It’s A Trio Of Bonus Treats At Golden Nugget For Memorial Day Weekend

Updated on June 11, 2024
golden nugget online holiday bonus offers

If you play at Golden Nugget Online Casino, you already know that when it comes to big celebrations, this is one NJ gambling website you can always count on to go all-in on a grand scale. So why should this Memorial Day holiday weekend be any different?

While other NJ gambling websites are posting just one non-renewable bonus for the entire holiday weekend, at Golden Nugget Online Casino, your big weekend of adventure and excitement is just getting started.

Every day, from Friday through Sunday, Golden Nugget is going to surprise you with a different bonus offer. We’ll tell you all about today’s offer here. But for the rest of this holiday weekend, your on your own.

We can’t tell you what else Golden Nugget has in store for you Saturday and Sunday because, for now, Golden Nugget is keeping the additional bonus offers under wraps.

The only way to unravel the mystery is to log into your account each day and see for yourself, as surely you will.

Special offer at Golden Nugget Online Casino for Friday

Here is your first of three special holiday weekend Golden Nugget guaranteed bonus offers. The offer is valid for May 24 only.

Deposit $50, and get a $25 bonus!

How to access your $25 instant bonus

This instant bonus is open to all registered Golden Nugget Online Casino players. Here’s what you need to do today to get your bonus.

  • Log into your account before 11:59 p.m. today (Friday).
  • Go to Available Bonuses, locate the Medieval Adventure Weekend offer, and claim the offer for today.
  • Make a single deposit of $50 or more.

You will receive your $25 bonus immediately. You can only claim this offer once. However, as mentioned above, Golden Nugget has more bonuses waiting for you Saturday and Sunday.

Wagering requirements for the bonus

Today’s $25 bonus is subject to the same wagering requirements as most other bonuses at Golden Nugget Online Casino. Depending on your game choice, here is the amount you will need to wager to clear the bonus:

  • Most slots: 10x bonus
  • Video Poker, Roulette, Blackjack, and other table games: 40x bonus
  • Excluded” slots*: 50x bonus

*Anyone who enjoys playing NJ online slots need look no farther than Golden Nugget, This NJ online casino is presently home to 559 slots. More good news is that all but 21 of the slots count 100 percent towards clearing your bonus, so you only have to wager the bonus 10x.

However, if you’re thinking of playing any of the 21 designated “excluded” slots, you should wait until you don’t have a bonus to clear.

Your best bet: Stick to high-returning slots that count 100 percent

Presumably, Golden Nugget has singled out 21 slot games because of their superior return to player (RTP). However, the difference from other slots is not great enough to justify the huge increase in wagering requirements.

They are even higher than for blackjack and video poker, which have a much lower house edge than even the best slots.

So leave the excluded slots alone for now and clear the bonus exclusively or primarily with high returning slots that count 100 percent. Every slot game comes with an “i” tab showing that slot’s RTP, volatility, and other helpful information. Be sure to look at it before you start playing so you can pick the best games possible.

Additional terms and conditions

You have up to seven days to complete the necessary wagering. This should be plenty of time, especially if you clear the bonus, as recommended, with slots that count 100 percent. Your total wagering requirement will then be only $250, which averages out to less than $36 per day.

While the bonus playthrough is in progress, you will be temporarily unable to withdraw the $25 bonus, $50 deposit tied to the bonus, or any associated winnings. However, if you have other funds in your cashable wallet unrelated to the bonus, you can still access those.

The remaining money (or whatever you have left of it) will also become available as soon as you finish clearing the bonus, provided you do so in time.

On the other hand, opting out, attempting to withdraw unavailable funds prematurely, or failure to complete the necessary wagering on time will result in your forfeiting both the bonus and any resulting winnings.

Why this Deposit $50, Get $25 weekend bonus is a great offer

Those of you who play for high stakes will probably be disappointed that today’s bonus is limited to $25. However, there are two important things about this bonus to keep in mind.

Great bang for your buck

First, Golden Nugget Online Casino is offering you a very generous 50% match on your deposit. This is a much better percentage than you will find with many other NJ online casino bonuses.

The problem with low percentage deposit match bonuses is that you almost inevitably have to dip heavily into your own deposited funds to clear the bonus so there is greater risk.

In contrast, because today you only have to deposit $50 to get this $25 bonus, it’s an offer almost any player can afford. Of course, you can deposit more than $25, if you wish, but then it will no longer be a 50 percent deposit match.

The cumulative effect of three bonuses in succession

Secondly, today’s bonus is only the first of three.

Even by itself, this would be a standout offer, but because your online account will be further boosted by two more bonuses tomorrow and Sunday, the opportunity to win big money becomes so much greater. Each succeeding bonus builds on the preceding ones, and if you’re lucky enough to get a nice winning streak going, who knows what you can win.

Also, don’t forget that Golden Nugget lets you have more than one active bonus in your account simultaneously. So there’s no need to finish clearing today’s bonus before you claim tomorrow’s and Sunday’s.

You’ll have up to a full week, if you need it, to clear each bonus. However, you can only clear one bonus at a time.

What about Monday?

As great as this triple helping of Golden Nugget Memorial Day weekend bonuses sounds, I still have one question. What about Monday? Did Golden Nugget forget that day is part of this long holiday weekend, too? Highly unlikely, but you’ll just have to wait and see.

The logical follow up to uncovering any good mystery — or in this case, two mystery bonuses — is to get another one to tackle.

So, be sure to log into your account on Monday, too. There could be yet another mystery bonus waiting for you!

Sunday, May 26 update

Even if you missed the Fri. and Sat. offers, there’s still time to take advantage of Sunday’s special offer. As you should because Golden Nugget has saved its biggest and potentially best bonus of the weekend for last. It’s a $3,000 Holiday Giveaway where 100 players will win prizes. You could win up to $1,000 in bonus money!

My post on NJ Online Casino Bonus tells you all about the Golden Nugget Sunday giveaway. You can access it here.

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