Pop The Champagne! Golden Nugget Marks Five Years In NJ Online Gambling

Updated on November 3, 2018
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If you have an account at Golden Nugget, we have some exciting news for you. This weekend the NJ gambling website has an offer you can’t refuse. It’s not just a deposit match bonus, but a 100 percent bonus!

Celebrating five years of online gambling in NJ

Time flies when you’re having fun, which is certainly true for everyone taking advantage of both the tremendous variety of games and spectacular promotions being offered by Golden Nugget Online Casino.

Hard to believe, but this November marks the five-year anniversary of NJ online gambling. That calls for a full-scale celebration, and I can’t imagine any more worthy of the occasion than the one that GoldenNuggetCasino.com is inviting you to take part in this weekend.

What a golden opportunity to add extra bonus dollars to your online account and reap the rewards.

Why settle for a tightwad bonus elsewhere of 20 percent or less when you can enjoy an instant bonus of a full 100 percent up to $50 at Golden Nugget?

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When is the Golden Nugget Five-Year Anniversary celebration taking place?

Technically, Golden Nugget Online Casino is holding its anniversary celebration a tad early. The launch of NJ online casino gambling took place on Nov. 26, 2013 — not the beginning of November. Furthermore, Golden Nugget Online Casino wasn’t one of the sites that were up and running from day one.

It was a little late jumping on the bandwagon, not debuting until Dec. 13.

But when you look at all this casino has accomplished since then, not being able to claim day one bragging rights hardly matters. Talk about making up for lost time!

Golden Nugget is currently home to 547 games, and if history is any indication, it won’t be long before there are even more. This casino has been consistently leading all other NJ gambling websites in the number of games. It was also the first online casino in New Jersey to offer live dealer games.

So if GoldenNuggetCasino.com wants to have its grand five-year celebration this weekend instead of waiting until the actual day, bring it on! You can access your special offer anytime from Friday, Nov. 2 through 11:59 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 4.

What to do to get your 100 percent bonus at Golden Nugget

Now that you’ve decided to accept your invitation to this weekend’s fifth anniversary party at Golden Nugget Online Casino, here’s what you need to do to receive your 100 percent bonus.

  • Log into your GoldenNuggetCasino.com account on any of the three days of the promotion (Friday, Saturday, or Sunday).
  • Go to Available Bonuses and claim the 5-Year Anniversary offer.
  • Make a single deposit of $20 or more.

The casino will instantly match your deposit dollar for dollar up to $50.

This offer can only be claimed once.

Wagering requirements at Golden Nugget online casino

As with all other Golden Nugget Casino deposit match bonuses, before you will be permitted to make any withdrawals of the bonus, your deposit tied to the bonus, or any related winnings, you will need to meet the casino’s wagering requirements.

In fact, if you’re a regular player at this casino, you will recognize that the wagering requirements for this bonus are no different from those stipulated for its other deposit match bonuses.

You can clear the bonus with any game you like, but the wagering requirements vary as follows:

  • Most slots: 10x bonus
  • Excluded slots* and all other games: 50x bonus

*If you wish to clear your bonus with slots, you need to know that the casino has singled out 21 of these games as “excluded” slots. The excluded slots only count 20 percent toward clearing the bonus and not the full 100 percent as with other slots. Therefore, instead of only needing to wager the bonus 10x, you face the same 50x bonus wagering requirement as for non-slot play. You will find the complete list of these excluded slots on the casino website.

Presumably, the reason why these slots have a higher wagering requirement is their very high return to player (RTP). But the good news is that this casino has more than 500 slots.

Of these, the overwhelming majority still count 100 percent, so the much more reasonable 10x bonus wagering requirement applies. Many of them have a very good RTP, too.

Wagering requirements for the maximum bonus of $50

If you deposit $50 in order to receive the maximum bonus of $50, the total amount you need to wager to clear the bonus will be $500 playing any of the included slots or $2,500 playing any other game.

Additional terms and conditions

The casino is giving you up to seven days to complete the wagering requirements.

