Which NJ Online Casino Games Offer The Best (And Biggest) Return To Player Rate?

Updated on April 9, 2018
best RTP NJ casino games online

All New Jersey online casino games have a built-in house edge.

That means, over the long haul, the casinos are going to win your money if you play these games. What it doesn’t mean is that you can’t get lucky and win playing these games in the short term.

You most definitely can. You can also quit while you’re ahead helping you lock up those winnings for good. Plus, you have the right to play games where the house edge is reduced. Games with the best return to player rates will help you win more often and enjoy a lower-variance casino experience.

Understanding the house edge and where it lies in each bet available on each game can be the difference between winning consistently and losing regularly.

You can’t get lucky unless you put yourself in a position to do so. That means selecting games with high return to player rates and giving yourself the best opportunities to win.

What is a return to player rate?

For almost all NJ online casino games, odds are usually expressed in something called a return to player rate (RTP). Simply put, RTP is the percentage of money wagered on a game that will be paid back to players over time by that game.

The rate is calculated as an average of at least 1,000 plays. It indicates the long-term performance a player can expect from the game.

If a game has an RTP of 90 percent, for every $100 played in $1 bets, a player should expect to win back $90.

But it’s very important to remember, RTP is about long-term performance. That means it may take more than $100 in $1 bets for the $90 to get paid back.

In casino gambling, online or off, nothing is guaranteed, and you may never see a game’s true RTP realized before you run out of money to bet on it.

House edge

House edge is the flip side of RTP. It is the amount a casino expects to profit from a player’s bet.

If a game at any NJ online casino has an RTP of 90 percent, the casino expects to profit 10 percent of all money bet. Therefore, the house edge in the game is 10 percent. The house expects to profit $10 for every $100 played in $1 bets.

Obviously, the smaller the house edge, the better the game is for players. But again, it’s a long-term thing and the outcome of each individual bet in a game cannot be predicted using house edge.

So which online casino games have the lowest house edge and which games have the highest RTP? Which are the ones you should turn to when you want to win more consistently and limit your variance? The answers lie below.

Single-deck blackjack

Single-deck blackjack at Virgin and Tropicana offer the highest RTP of any online casino game in New Jersey. In fact, the RTP is an unbeatable 99.87 percent.

Single-deck blackjack has always had a reputation as the game with the lowest house edge in most casinos and the same is true online. It’s simple blackjack, with the big difference being it’s played with a single deck, instead of a six or eight-deck shoe. This increases your chance of winning and provides for that huge RTP online.

Deuces Wild Triple Play Draw Poker

Video poker players will find joy at the Deuces Wild Triple Play Draw Poker (Game King) game on Tropicana and Virgin.

That’s because it has the second best RTP of any online casino game in New Jersey. In fact, the RTP on Deuces Wild Triple Play Draw Poker (Game King) sits at a player-friendly 99.73 percent.

It’s video poker with Deuces acting as a wild card and you get to run a single draw three times. The Deuces Wild Five Play Draw Poker (Game King) at Tropicana and Virgin offers the same RTP. You’re just running it five times instead of three.

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More blackjack

There’s a long list of blackjack games with different rules that follow the top RTP games in New Jersey. For the most part, the top 10 looks like this:

  • 99.64%: High Stakes Blackjack (Virgin)
  • 99.64%: Vegas Strip Blackjack (Tropicana/Virgin)
  • 99.64%: Multi-Bet Blackjack (SugarHouse)
  • 99.64%: Atlantic City Blackjack (Tropicana/Virgin)
  • 99.64%: High Stakes Blackjack (Tropicana)
  • 99.61%: Vegas Downtown Blackjack (Tropicana)
  • 99.6%: SP Vegas Blackjack (Borgata/PartyPoker)
  • 99.6%: Vegas Blackjack (Golden Nugget/Caesars)
  • 99.59%: Blackjack Pro – Atlantic City (Caesars)
  • 99.59%: Blackjack (IGT) (Golden Nugget/Betfair/Borgata/PartyPoker)

Jacks or Better

The Jacks or Better (Game King) video poker game has a return to player rate of 99.54 percent, which is the next best after that lengthy list of blackjack titles.

This game is available at a number of NJ gambling websites, including:

  • Caesars
  • SugarHouse
  • Betfair
  • Borgata
  • Pala
  • Golden Nugget


After a lengthy list of more blackjack and video poker varieties, you come to the table game with the biggest RTP in New Jersey. It’s the 98.94 percent RTP on the banker bets playing baccarat on Virgin and Tropicana.

A number of other baccarat games come close, but the Virgin and Tropicana one has the edge.

French Roulette High Limit

The French Roulette High Limit game on Harrah’s has a return to player rate of 98.65 percent, making it the next best thing to baccarat online in New Jersey.

It is an outstanding figure for online roulette, considering most online roulette is American Roulette with a zero, double-zero, and all the house edge that comes with that.

Other table games

There are a number of other table games found online in New Jersey with relatively favorable RTPs. Here’s a list of some of the best:

  • 98.64%: Craps (Pala/Tropicana/Betfair/Borgata/Virgin/Party)
  • 97.96%: Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker (Borgata/Party)
  • 97.28%: Pai Gow Poker (Tropicana/Virgin)
  • 96.63%: Three Card Poker (Tropicana/Caesars/SugarHouse)
  • 96.49%: Let it Ride (Golden Nugget/Tropicana/Caesars/SugarHouse)
  • 96%: Hi-Lo (Virgin/Tropicana/Betfair)
  • 95%: PokerBet (Betfair)
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