical indicator of the percentage of money wagered on a game that can be theoretically expected to be returned to players over an extended period of time. After any given session, your results might vary widely from this percentage in either direction. However, the RTP gives you a very good idea of how you can expect to fare in the long run. Since we play with much more limited bankrolls than the casino, it makes sense to maximize our chances of winning—or at worst, minimize our losses—by playing games with the highest RTP possible in their category.

All NetEnt slots have an RTP of at least 96 percent, which is already way above average, even for NJ online slots. But the RTP for Go Bananas is 96.91 percent. Very few online slots have an RTP that high. So even if you play this game and don’t win, rest assured that you are playing one of the top paying slots available to NJ players.

Go Bananas also offers medium volatility. This is a desirable characteristic because it means that wins will occur frequently enough to keep you in the game even if your bankroll is limited. At the same time, there is enough variance to give you larger wins along with the smaller ones, which keeps the game from becoming predictable and boring.

Which NJ gambling websites offer Go Bananas?

 You can play the slot game Go Bananas online or on your mobile device at any of the following NJ online casinos:

Go Bananas symbols

Regular symbols

Go Bananas includes 10 regular symbols. The higher paying symbols, in descending order of value, are a large pink gem, golden monkey statue, monkey-shaped money clip, a pair of bongo drums, and a banana split.

The lower paying symbols consist of five different varieties of fruit or enough to make a fruit salad: orange, pineapple, coconut, lime, and plum.

The highest paying regular symbol, the pink gem, pays 700 coins for five in a row. The lowest paying regular symbol, the plum, returns only 30 coins for five in a row.

Winning combinations are formed in the usual manner. You need three or more matching symbols on adjacent reels, starting with the reel furthest to the left

Wild symbols

These are the symbols that will have the game Go Bananas do just that. On any given spin, one or more of five different types of monkeys can pop up on the reels. If they do, watch out!

Depending on which type of monkey it is, it will transform itself and one or more adjacent symbols into bananas. Then, if you’re lucky, the bananas, which are also wild, will finish the job and line up just right with other symbols to create big wins.

Five different monkey symbols are all wild

Here are the five different kinds of monkeys and what they will do each time they show up on the reels.

  • Gorilla: It turns itself and the four other symbols diagonal to it into bananas in the shape of an X.
  • Orangutan: It turns itself and three adjacent symbols into bananas forming a square.
  • Baboon: It turns itself and the symbols above and below it into bananas, creating a vertical row of three wild symbols.
  • Langur: It turns itself and the two symbols next to it into bananas, creating a horizontal row of three wild symbols.
  • Tarsier: It turns itself and one adjacent symbol (either vertically or horizontally) into bananas.

Except for the wild gorilla, which can only appear on reels 2, 3, and 4, all of the other monkey symbols can appear on any of the five reels. Sometimes, especially when the animal appears on reel 4 or 5, no winning combination results. Alas, monkeys can sometimes be mischievous and up to no good. On the other hand, if you’re really lucky, two or more animals will show up simultaneously on different reels, and that’s when you might see some monster size wins–just like I did but with play money. Anytime any of the monkeys create a winning combination, they become animated.

How I fared playing Go Bananas

Before deciding that this game was worthy of Best Bet status, I played three sessions at different stakes in demo mode. The results are revealing because even though the bet sizes varied greatly, so did my ups and downs. But in every instance, I was able to come roaring back. That’s what a game with a high RTP will do for you. Here is how I fared.

Session 1: $10 per spin, +$205

Keep in mind that you can bet as little as 20 cents per spin. But since I wasn’t risking real money, I decided it would be more fun to play for bigger stakes.

At first, I was getting lots of small wins. But I still fell behind over $300 before two big gorilla wins put me on top for the session.

 Session 2: $20 per spin, Even

I wanted to see if doubling my stake would make a difference. However, I don’t recommend it unless you are properly bankrolled. A substantial negative swing early on put me in the hole for nearly a grand. Then, out of nowhere, I recouped everything on a single spin with a $925 mega-size win that got me back to exactly even. I decided to end the session then and not press my luck.

Session 3: $100 per spin: +$26,350

Now we’re talking! However, betting at this level or the top bet of $200 per spin with real money is only for those who are sufficiently bankrolled. Although I was never more than $800 down, the negative swings could have been much greater. The good news is that the wins can also be huge.

After a mega jackpot of over $7,000 put me comfortably ahead, I thought about ending the session but didn’t, partly because I was having so much fun and partly because I had a feeling that I would continue to win. What I didn’t expect was for three different wild monkey symbols including the gorilla all to show up on the same spin. The amount of the win kept climbing as the words “BIG WIN” on the screen changed to “MEGA WIN,” and then to “SUPER MEGA WIN!”

The bottom line

I have to admit that the name Go Bananas! piqued my curiosity immediately. But as impressed as I was by the 96.91% RTP, it wasn’t until I discovered for myself how much fun playing this uniquely designed game is, too, that all the pieces came together. I didn’t have to search any further for my next Best Bet. I found it.


  • Five reels, 20 fixed paylines
  • Bets: 20 cents to $200
  • RTP: 96.91 percent
  • Maximum payout: $140,000


 Jungle theme

  • Five wild symbols
  • No free spins, bonus rounds, or progressive jackpot but plenty of monkey business
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