Best Return To Player Rates At NJ Online Casinos

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When gamblers talk about beating the house, they often use the term house edge to describe exactly what they’re up against.

House edge is the advantage casinos have built into just about every game on the gaming floor. In other words, its the amount of money a casino expects to profit from a player’s bet on any specific game. The same holds true for NJ gambling websites and the online table games and slots that they offer.

Each game has a unique house edge attached to it, and similarly, it has a unique return to player or RTP, too. At Golden Nugget, for example, players can often see what the RTP is before they play a game.

What is a return to player rate?

Return to player is the flip side of the house edge coin. As the name implies, RTP is the percentage of any money wagered that the casino expects will be paid back, or returned, to players.

RTP is a rate calculated as an average of at least 1,000 plays on a game. It is supposed to indicate the long-term performance a player can expect from a casino game.

Of course, there’s bound to be variation in the rate in the short term, as players endure winning or losing streaks. However, things will ultimately even out and a game should hold true to its expected RTP over time.

Put simply, a game with an RTP of 90 percent will return $90 of every $100 bet on it back to players. Since the NJ online casino expects to keep $10 of that, that same game with an RTP of 90 percent is considered to have a house edge of 10 percent.

The house edge and how it works

There’s no way around the fact all casino games, online or off, have a house edge.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t beat the house in the short term. In fact, anyone can get lucky and defy any game’s long-term house edge over a short period of time. However, a game’s RTP and house edge will almost always prove accurate over the long haul.

Every game’s RTP is not the same. In fact, there are hundreds of online slots and casino games at NJ’s best online casinos with RTP rates ranging anywhere from 94.74 percent to 99.87 percent.

Understanding each specific game’s RTP and house edge isn’t going to help you get lucky. However, it will help you identify games where your chances of winning are so slim they might not be worth your time. Plus, it can help you find games that offer you the best chance at consistently beating the house.

Best return to player rates

A common theme for a lot of online casino games in New Jersey is that blackjack has the highest RTP of any game on any site. But video poker can also be a top-notch option. This is why the best games to play at NJ gambling websites are blackjack variants.

Slots can have high RTP as well, but they rarely soar much higher than 97 percent.

It’s also why online casinos will make it just a bit more expensive for you to meet the wagering requirements for a bonus if you play a table game like blackjack.

Here’s a look at the games with the best RTP on the top NJ gambling websites to get you started:

Online CasinoGameRTP RateTotal GamesExclusive Free Bonus
CaesarsVegas Blackjack99.6%502Claim up to
Golden NuggetJacks Or Better99.54%584
VirginSingle-Deck Blackjack99.87%234


Caesars online casino offers a rather player-friendly blackjack game with one of the highest RTP rates of any game in the NJ online casino business.

The name of the game is Vegas Blackjack. It is available on Caesars Online Casino as well as a very short list of other NJ gambling websites.

Vegas Blackjack has a very healthy RTP of 99.6 percent.

For the most part, it’s a standard blackjack game. However, players can play up to five hands at once.

Plus, Vegas Blackjack allows players to double down on any two cards and split any 10-valued cards once, lending to its favorable RTP.

Betfair Casino

The game with the highest RTP on Betfair online casino is also a blackjack variant. The name of the game is simply Blackjack. Popular online casino games software designer IGT built it.

IGT’s Blackjack has a quite favorable RTP of 99.59 percent.

Once again, this is a relatively standard blackjack game. However, it does offer new and improved controls and a Turbo play feature.

888 Casino

The 888 Casino game Classic Blackjack has an RTP of 99.54 percent, making it easily the top RTP game on the website.

They call this one Classic Blackjack for a reason, as its as classic a blackjack game as there is online in NJ. In fact, it’s player versus dealer in a game that isn’t multihand or multiplayer and there are no side bets available.

It’s straight up blackjack. However, a four-deck shoe is in play and that helps create the rather comfortable 99.54 percent RTP.

Golden Nugget

The top RTP game on Golden Nugget is the same Vegas Blackjack game available at Caesars.

Plus, number two on the list is the same IGT Blackjack game on top at Betfair. In fact, the top five RTP games at Golden Nugget are all blackjack games. Therefore, we’ll take a look at number six: Jacks or Better from Game King.

This is a basic video poker game with a player-friendly 99.54 percent RTP.

Jacks or Better is easy to play and simple to understand. Plus, the 99.54 percent RTP should keep you in the game awhile. Hopefully, long enough to give you shot at an elusive royal flush and the big payday it comes with.


Virgin offers two games with the best RTP rates at NJ online casinos.

The first is its Single-Deck Blackjack game offering an industry high RTP of 99.87 percent. It’s simple blackjack. However, only a single deck is in play, instead of a shoe with up to eight.

This makes the game easier to beat and provides that healthy-looking RTP.

Virgin players can also get in on the action on the Game King’s Deuces Wild Triple Play Draw Poker game. It’s 99.73 percent RTP is the second largest online in NJ.

This is basic video poker where the deuces are wild. Players need to make some big hands in order to get paid big. However, the return to player rate should theoretically keep you in the game long enough to do it.

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