Holiday Rally At Virgin Casino Wraps Up December With Bonuses Galore

Updated on December 24, 2018
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After all the excitement and fun-filled bonuses leading up to the Christmas holiday and then the big day itself, the last few December weekdays leading up to New Year’s weekend can feel somewhat anticlimactic.

But not if you’re a Virgin Casino player! Virgin Casino wants to keep on spreading good cheer and rally its loyal players to the site to continue celebrating this festive time of year even after Christmas is over.

That’s what the Holiday Rally starting Monday, Dec. 24 and continuing daily through Thursday, Dec. 27 is all about. A new bonus every day for four days in a row!

The four daily offers at Virgin online casino

Here are the four offers that are included in the December 24-27 bonus package.

Monday, Dec. 24: 10 percent playback up to $25 bonus money

In order to qualify for this offer, you need to wager at least $50 on any game and have a net loss of $10 or more. Unfortunately, the bonus is only for 10 percent of your net loss, so you would get the maximum bonus of $25 only if your net loss is $250 or greater.

The bonus amount will be prorated accordingly for smaller net losses. However, if your net loss is less than $10 or if you win, you don’t get a bonus.

Tuesday, Dec. 25: Christmas Day Deposit Match Bonus

Make a net deposit of at least $50 and wager it once. You will then receive a 10 percent deposit match bonus up to $25.

Note that in order to receive the maximum bonus of $25, you will need to deposit $250. If you only deposit the $50 minimum, all you will receive is a $5 bonus.

Wednesday, Dec. 26: 10x V Points

Wager $15 or more on 90 Ball Bingo, $40 or more on Slots, or $100 or more on any other game to earn 10x V Points up to a maximum of 2,500 V Points.

V Points can be converted to Bonus Money in your account, which works the same way as Bonus Money awarded in any other manner.

Thursday, Dec. 27: $1,000 Prize Draw

You will earn one prize drawing ticket for every $50 wagered on any game, up to a maximum of five tickets if your day’s wagers total $250 or more.

Then, on Friday, Dec. 28, all of the tickets for all participating players combined will be entered in a drawing. 100 players will be randomly selected to each win $10 in bonus money.

Bonus money wagering requirements

Any bonus money awarded in the foregoing promotions will be credited to players’ accounts on Friday, December 28 (or within three business days in the event of technical difficulties).

Like for all other bonuses at both Virgin and sister NJ online casino Tropicana, the casino requires that you wager the bonus 1x on any game as a condition for cashing any associated winnings.

You have up to 30 days to complete this minimal wagering. So you can either get the wagering out of the way quickly or take your time, whichever you prefer.

However, only the winnings then become withdrawable, not the bonus itself, which is sticky and cannot ever be withdrawn. As soon as the 1x bonus wager is completed, the casino takes the bonus back and you never see it again.

Holiday Rally Bonuses pros and cons

In case you are on the fence about whether the Holiday Rally bonuses at Virgin online casino are worth your time, here is a quick rundown of these offers’ pros and cons.

Great features

  • A fun promotion with four consecutive days of bonuses to help close out December on a winning note.
  • Because you are getting four bonus offers in succession, each subsequent offer builds on the earlier offers. Therefore all of the offers become enhanced in value even though individually they are not all that great.
  • Virgin Casino has set very minimal wagering requirements for qualifying for these rewards, making all four daily offers the kind that virtually any player can afford.
  • Even where the ability to wager more than the minimum required could be advantageous, as in earning more tickets for the drawing, the disparity is not pronounced. For example, with the cap on the number of drawing tickets placed at only five, it is impossible for high rollers to snag the lion’s share. All players have a fair chance to win.
  • Furthermore, unlike in most NJ gambling website drawings, where only a handful of players win anything, this one has 100 winners. Therefore, your odds are quite good.
  • The wagering requirements for clearing the bonus money are exceptionally reasonable, too. In fact, in each instance, you only have to wager the bonus once. This means, in effect, that the casino is giving a free shot every time to wager the bonus money and try to win with it.

Not so great features

 I could end the article here, but to do so without also mentioning the following shortcomings in the Virgin NJ online casino Holiday Rally offers would be misleading.

  • All of the bonuses are very small. That combined with the fact that you can only wager the bonus once and then can’t even keep it — only the winnings— leaves very little potential to make more than a minuscule profit.
  • The playback bonus is contingent on losing. If you win, the casino has nothing extra for you.
  • The deposit match bonus amounting to only 10 percent of your deposit is also hardly cause for excitement. Most NJ gambling websites offer the player better returns on their deposits. Although the wagering requirements are also higher, bigger bonuses, the opportunity to bet the bonus repeatedly, and then— when all is said and done — keep the bonus, too, significantly increase the potential for a big win.

The bottom line

Based on all of the foregoing, you are the best judge of whether the Holiday Rally bonus offers are worth your time. In my opinion, as long as you plan to play on anyway during the promotion period, you might as well take a shot with these fun promotions and see if you can win with them.

Even if you don’t finish the week significantly ahead, the cost to you is minimal.

On the other hand, maybe this is your lucky week, in which case you couldn’t ask for a more timely present than a little extra Bonus Money to bet with courtesy of the casino.

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