Live Dealer Casinos Online: Live Dealer Blackjack, Roulette And Baccarat

Did you know you can enjoy an offline casino gaming experience online? Thanks to the wonders of technology, the best online casinos in New Jersey offer a suite of live games that draw you into a world of action and interaction.

Through a combination of webcams, specialized sensors and betting tables, live dealer online casino games deliver a unique gaming experience.

In this guide, we’ll not only tell you how live dealer casino games work, but where you can play them. So, if you’re ready for a completely immersive experience, come with us as we dive into the world of live casinos online.

Best live dealer casinos in New Jersey

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Online live dealer games became part of the New Jersey online casino scene in 2016.

By combining the excitement of live casino floor action with the convenience of online wagering, these games are the result of hybrid technology.

Simply put, when you play live dealer games online, you’re able to enjoy a unique betting experience that’s efficient, immersive and authentic.

What’s great about live dealer casino games is that they’re continually evolving.

Thanks to new ideas and software, the availability and variety of games increases on an annual basis. When you survey the New Jersey online casino scene, virtually every top operator hosts live games.

Although there are some exceptions, the popularity of live online rouletteblackjack and more is hard to ignore. Therefore, even if your favorite site currently doesn’t offer live online casino games, it probably will in the future.

We’ll give you more specific information later on in this guide. For now, be aware that some of the best live dealer casinos in New Jersey are:

Difference between live dealer and traditional casino games?

The truth is, online live dealer games are traditional casino games.

The games are simply broadcast to your desktop computer or mobile device and feature online wagering. Therefore, there isn’t much of a difference between live dealer games and traditional casino games.

The only thing that changes is where you watch and place your bets.

Practically, online live dealer games create an immersive experience for players. They allow you to play the same live table games you’d find in a brick-and-mortar casino. However, you can access them directly from the privacy of your home, or anywhere within New Jersey on a compatible mobile device.

Of course, while it’s fair to say that live dealer casino games are identical to their traditional counterparts, that’s not entirely accurate. Yes, you are watching a real game via a webstream. However, when you play online, you also get the benefits of betting via your computer or mobile device.

In practice, this means you’re affording a variety of extras that you won’t find offline such as:

  • Betting limits.
  • Lower stakes than you’ll find in a brick-and-mortar casino.
  • In-game statistics, betting information and your betting history.
  • One-touch betting, including repeat bets and saved betting options.
  • Multiple camera angles.
  • The ability to play multiple games at once.

So, while it’s fair to say online live casino games are another form of traditional table games, that’s not the end of the story.

Because these games are hybrids, you get the best of both worlds. For many players, that’s the reason live online blackjack et al. have become a popular gaming choice.

Live casino innovations

Another benefit of NJ live online casinos is innovation. We’ve touched on it already, but live dealer technology is continuously evolving.

Since software developers and operators have seen a surge in interest for these games over the past few years, they’ve poured a lot of time and effort into making them better.

Naturally, this has resulted in new games entering the matrix.

Over in Europe, where the online live dealer casino market is more mature, a plethora of exciting game options have come about in recent years.

Moving beyond what may be classified as traditional casino games, these innovations are taking the industry toward an exciting new direction.

Indeed, as operators try to bring more players into the mix and cater to a casual audience, a host of alternatives have become available. Although they may take a bit of time to travel across from Europe to New Jersey, be aware that the live casino market is diversifying.

Some of the top picks you’ll currently find online are:

Live Dream Catcher: A Wheel of Fortune-style game, Live Dream Catcher allows you to bet on where the spinning disc will stop and win a multiple of your bet.

Live Monopoly: Much like Live Dream Catcher, Live Monopoly features a prize wheel. However, the twist is that certain segments activate a bonus game where you take a trip around a virtual Monopoly board in search of prizes.

Live Football Studio: In the US, this would technically be called “Soccer Studio,” but the premise would remain the same. Like a game of soccer, two teams (red and blue) are against each other. However, in this instance, the teams are decks of cards and the winner is determined by whichever one has the highest value card.

