Jackpocket Lottery App Review

State regulators in New Jersey have recently approved the launch of the very first online lottery system. This groundbreaking decision makes it possible for a third-party app to provide players with the opportunity to purchase tickets, create pools, and even receive winnings without ever having to touch a physical ticket. And that third-party app is called Jackpocket.


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Jackpocket is the first company to be registered by the New Jersey Lottery. This essentially means the Jackpocket mobile app will act as an online intermediary, providing “courier” services to online gamblers. This gives players like you the power to purchase tickets on the site, while the Jackpocket mobile app provides the results and handles all transactions.

Jackpocket essentially gives you the ability to play state lottery games directly from your mobile device. Whether you use Android or iOS, you can easily access the mobile app.

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How does Jackpocket operate?

Jackpocket, headquartered in New York, provides the first third-party application to players in the United States that allows you to use your mobile device to buy state lottery games, as well as Mega Millions, Powerball, Cash4Life and New Jersey’s exclusive Pick 6. However, it’s worth mentioning that, as a player, you will not have the ability to purchase an actual ticket on the app. Instead, it acts as a courier service, very similar to popular services like Postmates, DoorDash and Uber Eats.

In a nutshell, you will order a lottery ticket directly from the mobile app. Jackpocket will then buy the ticket on your behalf from a land-based retailer. Once your lottery ticket is acquired by Jackpocket, a picture of the ticket will be taken and uploaded and sent to you. Additional information, including the serial number on the ticket, will also be provided.

So, how does the Jackpocket mobile app make money? When you make a deposit on your account, you will notice a small percentage will be taken from your deposit amount as a service fee. What is impressive about the Jackpocket app is there are no additional charges when your ticket is purchased, nor are there any hidden fees when you make a withdrawal.

The Jackpocket company was initially established in 2013 and launched their first Jackpocket mobile apps in New Hampshire and Minnesota in 2018. Since then, the company has managed to expand to several additional states and will continue to grow as the online lottery system becomes more relaxed in the United States. As it currently stands, you can take advantage of the Jackpocket mobile app in Colorado, New York, Washington D.C., Texas, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Arkansas and New Jersey.

Jackpocket website

Even though you can purchase a wide variety of lottery tickets on the app, the same cannot be accomplished on the Jackpocket website. The site instead acts as a platform for you to download the Jackpocket mobile app on either your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet.

At the top of the website, you will find four useful links that will transport you to various sections: Home, About, FAQ and Press.

The About section will give you a quick overview of what the mobile app offers and will provide a rundown of employees who work behind the scenes. You will also receive additional information on the current investors, as well as awards and recognitions the site has received since it launched in 2013.

The FAQ section will give you information to assist you in getting off on the right foot. You will find informative articles on how you can get started, how to fund your account, how the process works when it comes to taking out your winnings, and a list of features and how-tos for added convenience. You can browse through a troubleshooting article as well as tips and tricks to make it easier when you buy lottery tickets online.

The Press section covers all images, headshots, executive biographies, and videos the company has released since its inception. You are welcome to view the company’s videos through Google Drive. There are also articles in the section introducing you to recent winners, additional features on the mobile app and more.

How to download the Jackpocket app

The Jackpocket mobile app is available on both Android and iOS devices, allowing you to use your smartphone or tablet to gain access to lottery tickets provided by the state of New Jersey. The Jackpocket mobile app is identical on Android and iOS devices in terms of features, payment methods and claiming promotions, as well as receiving your winnings.

However, the same cannot be said when downloading Jackpocket’s app.

If you own any iOS devices, you can visit the official Jackpocket website and click on the “Get the App” icon on the homepage. Enter your mobile number and the site will then send a download link to your device.

If you own an Android devices, you will need to download a file before the mobile app is installed on your handheld device.

There’s one crucial setting on your device you will need to change before starting the download.

Go to ‘Settings’ on your Android device and select ‘Security’ followed by ‘Unknown Sources.’ You will need to enable that feature on your device. This tells your mobile device it should accept any third-party applications to be installed even when not from the Google Play Store.

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Jackpocket app user-interface and navigation

Once you have downloaded the Jackpocket mobile app on your device, go ahead and open the app and register a new account. Once you are set up, you’ll be greeted by a modern and sophisticated user interface with additional features to help make your online lottery experience a memorable one.

The splash screen will display all the available lotteries in your state. You can scroll down the home page until you find a lottery that interests you. The Jackpocket app uses large fonts to ensure it’s easy to read, which also makes it easier to quickly find a specific state lottery.

