Leg 2 Of The Golden Nugget 2020 Million Dollar Race Is On!

Updated on February 7, 2020
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This article is a follow-up to the article I wrote for New Jersey Gambling Websites last month entitled “Kick Off 2020 With Golden Nugget & Win Your Share Of $60,000.”

That was where I told you all about the new Million Dollar Race that got underway at Golden Nugget Online Casino in January.

Leg 1 of the race is now history, but one of the great features of the Golden Nugget races is that you can enter at any time. In addition to the spectacular year-end prizes, there are monthly races and weekly missions, which give you many more opportunities to win.

So whether you participated last month or not, it’s not too late to enter now to get in on the fun and compete for your share of the huge amount of bonus money that’s up for grabs in February and the months to come.

Golden Nugget $60,000 Mardi Gras Giveaway: Feb. 1-29

Usually, February only has 28 days, but because 2020 is a leap year, the period to play and earn Golden Points includes an extra day.

So let the good times roll!

How to participate in the Golden Nugget $60,000 Mardi Gras Giveaway

This year Mardi Gras Day (Fat Tuesday) falls on Tuesday, Feb. 25. But why confine your celebrating to just one day when you can keep the party vibe going all month long at Golden Nugget?

Every day that you play and/or make a deposit and earn Golden Points counts, and at the end of the month, if you’re one of the top 500 players on the leaderboard, that’s when you can celebrate big time. Golden Nugget already gave away $60,000 in bonus money to the top 500 players in January, but that’s just the start. Golden Nugget is giving away another $60,000 in bonus money to the top 500 players for the month of February!

 The $60,000 Mardi Gras Giveaway is open to all registered Golden Nugget Online Casino players. Here’s what you need to do if you wish to participate.

  • Log into your GoldenNuggetCasino.com account as soon as possible.
  • Go to Available Bonuses and opt into the Mardi Gras Giveaway.
  • Make a single deposit of $20 or more.
  • Start playing!
Claim up to $50 in Casino Bonuses
$50 bonus
In Casino Credits
Deposit $5+ & Get $50 in Casino Credits
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To Claim: Click Play Now

How to earn a sufficient number of Golden Points

Apart from all the prizes extended to the many winners, participating in the Golden Nugget races is fun. No advance preparation or special physical or mental skills are needed. Simply keep doing the same activities that you already enjoy and are the reason you joined Golden Nugget Online Casino in the first place–to play your favorite games and be rewarded for doing so.

Even if your play doesn’t earn you a prize in the race, you still earn Golden Points, which, based on your tier, can be your Golden Ticket to all sorts of rewards and benefits. (See the Golden Nugget NJ gambling website for the full details.) But the races offer you a chance to collect extra rewards.

Three separate leaderboards

The name of the game is simply to earn as many Golden Points as possible. All of your play on the website counts, including sports bets along with casino play. And deposits count as well.

However, keep in mind that there are three separate leaderboards, each with its own set of prizes. First, there is the monthly leaderboard we are discussing now. But every week there is a separate weekly leaderboard as well. And, of course, there is a third leaderboard ongoing all year for all the marbles and the biggest bragging rights.

Each leaderboard is updated daily, listing the top-ranking players so far based on the total number of Golden Points they have earned during the applicable period to date. So at any given time, you can check to see how your own play stacks up compared to that of the other players competing against you.

The following chart shows you at a glance how many points you will receive for different types and amounts of player activity in determining the monthlong and yearlong leaderboards. Deposits don’t count towards the Weekly Mission leaderboard points.

What you can win in the Golden Nugget Online Casino February race?

The February race, the $60,000 Mardi Gras Giveaway, is ongoing right now. If you think your play might qualify, don’t miss this opportunity. The top 500 players will all win prizes.

The earning period consists of the entire month of February from Sat., Feb. 1 to 11:59 p.m. Sat., Feb 29. However, the winners won’t be announced until 5 p.m. Wed., Mar. 5. All prizes will be in the form of bonus money credited to the player’s account. The manner in which the prizes will be distributed is listed below.

