Breaking News: Anchorman Slots Are Glowing With Value At Golden Nugget

Updated on February 5, 2019

Hey, you there, listen up because this promotion is kind of a big deal. Thanks to the world’s favorite news reader, your week is about to get a little bit brighter.

Yes, that’s right; his week Golden Nugget is pointing a camera at the Anchorman Slot Game.

Designed by Bally Technologies, this five-reel spinner is not only a great way to win some serious prize money but relive one of the best comedies of the last two decades.

But wait, that’s not all. Because Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy is Golden Nugget’s game of the week, you’ll also have the chance to earn extra loyalty points.

It’s so damn hot … Anchorman is a great choice

By spinning the reels and playing for jackpots topping 1,333.33 times your bet, you’ll double your Golden Points balance over the coming days. Put simply, when you wager at least $100 on the Anchorman slot game before 11:59 pm EST on Feb. 7, you’ll receive 10 Golden Points instead of five.

That may not sound like a big deal for an NJ online casino. However, when you consider that Golden Nugget allows you to exchange points for dollars, things start to get interesting.

In fact, what’s great about Golden Points is that you can earn them by simply being active. We don’t have time to go into all the details right now, but the main thing to remember is that you can earn when you bet and deposit.

For example, you’ll earn 10 Golden Points for placing a real money bet between 1 am and 1 am the following day. Beyond that, you can earn 20 points for deposits between $50 and $99, while a payment of $100+ will get you 40.

When you combine this with the added earning potential Anchorman slots give you this week, it’s certainly worth tuning into this NJ gambling website promo.

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I love lamp and Golden Nugget bonuses

If we’re going to give you one piece of advice, it would be to play in sessions. Let’s say you plan to deposit and wager $300 over the next two days.

Instead of making a single deposit and playing once, it’s better to divide your efforts into two.

By depositing $150 one day and $150 the next, you’ll earn 80 points. Additionally, you’ll be able to earn 20 casino bonus points for making real money bets on two separate days (10 + 10).

Finally, assuming you play Anchorman, you’ll earn at 30 Golden Points. By following this strategy, you’ll earn 130 Golden Points in three days.

Naturally, you should adjust the deposit and betting limits to suit your own circumstances. However, the basic premise remains the same.

By dividing up your money and efforts, you can get the most out of this week’s exclusive NJ online casino game promotion.

Don’t act like you’re not impressed by this slot

Of course, if you’re not interested in tactics and simply want to know what Anchorman the slot game is like … here’s the 411. Firstly, it has 25 paylines and more comedy one-liners than you can reel off in 60 seconds.

Secondly, you can win up to 13.33x your stake when you unlock the Whammy free spins. Finally, to make this spinner as exciting as the movie on which it’s based, there are three additional themed bonuses:

Ron’s Giant Free Games: When the legendary Ron Burgundy rolls into view, you’ll receive six free spins. However, to match the anchorman’s massive ego, the gaming board will expand to accommodate 19 rows of symbols and 117 paylines. At this point, you’ll see six additional Ron symbols appear (Fire Ron, Robe Ron, Anchor Ron, Coat Ron, Hat Ron and Weight Ron) as well as the Car Baxter symbol. These all work to give you more ways to win.


Brick’s Weather Wheels: Find Brick and you’ll get to spin the blue wheel and win cash prizes worth between 75x and 1,000x your stake. Those fortunate enough to land on the Level Up segment will get to spin the Green Wheel for prizes topping 2,000x. Finally, for anyone that hits the Level Up option on the green wheel, you’ll multiply your prize by as much as 10x.


Sex Panther Pick’em: By rolling in the Brian Fantana symbol, you’ll get to choose three bottles of Sex Panther from a shelf full of options. Each pick gives you a cash prize. If you can find the +1 symbol, you’ll get to open an extra bottle (from a choice of five) that will contain a multiplier worth between 2x and 10x.

In our opinion, this promo wins on two fronts. As well as being a great way to earn more points that can get you extra cash, the slot under the spotlight is hot.

So, if you want to maximize your time online while having some fun, we’d suggest playing Golden Nugget’s featured slot this week.

You stay classy, New Jersey!

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