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Updated on June 1, 2018
Golden Nugget NJ

Now that summer is fast approaching, thoughts inevitably turn to how nice a vacation would be, especially if it could be in some exotic place you have never been to before.

But in reality, work and other responsibilities and/or budget constraints often intervene, and all those exciting vacation fantasies have to be put on hold. The good news, however, is that Golden Nugget has come up with multiple innovative ways to save the day — no, correct that — the whole month!

How does a virtual vacation sound, not to one destination, but nine? No advance reservations are necessary, and you don’t have to pack your bags!

Think of this journey as your own personal “Amazing Race.” Like on the TV show, each leg of the race presents different challenges, and there are fantastic prizes awaiting those who are most successful. But unlike on the TV show, you don’t have a partner helping you. It’s every player for himself or herself.

Around the World in 30 Days is just one part of the equation

At Golden Nugget online casino, the operative phrase is bigger is better.

After all, this is the NJ gambling website with the most games (544 as of 6/1/18), so it should come as no surprise at all that its weekly, monthly, and yearly giveaways are also over the top. Every month (and June is no exception) this casino offers golden opportunities to amass massive bonuses.

But in order to make them happen, you have to be in the race.

Monthly No Limit giveaway

If you have been participating in the preceding monthly races on, you already know that during every month of 2018, there’s at least $25,000 in prizes up for grabs, waiting to be snapped up by greedy players like you.

But there’s a good reason why the casino also calls each of these monthly promotions a No Limit giveaway. It’s the potential for the monthly prizes to be a lot more than $25,000. During some mystery months, the prize total could equal $50,000!

The June monthly race starts Friday, June 1 and continues through 11:59 p.m. Saturday, June 30. In order to participate in this race, along with the regular June weekly race and Around the World in 30 Days race, you will first need to do the following, preferably on day one.

  • Log into your account.
  • Make a deposit of $20 or more.
  • Start playing.

Remember, this is a race, so the more Golden Points you rack up from the start of June to the end of June, the bigger your bonus. The casino is making you wait until Tuesday, July 3 to collect your reward. But in the meantime, the leaderboard for the race is updated daily, so you will be able to check where you and other players stand all month long.

Distribution of prizes

 At the end of the promotion period, the casino will award the following prizes to the top 500 players on the leaderboard.

  • 1st place: $5,000 free play bonus
  • 2nd place: $3,000 free play bonus
  • 3rd place: $1,500 free play bonus
  • 4th place: $1,000 free play bonus
  • 5th place: $750 free play bonus
  • 6th-9th place: $500 free play bonus
  • 10th-20th place: $250 free play bonus
  • 21st-50th place: $100 free play bonus
  • 51st-100th place: $50 free play bonus
  • 101st-200th place: $20 free play bonus
  • 201st-500th place: $5 free play bonus

Additional wagering requirements apply for all bonuses. See the separate Wagering Requirements section below for details.

Weekly Missions

In addition to taking part in the monthly race, many players take advantage of the opportunity to pad their online account even more with the casino’s weekly missions. What is particularly nice about these missions is that you see the rewards in your account a lot faster (at the end of the week) rather than having to wait all month.

New Point Missions every Monday help you earn extra leaderboard points to give you a better chance in the bigger monthly and yearly races. New Coins Missions, also announced every Monday, can earn you extra bonuses in a weekly $1,000 giveaway.

See the website for all the important details, terms, and conditions for both of these promotions.

But wait, for the month of June only,  starting today, Friday, June 1, Golden Nugget is offering Stamp Missions, too! That’s what the casino’s Around the World in 30 Days race is all about.

Around the World in 30 Days promo

The Golden Nugget online casino Around the World in 30 Days promotion starts Friday, June 1 and continues for the entire month of June. Therefore, high rollers won’t want to miss a single day.

On the other hand, I have to inform you that the wagering requirements are extremely high. This race is recommended only for players who have the bankroll and desire to wager thousands of dollars daily. If that’s not you, don’t despair. Simply playing as you usually do, you might still have a chance to place in the top 500 on the monthly leaderboard.

Golden Nugget online casino also has many other promotions that are much more suited than any of these races to more moderate levels of play. So let the whales fight for the glory here. The one thing you should not do under any circumstances is bet way above what you can comfortably afford to lose if your luck runs south.

How to travel Around the World in 30 Days

Twice each week, the casino will put the spotlight on a particular destination and game to be played there. Players are encouraged to wager as much as they can on that featured game during the special earning period to earn points and “collect stamps” for a chance to win a great bonus prize. At the same time, you can be boosting your monthly points and possibly get a chance to move up on the leaderboard.

As soon as you acquire the maximum number of 500 points at any one destination, you earn one stamp. But what counts most is how many stamps you are able to rack up over the whole month because the more you collect all together, the bigger your bonus prize at the end of the monthly race. You have an opportunity to win up to $1,000 in bonus money!

