What Is 90 Ball Bingo And Which New Jersey Online Casino Sites Offer It?

Updated on January 29, 2018
90 ball bingo online New Jersey


90 Ball Bingo is a new and entertaining take on the classic game; the only differences being more balls and more ways to win.

Where can you play 90 ball bingo online in NJ?

Currently, 90 Ball Bingo is offered exclusively at three of New Jersey’s online sites:

If you haven’t yet created an account with any of these sites, it’s worth noting that VirginCasino.com and TropicanaCasino.com both have great NJ online casino bonus codes for new players.

When you create an account on VirginCasino.com, be sure to enter bonus code 20BUCKS for a free $20 to try out their software.

On TropicanaCasino.com, you can enter bonus code PLAY20 for a free $20.

Once you decide on which of these sites you want to play, you can also take advantage of their $100 cash back offer. If you lose the money, they will refund it in full.

Once you have created an account, you will need to log in and download the 90 Ball Bingo console from your chosen site before you are ready to play.

So how does 90 Ball Bingo work?

If you are new to the game and want a quick run-through, you can click “Tutorial” from within the game console and the software will show you around the “Bingo Parlor” to walk you through the process of purchasing tickets.

One of the big advantages of playing online bingo as opposed to live bingo is that you don’t have to worry about marking all your numbers. The software will do it for you with automatic dabbers.

With the “Auto Dab” feature, you will never miss a winning ticket!

Many people enjoy bingo for the social aspect of the game, and playing 90 Ball Bingo Online, you will not be left out. On the right hand side of the game console, there is a chat window where players can interact with chat hosts, as well as other players, while the numbers are being called.

As you play, you can claim one strip of six free tickets every half-hour or buy up to 10 strips or 60 tickets for any game. Strips can be purchased for $1 to $10, depending upon the stakes you want to play.

90 Ball Bingo tickets each consist of three horizontal lines, which contain a total of 15 numbers. The winning patterns are One Line, Two Lines, and a Full House.

For example, the One Line Winner is the first player who marks all five numbers across any horizontal line on a single ticket. The Two Line Winner is the first player who marks all 10 numbers across any two horizontal lines on a single ticket.

The Full House Winner is the first player to mark all 15 numbers across all three horizontal lines on a single ticket.

Everyone currently playing in the room will be notified each time a player wins, and the winning ticket will be automatically credited the real cash or Bonus Money that the player has won.

What is the appeal of 90 ball bingo?

Probably the biggest allure to playing 90 Ball Bingo on VirginCasino.com or TropicanaCasino.com are the Super Jackpots.

The Super Jackpot is a set cash prize that can be won by any player who purchases tickets and hits a Full House within the first 51 balls.

The Super Jackpot winner’s prize is 100 times his or her strip price or 50 percent of the displayed Super Jackpot. The other half of the Super Jackpot will be split evenly among all other players in the same game, including the winner, based on the number of strips they have in play.

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