Resorts Online Casino NJ Bonus Code & Review

The news of Resorts Casino — the first legal casino outside of Nevada — broke in 1968. Ten years later, on May 26, 1978, Resorts in Atlantic City would officially open its doors.

The grand opening prompted the age of gambling innovation for New Jersey. Nearly 50 years later, it continues today. The gambling-sanctioned resort was an instantaneous success.

Eventually, Resorts sparked the justification for more casinos, thus building the Atlantic City empire that patrons know today.

Despite having the title of the first NJ casino, Resorts remained unsatisfied. With each new gambling-related novelty, Resorts continued to grow.

In February 2015, the Resorts Online Casino platform was launched.

Although the platform opened more than a year after the initial catalog of online casinos, Resorts boasts more than 500 games. That was a seismic difference from the 200 game libraries available at the time. Thus, this helped garner the attention of online gambling enthusiasts.

This online casino app is fully licensed, legal and certified to bring real-money games right to the mobile devices of players of legal age, and within the state of New Jersey.

Resorts’ platform is still a unique proprietor of an extensive game collection, and it continues to improve.

Resorts Online Casino Bonus Code

Resorts Casino’s welcome package

The welcome bonus that Resorts Online Casino offers comes in the form of a bonus of $20 plus a first-deposit bonus of up to $500.

Using the Resorts bonus code MAXBONUS will get you instant access to this welcome offer.

After choosing the deposit option, their initial deposit will be matched, dollar for dollar, up to $500.

This means that if new players take full advantage of the sign-up bonus, instead of having $1,000 to play with, they will have $2,000. That is a lot of spins and a lot of chances to win.

Resorts Online Casino 2024 Bonus Code & Details

Resorts Casino Bonus CodeMAXBONUS
No Deposit Bonus$20 Free
First Deposit Bonus100% Match, Up To $500
Prepaid Card Depositing Option?Yes
Last Verified:June 2024

Signing up for a Resorts’ account

Signing up for Resorts Online Casino from a browser is simple. First… CLICK HERE to get your bonus.

The sign-up sheet is typical, and the platform does a good job of moving the process along.

Throughout the sign-up process, there is no information required that is the least bit odd or invasive. Instead, it is evident that Resorts is only doing what it is obligated to do by law. There is no information phishing or irrelevant probes.

Plus, the geolocation system is acceptably quick.

Unfortunately, the sign-up process can only be done from the browser screen, as the mobile prompt is currently inaccessible.

Editor’s review

Resorts Online Casino
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  • Mobile App
  • Table Games
  • Live Dealer Casino
  • Customer Support


Resorts Online Casino is the largest NJ online casino in terms of game selection, but their unimpressive loyalty program prevents us from naming it one of New Jersey's top online casinos. It's sister sites are — Mohegan Sun, which runs on the same casino software, and PokerStars Casino, which is powered by a Stars Group proprietary package. We recommend players try out Resorts Online Casino and take advantage of their new player bonuses.


Accessing the Resorts online casino platform

Resorts Online Casino makes it simple for players to access their platform. Regardless of whether players are accessing the browser or downloading the app, the process is simple and satisfying.

App download: Resorts Online Casino is available for downloading on either an iOS or Android device. Here is the breakdown of both download methods, depending on the player’s system.

IOS: It could not be simpler to download the iOS app onto an Apple device. All players need to do is go to the iTunes Store and search for “Resorts Casino Online Games.” Players must merely download it as if it were any other app.

Android: The Android download is simple, but it takes a little more work than the iOS download. Android users need to go to the Resorts Online Casino website on their chosen mobile device.

Go down to the bottom of the screen and click on the “Download for Android” button. Follow the prompts that pop up on the screen, and the app will successfully load onto the Android device.

After it downloads, the Resorts’ app will function like any other app.

Browser: Accessing Resorts Online Casino is as simple as visiting many other websites. There is no download necessary and the login process — especially after the first time — is almost instantaneous.

