NetEnt Slots Are Your Best Bet Of The Weekend At Virgin Online Casino

Updated on November 11, 2018
NetEnt Slots

If Virgin Online Casino is one of your favorite NJ gambling websites, but you’re in a quandary about what games to play there this weekend, we have the answer. Play NetEnt slots!

Why play NetEnt slots at NJ online casinos?

If you’re a frequent slots player, think about the games that have been luckiest for you. I wouldn’t be surprised if one or more of the NetEnt slots listed in this article makes the cut.

Maybe some of them are already your favorite NJ online casino games, in which case, picking what to play this weekend should be a no-brainer.

On the other hand, if you love to play online slots, but your account balance has taken a nosedive, it could be that you have been playing the wrong games.

Not all slots offer the same chance of winning

Slots sometimes get a bad rap because of their presumed high house edge, but the truth is the likelihood of winning or at least breaking close to even can vary considerably between one slot game and another.

Return to player and volatility

The two important considerations in determining the likelihood of winning playing slots are the return to player (RTP) rate and volatility. Out of the hundreds of slots you can play on NJ gambling websites, NetEnt slots consistently excel in both criteria.

Low to medium volatility helps preserve your playing bankroll

Luck is a factor in all slot games, and even in the very best slots, some dry spells are inevitable.

However, the negative impact, if any, on your bankroll is usually much less playing NetEnt slots than it is on some other slot games, especially progressive jackpot slots. In the latter, the price you pay for chasing that elusive jackpot is less frequent meaningful payouts otherwise and bigger bankroll requirements.

NetEnt slots do not offer a progressive jackpot. However, players not only get winning combinations where the payout exceeds the amount wagered much more often; negative swings, if any, are much less pronounced.

Nine of the 10 NetEnt slots singled out for this promotion have low to medium volatility, thereby greatly minimizing the likelihood of huge negative swings that can deplete your bankroll.

High RTP gives you a better chance to win

All 10 NetEnt slots that you can choose from in the current Virgin online casino promotion have an RTP of 96 percent or better, which is excellent. In fact, if you have been following Barb’s Best Bets on this website, you will find NetEnt slots heavily represented. Understandably so, since having an RTP of at least 96 percent is one of the most important criteria for inclusion.

When you see an RTP of 96 percent on a slot game, don’t misconstrue that stat to mean the percent of your playing bankroll you can expect to have left after any given session. On the contrary, your results for any given playing session might deviate markedly from the published theoretical rate of return in either direction.

What the RTP of 96 percent does indicate is the likely long-term result after many thousands of sessions. The more often you play, the more your results will start approaching the game’s true RTP. However, even for a single session, you can improve your chances of having a good outcome by choosing a game with a very high RTP over one with only an average or below average RTP.

NetEnt Playback offer at Virgin online casino

Clearly, NetEnt slots are worth playing anytime, whether the casino is promoting them or not.

But this week Virgin online casino is giving you an extra incentive — a 100 percent playback bonus up to $5. The period for this weeklong promotion started Monday, Nov. 5 and continues through Sunday, Nov. 11.

How the offer works

Here are the important details on how this playback promotion at Virgin online casino works.

Play any of the 10 NetEnt slots listed below. The number of days you choose to play has no bearing on your eligibility for a bonus. As long as your total play on included NetEnt slots results in a net loss, the casino will return 100 percent of your net loss back to you — but only up to $5 — in the form of a playback bonus.

The minimum bonus you can receive is $1 and the maximum is $5, so if you lose more than $5, your bonus will still only be $5. If you lose less than $1, break even, or win, you won’t get a bonus.

Players who qualify for a bonus will receive it on Monday, Nov. 12 (or within three business days in the event of technical difficulties).

The 10 included NetEnt slots

Here are the 10 NetEnt slots you can choose from along with their published RTP and volatility rating.

NetEnt Online SlotReturn To Player (RTP)Volatility
Lost Relics96.3%Medium
Gonzo's Quest96%High
Archangels: Salvation96.08%Medium
Finn and the Swirly Spin96.62%Medium
Fairy Tale Legends: Red Riding Hood96.33%Low
Asgardian Stones96.31%Medium
Butterfly Staxx96.8%Low medium
Guns N' Roses96.3%Low medium

Wagering requirements for the NetEnt Playback Bonus

Actually, this is a bonus that’s better not to get because that means you either lost a pittance or won. Like any other playback bonus, you only qualify if your play for the period in question shows a net loss.

But don’t worry. At, here’s the good news. If you do lose, not only do you qualify for a playback bonus, but you only have to bet it once, so that wager — with the casino’s money — is completely risk-free.

Better yet, when you bet the bonus, you may get lucky and win and anything you win on that wager you can keep. Also, if you don’t feel like betting this money immediately, no problem. The casino is giving you up to 30 days.

However, I would imagine, since the amount is only between $1 and $5, most players will prefer to make the wager sooner rather than later.

Where this promotion falls short

For starters, it’s neither Halloween nor April Fools Day. So let’s get real. Are players really expected to be jumping for joy over a $5 bonus? Can the casino afford it?

Unfortunately, since the playback bonus is capped at only $5, it’s only a 100 percent bonus if your total net loss is also $5 and no more than that. In addition, like all other (and sister casino Tropicana online casino) bonuses, this playback bonus is sticky, meaning you can only bet it once, after which, win or lose, the casino takes the bonus back. Frankly, you would need a near-incredible turn around of luck to turn a $5 non-redeemable bonus into more than a token win.

So for all intents and purposes, the bonus is probably a waste of time. However, it does have the nice redeeming feature of being completely risk-free, which small players will appreciate.

Why you should play NetEnt slots at Virgin online casino

I am recommending this promotion to all Virgin Casino players, not because of the playback bonus that the casino is offering this week, but mostly because it’s a reminder of how good NetEnt slots are and that they are worth your time whether the casino is offering a bonus or not.

I realize I am telling you about this promotion late, so unless you already opted in on your own, you missed the possible opportunity to pick up a playback bonus earlier in the week.

But with the maximum bonus you can possibly receive being only $5, it hardly matters. More importantly, I have played enough NetEnt slots in demo mode often enough to assure you that at least some of your playing sessions will be winning ones.

As with any slot game, have fun, bet within your means, and limit your individual playing sessions to an hour or less. When playing online slots, the combination of a little luck, sound money management, and the exceptionally high RTP of the NetEnt slots all working for you, how can you go wrong?

Come Monday, when all is said and done, there’s a very good chance, the casino’s offer of up to $5 in bonus money will be for naught. But you could be celebrating instead of complaining because of much more than $5 in winnings simply from playing NetEnt games.

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