  • 1st place: $10,000 free play bonus
  • 2ndplace: $8,000 free play bonus
  • 3rdplace: $6,000 free play bonus
  • 4thplace: $5,000 free play bonus
  • 5thplace: $4,000 free play bonus
  • 6thplace: $3,000 free play bonus
  • 7thplace: $2,000 free play bonus
  • 8thplace: $1,500 free play bonus
  • 9thplace: $1,250 free play bonus
  • 10thplace: $1,000 free play bonus
  • 11th-15thplace: $750 free play bonus
  • 16th-20thplace: $500 free play bonus
  • 21st-25thplace: $250 free play bonus
  • 26th-50thplace: $100 free play bonus
  • 51st-100thplace: $75 free play bonus
  • 101st-125thplace: $50 free play bonus
  • 126th-150thplace: $30 free play bonus
  • 151st-200thplace: $15 free play bonus
  • 201st-250thplace: $10 free play bonus
  • 251st-500thplace: $5 free play bonus

You can choose to take your prize in the form of either a casino bonus or a sports bonus. See the section on Wagering requirements later in this review for more information.

Claim up to $50 in Casino Bonuses
$50 bonus
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Deposit $5+ & Get $50 in Casino Credits
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Golden Nugget License to Win Weekly Missions

As mentioned, in addition to the 17 monthly races, Golden Nugget offers 52 weekly races, or more precisely, missions. Every week, if you’re so inclined, you can participate in that week’s $3,000 giveaway with 400 winners.

The weekly missions run from 12 a.m. Monday through 11:59 p.m. Sunday. No deposit is required, but in order to be entered in the upcoming prize draw, you must earn at least 50 points during the course of the week.

Earning more points is better though because the drawing scheduled for the following Tuesday will only take place if the Community Points level is met. The maximum number of points any individual player can earn for the Weekly Missions is 100 per day and 700 for the week.

If the Community Points goal is not met, the prize pool will be carried over to the following week and added to that week’s prize pool.

If the Community Points goal is exceeded, there are two more goals that can be reached, whereby the 400 winners will share a total of 10,000 or 20,000 free spins on a designated slot game, respectively.

What you can win in the Weekly Missions at Golden Nugget

All prizes are in the form of bonus play, as listed below.

1st place: $500

2nd place: $200

3rd place: $150

4th place: $100

5th place: $75

6th-10th: $50

11th-30th: $15

31st-65th: $10

66th-200th: $5

201st-400th: $2

Players can take their drawing winnings as either a casino bonus or a sports bonus. Winnings from the free spins are also in the form of bonus play, but in those instances, sports bets don’t count.

2020 Million Dollar Race

We told you all about the Golden Nugget 2020 Million Dollar Race last month. But the prizes are so big, this post would not be complete without recapping the highlights.

If you participated in the January race and managed to accumulate lots of Golden Points, great. Maybe you have already earned yourself a spot on the 2020 Million Dollar Race leaderboard.

If not, we’re only into the second month, so it’s not too late to start. The leaderboard is updated daily, so not necessarily how many points you earn any given week or month, but your grand total for the entire year matters when it’s finally time to hand out the prizes.

How to participate in the Golden Nugget 2020 Million Dollar Race

If you would like to participate but haven’t already opted into this promotion, you needed to go to Available Bonuses and do so.

The same criteria for earning leaderboard points apply as for the February and other monthly races, but the Million Dollar Race has a separate leaderboard.

What you can win the Golden Nugget 2020 Million Dollar Race

Only the top 50 players will qualify for a year-end prize. But if you can reach that lofty level, by the time 2021 rolls around, you will be celebrating like never before.

As you saw from the list of monthly and weekly prizes, there are some big discrepancies between the top prizes and the bottom prizes. The bottom prizes are so tiny, I was embarrassed to list them, but any prize is better than nothing.

However, once you see what the 50 year-end prizes are, you’ll be flabbergasted. Even if you finish in 50th place, Golden Nugget has a spectacular prize waiting for you. As for the top three prizes, they are on another level entirely–out of this world!

This time, instead of starting with the top prizes and working my way down, as usual, I’m listing them in reverse order to build the suspense.

 All of the prizes from fourth place on down are in the form of monthly bonus play. Players can choose to take these bonuses in the form of either a casino bonus or a sports bonus. All bonuses awarded in the Million Dollar Race are subject to the same wagering requirements and other terms and conditions as the bonuses awarded in January and other monthly races.

The top three prizewinners can choose to take a monthly bonus as well. Or they can accept another fantastic prize.