Live Deal or No Deal: Like the popular TV show, this is your chance to open boxes in search of cash prizes. Once you’ve spun a special set of reels and qualified for the main game, you take your pick of boxes and aim to secure the best deal possible.

Live Lightning Roulette: Already a presence in New Jersey, Live Lightning Roulette is a unique take on a casino classic. On the surface, everything looks fairly standard. However, before every spin, the croupier will flip the lightning switch.

This move will strike up to three numbers with a lightning bolt. Those in the firing line will feature a prize multiplier, which means you could win up to 500x your bet. Owing to the popularity of this game, Live Lightning Dice offers a similar dynamic.

How do online live dealer casino games work?

What makes live dealer games possible? These games are akin to watching live streams from directly inside an exclusive casino.

However, what makes them more than a simple broadcast is that you can place bets on the action instead of just watching it. What’s more, you can interact with the dealers in the same way you would in a traditional live casino setting.

Now, we can’t explain all the technical nuances of how this technology works. However, we can outline the things that make them possible and, in turn, how developers piece them together to create an immersive gaming experience.

In terms of features, the average live dealer online casino game will contain the following:

  • A webcam
  • RFID sensors
  • Cards, a betting table and/or a betting wheel
  • A dealer/croupier
  • A central processor
  • A virtual overlay

With the above elements in place, the action plays out in the following way.

Firstly, you’ll use the virtual overlay visible on your computer or mobile to place a bet. The central processor logs these moves.

Once the betting round closes, the dealer/croupier initiates the action, e.g., deals cards, spins the roulette wheel, etc.

As things are moving, the RFID sensors track, record and relay the information to the central processor.

Eventually, once the action comes to a stop, the dealer/croupier announces the results and the central processor compares what happened to the bets made by all players. The results that match are marked as winners and paid out accordingly.

That, in simple terms, is how live games work.

Naturally, there’s an inbuilt element of trust because a real person is controlling the action. Moreover, you get to see things play out in real-time. Therefore, you can be confident these games are fair.

Of course, we’re not saying virtual online casino games aren’t fair; however, what you get in this situation is a combination of clever software and physical gaming elements so you can verify for yourself that everything is legit.

Finally, the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (NJDGE) also provides oversight and tests the games for fairness, the same way it does for all online and live casino games in the state. Therefore, you always know that live casino games are also going to produce fair results as well as fantastic entertainment.

What games are available in NJ?

You know where to play and how things work in practice. With those things set, here’s a complete list of the online live dealer games currently available in New Jersey:

Live dealer blackjack

The live dealer blackjack games available online in New Jersey use an eight-deck shoe like most traditional casino blackjack games.

The specific rules for online live dealer blackjack games in New Jersey are:

  • Blackjack pays 3:2
  • Dealers hit on soft 17
  • Double down on any two cards
  • Double down after splitting
  • No re-splitting
  • No late surrender
  • Minimum bet: $10
  • Maximum bet: $1,000

Online live dealer blackjack games also offer two unique side bets: perfect pairs and 21+3.

  • Perfect pairs bets win when a player’s first two cards pair up. Payouts are bigger when the cards are the same color or suit.
  • 21+3 bets win when players make a flush or three-of-a-kind.

Live dealer baccarat

Online live dealer baccarat games in New Jersey offer the same Dragon Bonus Baccarat games played in traditional casinos. The 5% commission rule applies on all banker bets.

Additionally, there is a Dragon Bonus side bet that pays on natural and non-natural wins by 4 points or more.

The house edge for live dealer baccarat banker bets is 1.06%. For player bets, it is 1.24%. Tie bets have a house edge of close to 15%.

Live dealer roulette

Online live dealer roulette games in New Jersey use an American roulette wheel. That means there’s one more number than European roulette (38 as opposed to 37).