Located at the top of the screen is a drop-down menu along with a notification bell. When you expand the menu, you will find several categories, including Fund Account, Payout, Play for Free, Find a Retailer, Support and Play Responsibly. Navigating through the site is easy, and everything you click will respond almost immediately.

Once you’ve selected a lottery, you will be taken to a new screen featuring numbers. Select your desired numbers and click on “continue” to go to the cashier section of the app to confirm your purchase. Once your purchase is complete, you will be taken back to the home screen where you’ll be able to select additional lotteries.

Jackpocket lottery app features

The Jackpocket mobile app comes equipped with a wide range of features that include Find a Retailer, Play for Free, Result History, Start Your Own Lottery Pool, Autoplay, Auto Fund and Get Notified.

We will explain each of them in more detail below.

Find a retailer

The Find a Retailer feature works in much the same way as Google Maps. You simply click on Find a Retailer, located in the drop-down menu of the app, and it will start searching for the nearest lottery retailers in your area and display them. This is helpful when you find yourself in a new area wanting to buy a physical lottery ticket. You can also manually enter a specific area and find a retailer nearby.

Play for free

The Play for Free feature is actually a Refer-A-Friend program that is well hidden within the site. If you wish to invite a few friends to the Jackpocket app, and earn some money in the process, simply click on Play for Free in the drop-down menu of the app. You will then be presented with a referral link you can send out, and when your friend downloads the Jackpocket app they will be greeted $10 in credits in their accounts. You will receive $10 in credits when your referred friend makes a deposit.

Result history

You also have the ability to view the history of previous results for an array of state lotteries. This is handy if you want to see the draw results for the previous week’s lotteries. You will also see a graph indicating the winning amount for previous lotteries.

Start your own lottery pool

Have you ever wanted to start your own lottery pool that can be played between you, your coworkers, and your friends? Thanks to the Jackpocket app, now you can. The feature is called Private Pools and it gives you the ability to join forces with your friends and family. You can make it an invite-only lottery pool and control how big the pool should be. The Private Pool section also comes equipped with a Prize Sharing Calculator that will indicate how much you will win from the pool before placing your bet.

Autoplay the lottery

Do you sometimes forget to play the lottery and wish there was an automated system that will remember when you don’t? With the Autoplay feature, you simply need to select the lottery games you never want to miss and the mobile app will automatically order your tickets each time there is a draw. You can either play your lucky numbers on repeat each week or you can use the Quick Pick feature to randomly select numbers for you every week.

Auto Fund

The Auto Fund is a compliment to the Autoplay feature, ensuring you never miss an autoplay due to your balance being too low. Activate this feature on your account and funds will be added automatically, depending on your parameters. You will have control over the minimum balance, payment method, and the refill amount.

Get notified

This feature from Jackpocket will allow you to receive notifications whenever an in-app lottery ticket becomes available in your state or area. The feature essentially works as your online lottery merchant and you can activate it by clicking on the drop-down menu within the mobile app.

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Jackpocket banking options

The more banking options you have at your disposal, the easier it is to make transactions on your account. This app gives players a diverse selection of payment methods.

Once you have the app downloaded onto your device, you can add a preferred payment method. The list of options include:

  • PayPal
  • Direct Bank Transfer
  • E-Check
  • Visa and Mastercard Debit
  • Mastercard Credit

When it comes to withdrawing winnings from the Jackpocket app, you will notice the process is slightly different. If you wish to make a withdrawal when your winnings are under $600, you simply need to request a payout and select a bank account for the deposit. If your winnings are over $600, Jackpocket will transfer the physical ticket to you in a safe and secure manner.

Jackpocket customer service

Should you ever experience a problem on the Jackpocket app, or you merely have a question regarding a certain feature or an upcoming payout, you should contact the Jackpocket customer support desk for assistance.

Please keep in mind, however, that you will only be able to send an online message by providing your name, email address, and message on the site or app. The customer service center usually takes around 24 hours to get back to you.

Alternatively, you can also make use of the comprehensive Help Center that is complete with a wide variety of questions and answers. For instance, you will find information on how you can download the app and add a payment method. You can also educate yourself on how to claim winnings, how each feature works on the app, and tips and tricks to make it more enjoyable and fun. This will certainly come in handy when you want a quick answer without having to wait for hours to get a response from the support desk.

When will Jackpocket be available in your state?

Jackpocket’s primary goal is to provide support for the entire country when it comes to purchasing online lottery tickets. At this point, the company is unable to give specific answers on when the app will be available in specific states or regions. Instead, the app has a feature that will allow you to get notified once it is available in your state.

Simply open the Jackpocket app and select the state at the top of the screen. You will then need to select “Notify me when play launches” and provide your cell number before clicking the submit button. Once the app becomes available, you will be one of the first to know.

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