After initiating the login, players will only have a few seconds before their account opens before them.

Three areas where Resorts Online Casino exceeds the competition

The Resorts Online Casino platform has a lot of great ideas. There are many functions of this online gaming platform unique to Resorts.

However, considering the need and drive for innovation began right at the beginning for Resorts, players should not be surprised.

Here are three of the best examples of innovative areas where Resorts exceeds the competition.

Logging in

The log-in system for the Resorts Online Casino platform is an overall quick and comfortable experience. After signing up, when returning on either a mobile platform or a desktop, the platform will autosave the player’s information.

That way, players are always only a few clicks away from making their wagers.

There is no need to worry about security, though, even with such a simple system. Every time an account is logged in to, the email address associated with that account receives an email.

Demo play

The ability to play a demo of a casino game is beneficial. Of course, everyone has their favorites. Although, having the ability to see a new game in action without having to risk a deposit is priceless.

It helps players feel more comfortable expanding their horizons and finding new games that they enjoy. This promotes diversified use of the platform, which allows players to have fun and the casino to gain invaluable insights.

Game rating system

Under every game throughout the app and browser portion of the platform, there are stars. This unique rating system allows players to rate their favorite (and not-so-favorite) games.

The subsequent stars show the consensus of the game, right on the game selection screen.

This system is an excellent idea because peer reviews are essential to customers. It is exciting and helpful for players to know what others have to say about a specific game.

Three areas where Resorts Online Casino could improve

Resorts Online Casino has plenty of good vibes and a strong backing supporting it. However, despite the bright future, there are some big issues to be addressed.

Here are three ways the Resorts Online Casino could improve.

Deposit heavy

While everyone knows that casinos — physical and digital — want to make money, there is a certain eloquence that players appreciate.

Of course, every casino wants players to deposit money into it. That’s how they stay in business. However, most online gambling platforms court a player into depositing their money.

Resorts Online Casino does not have this courtesy.

Access throughout the app and the browser is extremely limited without making a deposit. Now, to be fair, there is a demo portion for most of the games, where players can try them out.

Yet, the glaring thirst for a new player’s deposit grossly outweighs the give and take the platform is attempting.

Players must sign up via a desktop browser

There is no option for a player to sign up on the mobile version. Oddly enough, there is a “Join” button on the top right of the app home screen.

Although, the button leads to a blank page within the app instead of a sign-up sheet. This forces players to join via the desktop, which is not bad in and of itself. Yet, if the first thing a person does on the app fails miserably, he or she probably will not try a second time.

Difficult mobile app

The mobile app is nearly incapable of functioning.

The app will let the player log in without an issue. In fact, the wait time is standard, and there is no indication of any problems. However, once the player is logged in, the app refuses to work correctly.

The app freezes, it will not scroll up or down, and it will not allow the player to access any games. It was extremely disappointing, as the browser functions nicely. Hopefully, Resorts will fix the glaring issue quickly.

Resorts’ mobile app casino games

Resorts Online Casino provides a range of unique NJ online casino games. While the full library of games is available and accessible on the browser, the app has a good selection of games itself.

Here is a comprehensive list of the games that players can expect when logging into the Resorts’ mobile app.


There are a lot of options for slot games. That is why it is common for online casino platforms to have a large selection in this category. Yet, from the popular games on the Resorts Online Casino platform, the uniqueness of the different games is admirable.

Here is a sample of the highest-rated slot games available on the Resorts’ mobile platform:

  • Champion Raceway
  • Da Vinci Diamonds Dual PlayChili Chili Fire
  • Day of the Dead
  • Gypsy Fire
  • Goldify
  • Noah’s Ark
  • Nordic Heroes


Slingo has officially achieved its own category within the realm of online gaming.

There is a massive following of players who enjoy this inventive game. Therefore, Resorts and other casinos have worked diligently to create different Slingo experiences for players. Slingo took the excitement of slots and the user engagement of bingo and created a one-of-a-kind experience.