Meanwhile, the bonus, equal size deposit you made to get the bonus, and any resulting winnings remain temporarily locked into your account. You will have full access to all of this money (or whatever is left of it) as soon as the necessary wagering is completed, provided the allotted time period has not elapsed.

However, there is no waiting period for withdrawing winnings from wagers unrelated to the bonus made with your own cashable wallet.

For the purpose of clearing the bonus, wagers are made with your own deposited money first and with the bonus money afterward. Should you choose to cancel the bonus or attempt to withdraw bonus related funds prematurely before they become available, and also if you don’t complete the necessary wagering on time, you will forfeit both the bonus and any resulting winnings.

A few helpful suggestions

Deposit $50 — no more and no less — to get the maximum bonus of $50.

Even though you can deposit as little as $20, if you can afford to deposit $50, by all means do so. That way you will get the maximum benefit possible from this outstanding promotion. It’s not often that NJ online casinos are willing to match your deposit with a full 100 percent bonus. So if you’re smart you will take advantage of every such opportunity to the max.

The casino is giving you plenty of time to clear your bonus. Use it.

You should also take advantage of the extended time period — up to seven days to clear the bonus. No need to try to cram all of the wagering into a single day.

Clear the bonus primarily or exclusively with included slots.

Lastly, as tempting as it may be to play one of the slots on the excluded list, it is inadvisable due to the greatly increased wagering requirements. Hold off playing these games until another time when you don’t have a bonus to clear.

Meanwhile, especially if you’re a small player, you can make the wagering requirements much more manageable by clearing the bonus with the best of the included slots, either alone or in combination with a lower house edge game like blackjack or video poker.

How sweet it is with Golden Nugget online casino

This weekend is Golden Nugget Online Casino’s time to shine and the perfect time for you to celebrate, too.

With five outstanding years of online casino gambling now under its belt, this weekend’s bonus is the casino’s way of telling you that the fun and money making opportunities on this NJ gambling website are going to continue and get even better.

Only two days ago, GoldenNuggetCasino.com held a $3,000 Halloween giveaway where 100 lucky players won prizes.

And the first weekend of October was Oktoberfest weekend, which featured another deposit match bonus of a full 100 percent. However, the current offer is twice as good because instead of the bonus being capped at $25, it is capped at $50.

Will a 100 percent bonus up to $100 be next? Maybe Golden Nugget is waiting until its real anniversary date to unveil that bonanza. We’ll have to wait and see.

Meanwhile, here are the reasons why opting into this weekend’s offer should be a no-brainer.

Great bang for your buck

While offers for deposit match bonuses of 10-20 pecent abound on NJ gambling websites, bonuses that represent a higher percentage of your deposit are a rarity,  especially those that match your deposit a full 100 percent.

The problem with low percentage deposit matches, even if the dollar amount of the bonus is respectable, is that the preponderance of the financing to clear the bonus has to come from your own deposited funds. That translates into greater risk to your bankroll.

A 100 percent bonus like this one gives you much better bang for your buck.

Across the board appeal

Some bonus offers, including a disproportionate number on GoldenNuggetCasino.com, are clearly geared toward high rollers. Either the deposit and wagering requirements are out of reach for smaller players or the promotion is a drawing offering an uncapped number of entries based on play. So for all intents and purposes, only those with very deep pockets have a realistic chance.

Other bonuses are so small few people except the smallest players will have any interest.

A $50 bonus based on a $50 deposit is ideal. On the one hand, it is an amount that most players can probably comfortably handle. But at the same time, the bonus size is still large enough to appeal to bigger bettors.

Reasonable terms and conditions

The wagering requirement of just 10x the bonus for most slots is very reasonable. While the wagering requirements for video poker and blackjack are a considerably higher 50x the bonus, they are consistent with what you will find at most other NJ online casinos.

You also have up to a full week to clear the bonus, which is plenty of time.

The bottom line

This 100 percent bonus up to $50 is Barb’s Best Bet for the weekend.

In the past, these kinds of deals have been few and far between on NJ online gambling sites, and that trend may continue. So if you miss this opportunity, you only have yourself to blame.

If you’re a Golden Nugget Online Casino player, you can’t afford to procrastinate. Get your $50 bonus today!

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