Hammer Down For Your Share of $100K At PlaySugarHouse!

Updated on July 31, 2019
Hammer down sugarhouse casino

If you enjoy playing on NJ gambling websites every day, it’s time to hammer down. PlaySugarHouse NJ Online Casino has the perfect promotion for you!

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Between now and Thursday, August 8, it pays more than ever to make your NJ gambling website of choice PlaySugarHouse.

This NJ online casino has set aside $100,000 in bonus money, ready to be scooped up. You don’t necessarily have to play every day during the promotion to get your share, but it would be a good idea.

If you miss out or wind up with a much smaller bonus than you were hoping for, you won’t be able to blame it on the luck of the draw. The more you play, the more PlaySugarHouse Online Casino will pay!

How the Hammer Down $100K promo works

Come one, come all! King Cash is inviting you to hammer down for your share of $100K in bonus money! But what makes this promotion even more special is not just the ginormous prize pool, but the fact that you get to control the size of your prizes!

The word prizes in the last sentence is not a typo. The name of the game is to move up the designated six levels of i Rush Rewards (iRR) loyalty points. Each time you reach a new level, PlaySugarHouse will reward you with a spin of a different wheel to reveal a new bonus. With each progressive level, the range of bonuses and top bonus you can receive keeps getting higher.

How long does the Hammer Down promotion last?

This promotion got underway on Friday, July 26 and continues until Thursday, August 8. So even if you haven’t been participating from day 1, you still have plenty of time to rack up enough iRR points to level up–all the way to the top.

How to participate in the PlaySugarHouse Hammer Down promotion

All of your play during the July 26 – August 8 promotion period counts. So feel free to play any game you wish. However, keep in mind that your goal is to accumulate as many points as possible during this time and some games earn iRR points at a faster rate than others. The maximum number of points you can earn on any given calendar day is 600.

No deposit is required, but if your account balance is low, making a deposit would be a good idea, as you want to be adequately capitalized to allow you to continue to play over the remainder of the promotion.

Bet what you can afford

Lastly, as with many other special promotions, the casino is enticing you to play more than usual. However, your best bet is to play often, but only what you can afford and no more than that. Know your limits and do not wager in excess of what you can comfortably afford. Don’t jeopardize your bankroll unnecessarily to chase a bigger bonus.

How much can you win with the Hammer Down $100K giveaway?

No. of iRush Rewards points needed to reach each level

In order to hammer down each successive iRR level, the minimum number of points you will need is indicated below.

Level Total Points
1 200
2 500
3 900
4 1,400
5 2,400
6 4,000

Amount of bonus money you can receive upon reaching each level

Levels 1 through 5

Each time you reach a new level–through Level 5—PlaySugarHouse Online Casino will reward you with a bonus. By 3 p.m. the following day, you will get the opportunity to spin a designated wheel one time. Then, as indicated below, where the wheel lands will determine the size of your bonus, which will be credited to your account immediately.

  • Reach Hammer Down Level 1 to receive Wheel Spin 1 for a prize of up to $20 in Bonus Money.
  • Reach Hammer Down Level 2 to receive Wheel Spin 2 for a prize of up to $25 in Bonus Money.
  • Reach Hammer Down Level 3 to receive Wheel Spin 3 for a prize of up to $30 in Bonus Money.
  • Reach Hammer Down Level 4 to receive Wheel Spin 4 for a prize of up to $50 in Bonus Money.
  • Reach Hammer Down Level 5 to receive Wheel Spin 5 for a prize of up to $100 in Bonus Money.

Reach Level 6 and win a Grand Prize, too

  • Reach Hammer Down Level 6 to receive a minimum grand prize of $125 in Bonus Money.

If you make it all the way to Level 6, however, pat yourself on the back. You’ve gone as far as you can go in this promotion. And because you have reached the top level, on top of all of your other prizes, you also win a Grand Prize!

The amount of your prize will be determined by how much time it took you to reach Level 6. The player who accomplishes that goal the fastest will win the top prize of $2,500 in bonus money. However, the smaller amounts are also very impressive. A Grand Prize will be awarded to every player who has attained Level 6.

The following table shows the distribution of Grand Prizes from 1st place to 11th + place. As you can see, every player who makes it all the way to Level 6 will receive a Grand Prize of at least a $125 bonus. And this is on top of the five other bonuses awarded earlier!

Participants that reach Hammer Down Level 6 will receive a Grand Prize based on time to fill all Hammer Down Levels.

  • 1stPlace: $2,500 in Bonus Money
  • 2nd Place: $2,000 in Bonus Money
  • 3rdPlace: $1,500 in Bonus Money
  • 4thPlace: $1,000 in Bonus Money
  • 5th-7thPlace: $500 in Bonus Money
  • 8th-10thPlace: $250 in Bonus Money
  • 11th+ Place: $125 in Bonus Money

Bonus money wagering requirements

Level 1-5 bonuses will be awarded as soon as the player spins the wheel to determine the amount of the bonus. All level 6 bonuses will be awarded within 24 hours of the end of the promotion.

All bonuses come with a wagering requirement of 1x the bonus. You have up to 30 days from the time the bonus is awarded to activate it and complete the wagering.

The bottom line

You can get a bonus virtually anytime you want on NJ gambling websites. But let’s face it–many of these offers are for small amounts only and/or they come with hefty wagering requirements or other conditions you don’t like.

So if you have been waiting too long to get your hands on not just any bonus, but some big bonus money, your wait is over. It’s time to hammer down and let PlaySugarHouse reward you every step of the way.

Each successive bonus is larger than any of the previous ones. And if you make it to Level 6, on top of all of your other bonuses, you win a Grand Prize.

No-risk bonuses

But wait—here’s more great news. You only have to wager each bonus one time. In other words, each bonus is a no-risk bonus that you bet with the casino’s money, not your own. And when you do, you could win even more!

Opt in now and unlock up to six bonuses

The clock is ticking. So if you’re eager to try to win some serious money, you need to hammer down and start playing today!

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