This extra number is a double zero (00), and it’s located next to the traditional single zero (0). The addition of 00 increases the house edge to 5.26%, which is almost double the 2.7% you’ll find when you play European roulette.

Live dealer casino floor roulette

Golden Nugget offers exclusive access to an online live dealer casino floor roulette game. This plays out on the actual casino floor rather than inside a studio.

In practice, this is an American roulette table located inside Golden Nugget Atlantic City. This dynamic means players in the venue can bet on the game at the same time you’re playing online.

Live dealer casino hold ’em

Online live dealer casino hold ’em game is a casino game version of Texas Hold ’em poker. The game is played against the dealer rather than other players.

The aim is to make a hand that beats the dealer using two hole cards and five community cards. In these games, there is also a bonus bet that pays various bonuses for hands like full houses and flushes.

Why should I play live dealer online casino games?

The online betting interface employed by online live dealer games have some great benefits for players.

Firstly, payouts happen infinitely faster.

Plus, they are more accurate than traditional casinos because computers don’t make as many mistakes like humans do.

Another important benefit to point out is that live dealer games are a fun, exciting and transparent way to enjoy an authentic experience that has all the speed and accuracy of online gambling.

Why is blackjack the best live dealer casino game?

If you visit Golden Nuggets online casino, the live dealer blackjack tables have a return to player (RTP) score of 99%. That’s equivalent to a 1% house edge. This RTP is also available for live blackjack at Betfair NJ, the only difference between the two are the hours of operation.

A 1% house edge might not be the best score ever (some games have an edge lower than 1%), but it’s better than NJ’s other live online casino games.

The RTPs for the top games are:

  • Baccarat: 85.64% to 98.76% (depending on the bet)
  • Casino hold ’em: 97.64%
  • Roulette: 94.76% (only American roulette is offered as a live dealer game, not the lower house edge European roulette.)

As mentioned, you may find better versions of all of these games both online and offline. Presumably, the reason why RTPs for live dealer games aren’t as favorable as they could be is that casinos are imposing an “entertainmentcharge on the action.

Live dealer casinos FAQ

Are live dealer casino games online fair?

Absolutely. As well as live streams giving you an insight into the action, the software is checked and verified as fair by third-party testing agencies and the NJDGE.

Can I win real money from live online casino games?

Yes; In fact, live casino games can’t be played for free in demo mode. Therefore, when you play, you’ll always have the chance to win real money.

When can I play NJ live casino games?

Each casino has its own timetable. Some, such as Golden Nugget, have games running 24/7 while others will have set times such as 3 p.m. to 3 a.m.

Try the top NJ live casino sites today

Now you’ve got the 411 on live dealer casino games, the only thing left to do is play.

Using our selection of top-rated online casinos, go create your first account and make some deposits. From there, you can play live roulette, blackjack, baccarat and a lot more.

Is the online live dealer game experience the same as playing in a casino?

Online live dealer games have the same look and feel that they do inside a traditional casino because they literally are the same games. The big difference is how online betting works with live dealer games.

The experience certainly resembles that which players will find inside a traditional casino. Particularly more than any other online table game does.

Essentially, online live dealer games serve to bridge the gap between online and traditional casinos.

Many players want to gamble the same way they normally would in a traditional casino, but for whatever reason, can’t get out to one. Online live dealer games give them a viable option.

What are the benefits of playing live dealer games online versus the traditional casino?

The online betting interface employed by online live dealer games have some great benefits for players.

Payouts happen infinitely faster. Plus, they are more accurate than traditional casinos because computers simply don’t make as many mistakes as human beings do.

Live dealer games combine the fun, excitement and transparency of traditional casino games, with the speed and accuracy of online gambling. It’s a hybrid online casino game experience that truly offers the best of both worlds.

Playing online live dealer games is like watching a live stream of the action inside a casino that you can bet on. For most games, players can also interact with the dealers, much like they would in a traditional casino, enhancing the experience even further.

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