Here are the different Slingo experiences that Resorts Online Casino offers its players:

  • Baking Bonanza
  • Colossal Bar X
  • Dragon Gems
  • Pay of the Dead
  • Pigasus and Friends
  • Scratchers
  • Slingo Carnival
  • Slingo Extreme
  • Slingo Fortunes
  • Slingo Reel Bonus
  • Slingo Riches
  • Slingo Showdown
  • Slingo XXXTreme


Who can resist an enticing scratch-off? While these games are available outside of the casino, they are just as exciting within the online casino atmosphere.

Plus, with the digital aspect of these scratchers, it is more than a scratch-and-win experience. There is more entertainment value associated with it, which adds to the ambiance of the gameplay.

Here are the different scratchers that Resorts Casino has available:

  • Irish Eyes 2 Scratch
  • Merlins Millions SCRATCH
  • Medusa SCRATCH
  • Scratch DoublePlay Superbet
  • Scratch Oil Mania
  • Scratch Volcano Eruption
  • Scratch Witch Pickings

Table games

NJ online table games are a classic form of entertainment that never goes out of style. Many different games hold this classification, and Resorts Online Casino has an impressive cornucopia of options.

Here is a list of the different table games that Resorts Online Casino have available:

  • Blackjack
  • Blackjack Atlantic City SH High Limit
  • Blackjack Atlantic City SH Low Limit
  • Blackjack Atlantic City SH Micro Limit
  • Blackjack Multi-hand
  • Classic Blackjack
  • Classic Roulette
  • Double Bonus Spin Roulette
  • European Roulette
  • Let It Ride
  • Roulette!
  • Roulette Master
  • Three Card Poker
  • Three Wheel Roulette

Video poker

Video poker is an exciting alternative to the traditional poker game. Poker has always been such a traditional game; yet, it has transcended generations and technological boundaries. The evolution of it is magnificent; as is the amount of video poker games available on the Resorts Online Casino.

Here are all the video poker game options available on the Resorts Online Casino:

  • Destiny Poker
  • Deuces Wild Video Poker
  • Deuces Wild Elite Video Poker
  • Double Regal Poker Online
  • Double Double Regal Poker
  • Five Play Draw Poker
  • Game King Bonus Poker
  • Game King Double Bonus Poker
  • Game King Jacks or Better Poker
  • Jester Poker Online
  • Regal Poker
  • Regal Poker Deluxe Online
  • Triple Play Draw Poker

Mobile experience for Resorts Online Casino players

The mobile experience for the Resorts Online Casino was not as good as anticipated. For the advantage that Resorts has, the mobile product was buggy and ultimately, unavailable.

There are a few reasons, both platform-wise and structurally that caused the mobile experience to be a disappointment. Yet, the worst was the inability to scroll through the games.

Even after redownloading the app, hoping it was a random glitch, the problem persisted.

Browser experience for Resorts Online Casino players

The browser experience, on the other side of the Resorts Online Casino platform, is inviting and immersive. While not every aspect of the browser offers a demo version, most games allow players to try out the games.

Plus, there was no freezing or crashing through the desktop version. Trying out Resorts Online Casino on the browser is recommended. After all, the platform is nice when it is working correctly.

Resorts Online Casino’s system requirements

Resorts Casino has a long line of partners and owners, but ultimately, the nuts and bolts of the games are thanks to NYX Gaming.

NYX is an extremely popular casino developer, and that comes as no surprise, as the games themselves are brilliant. Additionally, the software is created with the compatibility to most game developers.

Thus, the lineup for the Resorts Online Casino’s games includes big names such as IGT, Aristocrat, and NetEnt.

More than that, though, there are two options for accessing Resorts’ platform:

Resorts Online Casino via browser

The full Resorts Online Casino experience is available through a PC or a Mac.

However, players will have to ensure their flash player is up to date if playing on the browser. Fortunately, the browser that the platform requires is nonspecific.

