If You Like Surprises, You’ll Love The Snow Surprise at Tropicana NJ

Updated on January 25, 2018
snow surprise promo tropicana new jersey online

Winter is far from over, so don’t be surprised if New Jersey sees a lot more snow in the weeks ahead.

But one thing that would be really surprising is if more than a few days go by without another Tropicana NJ giveaway. This week, whatever the weather, Tropicana NJ online has a special Snow Surprise promotion that is certain to make many players very happy.

Up for grabs this time are five L.L. Bean gift cards worth $200 each and $5,000 in bonus money to be shared by another 89 players.

Who’s eligible to participate in Tropicana’s Snow Surprise?

The Snow Surprise giveaway is open only to registered Tropicana NJ players.

You don’t necessarily have to reside in New Jersey to participate, but you do need to have access to the NJ gambling websites. Furthermore, residents of New York, Florida, Rhode Island, Louisiana, Hawaii, Guam, and Puerto Rico are not eligible.

How to earn entries for the Snow Surprise promo

The TropicanaCasino.com Snow Surprise promotion started Monday, Jan. 22, but don’t worry if you didn’t get in on the fun from the beginning.

This promotion remains in effect all week long through Sunday, Jan. 28, so you still have plenty of time to earn your entries into next Monday’s drawing.

All you need to do to rack up entries and possibly win a great prize is play your favorite online casino games, as usual. For every $50 wagered on any game on any one calendar day during the promotion, you earn one entry, up to a maximum of five entries per day if your wagers total $250 or more.

Therefore, the maximum number of entries anyone can earn for this drawing is 35. However, even if you start playing as late as Thursday, you can still earn up to 20 entries.

Bet what you can afford

One great feature of this promotion is that a total of 94 players will win a prize. Therefore, you have a much better chance of winning than in most drawings where only a few participants are winners and the overwhelming majority walk away with nothing.

Due to the large number of prizes, you have a good chance to win one even if you don’t have a lot of entries. Through the luck of the draw, anything can happen and, theoretically, all it takes is one entry to be a winner.

Conversely, there is no guarantee that a player with the maximum number of entries will win a prize. Therefore, your best bet is not to worry about other players who might have more entries than you and simply play at a level that you can afford.

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Distribution of prizes

On Monday, Jan. 29, the casino will hold a random drawing to determine all of the winners. Here is how the 94 prizes will be distributed:

  • 5 winners: $200 L.L. Bean gift card
  • 4 winners: $250 bonus cash
  • 5 winners: $200 bonus cash
  • 10 winners: $100 bonus cash
  • 20 winners: $50 bonus cash
  • 50 winners: $20 bonus cash

As you can see, only five players will win the top prize of a $200 gift card for L.L. Bean, while 89 players will have bonus money added to their account. The bonus money prizes range from $20 to $250.

When you will receive your Snow Surprise prize 

All prize winners will be notified via email within 24 hours of the drawing (or three business days in the event of technical difficulties).

Players will then have up to 14 calendar days to claim their prize. All prizes are nonexchangeable and nontransferable.

Bonus money wagering requirements

Any Snow Surprise bonus money winnings are subject to the same rules and wagering requirements as any other bonus awarded to existing players at Tropicana NJ or sister casino Virgin NJ online casino.

The bonus must be wagered 1x prior to the player being permitted to withdraw any winnings. Any game can be chosen for this purpose, and players have up to 30 days to complete the wagering. However, only the winnings then become available for withdrawal.

The bonus itself is “sticky.” As soon as it is wagered once, the casino takes it back and the player can never withdraw it.

The good and bad of this NJ gambling site promo

When it comes to a snow surprise in the NJ weather, the verdict is straightforward. Most kids love a snow surprise, especially if there’s enough snow on the ground to give them an unexpected day off from school.

But for us adults, traveling in the snow for work or wherever else we need to or want to go — including the Atlantic City casinos — can be a major inconvenience. On the other hand, if we can stay home and play our favorite NJ online casino games, the snow is no problem at all!

As for the Snow Surprise promotion, let’s start with the not-so-great features. Then we’ll end on a positive note and summarize what is great about this offer.

Features of the promo that could be better

First of all, even though 94 players in all will be picked to win a prize, which is great, only five players will win the featured top prize. All of the other prizes are in the form of bonus cash, which can only be wagered, not withdrawn.

Unless these wagers result in a substantial win, the value of the bonus cash is negligible. The gift card, on the other hand, is a sure thing that recipients can use to buy any item in the store of their choosing.

Traditional online casino bonuses need to be wagered over and over again many times before the playthrough requirements are satisfied. This usually entails some risk to the player because the player’s own deposited money must also be used for this purpose. The advantage of being able to do all this extra wagering with the help of the bonus is many opportunities to win big.

However, with this NJ online casino bonus, the likelihood of a big win is sharply reduced. The first problem is that the player can only wager the bonus once. The second is that after the wagering is completed, only the winnings can be withdrawn.

What is great about the Snow Surprise promo

On the other hand, the Tropicana NJ Snow Surprise promotion has several great features, which make it worth your time in spite of the above-mentioned limitations.

The cap on the number of entries is set low enough — five per day based on $250 in wagers — to give all players, not just high rollers, a reasonably good chance to win a prize. No deposit is required either, and the minimum wagering requirement to enter is only $50.

And here’s another great thing: 94 prizes are being awarded, giving participants a much better chance of winning a prize than in most online casino drawings.

This promo also has practical prizes that everyone can use. The $200 L.L. Bean gift card is very generous. The lucky recipients should have no trouble picking out an item they need and/or want. Bonus money in one’s account is another gift that any online casino player would be happy to receive.

Most of the bonus cash prizes in this drawing are large enough for the player at least to have a realistic chance of registering a win (although probably not a big win) even after the bonus is taken away.

Because you only have to wager the bonus money once, the worst that can possibly happen is that you lose the extra money the casino gave you to bet, but not any more of your own money. In other words, the bonus money comes to you with no risk to your own bankroll whatsoever!

Don’t miss out on the Snow Surprise

If you have an account at Tropicana NJ online and can play this week, by all means give this promotion a shot. Sooner than you think, you could be presented with a very nice Snow Surprise.

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