A NJ Slot Game Known As Beer Barrel Bash? You Better BEER-lieve It!

Updated on October 24, 2019
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It’s that time of year again. Oktoberfest season is in full swing. So ready or not, there’s no time like the present to get into the spirit with the NJ online casino Oktoberfest slot game, Beer Barrel Bash.

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Of course, you don’t have to fly all the way to Germany to partake in the fun and festivities. You can probably find some fabulous Oktoberfest parties taking place very close to home. But what if your busy schedule doesn’t allow time for a night on the town?

No problem. Roll out the barrel, grab a bag of pretzels, fill a glass to the brim with your favorite beer, and enjoy your own Oktoberfest slot party at home. Beer Barrel Bash by High 5 Games will provide all the entertainment you need!

Where in New Jersey can you play Beer Barrel Bash?

Beer Barrel Bash did not even hit the market until June, 2019. Given its recent release, it is certainly possible that some NJ gambling websites that do not offer this Oktoberfest slot game as yet will do so in the future.

Meanwhile, the NJ online casinos where you can play Beer Barrel Bash as of this writing are as follows:

Beer Barrel Bash – Oktoberfest Slot Intro

Beer Barrel Bash by High 5 Games is a video slot adapted for both online and mobile play consisting of five reels, four rows, and 80 fixed pay lines. As the name suggests, it’s a great way to recreate the fun-filled atmosphere of Oktoberfest without having to travel. Instead, the game brings the sights and sounds and party-like vibe directly to you wherever you happen to be.

In both the base game and the free spins bonus round, winning combinations occur when the same symbol appears four or more times on adjacent reels from left to right, starting with the reel furthest to the left. This is different from most slots where the same symbol only needs to appear adjacently three times.

Beer Barrel Bash is a nonstop barrel of fun

Whether beer is your party beverage of choice or not, if you love playing NJ online slots, and especially those that combine fun, excitement, and a high probability of winning, you owe it to yourself to give Beer Barrel Bash by High 5 Games a try.

Beer Barrel Bash is such a colorful and cheerful Oktoberfest slot, from the instant you log in to play, it is guaranteed to lift your mood. But the party is only getting started. So settle in and get comfortable because I promise you won’t want to leave anytime soon. You will be having far too much fun.

Three important components of any good party are food, drinks, and entertainment, and Beer Barrel Bash serves up an abundant supply of all three.

An oompah band keeps the party swinging nonstop with lively polka music while you feast your eyes on reels filled with sausages, pretzels, and beer steins, along with a bevy of pretty waitresses who know a good party when they see one.

Don’t Worry, ‘BEER’ Happy with High 5 Games

High 5 Games might not be as well-known as some of the other leading slot manufacturers like NetEnt and IGT. But if you have been playing NJ online or mobile slots for a while, there is a good chance that some of your favorites come from High 5.

Many High 5 slot games, including Beer Barrel Bash, offer two distinctive features, not found elsewhere.

  • Double and triple split symbols
  • Lasting Loot feature, including locked wilds that become upgraded to double or triple split symbols on the next spin

Mobile-friendly format

If you wish, you can play Beer Barrel Bash online. But you can also play this mobile-friendly game on the go on your smartphone or tablet. In fact, the user interface was especially designed with mobile players in mind, with buttons on the sides of the screen rather than below the reels.

Exceptionally high Return to Player (RTP)

As readers of my Barb’s Best Bets articles on NJ Gambling Websites know, I set very high standards when choosing which slots deserve Best Bets status. Of the hundreds of slots that NJ online casino players can choose from, only a small minority make the cut.

Virtually all of the slots designated as Barb’s Best Bets have a Return to Player (RTP) of 96 percent or higher. Beer Barrel Bash excels in this category with an RTP of 96.50 percent.

With its volatility rated as medium, the game also produces just enough variation to keep you on your toes and sustain interest, but not enough to produce the huge negative swings that can deplete your bankroll.

Minimum and maximum bets

The minimum bet per spin is 80 cents, and the maximum is $160. So this game suits high rollers and mid-range bettors more than very small bettors. Even betting at the lowest levels of the range, a per session bankroll of at least $200 is advisable in case you run into bad luck early on.

Maximum payout

Beer Barrel Bash does not offer a progressive jackpot. However, if you’re lucky, this game is capable of producing big wins. Players placing the maximum bet per spin of $160 can win up to $400,000.

Beer Barrel Bash symbols

Regular symbols

All of the higher paying regular symbols convey the fun and revelry of an Oktoberfest slot celebration. So even when they don’t form winning combinations, they make every spin enjoyable.

They include a waitress (the highest paying symbol of the bunch), an accordion, Alpine hat, Bratwurst sausage, and pretzel. The playing cards 9 through Ace comprise the lower paying regular symbols.