The most popular — Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari — all support the browser-based platform well.

However, Resorts’ platform explains that all the games were tested on the Google Chrome browser. Therefore, there is a confident assurance that exists for Chrome that doesn’t exist for other popular browsers. Although, the company does maintain that the browser-based portion of the platform should perform well on the other popular browsers.

Resorts Online Casino via mobile

Resorts Online Casino was created to be a primarily mobile platform. Therefore, it is compatible with most up-to-date iOS and Android mobile devices.

The mobile portion of the platform boasts about 200 games, with many desirable in-app features. This includes a cashier, a quick login screen and a customizable favorites section.

Is the Resorts Online Casino platform stable?

Unfortunately, the Resorts Online Casino platform app leaves much to desire.

It continuously freezes, and the games are unavailable. However, the desktop is stable, and the games work perfectly. Therefore, it appears the issue is only affecting the mobile version.

Additionally, the security is not compromised, as all those functions work well across the platform. It appears there is an issue with the app mechanics that causes the app to be unstable.

Hopefully, it is something that can be fixed soon, because otherwise, the platform is stable.

Cashiering on Resorts Casino

Resorts Online Casino is up to date with the cashiering options it offers players. Whether the player wants a face-to-face interaction or is OK with online transactions, Resorts Online Casino can oblige.

Depositing options

The most commonly used methods of depositing funds ($10 minimum) are Visa, Mastercard, ACH/e-check, bank transfer and PayPal. However, the Resorts Online Casino platform also provides these options for players:

  • PayNearMe: 7-Eleven convenience stores throughout New Jersey use PayNearMe to provide a safe, secure and separate deposit option to players. This service allows players to deposit and withdraw funds without worrying about being at the casino or dealing with online transactions.
  • Cash at the cage: Resorts Casino in Atlantic City offers its online players a convenient option of getting cash at the cage. This service allows players to speak with a teller and casino-specific representative, which helps negate reservations about depositing funds since it is a tangible transaction.
  • Resorts’ prepaid card: This card is only valid through the specific platform. Many online casinos offer this, and it is excellent for players who wish to separate their funds. However, it also allows players to channel their deposits to a specific area. This makes budgeting easy to manage and track.

Withdrawing options

Cashing out with the Resorts Online Casino platform is upfront and transparent.

While there are high minimums for some withdraw methods and some testy wait times, the platform is honest about it. Plus, the methods vary quite a bit to ensure each player is comfortable with the process they choose.

Here are the methods of retrieving winnings via Resorts Online Casino:

  • Cash at the Resorts’ cage: This method of withdrawing is the fastest, as it is immediately processed. The Resorts’ cage is open 24/7.
  • Neteller
  • Online banking transfer
  • PayPal: While this is an extremely convenient method, Resorts advises players that the minimum withdrawal amount to use PayPal is $100.
  • Resorts’ card
  • VIP-preferred/ACH/e-Check: Players will receive their funds within three to five business days after credit is approved.

A New Jersey casino partner

Resorts Online Casino has everything it needs to be successful when it comes to its New Jersey casino partner.

This is because there is a physical Resorts Casino in Atlantic City, making it readymade to produce the best NJ online casino app.

There was no seeking permission or finding a partner. Resorts, as Atlantic City’s first casino, has all the gambling license to do what it wants in terms of an online gaming platform. This is a luxury that is not afforded to all online gambling platforms.

Resorts Online Sportsbook

Powered by SBTech, the new Resorts Sportsbook is available on any device and offers a nice variety of betting options, including live odds, parlays, teasers, singles and more.

This is nothing new for Resorts Digital Gaming LLC officials, as they previously partnered with DraftKings and BetStars NJ  from the Stars Group platforms.

Since this NJ online sports betting site is Resorts-branded, they have also integrated its newest offerings into the existing Resorts NJ online casino. This means customers will have access to a shared wallet for online casino games and sports betting.

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