 4th through 50th place

  • 4thplace: $750 free play bonus monthly in 2021, for a total of $9,000.
  • 5thplace: $500 free play bonus monthly in 2021, for a total of $6,000.
  • 6th– 10thplace: $250 free play bonus monthly in 2021, for a total of $3,000
  • 11th– 20thplace: $150 free play bonus monthly in 2021, for a total of $1,800
  • 21st– 50thplace: $100 free play bonus monthly in 2021, for a total of $1,200

The top 3 prizes

 3rd place

The 3rd place prize is a getaway vacation like you have never experienced before. It’s a trip for two to London! Round-trip airfare, four nights in a 4-star hotel, a fine dining experience, and a special secret agent-style tour are all included. The prize is valued at approximately $12,000.

Alternatively, the winner can accept a $12,000 free play bonus awarded in monthly installments of $1,000.

2nd place

 The 2nd place prize is a pair of high precision steel and gold Matching Oyster Perpetual Rolex Timepieces valued at approximately $21,750.

Or, in lieu of the watches, the winner can accept a free play bonus of $18,000 awarded in monthly installments of $1,500.

 1st place

How does a yearlong lease on a Bentley Continental GT V8 Convertible sound? Or how about a whopping $36,000 free play bonus delivered in $3,000 monthly installments?

It’s a tough choice, but the top player for 2020 will get to make it!

Claim up to $50 in Casino Bonuses
$50 bonus
In Casino Credits
Deposit $5+ & Get $50 in Casino Credits
Top-Notch Slots & Table Classics
To Claim: Click Play Now

Wagering requirements for the bonus money prizes

As mentioned, unless otherwise indicated, all prizes in the 2020 Golden Nugget races and weekly missions are in the form of bonus money credited to the player’s account. It is then your choice whether you want to use your prize as a casino bonus or sports bonus. You must pick one or the other. You can’t combine the two.

Golden Nugget casino bonus

Your best bet is to clear the bonus with one of the hundreds of slot games that count 100 percent because then you only have to play the bonus 1x. Otherwise, the wagering requirements to clear the bonus are higher, as indicated below.

Wagering requirements

  •  Most slots:1x bonus
  • Video poker, roulette, blackjack, and other table games: 4x bonus
  • Excluded slots*:5x bonus

*Golden Nugget has designated 21 slots as “excluded slots,” meaning that instead of contributing 100 percent towards clearing the bonus, they only count 20 percent. In other words, instead of being able to clear the bonus playing it 1x, your wagering requirement jumps to 5x the bonus.

Despite their high return to player (RTP), the difference from other slots does not warrant increasing the amount of play to that extent. Play another high-returning slot instead and wait till you don’t have a bonus to clear to play any of the excluded games.

You will have already given the casino plenty of play to qualify for a prize, so at this point take a risk-free bonus that you only have to play through once and lock in your winnings.

Golden Nugget sports bonus

If you choose the sports bonus instead, the wagering requirement is also just 1x the bonus. So clearing the bonus with sports bets is another great way to give yourself a risk-free bonus.

Additional terms and conditions

All bonuses must be cleared within seven days of receipt. Until the bonus is fully cleared, neither the bonus itself nor any additional associated winnings will be available for withdrawal. However, these restrictions do not affect your ability to withdraw other money in your cashable wallet not related to the bonus.

Canceling the bonus, attempting to withdraw bonus related funds prematurely, or failure to clear the bonus on time will result in forfeiture of the entire bonus along with any additional associated winnings.

Summary and conclusion: Should you participate in the Golden Nugget races and missions?

Golden Nugget is giving away some fabulous prizes, so how could you not want to participate? However, the monthly and yearlong races are not for everyone.

Just to give you an example of the level of play required to be in the running for a prize, I am writing this post on the 7th of February, and already, here is what the February leaderboard shows. Keep in mind that to win a prize, you must be in the top 500. As of today, the player in 500th place has 305 points while the top player has 65,188 points.

Meanwhile, on the yearlong leaderboard, which awards prizes only to the top 50 players, the player in 50th place already has 14,966 points while the top player has amassed 148,386 points.

If you have the bankroll and time to compete at these levels, go for it. But if not, stick to the Weekly Missions where earning just 50 points will suffice and the luck of the draw will determine the 400 winners.

In addition, Golden Nugget offers many other promotions that are perfect even for small players. For example, during the weekend of Feb. 7-9, Golden Nugget Online Casino is offering a 100 percent deposit match bonus up to $25.

(Check the Golden Nugget website for the complete details.)

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