Grab A Slice Of Golden Nugget Online Casino’s Spectacular Weekend Giveaway

Updated on January 28, 2019
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This weekend is shaping up to be slim pickings. Not only for sports fans but also for online casino players looking for a good promotion on their favorite NJ gambling websites.

However, Golden Nugget players are in luck.

The Golden Nugget online casino Games Spectacular Weekend $15,000 Giveaway is indeed taking place this weekend.

How Golden Nugget’s weekend giveaway works

The more you can play this weekend, the better your chances to win a spectacular prize. The period for earning entries into the giveaway starts Friday, Jan. 25, and continues until 11:59 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 27.

Here’s what you need to do to get started:

  • Log into your account during the Jan. 25-27 promotion period; the sooner, the better.
  • Go to Available Bonuses and opt into the Games Spectacular Weekend Giveaway.
  • Start playing.

No deposit is required. However, if your account balance is running low, you will probably want to make one so you’ll be sufficiently capitalized to play often, making your usual size wagers, during the long weekend ahead.

You will earn one entry into the upcoming drawing for every $100 wagered during the promotion period. Keep in mind, however, that weighted wagering applies.

How much can you win?

This weekend’s giveaway is no ordinary prize drawing. But at Golden Nugget, an NJ online casino known for frequent grand scale promotions, you should expect no less. The prize pool is a whopping $15,000.

Participating won’t guarantee you will win a prize. That will depend on the luck of the draw, But with 1,000 winners sharing in the bounty, your chances of being one of them are excellent.

The following table shows the distribution of prizes. All prizes will be in the form of bonus money added to the player’s account. Winners will be notified and have their accounts credited accordingly by 5 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 29.


As you can see from the above table, the amount you can win in the Golden Nugget Games Spectacular Weekend Giveaway can vary considerably. The top prize is $2,500 in bonus money.

Two other players will each win a $500 bonus, and seven more will each win a $100 bonus. The remaining prizes are only for a $40, $20 or $10 bonus, with 930 of the 1,000 winners only receiving the token amount of $10.

In other words, the huge number of prizes in this Golden Nugget $15,000 giveaway gives you a great chance to win something. But in all probability, it will be a small prize rather than a big one.

This is precisely why it is important to limit your wagering this weekend to what you can comfortably afford. Then any prize will be a welcome extra. However, you could be really lucky and win one of the top prizes.

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Bonus money wagering requirements

Because all prizes in this promotion are in the form of bonus money rather than cash, there are additional wagering requirements you will need to meet before you can withdraw either the bonus money itself or any additional winnings.

Regular players at Golden Nugget NJ online casino shouldn’t be at all surprised.

As you might recall, this casino closed out 2018 with a similar giveaway. This time, the terms and conditions for all 1,000 bonus money winners are identical to those that we told you about in the description of last month’s promotion.

But in case you are new to Golden Nugget or forgot what the additional wagering requirements are, I will share everything you need to know.

You can clear the bonus with any game you wish. However, depending on your game choice, the wagering requirements vary as follows:

  • Most slots: 1x bonus
  • Excluded slots* and all other games: 5x bonus

If you’re a slot player, most NJ gambling websites don’t offer anywhere as near as good a deal as you’re getting at Golden Nugget Online Casino. For starters, Golden Nugget is home to 525 slots, so finding at least a few that you love and are lucky playing should be easy.

In addition, all but 21 of these slots count the full 100 percent toward clearing the bonus. In this case, all you have to do is wager the bonus one time, and be done. That’s as reasonable a wagering requirement as you’ll ever see.

However, when you clear the bonus, you should avoid the 21 “excluded” slots that only count 20 percent. Selecting any of those games will jump up the wagering requirements to 5x the bonus, the same as for non-slot play. See the casino website for the complete list of these excluded slots.

Your best bet: Clear the bonus with slots

Unfortunately, what the excluded slots all have in common is a higher than average rate of return to player (RTP). I suspect that is the reason why Golden Nugget is increasing the wagering requirements for these games.

However, it is far from the only slots on Golden Nugget casino online with a higher than average RTP.

This casino is very forthcoming in disclosing the theoretical RTP for all of its slots. All you have to do is click on the Information (“i”) tab to find out. I suggest you do this to help you pick a good slot game that won’t penalize you by only contributing 20 percent toward clearing the bonus.

If you don’t mind a 5x wagering requirement instead of a 1x wagering requirement, keep in mind that the house edge for blackjack and video poker, as long as you play these games with the correct basic strategy, is much less than that for even the best slots.

So hold off playing any of the excluded slots until a time when you don’t have a bonus to clear.

Other important terms and conditions

As with all other bonuses at this casino, you have up to seven days from the time the bonus money is awarded to complete the wagering. This should be ample time to clear the bonus, even if it’s a large one since you only have to wager it once, or at most, 5x.

As soon as you clear the bonus, as long as it is within the allotted seven day period, both the bonus and any additional winnings from wagering it (or whatever remains of this money) will become fully available for withdrawal.

However, if you have additional available funds in your cashable wallet unrelated to the bonus money, you don’t need to wait if you wish to withdraw those other funds sooner.

Opting out, attempting to withdraw unavailable funds prematurely, or failure to clear the bonus on time will, of course, result in forfeiture of both the bonus and any resulting winnings.

Weighing the pros and cons

This promotion stood out from the others being offered on NJ gambling websites this weekend based on both the magnitude of the giveaway and the possibility, even though it’s a longshot, of winning a considerable amount of money.

I also have to hand it to Golden Nugget for its generosity holding another grand-scale giveaway only a month after its last one. Once again, 1,000 players will come away from it with prizes.

There’s also nothing to prevent those of you who won a prize in the December giveaway from winning again.

That said, there are still some aspects of this promotion that could be better.

Two major shortcomings

  • Far too many tiny $10 prizes.
  • There are an unlimited number of entries, which gives big bettors a huge advantage.

While the top prizes are great and even a $20-$40 bonus can’t be considered shabby, $10 is too little, unless you are extraordinarily lucky, to make an impact.

Also, considering that you have to wager at the very least $100 just to earn one entry into the drawing, the meager return on your investment is most disappointing. I think this giveaway would be better with $20 as the bottom prize and, if necessary, not such a spectacular top prize.

As for the number of entries each person is permitted, I think it’s OK to award bigger players with more entries. But at the same time, I think there should be a reasonable cap to give all players a fair chance.

Why this promotion is worth your time anyway

Far more winners than in most giveaways

If you’re tired of the many casino drawings where only a handful of people win anything, and everyone else walks away empty-handed, here’s the golden opportunity you’ve been waiting for to participate in a giveaway where you have a great chance to win.

Also, keep in mind that 1,000 names will be randomly selected. So while it certainly helps to have a lot of entries, if the luck of the draw is with you, then you won’t necessarily need them.

Exceptionally reasonable wagering requirements

Most bonuses at Golden Nugget Online Casino carry a wagering requirement of 10x the bonus for most slots and 50x the bonus for excluded slots and all other games. Here, however, the casino is granting you the same one week period, if you need it, to clear the bonus, but only requires you to wager the bonus 1x or 5x.

That’s a huge difference that anyone lucky enough to win a big bonus or small stakes player winning any size bonus will surely appreciate.


I do think calling this promotion a Games Spectacular Weekend Giveaway is a bit of a stretch.

But I also think for any Golden Nugget Online Casino player with the time to play this weekend; it is time well spent. Just keep your play within the limits of what you can afford.

Then come Tuesday, you may be very pleasantly surprised.

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