Each destination and featured game in the race is a surprise

Much like host Phil Keoghan keeps “The Amazing Race” contestants in the dark about future legs of the trip, Golden Nugget NJ online casino is keeping each featured game under wraps until the applicable time.

The intent is to surprise you and thereby make its own version of “The Amazing Race” even more fun and exciting. However, we can tell you that the first destination is the USA and the first featured game, for June 1-3 only, is Monopoly Money in Hand.

Monopoly Money in Hand

Money in Hand offers all the excitement of classic Monopoly and more. New features like Big Bet spins with the capability of producing mega-size wins will have you on the edge of your seat.

The game is a product of SG Interactive. It has five reels and 10 paylines. The minimum bet is only 1 cent and the maximum is $500, so it’s the perfect choice for everybody from penny players to high rollers. As long as you bet sensibly and don’t over-bet your bankroll, Money in Hand should keep you in the money for extended periods of time.

The game has medium volatility and a very good return to player (RTP) of 95.94 percent. As for what game you will be asked to play next and whether it will be just as good, prior to June 4, you won’t have a clue.

As the race progresses, the map on the Promotions page will log the various destinations and games to date. You will also be able to keep track of how many stamps you have accumulated at any time using the login tab below the map.

What are the prizes in the Around the World in 30 Days promotion?

The amount you need to wager on the featured game each time to earn the 500 points to qualify for a stamp varies as follows, but in all cases, it is a lot.

Furthermore, the points earned at each destination do not roll over to the next destination. In other words, if your earnings at a given destination are less than 500 points, you not only won’t get a stamp, but you will have to start fresh with 0 points at the next destination. However, all points earned do roll over into your leaderboard totals.

First six destinations:

$20 wagered on the featured game = 1 point. Therefore, you need to wager $10,000.

Seventh destination:

$30 wagered on the featured game = 1 point. Therefore, you need to wager $15,000.

Eighth destination:

$40 wagered on the featured game = 1 point. Therefore, you need to wager $20,000.

Ninth destination:

$50 wagered on the featured game = 1 point. Therefore, you need to wager $25,000.

On July 3, all players who have earned at least one stamp will be rewarded with a bonus. The size of the bonus increases for each additional stamp earned, as follows:

Number of StampsPrizePoints Required
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Half Million Dollar Yearly Race

Big players with their eyes on mega-size prizes will have yet another opportunity to have their dreams come true in the Half Million Dollar Yearly Race.

This one is already nearly half over, having started Jan. 1, so any players who could be in the running should already have a good idea. If you think you have a shot, now is definitely not the time to let up, considering all that’s at stake, not to mention being the talk of the leaderboard.

Here’s what’s up for grabs in the Half Million Dollar Race.

  • Over $500,000 in total prizes
  • A $175,000+ year-end giveaway
  • Top Prize: A yearlong Bentley lease or $30,000 in bonuses
  • Second Prize: Live the Dream Prize Package or $15,000 in bonuses
  • Third Prize: A Year of Fine Dining or $12,000 in bonuses

Wagering requirements for all bonus money prizes

All prizes, with the exception of other prizes in the Half Million Dollar Race, are in the form of bonus money credited to the player’s account. That means you won’t be permitted to withdraw either the bonus itself or any resulting winnings until you meet the casino’s additional wagering requirements for clearing the bonus.

  • Most slots*: 1x bonus
  • Excluded Slots and All Other Games: 5x bonus

*The overwhelming majority of slot games on count 100 percent, so wagering the bonus just once will suffice. However, 21 of the 488 slots offered (see the website for the complete list) only count 20 percent. So if you insist on clearing the bonus with any of those slots, you will face the same 5x bonus wagering requirement that is in effect for all games other than slots.

Players have seven days from the time a bonus first appears in their account to complete the wagering requirements. Keep in mind that opting out, attempting to withdraw unavailable funds prematurely, or failure to complete the wagering within the allotted time frame will result in forfeiture of both the bonus and any bonus-related winnings.

However, any winnings from wagers made with the player’s own cashable wallet can be withdrawn at any time.

The bottom line: Are the Golden Nugget races worth your time?

Personally, I feel that based on all the wagering that is required just to qualify for any of these prizes, the casino should not impose additional wagering requirements for cashing the bonus money.

Otherwise, the extent to which these promotions are worth your time depends on what kind of player you are. None of the races are a waste of time because even if you don’t win an added prize, your play still counts towards earning extra Golden Points. You might also win big just from playing as you usually do.

However, unless you are a very big player — and by that, I mean among the biggest in the casino — your only realistic chance to snag a bonus is in the regular monthly race and in other less-demanding promotions on the Golden Nugget website. The wagering requirements for the Half Million Dollar Race, Around the World promo, and weekly missions are too high for all but the highest of high rollers.

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