Rational Group Has a New CEO and is Ready to Launch the PokerStars Brand in New Jersey

Updated on November 11, 2015

Banner_16965Earlier this week you might have heard that there were some changes happening at PokerStars. Following up these changes is an announcement that a new CEO has been chosen for its parent company, Amaya Inc. This man is Rafi Ashkenazi, and he has big plans for the Rational Group and their online gaming division. Before his promotion to CEO, Ashkenazi was serving as the Senior Vice President of Strategy for Amaya Inc. Though he had only been with the company since January of 2013, his years of experience with Playtech as Chief Operating Officer can assure everybody that he will be a good fit.

According to the Previous Amaya Inc. CEO David Baazov, “Rafi has been working very closely this year with our executive management team, and returns to Rational Group with an even greater knowledge of our corporate strategy, vision, and goals and combining this knowledge with his operational expertise makes him an ideal leader for the Rational Group.”

Ashkenazi said that he is looking forward to “rejoining the excellent team at Rational Group and working with them to continue to extend our leadership in online gaming.”

He then went on to say that “we have great opportunities in the near future with our upcoming launch in New Jersey, the expansion of our casino and sports-betting businesses, and our mission to grow the poker category.”

His position as CEO of Rational Group begins officially on November 9, and it should not be much longer now before PokerStars is fully licensed to run within New Jersey. Gaining such a major player back in the online poker industry will be a great chance for Garden State players to get their game on track with bigger winnings than ever before.

The exact date for the launch of PokerStars NJ is still unclear. A few different things need to happen for PokerStars to become available once again in the state. These include:

  • Getting NJ regulators to sign off on all the technical and operational aspects of the PokerStars online website.
  • Bringing past work on the project up to date and making every aspect synchronize fully in hopes of a fluent statewide launch.
  • Re-checking all involved parties in preparation for the launch.

In the past PokerStars was available in NJ but the name came into complications when issues with the company arose in 2013. However, now that PokerStars has been taken over by Amaya Inc. the time is here once again for PokerStars to return. It should not be long now before PokerStars becomes once again fully accessible for all residents.

With this CEO change, we can hope that PokerStars will once again become one of the leading online poker sites in New Jersey. Many players have long been looking forward to this and the time has finally come to put all the waiting to rest. Though there has been no exact time released it is likely that he site will become available near the end of this year, or early in 2016.

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