Special symbols  

In addition to all of the above, this Oktoberfest slot game includes the following special symbols.

Wild symbol

First and foremost, the title of this slot should tell you that for it not to have a wild symbol would be unthinkable. However, the wild symbol is exactly what you would expect it to be–a stein filled with beer.

Like the game’s regular symbols, sometimes only one beer stein will show up in a given spot on the reels; at other times, it will appear as a double or triple wild.

But in this game, besides the usual capability of substituting for other symbols to help form winning combinations, wild symbols hold even more power because they also become locked upgrading wilds. See the next section to learn all about this special wild feature.

Scatter symbol

A free games bottle top serves as this game’s scatter symbol.  Three of them need to appear simultaneously on reels 2, 3, and 4 to activate the free spins bonus round (see below).

Alternatively, three bonus wild symbols appearing simultaneously will activate the free spins bonus round as well.

Beer Barrel Bash special features

Now we come to the additional features that make this slot game unique. I will describe them here as best as I can. However, the only way to fully appreciate what these innovative extras add to the game—and potentially to your winnings—is to play.

Lasting loot feature: locked upgrading wilds

As mentioned, the beer stein wild symbol can show up initially as either a single wild symbol, a double wild symbol, or a triple wild symbol. These wild symbols won’t turn every spin where they appear into a winner, but when they do, double wild symbols count as two symbols and triple wild symbols count as three symbols.

All single wild symbols remain locked into place and get upgraded to double wilds on the next spin and to triple wilds on the spin after that. 

This gives you up to three chances to win every time a wild symbol lands. Unfortunately, in the base game, once you get a triple wild symbol, if you don’t win with it immediately, you don’t get any more chances. The wild symbol disappears on the next spin.

Free spins bonus round

Whenever you trigger the free spins bonus round, either with three bottle cap scatter symbols or three free spins bonus symbols, you’re taken to a new screen where you get six free spins. The locked wilds are still in effect, but in the free spins, they can be much more lucrative. That’s because, unlike in the base game, triple wilds, instead of disappearing on the next spin, stay locked into place for the duration of the free spins.

What happens on the free spins is really wild. With double and triple wilds popping up all over the reels, you will form lots of winning combinations. All six spins should be winners, and some of the wins might be huge.

However, six free spins are all you get. While the free spins are in progress, you cannot retrigger more free spins. However, after you return to the base game, you could trigger the feature again, as I did, by having three scatter symbols land.

How soon after you start playing you trigger the free spins, if you do at all, can vary considerably, but once you do activate this feature, it will almost certainly produce winning results. The only thing I didn’t like about it is how long the free spins take.

After each spin, the band plays a rousing tune while the screen keeps displaying all of the winning combinations over and over again. Six spins aren’t that many compared to what players can win in some slot games.

But I clocked them, and 10 minutes elapsed before I was finally returned to the base game. That’s a lot of idle time to be staring at the screen doing nothing!

How I fared playing Beer Barrel Bash in demo mode

As part of the process in deciding whether any given slot I am considering as a Best Bet passes muster, I always put the game to the test by playing it in demo mode. Beer Barrel Bash is no exception. My first two sessions were with a hypothetical bet of $4.00 per spin. My third was with a hypothetical bet of $8.00 per spin.

Session 1: – $97

I could not get off the ground and was never ahead. But that’s the way it goes sometimes. It would have helped if I could have activated the free spins, but after a half-hour of play, it didn’t happen. The maximum I was down was $150, but then my luck turned a little better and I reduced the deficit to just shy of $100. At that point, I decided to stop playing.

Session 2: + $503

Even though I was betting the same $4 per spin, the difference from Session 1 was like day and night. I started winning from the get-go, and after only a few minutes of play, I triggered the free spins bonus round.

Then when the free spins ended, I decided to give the base game another try to see if I could win more. I not only did but triggered the free spins a second time. Upon completing the second bonus round, more than happy with my $503 win, I ended the session.

Session 3: + $166

This time I wagered $8 per spin. I was down a little when I activated the free spins, but back in the plus column by the time I completed them. At that point, I decided to end the session and not press my luck.

The bottom line

As you can see from these results, luck comes into play on even the best NJ online slots. The fact that Beer Barrel Bash has an RTP of 96.50 percent doesn’t mean that over the course of a few playing sessions, you are going to win that percentage of the time or wind up with that percentage of your bankroll intact.

But what a high RTP does tell you is that over the long run, you have a significantly better chance of winning than on a slot with only an average or below-average RTP.

To the ‘PINT’ of no return

The same goes for another Oktoberfest slot game called Bier Haus that was Barb’s Best Bet featured on NJ Gambling Websites in October, 2018.

So check your cares and worries at the door, raise your beer glass, toast your good fortune, and let the fun begin. Beer Barrel Bash is a blast.

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