Live! Casino & Hotel being sued by Ocean Casino Resort… For What?

Updated on June 11, 2024
live casino being sued

Online sports betting is coming to Connecticut and Puerto Rico and Philadelphia casino property is being sued. Those are two of the main headlines we’ve been tracking in this week’s second installment of the NJ Gambling News.

Philadelphia Property, Live Casino, Being Sued by An AC Casino

Live! Casino & Hotel Philadelphia has gotten themselves into quite the predicament. Ocean Resort Casino was just able to file an official lawsuit against the property because they believe that their slogan was copied and used for financial gain.

  • Live! is right in the middle of a marketing campaign themselves, which is centered around the phrase “Let’s Go for the Win.”
  • Ocean Casino had a similar marketing campaign slogan with their “Go for the Win” phrase.

Ocean Casino had invested $140,000 into that marketing slogan a while back before then dropping another $1.5 million to get that slogan plastered all around the area. Ocean is looking for damages but there hasn’t been a determining asking price at the moment. They are also asking Live! to take down all advertising regarding their slogan, which they used on billboards and television commercials.

Online Sports Betting In Connecticut Misses NFL Start Deadline, Aiming For October

Anybody who has been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the sports betting market in Connecticut may be in for a good surprise. It has just been announced that state regulators could get the new market set up in the very near future. Originally, the hope was that things would get fired up before the start of the 2021 NFL season. As it turns out, online bettors in Connecticut might have to wait a little bit longer as it looks like October is now the start date that’s being targeted. The regulations for the new sports betting bill were reviewed by the Regulation Review Committee with a vote afterward that ended up resulting in favor by a 9-4 margin.

The reason this bill was able to get launched so quickly was that their governor, Ned Lamont, had listed it as an emergency regulation. Because they were passed as such regulations, the state of Connecticut could end up changing some of its rules within the next six months.

Also, state regulators decided to allow each player to register just one credit card to their account if they want to. This has been a bit of an issue lately, but it seems they have come to a final decision on the matter. However, both Venmo and PayPal won’t be supported.

BetMGM Partners with Casino del Mar In Puerto Rico

Another day, another sportsbook wins a license in a new region. However, this one is groundbreaking as no other sportsbook had opened up shop in Puerto Rico just yet.

It was a historic week for BetMGM and Casino del Mar in San Juan, Puerto Rico. They were able to work together in order to get mobile sports betting into the area. It is going to be the first agreement like this to happen outside of the United States in history and could open the door for many other potential moves.

BetMGM positions themselves in a great position by entering Puerto Rico as the population there is a lot bigger than a couple of states that were on their horizon. Puerto Rico is home to 3.28 million people, far more than New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Arkansas.

This move was a massive win for Puerto Rico as they weren’t able to get their sports betting regulation process finished before the start of the MLB season. The miss ended up hurting their revenue numbers quire a bit due to the popularity of baseball there. However, this could end up making up for those losses in the long run – especially with football on the go.

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